M!Chara & Anon: Caregiver

Jun 26th, 2020
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  1. M!Chara & Anon: Caregiver
  4. (Requested by Anonymous. PoV will change from Chara to Anon on occasion)
  7. Soft steps echo throughout the hallway of The Ruins, a light shadow forming on the walls as said person continues down the hall, the torches providing some pretty adequate lighting.
  9. The person walking down the hallway was none other than Chara, Caretaker of the Ruin, who was currently licking some chocolate icing off of his fingers, having finished putting some brownies in the stove in the kitchen. He figured he may as well - he did have a good amount of baking supplies left over. And it had been a good while since he's treated himself.
  11. Now that they were baking, Chara decided that now would be the best time to go outside and tend to the gardens and flower fields that he was so fond of taking care of.
  13. "If only it rained down here…" Chara said to himself, looking down at the full watering can he was carrying. It was heavy, sure, but he was used to heavy lifting by now. Maintaining a place like this was definitely no walk in the park. Not that he minded of course. It kept him busy and therefore kept his mind off other things.
  15. Looking down at his robed self for a moment, he exhales softly and reaches the end of the hallway, having bypassed all the puzzles he himself has made throughout the years. Chara then slowly opens the door, walking up to the little balcony and looking over his garden, inhaling quietly as he admired his hard work.
  17. It all looked so… peaceful. Beautiful. His hard work had definitely paid off and it showed.
  19. Nothing looked out of place at first, until… he saw a small lump out near the edge of the flower garden. Laying down on a bed of the golden flowers he loved so much.
  21. "Oh… ugh. Not those flowers of all pla… ces…?"
  23. At first, Chara was quite upset, thinking it was some critter that got to the flowers again. Or some garbage that somehow made its way down here.
  25. Until he got closer and closer, then gasping loudly when he realized it was a person, making him drop his watering can and spill the water all over the place.
  27. It was a human to be exact. An adult human, wearing similar clothes that he was once familiar with.
  29. For a moment, he hesitated. Chara didn't know how this human would react. Hell, he didn't even know if he would be violent or not. It had been so, so long. Despite what his mind told him, he quickly rushed down the steps, making sure not to step on his robes as he quickly walked up to the unconscious human, slowing down as he got closer and breathing a little heavily. It had been so long since he had seen another human.
  31. Ever since he fell down.
  33. Chara walked carefully through the field of golden flowers, approaching the human until he stood over him. From what he could tell, the human looked to be a male around his age. Maybe a little younger or older. He also had several cuts and bruises on his arms and face. Chara looked up from where the human seemingly fell from.
  35. As far as Chara could tell, the human had gotten quite lucky. Just as he had when he fell down.
  37. Chara then kneels down beside the human and gently, lightly shakes him. He was most definitely nervous, feeling as if he really shouldn't be doing this.
  39. It was too late to back out though, since the human began to stir, groaning softly as he lifted up his scratched up arm, covering his eyes.
  42. Christ… you felt as if you were hit by a car. Ir rather, a truck, head on. Were you in heaven now, you thought. Or hell even?
  44. You felt your arm move up to your face and immediately felt the dull pain all over your body. It seemed you weren't dead at least.
  46. And the voice of a person beside you only reaffirmed that. Once you rub the blurriness out of your eyes, you see… a guy standing over you? With long, soft looking brown hair, wearing a long white and gray blue robe and piercing crimson eyes that had a gentle, if not slightly nervous gaze to them at the moment…
  48. Taking a moment to take in the surroundings, you realize that you are laying down in the middle of a small field of golden flowers. In a ridiculously massive cave.
  50. "Uhm… can you understand me?" The other human asked. You nodded slowly, raising yourself up and groaning a little, reaching behind your neck as you slowly began to sit up. The human reached out for you and very lightly touched you, as if he wanted to help but was still quite cautious.
  52. "I see. What is your name?"
  54. "Ah… Anon. My name is Anon."
  56. "Interesting name. My name is Chara. It is a pleasure to… meet you. Can you stand, Anon?"
  58. Slowly, you raise yourself and sit up, rubbing the side of your head and then looking down at yourself. Aside from the obvious cuts, bruises and sore body, you eventually were able to stand back up, with Chara helping you of course.
  60. Looking behind you, you realize that you've absolutely ruined a part of the golden flower field. Something told you that Chara really, really liked these flowers, so you couldn't help but feel a bit guilty. But if Chara was indeed upset about it, he didn't show it nor brought it up.
  62. "Let me help you. We can go inside and treat your wounds if that would be okay with you."
  64. Looking up at Chara, you nod, already quite grateful for his hospitality and care.
  66. "Follow me. Please watch your step as well, Anon…"
  68. You nod, being careful as to not step on any more of Chara's flowers, despite your slightly unstable walking. Chara notices this and gets closer to you, allowing you to use him as balance.
  70. It's so odd, having been on the surface one moment then to be down in some unknown cavern the next. That's what curiosity gets you it seems.
  72. "So where am I, Chara? All I remember is just… falling. And last time I checked, no humans really lived in caves or mountains around here."
  74. Chara paused for a moment, as if to think of what to say, "You are, in the Underground. And where we are going is called The Ruins."
  76. "I am the caretaker of said place. I tend to the smaller inhabitants here, maintain the entire place as well as the likes of my garden and Home. To be honest with you Anon, I never truly expected another human to ever come down here."
  78. You nod, listening to all he says. Those crimson eyes of him were nothing like you've ever seen, but you didn't want to be caught staring at them of course. The last thing you wanted to do was to leave an odd first impression to the person who was helping you.
  80. The two of you make your way to the entrance of The Ruins, a bed of beautiful, well maintained roses right in the middle of two gray staircases leading up to the main entrance.
  82. Huh. Despite the name, it didn't look as if it were in ruins. In fact, it looked quite well maintained.
  84. "Are there any other humans here?" You ask, thinking back on what Chara said about him not expecting to see other humans. Chara grabs your hand and slowly leads you up the steps.
  86. His hand was quite firm yet soft to the touch… they must have one hell of a skin moisturizer down here, you mentally joke to yourself to distract you of the growing flustered feeling inside of you.
  88. "I am, or was, the only human. It has been this way for a while now." He said simply. It almost seemed as if he was hesitant to talk about this further, his gaze now focused on the floor while you both stepped inside the Ruins.
  90. Taking the hint, you don't push the question further but you were certainly curious. Maybe someday he would explain it to you. To take your mind off of that for now, you look around the long hallway you both were about to approach. It all looked so homey. It was very well lit too and had some nice little decorations, such as wreaths, paintings, mirrors and other little things.
  92. There was another hallway that led to what seemed to be some switches and other things… as well as what looked to be a training dummy. You were curious about that hallway, but you definitely weren't in any shape to attempt anything physically taxing right now.
  94. Maybe that's why Chara is leading you down a shortcut of sorts.
  96. Regardless of that, you felt quite safe here.
  98. "How did you end up here, Anon?" Chara asked, snapping you off of your thoughts.
  100. "Oh, I uh, I really just came up here for a hike. To get my mind off of things. Maybe set up a little camp and spend a night or two."
  102. You pause for a moment, before continuing, "It helps me. It really does. Or well, at least it did before I feel down here."
  104. Chara smiles a little bit at your jesting, before turning to you.
  106. "How… How is it like up there now?" He asks softly.
  108. "It's odd. So many things happen nowadays around the world. So many things that have people worry and do rash things over. It seems like every year had its fair share of craziness. It's a bit nerve wracking, I suppose."
  110. "I… see."
  112. Before you can note the slightly saddened look on his face, you realize that you're now before what looks to be… a house?
  114. More or less anyway. The roses were quite abundant and looked very well maintained. The pathway looked brand new as well!
  116. You also smell something emanating from inside… it smelled like someone was baking something. And it smells very good.
  118. "Welcome to my Home. This is where I have all the things I need to help your injuries and where I live, of course."
  120. You nod slowly as you made your way inside, Chara opening the door for you and allowing you to enter inside first. The moment you step inside, you immediately feel warm. Not overwhelmingly so, just enough to melt away the slightly uncomfortable coldness of the Ruins.
  122. Chara closed the door behind you and led you to the living room, with a big comfy chair next to a lit up chimney as well as a big bookshelf and a dining table. It all looked so simple but felt so comfy.
  124. "Please, take a seat here Anon. I will be right back." Chara said as he eased you down onto the big comfy reading chair. You pretty much just sunk into it, feeling oh-so comfy, a soft sigh escaping your lips.
  126. As Chara made his way to the kitchen, you admired the aesthetic of the place. It was all very easy on the eyes and was anything but overwhelming or over decorated. It was simple. It was just so nice.
  128. It really felt like this was a home away from home.
  130. You felt comfortable. You felt safe here.
  132. You felt….happy.
  134. Chara then returns with a small box filled with medical supplies, as well as a plate. The sweet warm aroma that you've noticed only gets stronger as he sets the plate beside you and begins to pull out some medical supplies from the box.
  136. Was that… a brownie?
  138. Chara pulls out some gauze, rubbing alcohol pads and an ice pack, tending to your wounds and making sure no injury you had was not attended to. Sure the alcohol stung pretty badly whenever he used it. As well as the dull pain that would suddenly appear whenever he squeezed your arms or legs to feel up any sore or bruised areas he missed. But it was all for the better.
  140. The blush on your face was a little too obvious as he felt your arms and legs. It helped with ignoring any of the pain at least.
  145. As Chara wrapped some of Anon's arms in gauze, he realized that Anon was gazing at him and his eyes and his hair, as well as that small blush appearing on his face.
  147. He didn't make eye contact with him, but he couldn't help but smile a little bit. Once he was done tending to Anon, he handed him the freshly baked brownie and smiled wider at him.
  149. "I think you will enjoy your time here, Anon. You will be just fine with me, partner. I promise you."
  154. "But for now, rest up for now okay? Would you like me to give you a book from the shelf there to help you pass the time? I do have a few I had brought with me from when I first arrived here.
  156. You smile, believing every word he says and nodding when he offers to get you a book. You hoped he didn't notice you gazing at him or anything, but something told you that he may just have.
  158. Despite that, it didn't change how incredibly delicious this brownie he gave you was.
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