Dress Distress by KrishnaKarnak (Magnum/Rarity)

Feb 13th, 2016
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  1. Dress Distress by KrishnaKarnak (
  3. ---
  5. “I don't know, Rare…” Cheerilee was very uneasy. “This was made by Grandma for my mom years ago… She'd be upset if we changed anything…”
  7. Rarity had to stop herself hissing, looking back scornfully at the ghastly outfit her friend was wearing. Obviously, Cheerilee’s grandmother did a poor job, indeed!
  9. “Listen, darling, I knooow what I'm doing,” Rarity assured her, taking her by the hoof and dragging her towards the house. “I am a magnificent fashionista, after all! You remember the gems I adorned all of the dresses with last year?”
  11. Rarity opened her front door and looked around. All seemed quiet. She sang out, ears quivering, tail twitching curiously. Cheerilee peeked around her belly.
  13. “Er, yeah, but this is diff’, Rare,” Cheerilee was sounding more and more concerned, “Grandma’s not here anymore…”
  15. “Moootheeer!” Rarity called again, turning her ear in the direction of the kitchen, not really paying her friend any mind. “She’s not home! Come upstairs, dear, I might even be able to sneak some of her accents for the play!”
  17. “Oof!” Cheerilee grunted as Rarity yanked her inside and up the stairs, the front door closing slowly behind them.
  19. Once they reached Rarity’s bedroom, she darted to her sewing machine. Motioning frantically for Cheerilee to follow. As soon as she got near, Rarity grabbed a sleeve of the dress and riiip.
  21. “Oh, no!” Cheerilee gasped, horrified.
  23. “Sssh,” Rarity cooed, ripping it further along a seam. “I am creating magic.”
  25. Cheerilee looked devastated as Rarity gave a tremendous tug and ripped one half of the dress clean off. Her lip trembled as Rarity, eyes glowing, put it under the seizing machine, adding a golden embroidery along a torn edge.
  27. “I-I didn’t t-think you’d jump r-right into it…”
  29. “We haven’t got a lot of time,” Rarity said seriously. “I must make some alterations, yes, and I can mend the torn portions afterwards. That moldy old thing will SHIIINEEE when Rarity is finished with it!”
  31. Cheerilee took off the tattered second half and laid it on a chair next to Rarity, who was fiendishly mumbling to herself, horn aglow, magicking several objects into the air around her: a roll of fabric, a spindle of thread, a pair of scissors, and a bottle of adhesive. The sewing machine whirled to life and Rarity began feeding the dress to it, pushing it under the jabbing needle, now embellished with thread.
  33. An hour later, the two fillies sped from the house back to school for the evening’s play. Cheerilee had recovered enough once Rarity had made some progress and seemed satisfied with Moldy Dress 2.0. Rarity, very smug, enjoyed the praise of the other foals as Cheerilee modelled the new dress.
  35. Along with the golden embroidery, Rarity had added a layer of plum silk beneath the frilly chest, hemmed the lower portions, added a sequence of dazzling stars across the flanks, and sewed on a cloth belt.
  37. “Oh, how wonderful,” Ms. Brightbottom, their teacher, praised, adjusting her spectacles. “You’ve done a wonderful job, Rarity! Cheerilee, I’m sure your parents will be speechless once they see how fantastic you look. Now, quickly, my little ponies, let’s go over the script…”
  39. Rarity quickly went over the other costumes, narrowing her eyes critically. Yes, everything seemed in perfect order. Overly pleased with herself, she poked her head through the curtain once the audience had assembled outside of the outdoor stage. Spotting her parents next to Cheerilee’s, she beamed and gave a little wave.
  41. “Cheeri, your mother’s outfit is fantastic,” Rarity said offhandedly, head held high and positively glowing as she took another look at her masterpiece. “She’s seated out there now. However, she is wearing but a flawed topaz compared to the glorious jeweled sapphire which cloaks the pony who stands before me!”
  43. “Thanks, Rare, for all your help,” Cheerilee expressed gratefully, smiling. “Was so nervous about being the lead, but now I’m excited! This’ll be great!”
  45. “Indeed!” Rarity beamed. “Oh! I forgot…” She opener her saddle bag and levitated out a ruby necklace of her mother’s. “The proper accent to your ensemble!”
  47. “Five minutes, everypony!” their teacher informed the students at large.
  49. Rarity moved away from the curtain to observe the performance, dropping into a seat out of sight and sighing happily. She reached down and rubbed her cutie mark.
  51. “I’m going to be the best fashionista in Equestria! Neigh! THE WORLD!”
  53. The show went off without a hitch. Cheerilee played her part well. There was lots of cheering, followed by a standing ovation for the entire cast. Alls well that ends well.
  55. Right?
  57. Around 9 PM, they all began to disperse. Rarity lagged behind when her parents said they were heading for home. Her mother had a very queer look on her face, but Rarity must’ve assumed she was a little upset over seeing Cheerilee wearing her necklace.
  59. ‘I’ll get an earful for that…’ Rarity thought dully.
  61. However, maybe it had something to do with Cheerilee’s mother? She looked really upset, for some reason. Had something happened and Rarity’s mom found out and got upset, too? They were sitting next to each other, after all. Rarity couldn’t put her hoof on it.
  63. “It was a little embarrassing when Daisy forgot her lines, but it all went off great!” Cheerilee was saying, looking exhausted, but pleased.
  65. “I’m a bit surprised that Muffins remembered hers…” Rarity mumbled, looking around to make sure they weren’t being overheard. “She’s a bit of a… strange one.”
  67. “Cheerilee, it’s time to leave,” Cheerilee’s mother interrupted them, approaching and looking fierce.
  69. Cheerilee took one look at her mother’s face. Her eyes darted down to her own chest and the dress and then back up.
  71. “Uh oh…” she whimpered in a cracked, low voice as her mother wheeled around to leave. “I’ll… catch you tomorrow, Rare.”
  73. Rarity didn’t see the way Cheerilee’s mother grabbed her daughter’s ear and dragged her off for a very stern talking to before they set off properly. Instead, she spotted her father’s ridiculous hat a few rows over and trotted back over, quite a bounce in her step.
  75. “Weren’t my costumes simply maaagnificent?!” Rarity asked airily, tapping her hooves on the ground rapidly in a little jig. “Mmm, Father, I feel so accomplished!”
  77. “They were certainly a spectacle!” Magnum complimented, sweeping her into a brief one-hoofed hug.
  79. “Yes, they certainly were…” Pearl added, frowning down at her. “Though I couldn’t help but notice your little friend was wearing my necklace.”
  81. “Er… eheheh.” Rarity shuffled rather guiltily. “You weren’t, erm, home, so I couldn’t formally a-ask you,” she added, stuttering a little as she attempted a smooth recovery. “I can retrieve it tomorrow, Mother, and that’ll be, ah, that.”
  83. “Right…” Pearl mumbled, still looking as though there was another matter entirely on her mind as the little family started making their way out of the school yard and for home. “Rara, you canter along ahead for a bit. Maybe try to catch another of your friends. Mommy needs to speak to your father for a bit.”
  85. “Alright,” Rarity said slowly, cocking an eyebrow to her mother but brushing it off.
  87. The walk home was uneventful. Rarity glanced back at her parents now and then. A few phrases drifted over to her ears. ‘... absolutely distraught, Magnum, she was crying…’ ‘... not the first time. Remember last month?’ ‘I’m sorry, this one was too far…’ ‘... something must be done, since the cutie mark, it’s been a mania…’.
  89. Her ears flattened uneasily. Perhaps not all was well in the world.
  91. Rarity yawned when she stepped inside her home again. She had cheered up when any other bits of the conversation seemed unrelated to the words she had overheard. The theory on which she had been building to the subject seemed thoroughly debunked and she was back to her all absorbing contentedness with the day’s events.
  93. “Rara, it’s getting late,” Magnum remarked, looking up at the ornate clock on a stand next to the staircase. “Go brush your teeth and get ready for bed. I’ll be up later.”
  95. Rarity exhaled, rolling her eyes. Please, no filly worth her salt gets tucked in after the ultimate reward of a cutie mark. Shrugging, she turned to her father and nodded.
  97. “Goodnight, Mother!” Rarity said, beginning her waltz up the stairs.
  99. “Goodnight, sweetheart…” Pearl said, a little hollow tone to her voice, her face uneasy.
  101. “What the heck has gotten into her,” Rarity mused under her breath, turning at the top of the staircase and heading into the bathroom.
  103. After a good brushing… of teeth, Rarity ventured into her bedroom. Humming pleasantly to herself, Rarity jumped into her chair in front of the dresser mirror and tended to herself, her hairbrush floating along in her magical aura as she pulled it through her mane. Winking at her reflection, she dabbed on a little blush and eyeshadow. The makeup wasn’t exactly the same a fully grown mare would use, more catered to a filly like her. A normal pony might not slap a layer of makeup on her face this late at night, nor whip a silky pair of frilly panties out of her top drawer to wear under her fleecy fuchsia pajamas, but Rarity went to bed in style!
  105. She whiled away the last few minutes before she turned in tidying up around her makeshift workshop near the window, where she kept her sewing machine, a marequin, and a shelf of materials. Finally, she slipped off toward her bed. Peeling back her sheet, she climbed up and made to make herself comfortable, when she heard her father approach.
  107. Magnum opened the door and entered her bedroom, closing it behind him. He was holding something in his hooves, but before she could get a good look at what it might be, he cast it over toward her dresser with a rather erratic sling of magic and it landed under the chair, out of sight. Looking back into her father’s eyes, suddenly, it all made sense. There was a steely determination there.
  109. “Rara, you can come sit on Daddy’s knee. We need to have a good talk.”
  111. “W-what about, D-Daddy?” Rarity asked after a few seconds of very heavy silence, pulling the covers up a little.
  113. With a little zap, Rarity’s comforter was folded down a good foot away from her forehooves. Feeling a familiar, creeping chill down her spine, she slowly eased herself into a sitting position and, reluctantly, moved forward and off the bed. Magnum had sat down in her chair by the dresser. Before she could glance down to see what was below it, she was immobilized by his magic and levitated over.
  115. Sitting her firmly on his lap, he placed a hoof under her chin and made her look him dead in the eye. Though she tried desperately to look away, her instincts screaming at her that there was danger ahead, she was completely unable to. After all, she already called him ‘Daddy’ rather than ‘Father’; it’s like she knew she was doomed.
  117. “We need to talk about what you did with your friend’s dress today… and what your mother and I have already spoken to you about many times already.”
  119. Rarity gulped. “I… I don’t understand, Daddy. I helped her! When I was done, she was the p-prettiest, most phenomenal pony…”
  121. “Yes, Rarity, it looked nice, but it wasn’t yours to change. Every since you got your cutie mark, marshmallow, you’ve…” He hesitated, blinking and looking sadly down at her. “You’ve been out of control.”
  123. Rarity's eyes widened. She was horrified and hurt by such a scandalous statement. It certainly wasn't the first time he insinuated something like this, either! Didn't her father understand how important her abilities were? So what if she didn't own the dress? Sure, Cheerilee was a bit reluctant, but Cheerilee came around when all was said and done.
  125. “Cheerilee was happy with it...” Rarity argued huffily, her stomach knotted together painfully. “It was h-her dress to wear! Was that not permission?!” she snarled back, unable to handle the injustice of these accusations.
  127. “You WATCH that tone with me!” Magnum's voice clamped down like a bear trap and she flinched horribly. “How dare you speak to me like that, Rara!”
  129. Rarity tried to lean away, a measure of fear now replacing anger and resentment. However, a forehoof behind her back kept her close and he resumed the lecture.
  131. “Rarity, just because you have your cutie mark now, it does NOT mean you're now all grown up and allowed to say and do whatever you want when it comes to fashion! Do you think I went completely nuts when I got my cutie mark and forced my way into every single hoofball game, just so I could commentate?”
  133. “N-no...” Rarity mumbled, sensing the point he was about to make and having the grace to feel a little ashamed.
  135. “My little sweetheart, I was thrilled, and still am, that you discovered a talent you are so good at and that you can do a lot of good in. Fashion is very big, especially in places like Canterlot, but I've also had to listen to the way you've spoken about yourself and watch the errors of judgement you've made.”
  137. Magnum rubbed his eyes with one of his hooves wearily. Rarity was remembering how often her mother had scolded her over this very thing. Cheerilee's dress wasn't the only great idea she's had since the day of that mysterious explosion of colour in the sky.
  139. “Self confidence is one thing, sugar, but believing that you are the end all, be all with your talents and that there is nopony better is disgustingly arrogant! Your mother and father did not raise an arrogant filly, did they?”
  141. “N-no, sir...” she said, a stab of shame now piercing the stomach her conscience was still knotting into a pretzel. “But D-Daddy, I'm not trying to b-be!”
  143. “Do you remember telling your mother how ugly that outfit she could not wait to buy was? You looked at your mother dead in the eyes and told her it was ugly, with all the disgust you could muster!” Magnum continued ruthlessly, smacking one of his back hooves hard against the floor and making her jump. “We told you how hurtful such remarks could be if you made them without consideration for the consequences and that your mother liked it just the way it was, right? It was the way you said it, Rare… it was so rude.”
  145. Rarity inhaled softly, her throat getting slightly parched now. They had... and she remembered how she grabbed the ensemble the first chance she got and tried to make alterations to it, just like Cheerilee's, but was stopped before she could.
  147. That was when the memory of a warning she had been given came back to her with the sudden, jarring shock of a strike of lightning. Trying to change Mother's outfit was the third or fourth time she had been told off for this behaviour that her father called arrogance. And they had made it perfectly clear that if she didn't smarten up and respect that some things were not her responsibility to change, she was going to find herself on the receiving end of a good spanking.
  149. “Tonight was too far, Rarity,” Magnum told her in a clear, deep voice, bringing her attention back to him and filling her with dread. “Your mother was talking to Cheerilee's mom during the school play. Did you know that your friend's dress was made by her grandmother? Cheerilee's mom was very, very fond of it.”
  151. Rarity gulped, closing her eyes sharply as despair began to well up at the corners of each. “Y-Yes, sir...”
  153. “Did Cheerilee tell you to change it, Rara, or did you persuade her to go along?” Magnum demanded, taking her by the chin again, though much more gently than his voice would suggest. “Open your eyes and look at me, marshmallow!”
  155. “I-I... s-she...” Rarity gulped again, knowing she wouldn't be able to stop the tears from coming the longer this interrogation went.
  157. “Yes?” her father pressed her, leaning back in the chair and looking expectant.
  159. “D-Da-Daddy, I'm sorry!” The floodgates opened and tears started to splash from her eyes. “She kind of didn't w-want me too, n-no, but I explained why my changes were for the bet-better when I m-m-made t-them!”
  161. Her father, however, appeared to have heard enough. He placed her on the floor in front of him and illuminated his horn. Floating up from under the chair and resting across his lap, folded together, was a brown leather belt. It was precisely the belt that had belonged to Pearl's ensemble that Rarity was so distasteful of. The filly took a panicked step back, shaking her head wildly.
  163. “Rara, you can take those night clothes off again,” he instructed clearly, picking the belt up and wrapping it around his right hoof. “You were told you'd get a smarting fanny last time you were told to smarten up. That's exactly what you've brought upon yourself, and boy howdy, sugarlump, you have really gone above and beyond to earn this tonight.”
  165. “Daaaddy, nooo!” Rarity begged, petrified with fear and eyes blurred with the tears.
  167. “Rarity Cecilia Claudia Belle, you take those off right now and climb across!” he repeated, voice now very sharp, indeed, and smacking the belt across his thigh with a horrible CRACK! “Now, young lady! Daddy will NOT repeat himself again!”
  169. “Pleeease! It's not f-faaair!” Rarity whined, laying low to the floor and wiping her nose. “I didn't mean to be the way I was!”
  171. “What isn't fair is what your little friend is probably going through right now over at her house while you want to squirm your way out of repercussions!” Magnum snapped, snatching a firm hold of a fluffy white ear with his magic. “No, I don't believe you wanted to be a rude, self imposing brat with your abilities, Rarity, but a good, hard spanking is going to be just the thing to remind you that you are much better than this in future!”
  173. The words hurt, but not as hard as the way her ear was now pulling and tugging away from her head. She had no choice but to raise up on her hooves and shuffle forward, right into her father's each. Evidently, he didn't believe she was going to even try to cooperate now and was not going to give her any opportunities to continue under her own power. As she struggled against his hold, he pulled her into his lap and refocused the magic onto her zipper.
  175. Unzipping her footed pajamas down to the belly, he pulled her forehooves out of the clothing with his left hoof, keeping a hold of her with his right. The belt was still bundled around it. Rolling the pajamas down her torso, he pulled her up and out of it. The rest happened in a single fluid motion. As he lifted her bodily up, he slipped a hoof into her fancy panties and yanked them down, pulling her legs out of them and the pajamas at once and throwing the night clothes aside.
  177. Rarity fought and kicked, all sense of caution forgotten in the realization of how doomed her hindquarters were. With a sharp 'Rarity!', he had given her one final warning to accept the punishment for her crimes. If she had a moment to stop and think clearly, she would've understood that earning a spanking she knew would be coming if she continued down her path meant that she was... kind of obliged to make it easier on herself and just take it. Instead, she foolishly struggled, hanging onto the impossible hope that maybe he would just give up.
  179. With that, she found herself flipping over, her father's holding her tight. He laid her onto his left knee, tummy up, right on top of her tail, keeping it pinned uncomfortably between their bodies. All she could see was his back and side. Sweeping her back legs up and over her belly, he pinned her under his forehoof. On one side, her limbs were useless beyond covering her embarrassed, red face. On the other, all that poked out under Magnum's left forehoof was a pair of white, unprotected cheeks.
  181. Rarity couldn't believe it; she was in the diaper position, like a little foal. She would be totally unable to block or even move against his heavy hold. There would be no wiggling those cheeks to freedom and no blocking with the tail, which meant she had no prayer in Equestria of preventing that first CRACK!
  183. “DAAADDAAAH!”
  185. He left a stinging, burning streak of pain across both cheeks, right to left. No time to dwell on the agony, because Magnum soon laced another hard swat across the same spot. Rarity wriggled her hoofsies, but there just was simply no way out.
  187. “Crying out ‘Daddy’ and begging will do you no good now, not that it would’ve helped you anyway, sugarlump,” Magnum scolded, pulling the belt across her cheeks before swinging it to the right and CRACK, back left across her rear it went.
  189. The strain on her dock would have been terribly distracting, but it was but a distant breath of air compared to the fourth crack across her exposed butt. Her tush was framed perfectly for smacking, so Magnum wouldn’t need to worry about aiming. Unless…
  191. CRACK! He caught her across the edge of her cheeks, where they curved up into her thighs. Rarity had been spluttering pleas out nonstop, but now he wanted her attention.
  195. “You need,” crack, crack, “to take a SERIOUS LOOK,” crack, crack, “at how you behave yourself,” crack, crack, “when matters of clothing,” crack, crack, “are involved, Rara!”
  199. Rarity wanted to thrash and writhe, but it was so difficult to move in her position. Back legs bent towards her head, all she could do was bawl into her forehooves, feeling her false-makeup start to run, her snot flowing down the side of her face towards her mane.
  201. Magnum’s spanking was beginning to slow, being more methodical and spaced, the strikes landing more authoritatively, leaving great pink patches where they landed.
  203. “Tomorrow,” he continued, alternating between hitting high and hitting low, each thwack of that belt hitting both cheeks and really painting the crack a dark pink, “you’re going to have a talk with your mother about what future repercussions are going to be if you continue to pretend that it’s your own business to involve yourself in other ponies’ dresses without being explicitly asked. Understand?”
  205. “YES, YES, YEEES! WAAAHHH!” she screeched, giving her fetlock a small involuntary bite. “I’M S-SOOORRY! I WON’T T-TRY TO CHANGE STUFF WI-WITHOUT PERMISSION! PLEEEAAA-HAA-AAASEEE, NO MOOORE!”
  207. “And, you can apologise to your friend and her mother, too. Understand?”
  209. Rarity was starting to really howl, breathing sharply through her nostrils as she wailed into her hooves, bubbling out salty runoff from her snout. With a final CRACK, Magnum laid the last swat of the belt back across the dead centre again.
  211. “Rarity, one last thing…” he sighed, letting the belt coil to the floor as he wiggled his hoof free of it. “Don’t take your mother’s jewelry, love.”
  213. He left her to her own crying for awhile, the pinning hold now much looser, clinging to her legs, simply ensuring she wouldn’t slip back and crash head first to the floor. Rarity blubbered and screeched, her mind focused on the torrent of stinging, fiery needles of pain aching every inch of her fanny. Well, it wasn’t exactly the end to her successful day she had imagined.
  215. “Sit up, sugarlump,” her father said after a few minutes, pulling her towards the centre of his lap and lifting her gently into a sitting position.
  217. Rarity’s face was a wreck, almost as bad as the deep pink tushy with the darker colouring along the crack. Finally, she huffed herself into silence with one final inhale, exhale, and wet sniff.
  219. “There’s nothing wrong with your love of fashion, or dresses, or sewing, or anything like that,” he reiterated, pulling her closer to his chest so that she fell into him, a hoof straying to her eyes to wipe them. “You know your mother and I will help you when you’re older. Maybe you could open your own parlour, or something, but right now, you’ve got to slow down, be yourself, and don’t let your discovery of this talent completely consume you.”
  221. “I-I understand, D-Daddy,” she mumbled, coughing a little and looking up at him with great red eyes. “I didn’t mean t-to be like that…”
  223. “Yes, treasure, I know, and I even knew when you said that earlier, but you had to be punished. I trust you know that, and why?”
  225. “Yes, sir,” she replied sadly, wiping her snout on her forehoof and peering around his back towards her dresser mirror.
  227. What a ghastly reflection.
  229. “Then let’s get your face washed up. You can’t go to bed like that,” he offered, setting her on the floor.
  231. Rarity stood on shaking hooves and took a cautious step, winching from the movements as she walked gingerly towards her doorway. Magnum picked up her pajamas and panties behind her and laid them out on her bed.
  233. In the bathroom, he cleaned her face off, getting the makeup and snot out of the hairs of her mane, before leading her back to her room. Pearl met them at the top of the staircase as she retired for bed, her expression much warmer to her daughter now. Giving Rarity a swift kiss on the forehead, Rarity had a feeling she earned some forgiveness due to the other part of her body that was warmer.
  235. Magnum helped her get ready for bed again. He offered her the panties, but she shook her head with a ‘n-not tonight, Father,’. As he helped her back into her pajamas, her movements still very careful, she hissed when the fabric made contact with ground zero. Face scrunched up in protest to the painful twinge as he zipped her back up, she allowed herself to be tucked in, like some younger, blank flanked filly.
  237. The next morning, Rarity’s amazing costumes from the previous evening’s play weren’t the only subjects for discussion. The faded colourations adorning the rumps of Rarity and her little friend had plenty of foals talking.
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