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Jun 3rd, 2018
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  1. >>32462602
  2. >they lose their powers
  3. >they decide to split up
  4. >and you find her in the middle of the street one late evening when coming home from work
  5. >she's dirty, her clothes are completely messed up, she looks defeated and utterly sad, and she looks very, very hungry, if the way she looks at your burger is any indication
  6. >you, being the degenerate weeb you are, decide to take it as a sign from kami-sama, and take her in if only for a few days
  7. >maybe it could bloom into something more, just like in your chinese cartoons
  8. >the first few days are weird and awkward
  9. >she doesn't speak much, and when she does it's more often than not of her 'sisters', which she says are her only family
  10. >she not only doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but she also seem to be completely at a loss as to how to use every day life tools such as microwaves and fridges
  11. >but little by little, she learns, you teach, and little by little, she starts speaking more and more
  12. >but sadly, your japanese dream has yet to come true
  13. >you don't come home to find a cute apron wearing girl asking you if you want her to massage your shoulders while you bathes, no
  14. >she's nothing like that
  15. >you do find her waiting at your door, but she's definitely not cute, definitely not wearing an apron (though seeing her in her underwear is always nice) and she definitely don't ask you if you want her to do something
  16. >and there's no meal either, of course, god forbid you actually let her anywhere near the stove ever again
  17. >she's not a cute wife, she's a cat
  18. >she's needy, and she sees you more as the one that brings back food than the one she loves and wants to do whatever she can to support
  19. >not that she hates you, you two are actually getting along pretty well, it's just
  20. >not what you expected, or maybe hoped?
  22. >>32464150
  23. >but you still have to be realistic here, you can't keep her at home like this
  24. >she eats even more than you do, and barely helps with the chores, hell, her presence even increased them!
  25. >you've got to tell her that she's going to have to move out at some point
  26. >or at the very least get a job of her own
  27. >but how do you even start such a subject?
  29. >a few days pass
  30. >you've been trying to tell her, but you can't
  31. >whenever you did, she ended up saying she's happy you were there for her or that she doesn't know what she'd do if not for you, or even
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