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  1. Welcome to ChaoLabs SCP:SL! This is a server about chaos, and chaos.
  2. Tired of normal servers with too many rules?
  3. Then this is going to be the perfect place for you.
  4. Team killing, mic spamming, and cross-teaming with other classes are 100% A-OK on ChaoLabs.
  5. Our mindset here is that people should be allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and that's what this server exists for.
  6. And with the exception of hacking, we plan to deliver that freedom to you.
  8. We also do gamemodes on the server regularly, in addition to the normal round types, and we even have our own server lore for the game.
  10. We also have a Discord server, where you can earn ranks for the SCP:SL server by just talking to people and being active.
  11. The lore mentioned above and the specific rules for the SCP:SL server can also be found in the Discord's dedicated ChaoLabs SCP:SL section and chats. It is highly recommended that you join in order to gain the full ChaoLabs experience.
  12. Discord link:
  14. Oh, and one last thing. We should note that this is an admin abuse server, meaning the rules for administrators and moderators and what they can do on the server can vary from reasonable to non-existent, depending on the gamemode. If the gamemode allows it, admins and mods are allowed to abuse their powers as much as they want, as is written in the Moderator and Administrator's Handbook for Chao Chat & ChaoLabs SCP:SL. Reporting admins for "abusing their powers" will usually result in a face-palm from the owner, followed by a concise request to read the four lines above again.
  16. Come over and get to know us, I think you're gonna have a fun time. :) -King Chao, Owner of Chao Chat & ChaoLabs SCP:SL
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