GreentextSavant - Cheerilee Oneshot

Oct 25th, 2016
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  1. >The two of you have to wait until everyone else is gone.
  2. >But you're already getting hard. Dangerously hard.
  3. >It feels like your pants aren't going to surv-
  4. >"Ya ready?" Cheerily breaks you out of your thoughts.
  5. >You hadn't even realized that everyone was already gone.
  6. >The librarian teacher corners you in between two adjacent rows of metal.
  7. >Backs you into them until she's pressing against you, keeping a finger on your chin as she kisses you.
  8. >Your hands can't resist reaching around her hardly concealed curves and surveying her behind.
  9. >This cheerleader outfit is extra tight on her given that she's developed even more ever since the last time she's worn it.
  10. >It ain't covering as much anymore, already riding up those hips and the bottom of her abdomen.
  11. >You're falling down to a squatting position, still noticing how much your boner protrudes even though your are bending your legs closer to your body.
  12. >Miss Cheerilee plants her legs on either side of your own bent knees, leaning onto your shoulders with her hands.
  13. >That top is almost at the level of tearing off of her.
  14. >She starts to squat down over you, and you push her thighs apart with your knees, spreading your own legs until her crotch hovers above yours.
  15. >With your personal cheerleader's legs spread wide.
  16. >You already have a sneaky view of her light pink panties with that skirt failing to fall low enough.
  17. >It only peeks through until Cheerilee lifts the front up for you to see that band of thin fabric hugging her mound underneath.
  18. >Her fingers dance around on the fabric, digging just under the rim.
  19. >She murmurs to you in a sultry voice: "I never thought I would be doing this with a student." Then pushes her panties aside.
  20. >One lip slips out at a time; that damn thing was clinging onto her tightly.
  21. >The fly on the front of your jeans breaks from the force. can't hold it in anymore.
  22. >Your diamond member shoots through the front opening and points directly at your personal cheerleader.
  23. >Cheerilee tucks the bottom of her skirt into the rim of her panties to keep herself exposed to you.
  24. >The bridge that used to cover her honeypot is now pinched between her upper inner thigh and a soft place.
  25. >Cheerilee VERY willingly lunges her hips forward so your knees don't hold her hovering above you. But she keeps her legs, and her nether region, spread.
  26. >She lands right on top of your enlarged head, making it twitch wildly under the doomed fabric of your boxers.
  27. >You don't know if the pre-cum creating the wet spot is your... or hers.
  28. >But she doubles down on your pleading member anyway, straining the front of your boxers to the point where the fabric itself starts to give way.
  29. >"2... 4... 6... 8..." You hear her chant every time she slams her tender cooter down onto your solid tent. "Who do I appreciate?"
  30. >The only response you can think of is-
  31. >Oh fuck, her walls are even sliding against your shaft through your boxers. Things have already gotten that wet. That... soaked.
  32. >She leand forward, pulling you towards her by your shoulders and meeting you halfway for a long kiss.
  33. >A couple of eager moans escape Cheerilee as she feels more and more of your shaft becoming apparent against the inside of her.
  34. >And so, you groan in ecstasy into Cheerilee's mouth for a moment before she breaks the kiss. Her warm breath tickling your lips as her grinning face returns to looming above you.
  35. >"I appreciate a good breeding, my greatest fan!" Miss Cheerilee goes back to her desirous bouncing on your member, wearing the resistence of your boxers thin to practically nothing.
  36. >And then entirely to nothing; muffle ripping sounds can be heard as the soaked fabric inside of Cheerilee surrenders to the intense heat and moisture.
  37. >You don't even care about any of your clothes anymore at this point.
  38. >Take your hands and furiously grope the front side of Cheerilee's body as your cheerleader frees your throbbing dick.
  39. >Letting it glide out of the gaping hole in the fabric completely and directly envelop itself in her slippery flesh that tightly cradles it from all sides.
  40. >And lovingly pulls the surface of your shaft along with it with just enough sliding to make your senses force you to thrust your hips upward.
  41. >She pushes down into your thrust, welcoming your desired but involuntary reflex.
  42. >You just know that you're going to leave a butt-plant in the grass with Cheerilee bouncing on top of you this much.
  43. >Her energy sometimes overpowers your upwards motions until your body convulses and cannot be kept against the ground by anything in this world.
  44. >The bottom of Cheerilee's top is scrunched up by your madly curling thumbs, and the rest of your fingers find their way over to the armholes, where the grab ahold.
  45. >She feels and sees you do this, proceeding to hump you even harder. Your hands lock on with an unstoppable grasp.
  46. >Your hands crumple her top up further and further, unveiling her jiggling breasts that bounce twice as often as she does.
  47. >They're so slippery with a thin coat of sweat as your hands grab on and fondle them, thumbs flicking her nipples when they pass over hem.
  48. >Her crotch starts to drip onto your pelvic area with the moisture that your plunging member brought out. She starts moving straight up and down with less speed so each thrust lasts longer... and makes you explosively add your own ingredient to what's dripping out onto you.
  49. >Your unbounded climax shoots a raging load up and DEEP into Cheerilee the cheerleader as she squirms around in her tiny little outfit. With your hands viciously groping onto her soft, slippery chest.
  50. >The juices leak down onto your hips and pool into the grass.
  51. >There's gonna be some weird looking grass growing there in a couple of weeks. Around the two larger circles where your ass cheeks were and the two smaller ovals where Cheerilee's knees were.
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