Chapter 53 of Shieldbro & Co Vs Kimono Chick (Glass)Part 2

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  1. Chapter 53
  3. Iron Maiden
  5. Red Dragon Flame...... The Shield of Anger 2 that was changed by a black shadow.
  7. "Uooooooooooooo!"
  9. When I shout the air vibrates, it's as if the world resonated with me.
  11. "What......"
  13. The enemy stops fighting Firo and looks at me with a loss for words.
  14. Just like the first time it is extremely dangerous to hold the Shield of Anger, it is trying to consume my heart.
  15. The shield's anger has increased......Is this the result of my upgrades?
  16. Damn...... My view is warped.
  18. "Naofumi-sama"
  20. Suddenly, I feel a gentle touch.
  21. It is probably Raphtalia.
  22. I.....I will not lose here.
  23. I shake the black shadow off and restore my vision.
  24. And I look the enemy straight in the eye.
  26. "U......Uuaaaa"
  28. What!?
  29. When I look at Firo I feel a strange resonance with her.....The flame from my shield stays on Firo without burning her.
  31. "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
  33. Firo sharpens her eyes like a bird of prey and kicks the enemy.
  34. Is this due to the Dragon Core that was absorbed by the shield?
  36. "W-What is going on. This is even heavier than before......"
  38. The enemy is in dismay due to Firo's attacks
  39. But, I can't tell if Firo is self-aware or not, all I can see in her eyes is rage in violence for the enemy.
  41. "What happened."
  43. The enemy approaches and asks.
  45. "Oh, It's my trump card."
  47. I still have my ego.
  48. It's going to be alright. I did not yield to anger because there was someone who will believe in me.
  49. I provoke the enemy despite all the cold sweat.
  50. I also instruct Raphtalia with my eyes to stay away.
  52. "Are you okay?"
  53. "Yeah, I can still restrain it."
  55. I approached the enemy
  57. "Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
  59. Special Effect, Roar.
  60. It is probably something that increases the vibrations in the air.
  62. "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
  64. In response to my roar, Firo recklessly charges the enemy with me.
  66. "Damn......"
  67. "Don't dodge please!"
  68. "As If I'd do that!"
  70. While the enemy is dealing with Firo using her iron fan. I also enter the fray.
  71. Gagin!
  72. Alright, the attack is lighter compared to when I had the Chimeric Viper Shield.
  73. In this case it is not necessary to hunker down.
  75. The fire from the Curse revolves around me.
  76. According to my anger, the heat increases or decreases.
  77. If I don't keep my anger in check, then the fire power would be extrodinary.
  78. But, as for the flames, the power of the curse is still in there.
  80. "What!?"
  82. When Firo dived recklessly through my flames she falls to the ground instantly.
  83. Good!
  84. The black flame will take down the enemy.
  86. "But......It's not an attack that I cannot endure."
  88. .....Though she took my flames head on it wasn't fatal.
  90. "Rinbu Yabu No Kata ・ Kikkō wari!"
  91. (Tl note: 「輪舞破ノ型・亀甲割!」 If anyone's got anything better I'm all ears.)
  93. The Iron Fan was retracted and came piercing towards me. It resembles an arrow.
  94. Dangerous!
  95. I ready my shield with that in mind.
  96. Gatun, a heavy impact, and pain can be felt throughout the body.
  97. My body was damaged through the shield
  99. "Damn......"
  100. "Hey, was I supposed to fall from that attack?......"
  102. It is hard to stay calm from the pain. But if I lose my cool we all die here.
  104. "It was quite a good attack"
  106. That attack was probably meant for penetration, at least that's what it would do in games.
  107. Even if defence is very high, it would be ignored and have no meaning.
  108. There is also the possibility that it will do more damage the higher defence their opponent has.
  109. Is this the weakness of the Hero of the Shield?
  111. This is an old rule of thumb from net games, there are numerous ways to deal with any problem.
  112. I do not know if my knowledge from those games apply to this world, but there are some-things that will always be true.
  114. The enemy's offensive ability is simply too high while the shield is weak.
  115. Next, avoid attacks. It is a common sense against enemies that use instant death attacks.
  116. Finally, need some fire power. The way to overcome absolute offensive ability without dying is the role of a tank.
  118. Until now, I tried to think of reasons that the shield is weak, but none of them really apply.
  119. ......I don't understand.
  120. Anyway, I need to concentrate now.
  122. Using Fast heal I cure myself.
  123. I don't know whether or not the other party can heal, but I won't take any chances.
  125. "I know the weakness of your attacks."
  127. The enemy declares grandly.
  129. "Your only attack is the black flame which is close range. It cannot attack me from a distance. And that also makes your roar useless."
  131. Damn...... It hurts to be analysed
  132. She is quite suitable as a warrior. Insight is great. It if were someone else, she would not lose.
  133. If someone like her is part of the wave then won't it become a disaster?
  135. "However, once I take out your companions you are have chance of winning from a distance!"
  137. The enemy changes her aim to Firo
  139. "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
  140. "You think I'd let you!?
  142. Damn, it takes too long to catch up since Firo and her are so fast.
  143. Anything......Isn't there anything on hand I can use?
  144. Then it hits me.
  146. Change Shield (Attack) Iron Maiden
  147. (Tl note: Author typo'd here,it's supposed to be  チェンジシールド but he wrote  チェンジールド  for confirmation if you want.)
  148. It is the skill that comes with the Shield of Anger.
  149. Doing a last all-or-nothing attack isn't too bad.
  150. I think it was...... Shield Prison -> Change Shield (Attack) -> Iron Maiden.
  151. This is probably a skill that can only be used by consecutively using different skills.
  152. It might be a combination skill.
  154. "Shield Prison"
  156. I use the skill that surrounds the enemy within shields.
  158. "Please don't think I'll be stopped so easily."
  160. However, it is extremely difficult to catch an enemy that moves with this skill.
  161. Damn, this is also dangerous for Firo since they are moving so recklessly.
  162. I don't know if you will receive a fatal injury.
  163. The cage disappears doing nothing and only the cool down time remains.
  165. "Naofumi-sama, did you think of something?"
  166. "Yeah, is there any way you can stop her from moving?"
  168. It would be very dangerous, but it would give me the best chance of catching her within the cage.
  170. "I understand. I'll do my best"
  171. "W-Will you be alright?"
  172. "I'll be fine. I can fight today thanks to Naofumi-sama."
  174. Raphtalia takes a stance with her sword and concentrates.
  175. Her tail is also standing up......Is she going to use magic?
  177. "Match my timing because I'll stop her."
  178. "Yeah!"
  180. After some light appeared from her tail Raphtalia ran towards the enemy.
  182. "Deryaaaaaaaaaaa!"
  183. "To come from the front is truly foolish!"
  185. An arrow of light that is the iron fan is fired towards Raphtalia.
  186. But, Raphtalia dodges it by lowering her posture.
  188. "Deei!"
  190. The enemy was slashed at with the sword.
  192. "You're full of openings!"
  194. Raphtalia resumes her posture but is slashed by the enemy.
  195. Su...... Raphtalia scattered and simmered into the air.
  197. "What!?"
  199. There is a fizzing sound.
  200. Then, Raphtalia appears from behind the enemy and knocks her down.
  202. "Now!"
  203. "Got it!"
  205. I respond to Raphtalia's instructions. Firo has already moved away since she can tell I am about to use a skill.
  206. It seems she can be manipulated by the Shield of Anger.
  208. "Shield Prison!"
  209. "What--"
  211. The enemy is caged by shields.
  212. The cage seems to break at any moment due to her attacks.
  213. Not happening. I will not let the chance that Raphtalia made go to waste.
  215. "Change Shield (Attack)"
  217. I shout the name of the skill.
  218. The shields that are available to the changed to appears.
  219. The shield which I chose is the Bee Needle Shield!
  221. "--!"
  223. The shields change and the inside is attacked.
  224. An impact spreads throughout the cage.
  225. Iron Maiden!
  226. When I was about to shout the name of the skill, a sentence appears in my head.
  228. "The foolish criminal will feel with their whole body the embrace of virgin iron in a single blow.Release a cry full of painful agony that will not be heard!!"
  229. "Iron Maiden!"
  231. A huge iron torture device known as the iron maiden appears as I chant and wraps around the cage.
  233. "------------!"
  235. The cage of shield breaks and is confined by the iron maiden and pieced, not even the cry is let heard!
  236. At the same time my Sp hits 0.
  237. Th-this skill, does it use all of it's caster's SP as the sacrifice?
  238. And the effect time of the Iron Maiden disappears.
  240. "Gufu--"
  242. With her whole body penetrated the enemy glares at me while breathing heavily.
  244.  "I am very dissatisfied......But I have no choice but to withdraw for today......"
  246. You can still stand after receiving such a skill?
  248. "You think I'll let you escape!?"
  249. "Ha!"
  251. The enemy starts running towards the crack in the sky. When I look at Firo she doesn't seem to want to chase.
  252. It seems Roar is necessary to order Firo to charge recklessly, but I cannot use it because I have no more SP.
  253. We almost beat her.
  255. "My name is glass..... You, what is your name?"
  257. Before she entered the crack she turned around and pointed at me.
  259. "Is it necessary for me to respond?"
  260. "No it is not. But I want to remember the person who cornered me like this. That's it."
  261. "As expected of a warrior, though there are a lot of things I want to know."
  262. "Then, let me give the person who has the shield one piece of information."
  264. What? What are you saying?
  266. "It is a big mistake to think of me as a mere disaster.  But, it is not I who will win, It is the one beyond the boundary."
  268. Hm.....This information is surely important.
  269. I know nothing about what kind of thing a wave is.
  270. Glass..... It is necessary to know the meaning of her words, but also about the meaning of the waves.
  271. At least the enemy is an intellectual living entity.
  272. I have been too obsessed with that Bitch Princess and Trash King.
  273. The true enemy that we Heroes fight are these fellows from the wave.
  275. Hm.....It seems I have enemies behind and in-front of me......
  277. "Understood. Thanks for the information, My name is Iwatani Naofumi."
  278. "Naofumi...... I'll remember it!"
  280. When Glass declares that and enters the crack it starts to disappear.
  281. Shortly after it vanishes.
  282. I immediately change Shield of Anger 2 to another shield.
  283. Although that shield gives me a temporary Power Up I cannot use it for too long.
  285. "Haah......"
  286. "We did it."
  287. "I guess."
  288. "Funyaa...... Did something happen?"
  290. Raphtalia just catches up to me as I turn around, and Firo falls to the ground in exhaustion.
  292. "Was the wave settled somehow?"
  293. "I think so"
  294. "Firo is tired......"
  295. "Is that so. Let's ignore the other heroes and go clean up."
  297. Thus, the third wave in this world ended.
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