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Aug 10th, 2017
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  1. I honestly have no love for this site whatsoever. 10 years ago, Borders was my favorite store, but now I only buy here if I have a gift card, which usually doesn't really change how much I would be spending out of pocket for the same item if I were to purchase it from
  3. I had gotten a gift card for christmas last year. When I initially started shopping with it, it stated my balance on it was $28 and change, which I thought was unusual, but it would never actually let me complete my order. Eventually, the card settled at $25.00 balance which made a lot more sense. This went on for several days. After waiting a few weeks, I tried again to make a purchase of the book "Star wars: The Jedi Path" which on your site retails for $99.99. I had a coupon code for "33% off of one item list price (excludes toys, games, puzzles, and stuffed animals)". Clearly, this item is none of the above, but when I tried to apply the code, it accepted it but stated that there were no items to which this could be applied. Even if this discount were to be applied, this item would still be $7.94 more than the LIST PRICE on Without the coupon being available, this item is normally $41.27 MORE on your site than it is on Amazon. If I were to use my $25 gift card combines with my $3.61 remainder from an old card, it would still cost me an extra $12.66 before shipping to get this item through you. This is not the only issue I have had with your company, but one of many.
  5. Just the other day(last friday), when trying to make a purchase of the star wars craft book, I had decided to go to the brick and mortar store and pick the book up. The book was released on the tuesday of that week and they had still not even gotten the book in stock yet, so once again, I was brought back to the site, where I was forced to pay shipping fees on an item which I should not have.
  7. Long story short. I greatly dislike this company and begrudge myself to pay any money out of pocket with them and will only do so to pay the balance on an order which a gift card will not cover.
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