Free Netflix Premium Method

Apr 15th, 2019
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  1. Netflix method by @Mark3l0ff
  2. How to make Netflix monthly tutorial
  3. Requirements:
  4. VPN (Turbo vpn works also ) Phone or PC
  5. Mozilla klar
  6. Letʼs begin!
  7. First start vpn on German server and then go to Mozilla klar.
  8. Go on and signup with random email (https://temp- and choose Premium plan.
  9. Now go to payments and select LAARSCHRIFT.
  10. Go to and choose Germany and copy the fake person data from there.
  11. After youʼre done with payment and itʼs successful youʼll need German no. for otp
  12. Use for private no. OR use https:// for free but slower!
  13. After confirming otp you can login to ur acc and enjoy Netflix for 1 month ;)
  14. Tutorial by @Mark3ll0ff
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