Jan 19th, 2021
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  1. Marvel cosmic
  2. Kree Honor Code +100 not an issue I don't have to lie
  3. photonic power +100 manageable,I'm capable of living in a sun
  4. Negative Zone +200 I can find my way back just fine
  5. Imperial War +300 *snap*
  6. evil side +300 annoying but manageable I've been doing this since before I started jumping
  7. reality parasite + 600 with my equipment should be easy
  8. annihilation wave +600 *snap*
  9. First Firmament +1000 this might get tricky but I have Planned to Take out a multi-verse before. Also note that use weaker than his United successors, who are In turn weaker than the full infinity gauntlet.
  10. Thanos and Infinity Gauntlet +1000 yeah we're doing this.
  11. Celestial -1000 Pretty much my only opportunity to get this race
  12. scientist free It's a pretty powerful origin here
  13. Shades of gray free for scientist Fortunately my effects take precedence
  14. Biotech -100 discount for scientist yeah this is going to be nice
  15. the mystic and machine -100discount for scientist I stack this
  16. Fine line between Reality and Illusion-200 some interesting principles here
  17. genius intellect -200discount for scientist finally some actual Marvel universe science
  18. absolute scientific mastery -300 very handy
  19. Beyond?...Beyond What? -300 exactly what my science needs
  20. import:Monique,mother box,,Leonardo da Vinci,Tin, retainers, Saitama,Ugg,Abner Perry X8 -800
  21. Power gem -600 I
  22. soul gem -600absolutely
  23. reality gem -600have
  24. Citadel of science free for scientist
  25. Mind gem -300 discount for scientist taken from siphoned to
  26. time gem -600 300 taken from siphoned complete
  27. space gem -600 the set
  28. The plan: mainly I'm focusing on the fight with Thanos fortunately for me I have concept ball and The Anti-Worf Effect so I just need to cash that in to destroy The Mad Titan then redeploy my anti-multi-verse device
  30. Monique
  31. scientist
  32. eternal -600
  33. Luxurious Hair - 100 taken from siphoned
  34. Ex Nihilo - 200 taken from siphoned
  35. Biotech -100 discount for scientist
  36. Self-improvement -100
  38. mother box
  39. human
  40. tyrant
  41. plans within plans free for tyrant
  42. mystic study -100 discount for tyrant
  43. 200 - The Mystic and the Machine
  44. Evolutionary Accelerator/Evolutionary Exoskeleton -400
  45. Bionic and Mystic Perfection -100
  48. Leonardo da Vinci,
  49. human
  50. scientist
  51. some interesting principles here
  52. The Mystic and the Machine -200discount for scientist finally some actual Marvel universe science
  53. absolute scientific mastery -300 very handy
  54. Beyond?...Beyond What? -300 exactly what my science needs
  57. Tin
  58. drop in
  59. strong mind free
  60. human
  61. insights on inner self -100
  62. Monk of the Kaluba Sect -100
  63. the master of antimatter -600
  65. , retainers
  66. human
  67. scientist
  68. Shades of gray free for scientist
  69. Cosmic control rod:Import Monique's cosmic control rod-800
  70. Saitama
  71. drop in
  72. mystery wrapped in an enigma free
  73. strong mind free
  74. human
  75. Dynamokinesis - 400
  76. Captain Universe - 400
  77. Ugg
  78. drop in
  79. mystery wrapped in an enigma free
  80. strong mind free
  81. human
  82. the voice of the King -400
  83. deadliest woman in the universe -200
  84. supremely skilled: survivalism -200
  86. Abner Perry
  87. drop in
  88. mystery wrapped in an enigma free
  89. strong mind free
  90. human
  91. cosmic entity -800
  92. Rolling crafting check for anti-multi-verse device , -20 from having what are essentially later mid-game crafting and a late game magic spec jumpers assisting me
  93. The plan: fortunately I'm immune to being snapped and transformed as well as having precedents soMost of these drawbacks are piece of cake with the infinity gemsI already have a dimensional transport tech and a good idea of where 616 is so starting the negative zone isn't a big deal,emergency crafting check! I've been sitting on the plans for a anti-multi-verse device for millennia hoping I would never have to use it! Now it must be built! For the hunger must be stopped! -30 for late game Jumper assisted are essentially mid-game crafting spec Jumpers
  94. Roll(1d100)-30: 1,-30 Total:1 -60 Yep that's a success let's see if we can finish him off with DainsleifTo absorb him -20Because of how much I took him down already Roll(1d100)-20: 37,-20 Total:17 Solid success!, Now to find some way to bleed off all this power.
  95. Hey can I make mass-produce stuff like say the Tactigon?
  96. Roll(1d100)-20:73,-20 Total:53 Nope not yet
  97. Use stolen research on the children of the vault
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