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  1. [spoiler=MI/FP Log][b][font=courier][color=#000]-- misinterpretedInstrumentalist [color=#339966][MI][/color] began pestering fallaciousPsychologist [color=#98F5FF][FP][/color] at ??:?? --
  3. [color=#339966]MI: hey, fap, you there? [/color]
  4. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Oh sorry, I was busy shooting off the grey matter of wooden mannequins. [/color]
  5. [color=#98F5FF]FP: What's up? [/color]
  6. [color=#339966]MI: okay that's nice to know[/color]
  7. [color=#339966]MI: yeah but, anyway[/color]
  8. [color=#339966]MI: i heard you have a few extra copies of sburb laying around[/color]
  9. [color=#98F5FF]FP: From whom? A rather ambiguous fellow who has a fetish for fancy words or a rather dim witted but loveable bookworm? [/color]
  10. [color=#339966]MI: yeah, i'm obligated not to name my sources[/color]
  11. [color=#339966]MI: but i suppose i could say it was one of those two[/color]
  12. [color=#339966]MI: or maybe both[/color]
  13. [color=#98F5FF]FP: You sure have some sources. [/color]
  14. [color=#98F5FF]FP: But yes, I happen to have a few extra copies of that particular game. [/color]
  15. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Do you by any chance happen to want one of these particular copies of which I am in possession of? [/color]
  16. [color=#339966]MI: yeah, that could perhaps be the reason i am talking to you[/color]
  17. [color=#339966]MI: it's not exactly like i can buy it, cats don't have jobs and they can't drive to stores[/color]
  18. [color=#339966]MI: so, yeah, can i have a copy? [/color]
  19. [color=#98F5FF]FP: I still cannot fathom how a cat can be a legal guardian. [/color]
  20. [color=#98F5FF]FP: This shows ow much our system is in dire need of analyzing. [/color]
  21. [color=#98F5FF]FP: But I digress. [/color]
  22. [color=#98F5FF]FP: You can have a copy, but MAY you have a copy? [/color]
  23. [color=#98F5FF]FP: That is the question. [/color]
  24. [color=#339966]MI: oh god are you really making me do this[/color]
  25. [color=#339966]MI: yeah okay whatever[/color]
  26. [color=#339966]MI: may i please have a copy? [/color]
  27. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Considering this is the only reason you are talking to me, I'll have to consider this. [/color]
  28. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Just give me a second okay you can have a copy. [/color]
  29. [color=#339966]MI: yeeeeees[/color]
  30. [color=#339966]MI: okay thanks[/color]
  31. [color=#339966]MI: er, i mean[/color]
  32. [color=#339966]MI: Why thank you, kind sir! [/color]
  33. [color=#339966]MI: you are certainly a kind and handsome man[/color]
  34. [color=#98F5FF]FP: The game is on its way so you can cease the forced ass licking. [/color]
  35. [color=#98F5FF]FP: However I am quite flattered. [/color]
  36. [color=#339966]MI: awesome, i certainly wasn't enjoying the ass licking[/color]
  37. [color=#339966]MI: yeah, that was all[/color]
  38. [color=#339966]MI: so i will now stop[/color]
  39. [color=#339966]MI: talking to you[/color]
  40. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Am I that displeasing to talk to? [/color]
  41. [color=#339966]MI: yeah, i dunno[/color]
  42. [color=#339966]MI: this is only like the third time i've talked to you[/color]
  43. [color=#339966]MI: ever[/color]
  44. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Yet I sent you a copy of an unreleased game. [/color]
  45. [color=#98F5FF]FP: I have to get my priorities straightened out. [/color]
  46. [color=#339966]MI: i'd imagine that's something you should work out with your therapist[/color]
  47. [color=#339966]MI: or perhaps[/color]
  48. [color=#339966]MI: your[/color]
  49. [color=#339966]MI: psychologist? [/color]
  50. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Please excuse me, my jaw dropped from laughing too hard. [/color]
  51. [color=#98F5FF]FP: I mean[/color]
  52. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Have you seen Seth recently? The little bugger has eluded my sights. [/color]
  53. [color=#339966]MI: yeah it's been a few days since i've seen/talked to him[/color]
  54. [color=#339966]MI: though he's certainly going to talk to you for a copy of sburb, i imagine[/color]
  55. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Who isn't at this rate. [/color]
  56. [color=#98F5FF]FP: What about Alex? I was going to give her a copy before all you guys but I guess stupid timezone herp derp gets in the way. [/color]
  57. [color=#339966]MI: haven't talked to her recently either[/color]
  58. [color=#339966]MI: actually come to think of it[/color]
  59. [color=#339966]MI: yeah i haven't talked to any of you lately[/color]
  60. [color=#339966]MI: because i have so many better things to do[/color]
  61. [color=#339966]MI: like ignore all of you[/color]
  62. [color=#98F5FF]FP: You sure are a mean one, Mr Grinch. [/color]
  63. [color=#98F5FF]FP: I mean[/color]
  64. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Yeah you are kind of a mean one[/color]
  65. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Do you by any chance grow a green pelt and go around destroying the yule time fun? [/color]
  66. [color=#339966]MI: yeah, that aptly describes the activities i take part in during the christmas season[/color]
  67. [color=#339966]MI: quite frankly it is the most fun thing to do at christmas time! [/color]
  68. [color=#339966]MI: fortunately, during the time of the year that is not christmas time[/color]
  69. [color=#339966]MI: i get to destroy all happiness that you guys would otherwise have if i were not around[/color]
  70. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Your Christmas adventures sure seem pedestrian compared to the shit I have to go through. [/color]
  71. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Uncle hides all my presents every year, usually tied to a rather high location. [/color]
  72. [color=#98F5FF]FP: I have to hunt and shoot all my presents down[/color]
  73. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Tough luck if the bullet goes slightly below the rope. [/color]
  74. [color=#339966]MI: yeah if my christmas schedule wasn't so busy i would go down to your house[/color]
  75. [color=#339966]MI: with a golf club[/color]
  76. [color=#339966]MI: and smash all of your presents[/color]
  77. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Why? What is the point? [/color]
  78. [color=#339966]MI: well i simply don't like you[/color]
  79. [color=#339966]MI: this is obviously the only reason i need! [/color]
  80. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Oh hey look it seems that copy of the game has not left the post yet. Heaven forbid a bullet happens to pierce it. [/color]
  81. [color=#339966]MI: yeah no you certainly don't want to do that[/color]
  82. [color=#339966]MI: haven't you heard that this is like[/color]
  83. [color=#339966]MI: FATE or something that we play this game[/color]
  84. [color=#339966]MI: i am pretty sure that that is true so you certainly don't want to stop me from playing[/color]
  85. [color=#98F5FF]FP: While fate is a load of bullshit, it could be FATE that the copy never leaves the house and you have to get the copy elsewhere! [/color]
  86. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Fate has a funny way of working like that. [/color]
  87. [color=#339966]MI: yeah no i'm pretty sure you should just let me get that copy[/color]
  88. [color=#339966]MI: yeah 'cause there's no way a cat can buy videogames[/color]
  89. [color=#339966]MI: can't even buy it online, cats don't have credit cards[/color]
  90. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Well, you might have accidentaly prolonged fate by a day or two. [/color]
  91. [color=#98F5FF]FP: So enjoy your game, or lack thereof! [/color]
  93. -- fallaciousPsychologist [color=#98F5FF][FP][/color] ceased pestering misinterpetedInstrumentalist [color=#339966][MI][/color] at ??:?? --[/color][/font][/b][/spoiler]
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