Lewd Yuri Greens

Sep 24th, 2019
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  1. Original Thread: /ddlc/ - Doki Doki Literature Club! #1277
  2. First post: >>266852009
  4. >Struggling, spasming against your restraints as Yuri rides you, grinding her pussy on your hips and slamming herself down
  5. >Holds her soaked panties to your face so you can smell her
  6. >Not able to stop yourself from cumming as her pussy contracts and grabs, milking you dry
  8. >Squirming under Yuri as she wrings orgasm after orgasm out of you, moans stifled as her underwear acts as a gag
  9. >Never given any breaks or rest - you're still hard, after all, so that's consent to keep going, right? Of course!
  10. >Yuri's never heard of a refractory period.
  11. >Even when you reach the point of shooting blanks, Yuri doesn't let up, panting and riding you just as enthusiastically as she was when you started what seems like hours ago, sweat soaking the bed sheets as you feel another orgasm rapidly approaching.
  13. "EGG PLANT!
  14. EGG PLANT!"
  16. >Yuri grins widely as you use the incorrect interpretation of the safe word (which is aubergine), which instead causes the opposite of your desire, driving her to grind and drop atop your aching, over-used dick harder, intent on getting everything out of you that you can, despite the fact she's already got every drop you can produce.
  18. >Yuri finally cums herself, after leaving your nuts dried up like raisins
  19. >You can't leave, you're still tied up
  20. >But utterly exhausted, no fight in you
  21. >Yuri leaves you there all day
  22. >Comes back to hydrate you and feed you and kiss you
  23. >Reminding you that the next milking is just around the corner
  25. >Yuri lays with you, holding you to her like a body pillow as she moves up to kiss your cheeks, neck, and lips, alternating between them as she sees fit
  26. >Honestly after all the ball destroying sex it's kind of nice to have something like this
  27. >Fool that you are, right when you think this, Yuri reaches for your still-sore dick, a lusty look slowly taking over her calm expression, eyes glazing over just the tiniest bit
  28. >You stammer that it hasn't been long enough, that there's no way you're ready for another marathon fuck
  29. >Yuri giggles in response, saying that if you're not ready yet, then you should be able to resist getting hard
  30. >Despite the ache in your groin, you fail spectacularly at staying soft, especially when she does that thing with her tongue to your frenulum
  31. >Declaring that she is the victor, she mutters something about the spoils of war
  32. >The spoils are your dick!
  33. >Betrayed by your own body, Yuri sets in on you!
  34. >Oh nooooooohhh that hurts good
  36. >The air is pierced by your yelps and screams to the melody of the creaking bed
  37. >Yuri's thrusts are powerful, each one forcing you deeper into the mattress
  38. >You can't look away, especially after Yuri cups your cheek and makes you look into her eyes while she fucks you
  39. >Starts fucking you even faster when you blush
  40. >Sweat, sweat everywhere
  42. >Pain melts into pleasure and then reforms back, Yuri's aggressive riding stimulating you harshly as you wheeze
  43. >Yuri keeps eye contact with you as she watches you closely, clearly drunk with lust as a small trail of saliva forms at the corner of her lips, the rhythmic impact of flesh filling in the chorus of pleasure
  44. >Despite everything, you can feel another orgasm roiling up from within, causing you to groan out in a mix of misery and anticipation while Yuri clamps around you, eyes widening just a bit as she realizes exactly what's about to happen.
  45. >Hammering herself down on to you, the contractions begin as your pitifully empty sack shoots up what it can into her waiting (and most assuredly already fertilized) womb, Yuri merely pressing herself down and grinding her hips atop you, letting you finish inside of her as she lets out a tiny moan of delight.
  46. >As soon as your contractions stop, Yuri begins the ride once more, never giving you a chance to wilt as you sink back into the cycle of pleasurable pain and painful pleasure
  48. >"I just can't believe it Anon! How could anyone do that?"
  49. >You wince as Monika digs herself into your side, holding onto you like a limpet in a hurricane.
  50. "Honey, I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding-"
  51. >"No! You can't just misunderstand something like that!"
  52. >She lifts her head off of you to glare at you, then returns to her stranglehold.
  53. >Damn, you should've shifted.
  54. >"That's just not okay in any sense! How could someone be so-so-!"
  55. >She huffs into you, and you begin to stroke her hair.
  56. >Sighing, she relaxes her hold on you.
  57. >Slightly.
  58. >"How could anyone do that?"
  59. >You catch another glimpse of the news channel you had tuned into, and read the scrollbar update.
  61. >You shudder.
  62. "I just don't know honey."
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