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  2. lods a emone: so anyway did you read what i wrote earlier?
  3. warheat1990: uhh nope, last chat i read is waiting for your friend
  4. lods a emone: ill just copy paste
  5. lods a emone: lods a emone: i have another idea if you're up to it though, would make this a bit faster
  6. lods a emone: how about i give you like some games for insurance, so when you get my paypal 30$ you give them back?
  7. lods a emone: or something like that
  8. warheat1990: let me relog, one sec. my steam is acting up
  9. lods a emone: if not we can just wait
  10. warheat1990: what games
  11. lods a emone: uh
  12. lods a emone: let me see what i have left
  13. lods a emone: dota2 and bad company 2
  14. lods a emone: traded the rest today lol
  15. warheat1990: i think we should just wait for your friend, i have too much dota
  16. lods a emone: yeah im fine either way
  17. warheat1990: hi
  18. warheat1990: you still there?
  19. lods a emone: yeah im here
  20. lods a emone: still waiting on the guy
  21. warheat1990: so, i was just talked with zimbuthemonkey, he said he isnt looking for CS:GO
  22. warheat1990: lol
  23. warheat1990: http://www.reddit.com/r/SteamGameSwap/comments/saads/?sort=new
  24. warheat1990: and explain this
  25. warheat1990: nice try idiot
  26. lods a emone: yeah well
  27. lods a emone: I did get like 20 copies of CS:GO and about 50 of dota2
  28. warheat1990: uninstall steam since you dont deserve to play CS:GO, and take your retard brain to play solitaire instead
  29. lods a emone: so youre of no importance really lol
  30. warheat1990: lololl
  31. warheat1990: o rly?
  32. warheat1990: your parents must be very dissapointed at you retard
  33. lods a emone: hence me just playing games and letting you wait :)
  34. warheat1990: LOLOLOLOL
  35. lods a emone: doubt it
  36. warheat1990: im just playin with you from the start and im going to post this on reddit for lulz
  37. lods a emone: sure you were bud
  38. warheat1990: nice try retard
  39. lods a emone: didnt even try.
  40. lods a emone: once i saw you were a hard nut i just gave up
  41. warheat1990: it is obvious you have less than 50 IQ
  42. warheat1990: lolol
  43. lods a emone: and moved on
  44. lods a emone: i already got another 2 copies of dota in the meantime lol
  45. warheat1990: 2 copies of dota
  46. warheat1990: lol
  47. warheat1990: i got like 25 copies on my invent right now
  48. warheat1990: gtfo from steam idiot
  49. warheat1990: lolol
  50. lods a emone: i've got about 50 if i put all the accounts together
  51. warheat1990: o rly?
  52. lods a emone: gtfo lolol xD
  53. lods a emone: are you 12?
  54. warheat1990: care to show proof retard?
  55. lods a emone: yeah, reddit is fucking easy to scam.
  56. warheat1990: well im from reddit
  57. lods a emone: that paypal thing worked like 50 times
  58. warheat1990: and you just fail idiot
  59. lods a emone: dunno bro, I got about 200+ games on this acc from scamming alone
  60. lods a emone: doesnt seem like much of a fail to me.
  61. warheat1990: LOL
  62. lods a emone: good reply I guess
  63. lods a emone: like what I do most of the time is
  64. lods a emone: I use this
  65. warheat1990: you look like retard, your parent are failing in raising you
  66. lods a emone: check it
  67. lods a emone: i do this.
  68. lods a emone: then photoshop the trade window
  69. lods a emone: and make them believe the problem is on theire end
  70. warheat1990: look at dat fancy games
  71. lods a emone: i think you should open some of those games seeing as you only have like 40
  72. warheat1990: ahhhh
  73. lods a emone: and btw all of those games are like 20$
  74. warheat1990: look at dat skyrim, KOAR
  75. lods a emone: actually free
  76. lods a emone: cause I just pirate my games
  77. warheat1990: i know you dont have that kind of money to get these games
  78. warheat1990: i feel sorry for you
  79. lods a emone: I have more games on steam than you
  80. lods a emone: so uh
  81. lods a emone: good logic, I guess?
  82. warheat1990: lol
  83. lods a emone: also >buying games
  84. lods a emone: >2012
  85. lods a emone: are you autismal boy?
  86. warheat1990: lol is that a mock? try harder kid
  87. lods a emone: its called bitgamer
  88. warheat1990: dont forget to take your medicine
  89. lods a emone: you're fun to talk to
  90. lods a emone: not very clever but
  91. lods a emone: fun.
  92. warheat1990: lol *insert unoriginal insult here*
  93. lods a emone: yeah, you've been doing that for about 10 minutes now
  94. lods a emone: its still good passtime for me
  95. lods a emone: ill probably have to use another one of my accounts on reddit now huh?
  96. warheat1990: it is good to make fun of idiot like you, actually im about to invite zimbu and you in a chat room, too bad he didnt want to deal with idiot like you, but i got nothing to do at the moment, so i was like why not, lets own this retard and post it on reddit for lulz
  97. warheat1990: im gonna brb for a sec, posting this on reddit
  98. lods a emone: you cant into english very well can you?
  99. warheat1990: ohh look grammar nazi
  100. lods a emone: it took you about 5 minutes to type all of that up and it still has a hundred syntax and spelling errors :DD
  101. warheat1990: with less than 50 IQ
  102. lods a emone: dunno man, atleast I can type proper english
  103. lods a emone: lemme guess, you're from america?
  104. warheat1990: too bad you have retarded brain
  105. warheat1990: alright i really need to afk for a few mins to paste this
  106. warheat1990: brb
  107. lods a emone: only an american or a russian can be THIS retarded.
  108. warheat1990: lol im not even american
  109. warheat1990: or russian
  110. lods a emone: something of the sort then.
  111. warheat1990: i see that you live in shit hole 3rd world country, so you cant afford to buy these games
  112. warheat1990: lol
  113. lods a emone: im english bud.
  114. lods a emone: and I have more games on steam than you.
  115. lods a emone: so uh..
  116. warheat1990: you waste your time on free beta stuff lul
  117. lods a emone: I dont really fully comprehend your point
  118. lods a emone: huh?
  119. lods a emone: I sell these betas for 20$ each
  120. lods a emone: then transfer the money to my real bank account.
  121. warheat1990: well brb
  122. warheat1990: posting this
  123. lods a emone: so its hardly wasting time.
  124. lods a emone: please do link.
  125. warheat1990: ok, one sec
  126. warheat1990: will paste you the link
  127. lods a emone: fix your autism attacks and spelling errors in the thread though
  128. lods a emone: will definetely help you make look less like a complete mong.
  129. warheat1990: ohh look we got a badass over here
  130. lods a emone: uh
  131. lods a emone: right
  132. lods a emone: are you getting these insults or whatever they are off of meme pictures?
  133. lods a emone: cause really you sound like a spasticated 13 year old from russia
  134. warheat1990: *insert unoriginal insult here*
  135. lods a emone: warheat1990: ohh look we got a badass over here
  136. warheat1990: try harder kid
  137. lods a emone: lods a emone: cause really you sound like a spasticated 13 year old from russia
  138. warheat1990: :)
  139. lods a emone: which is more original?
  140. lods a emone: and you said that before
  141. lods a emone: im not really trying, im scamming some reddit kid as we speak
  142. lods a emone: just waiting for him to check my paypal acc.
  143. lods a emone: which of course isnt mine, but belongs to some other reddit apeman.
  144. warheat1990: oh yea? you try to hard for something worth $20 lol
  145. lods a emone: well
  146. warheat1990: maybe get a job
  147. warheat1990: or girlfriend
  148. lods a emone: multiply that by 50
  149. warheat1990: oh wait, you are sitting on wheelchair
  150. warheat1990: i feel for you
  151. lods a emone: i do have a job
  152. lods a emone: you're making fun out of disabled people
  153. lods a emone: thats just great.
  154. lods a emone: btw, I make more money out of scamming people than I do out of my job :)
  155. warheat1990: http://www.reddit.com/r/SteamGameSwap/comments/saads/?sort=new
  156. warheat1990: http://pastebin.com/C23cjf1j
  157. lods a emone: i've got ~50 CS:GO gifts
  158. lods a emone: if I sell each for 20$
  159. lods a emone: its.
  160. lods a emone: uh
  161. lods a emone: 1000$?
  162. warheat1990: lol, im really sorry that you cant find a better job, so you scam things worth $20 and failed
  163. warheat1990: lol
  164. lods a emone: no job pays that much.
  165. warheat1990: oh yeah, i know you are in some 3rd world country
  166. warheat1990: i guess yeah
  167. lods a emone: you make 1000$ a day?
  168. warheat1990: which pay like $0.1 / hour?
  169. lods a emone: i'd really llike to know what job that is.
  170. lods a emone: 7 pound an hour actually
  171. lods a emone: but I still make more out of scamming :p
  172. warheat1990: lol, what are your job? cleaning service?
  173. lods a emone: and its FAR less effort
  174. lods a emone: nope.
  175. lods a emone: I doubt a cleaning service pays 7 quid an hour
  176. warheat1990: too bad you have retarded brain, that is why you only get $7
  177. lods a emone: 7 pounds*
  178. lods a emone: I dont see anything about my scamming in there
  179. lods a emone: really poor job at a thread.
  180. lods a emone: no effort whatsoever
  181. warheat1990: lolwut?
  182. warheat1990: you cant read?
  183. warheat1990: why do i need a new thread for a retard wannabe like you
  184. warheat1990: lol
  185. warheat1990: dont get mad, it is bad for health
  186. lods a emone: you do realise that that .txt file makes you look like the bigger moron?
  187. lods a emone: i mean you literally cant converse for shit.
  188. warheat1990: dont get mad
  189. warheat1990: :)
  190. lods a emone: eh
  191. lods a emone: bored of you now.
  192. lods a emone: got more scamming to do.
  193. warheat1990: okay retard
  194. lods a emone: I guess no one reads that thread lol.
  195. lods a emone: didnt even have to change accounts :DD
  196. warheat1990: please let me stay on your friendlist
  197. lods a emone: yeah sure why not
  198. warheat1990: thank you retard
  199. lods a emone: maybe you learn something.
  200. warheat1990: :)
  201. lods a emone: seriously though
  202. lods a emone: you MUST be like
  203. lods a emone: eastern european
  204. lods a emone: bulgarian or some shit.
  205. warheat1990: ohhh man, dont get mad on internet
  206. warheat1990: really now
  207. warheat1990: lol
  208. lods a emone: not mad, just trying to figure out where you hail from
  209. warheat1990: im not even an european or american lol
  210. lods a emone: lets see
  211. lods a emone: OH
  212. lods a emone: brazilian then?
  213. warheat1990: nope, retard
  214. lods a emone: i gathered this much so far: you dont have any games, meaning you must be poor. you "trade" videogames worth about 15$, and you cant speak very good english
  215. lods a emone: so
  216. warheat1990: why are you mad at european or american? lol
  217. lods a emone: its like
  218. lods a emone: either brazil
  219. lods a emone: russia
  220. lods a emone: or some rural part of america.
  221. warheat1990: try harder
  222. warheat1990: idiot
  223. warheat1990: this is the first time i talked with idiot that accused me american and european, why you mad at american and european btw? lol
  224. lods a emone: who said im mad?
  225. lods a emone: im european...
  226. warheat1990: because your mom give them a BJ and forgot to tipped them a dollar?
  227. warheat1990: lol
  228. lods a emone: you really cant read for shit.
  229. lods a emone: i mean really?
  230. warheat1990: yea
  231. lods a emone: you HAVE to be like
  232. lods a emone: there is no way you are from a 1st world country.
  233. warheat1990: o.O
  234. lods a emone: also, you belong to a bunch of begging groups on steam
  235. warheat1990: look at dat
  236. lods a emone: like giveaway and shit
  237. warheat1990: *insert unoriginal insult here*
  238. lods a emone: nah I got it
  239. lods a emone: you're like
  240. lods a emone: from thailand
  241. lods a emone: or somewhere like that
  242. warheat1990: nope.avi
  243. lods a emone: thailand, indonesia, malaysia
  244. lods a emone: something like that.
  245. warheat1990: dude, you seriously guess that hard?
  246. warheat1990: really now
  247. lods a emone: one of the poor asian countries.
  248. warheat1990: for a people on internet
  249. warheat1990: lol
  250. lods a emone: nah I read you like an open book
  251. lods a emone: no need to try and gues
  252. lods a emone: s
  253. lods a emone: if i had to put money on it
  254. lods a emone: i'd say malaysia
  255. lods a emone: or indonesia.
  256. lods a emone: one of the brown chink countries.
  257. warheat1990: btw, i have to afk for now. let's talk another time retard..
  258. lods a emone: I was thinking india but those guys speak better english.
  259. warheat1990: and uhh one thing
  260. warheat1990: tell your mom to stop being a whore
  261. warheat1990: see ya later
  262. lods a emone: yeah, boring.
  263. lods a emone is now Offline.
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