WarpedRealm release 1.29

Oct 23rd, 2022
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  1. Release 1.29 Changes:
  3. - Added Mooshrooms, Strays, Hoglins, Zoglins, Elder guardians, Wardens, magma cubes, slimes, piglins, zombified piglins, piglin brutes, witches, wither skeletons, ravagers and wandering traders to the Hunter Job
  4. - Fixed quests with item in mainhand requirement bugging out with changing durability
  5. - Decreased the needed hardened leather from the daily wilderness quest
  6. - The rewards for all nether quests have been doubled
  7. - Fixed nether ghost quest text, item and kill-amount
  8. - Fixed broken region finder for nether mobs
  9. - Added
  10. - Fixed sellwands from the store being given out with a delay
  11. - Fixed Adaptation EXP Curve being too low
  12. - Increased a few payouts of the Hunter and Mythical Hunter job
  13. - Removed spectral wraith warrior from the Mythical Hunter job
  14. - Added spectral wraith Interceptor to the Mythical Hunter job
  16. - The Combat Mode now only disables specific commands (especially teleporting like warping etc.) but allows commands like /sell and everything else to be used again while being in combat
  17. - Added new "Axes" Skill featuring 2 subskills (Adaptations) including a Tree felling / Timber skill like mentioned in Suggestion #45
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