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Dec 31st, 2014
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  1. These smells products just smell "girly" to me. They do not smell like pussy or pheromones. Spraying it on dolls or clothing does give it something extra though. Golden rule with these things is not to spray on too much. A little works wonders.
  3. PANPAN [パンパン]2
  4. Very low quality pantsu come with this one. Smell is very chemical, artificial. Smells kind of "fruity", but not natural, like bad shampoo... or something. Disappointing. It does last a long while! But it doesn't smell good so uh..
  6. 女子校生の匂い~オシャレ系少女の香り~
  7. This one is really popular on, it's tamatoys' best-selling one. And for a reason. I can't explain well but I love it. I'm having a hard time writing down what it smells like. It smells fresh. Girly. Kind of subtle. Not that long-lasting though. But man is it good, in my opinion.
  9. ふわっと香る女子校生の髪の匂い#1~清楚な黒髪系女子校生~
  10. This one smells more pheromone-like. Or maybe body odour? Goes for a more "authentic" smell. It's kind of subtle but it's nice. It's not amazing, but nice.
  12. 女子校生の匂い~清楚な委員長の香り~
  13. Hmm this one is kind of difficult. It smells very "fresh", like, maxed out on "fresh". It makes it smell like generic unisex deodorant, though. Hardly very girly. Worse, spray too much and you even start to smell a bit of "old people" in it.
  15. Update: Got these two new ones, pic related. Both are really good, 5/5 totally worth the 907yen.
  17. 女子校生の匂い~妹系下級生の香り~
  18. This one is so much better than the other one in the line. Smells like body odour and/or hair, but still having something sweet in it. Really nice one.
  20. 女子校生の匂い~巨乳図書委員の香り~
  21. This one smells at least as good as the very popular 女子校生の匂い~オシャレ系少女の香り~. It's super sweet and girly smelling, definitely one of, if not my absolute favorite. Amazing as far as these products go.
  23. Well whether any of these are worth buying is entirely up to you, it's really a novelty item but they're pretty damn good if you give them a chance. Especially fun if you have clothing, daki, etc to spray it on.
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