Prelude, Part 1

Apr 20th, 2020
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  2. * DM kicks- actually, for once, I can do a natural introduction.
  3. <DM> *Lightwall, after fumbling around Hyrule Village with a sketchy map (it seems your parents' drawing skills aren't the best), you've found your way to the entrance of the Guard Barracks. It's a long building, two stories high, and probably several hundred feet wide. What wonders await you in the Hylian Guard?*
  4. <Lightwall> (thx)
  5. <Lightwall> Well, here I go!
  6. <DM> *The door is unamused by your words.*
  7. * Lightwall opens the door and enters the barracks.
  8. <DM> (theeere we go, lol)
  9. <Lightwall> (lol)
  10. * Lightwall looks around inside.
  11. <DM> *You enter the door and immediately, a motley gang of gang-like men with tattered clothing rushes out of the door past you.*
  12. <DM> [???]: And if you come back, I swear you'll never get out! Geez...
  13. <Lightwall> ???
  14. <Lightwall> Excuse me, sir!
  15. <DM> *There appears to be a guard that's well armored and has two lances on his back. He seems... disgruntled.*
  16. <DM> *He turns towards you.*
  17. <Lightwall> I'm here to join the Guard.
  18. <Kappa> I am also here to join the Guard.
  19. <DM> [???]: Join the guard, you say? I'm sorry, I'm busy at the moment, you'll have to see Lord Eldin in that regard.
  20. <DM> *Kappa, hiding in the shadows like any normal sneaking little Sheikah, appears.*
  21. <Lightwall> Where can I ... we... find him?
  22. <DM> [???]: Head up the stairs and take a left. Head all the way to the end of the hallway-
  23. <DM> ..........
  24. * Lightwall is a little startled by Kappa's appearance, but keeps his composure.
  25. <DM> (you just HAD to set your name as Owner)
  26. <Lightwall> Okay, thank you, sir.
  27. <Kappa> (Wait, whose name)
  28. <Lightwall> (Huh?)
  29. <DM> [???]: Knock first, please. Lord Eldin does not take kindly to rudeness.
  30. <DM> [???]: If you'll excuse me...
  31. * Lightwall thanks the guard. After quickly glancing at Kappa, he turns to go up the stairs.
  32. <DM> *The man turns around, and you see the full extent of those lances.*
  33. <DM> *Each lance's blade is covered in different sorts of sharp gems, and the handles are surrounded by golden snakes that spiral from one end to the other.*
  34. * Kappa sneakily follows Lightwall up.
  35. * Lightwall thinks, Wow! Those are quite the weapons!
  36. <Kappa> I doub't we will be able to use these lances yet.
  37. <Lightwall> You said it!
  38. * Lightwall reaches the top of the stairs and proceeds down the hallway.
  39. <Kappa> They look grand to say the least thiough.
  40. <Kappa> *though
  41. <DM> *He heads out of the barracks. Meanwhile, you head up the stairs, and you find yourselves in a stone hallway with doors on each side. Each door isn't far apart.*
  42. * Owner has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  43. * Lightwall converses with Kappa while walking to the end of the hallway.
  44. <Lightwall> So, ... where you from?
  45. <Kappa> Unfortunately, I can't say that.
  46. <Lightwall> Oh... 'kay.
  47. <Kappa> What I can say is that my origins are mysterious.
  48. <Lightwall> Mine, too, though not as much as yours, I'm sure.
  49. <Lightwall> I don't know who my real parents are.
  50. * Lightwall reaches the door at the end of the hallway.
  51. * Lightwall knocks on the door.
  52. <DM> *The door attempts to knock back, but it finds it has no sense of humor. It is sad.*
  53. <DM> *You hear a voice... "Come in."*
  54. <Kappa> Okay..
  55. * Kappa walks in.
  56. * Lightwall opens the door and walks in.
  57. <DM> *You walk into the door. Lightwall, meanwhile, opens the door and walks in properly. Genius Kappa.*
  58. * Kappa continues walking in.
  59. <Lightwall> Lord Eldin, I presume?
  60. <DM> *You find yourselves facing a man at a desk, with candlelight illuminating the area from the walls. His face is filled with scars, so much that his left cheeck is virtually burned off. There appears to be some sort of mechanic support bracing his left arm together, making its movements quite robotic.*
  61. <DM> *He looks at you sternly, staring intently at you without saying a word.*
  62. <Lightwall> We've come to join the guard, sir!
  63. <DM> *He continues looking up at you both, not blinking in the slightest.*
  64. * X_X is now known as Eldin
  65. * Lightwall starts to feel nervous.
  66. <Lightwall> How do we sign up, sir?
  67. * Eldin squints his eyes even more, now glaring at you.
  68. * Lightwall is confused.
  69. * Lightwall thinks, Okay, (Kappa) a little help here?
  70. <Kappa> I have no idea about how to sign up.
  71. <Lightwall> A guard downstairs referred us to you, sir.
  72. * Eldin slowly stands up from his chair. He draws a standard Steel Sword from next to his desk, and he extends the sword to be just in front of your face.
  73. * Lightwall stands at attention, staring down the blade in front of his face.
  74. * Eldin smirks lightly.
  75. <Eldin> Good. You didn't freak out.
  76. * Eldin lowers his sword and plants it into the stone ground with ease.
  77. * Lightwall remains at attention, but loosens his stance a little once the sword is put on the ground.
  78. <DM> *His voice about mid-ranged, quite calm and composed. He has nothing to fear from you in the slightest.*
  79. <Eldin> So, you're interested in joining the Hylian Guard, eh?
  80. <Lightwall> Yes, sir!
  81. <Kappa> Yes please.
  82. * Eldin points his finger to the corner. To your left is a sandbag dummy. It's so dumb, it doesn't even know how to not be amused, unlike doors.
  83. <DM> Hit that dummy over there as hard as you can.
  84. <DM> wait
  85. <Eldin> Hit that dummy over there as hard as you can.
  86. * DM said nothing.
  87. * Kappa fires a blast of Wand magic at the Sandbag
  88. <Lightwall> (LOL)
  89. <Kappa> $5d10
  90. <Navi> Kappa: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 6, 5, 3, 1 and 8. Total: 23. Successes: 3.
  91. * Lightwall pulls his steel sword at slashes the dummy.
  92. <DM> *The sandbag doesn't even budge to your blast of magic.*
  93. <DM> (Roll the sword attack, Lightwall)
  94. <Lightwall> $7d10
  95. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 1, 1, 6, 8, 8, 6 and 10. Total: 40. Successes: 6.
  96. <DM> *Your sword slash just barely pushes the sandbag back, but its edge bounces right off of it.*
  97. <Eldin> You don't have much experience, it seems.
  98. <Kappa> Probably not.
  99. <Lightwall> Honestly, not much, sir. But I'm ready to learn.
  100. * Eldin sits back down and relaxes in his chair, leaning back.
  101. * Lightwall sheaths his steel sword back into its hilt.
  102. <Kappa> I would like to learn more.
  103. <Eldin> Man, the days I used to be able to look someone over and know right away... now I need to have them punch that sandbag, or else that darned Bloodwind guy will walk right into my office AGAIN posing as a newbie. That darned troll...
  104. * Eldin coughs.
  105. <Eldin> Ahem...
  106. <Kappa> Bloodwind.
  107. <Kappa> I despise that guy.
  108. <Eldin> Oh, you know him? I'm surprised; most newbies don't know him at all.
  109. * Lightwall has no idea who Bloodwind is.
  110. * Eldin notices Lightwall's puzzled looked at mention of the name.
  111. <Eldin> Take a look at the Bounty Board later if you want to know. He's annoying. But first...
  112. <Eldin> Before I can initiate either of you into the Hylian Guard, I need to know if you can take care of some very, very basic tasks.
  113. * DM leans forward and stares with that stark intent from earlier.
  114. <DM> ...
  115. * Lightwall nods with approval.
  116. * Eldin leans forward and stares with that stark intent from earlier.
  117. * DM stares with great intent, indeed.
  118. <Lightwall> What are your orders, sir?
  119. <Kappa> I concur.
  120. <Eldin> Look for a man by the name of Goswin. He's an herbalist, in fact he's the village's prime herbalist. Though he's been... sketchy, lately.
  121. <Eldin> He's more unfriendly to guards recently, which is a sign he's hiding something.
  122. <Eldin> Since you two aren't guards yet, then perhaps you two won't be issue.
  123. <Kappa> Kay.
  124. <Lightwall> Yes, sir! How will we recognize him?
  125. <Kappa> Shiekah have a talent for sneaking around.
  126. <Eldin> I haven't seen him in the market lately, so he'll most likely be at his house in the Southwestern district. I believe it's right next to the house with the guard tower. I would say to ask the person there for directions, but she's unlikely to "bother" with "underlings" like you.
  127. <Eldin> No offense, but you are relatively... weak.
  128. <Eldin> Ask Monroe, the shopkeep. He knows where Goswin lives.
  129. <Eldin> ... don't tell me you don't know where to find the shop.
  130. <Lightwall> I understand, sir. ...
  131. <Kappa> Yes, Eldin.
  132. <Kappa> We shall do that.
  133. * Eldin quickly draws the steel sword from the ground and appears next to Kappa in a single move, the sword next to Kappa's neck.
  134. <Eldin> Lord Eldin. Have you no respect?
  135. <Kappa> ...Sorry, sir.
  136. * Eldin smiles and tosses the sword behind him nonchalantly.
  137. <Eldin> Good! You know your manners, after all!
  138. * Eldin "lightly" slaps you on the back, Kappa, but he holds back even by "lightly" slapping you. He can probably make you part of the floor if he wanted to.
  139. <Eldin> Now go, see what that shady herbalist has been up to and report back to me by the same time tomorrow!
  140. <Kappa> Yes sir.
  141. * Eldin sits back down in his chair.
  142. <Lightwall> Aye aye, sir.
  143. * Lightwall stands at attention, turns around, and proceeds out the open door.
  144. * Kappa walks through the door in a formal fashion
  145. * Lightwall shuts the door.
  146. <DM> *You head through the open door... and shut it, before getting yelled at... again.*
  147. * Eldin is now known as X_X
  148. * Lightwall proceeds down the hallway after Kappa.
  149. <Lightwall> Whew! Tough guy, huh?
  150. * Lightwall follows Kappa down the stairway.
  151. <DM> *For the record, the barracks runs parallel to the Eastern Road. If you take a right upon coming out of the barracks, you'll reach the market after some time.*
  152. * Lightwall wonders what Kappa is thinking about.
  153. * Kappa walks through the barracks and exits to the Eastern Road
  154. * Kappa takes a right, to the market.
  155. * Lightwall reaches the bottom of the stairway and follows Kappa.
  156. <DM> *The skies are sunny, sparse clouds, and there's a decent amount of traffic on the roads. It's not crowded, per se, but you definitely can't get away with running through this easily.*
  157. <Lightwall> So... what's your name? (Technically, Lightwall hasn't heard Kappa say his name yet.)
  158. <Kappa> My name is Kapper, Lightwall
  159. <DM> (Kapper?)
  160. <Kappa> *Kappa
  161. <DM> My voice is Typos, Lightwall.
  162. * DM runs.
  163. * Kappa trips DM from behind the 4th wall
  164. <Lightwall> (LOL)
  165. <Lightwall> Okay, Kappa. My name is Joseph Lightwall.
  166. <Lightwall> You can call me Lightwall, ... or Joe, if you want.
  167. <Kappa> Nice to meet you, mr Lightwall
  168. * Lightwall smiles.
  169. <Lightwall> So, have you been to the shop here, before?
  170. <DM> (for the record, you were both JUST there prior to session start)
  171. <Kappa> Yeah.
  172. <Lightwall> (Thanks, silly me!)
  173. <Lightwall> (D'oh)
  174. <DM> *You reach the market after some time. At the center of the market is a large fountain with a statue of Link at the center, raising a stone Master Sword towards the sky.*
  175. <Lightwall> I've always liked that statue!
  176. <Kappa> Link... the hero who saved Hyrule.
  177. <Kappa> I've always been intruged by his exploits.
  178. <DM> *At the northeast corner of the market is the Bounty Board, along with another building called the Guard Station. It's much smaller than the barracks it seems. To the northwest corner of the market is the shop you've been looking for, unlike the droids- *shot**
  179. <Kappa> I suppose we should go Northwest.
  180. <DM> *It's a fair 50 feet from where you're standing.*
  181. <Lightwall> Yeah. Let's go.
  182. * Kappa walks slowly to the shop.
  183. * Lightwall follows Kappa into the shop.
  184. * Lightwall walks up to the shopkeeper's table.
  185. <Lightwall> Monroe?
  186. <Kappa> Hello, Mr Monroe.
  187. <DM> *You enter the shop building. A large, burly man sits behind the counter, and across all of the walls, you can see weapons, armors, shields, spell scrolls, skill scrolls, and all sorts of stuff. Right behind him is a large, blue claymore with a semi-frozen hilt. It glimmers with awesomeness, for lack of better words.*
  188. * X_X is now known as Monroe
  189. <Monroe> Ahh, I remember you folks browsin' round 'ere earlier today. You two folks friends?
  190. <Kappa> By any chance, might you know where a man called Goswin lives?
  191. <Monroe> Goswin? Wha? Why would you want ta know where 'e lives?
  192. <Kappa> Yeah.
  193. <Kappa> A favor for Sir Eldin.
  194. <Kappa> *for a favor for Sir Eldin
  195. <Lightwall> Lord Eldin just wanted us to pay him a visit.
  196. <Monroe> Eldin, eh? Hmm....
  197. * Monroe looks around the customers in the shop briefly.
  198. <Monroe> Hmm, Rayne ain't around, can't ask him to lead ya there, and I can't leave the shop...
  199. <Monroe> Alll'ight, so head to the center of the Southwestern District. It'll take a few roads, but it ain't nothin' to big...
  200. <Monroe> You're gonna reach a house with a guard tower in it. Now, if you want to live, don't knock on that house, or the owner is gonna get real ticked off. She's... unfriendly. BUT anyhow...
  201. <Monroe> Go behind that house, to the west of it, and you should reach a thin alleyway. At the end of that alleyway is a little house. That should be Goswin's house.
  202. <Monroe> Uhh, you're not just plannin' to knock on his door and expect you can... actually, what are you doin' anywho?
  203. <Lightwall> We were just going to talk with him... you know, see how he's doing, that sort of thing.
  204. <Monroe> Yeah, well... if ya don't got a purpose, man, you probably ain't gettin' past his front doorstep.
  205. * Lightwall looks at Kappa.
  206. * Lightwall thinks for a minute.
  207. <Monroe> Hmm, ya know what, I might have somethin'...
  208. <Kappa> Eldin suspects that Goswin might be hiding something and wants us to investigate.
  209. <Monroe> I'm surprised Eldin didn't get ya somethin', then again he just looooooves testing folks.
  210. * Lightwall looks up at Monroe.
  211. <Monroe> Oh Goswin is always fidgety!
  212. <Monroe> Kinda surprised Eldin hasn't looked into it until now...
  213. * Monroe pulls up a blue flower petal.
  214. <Monroe> Okay, whatever you do, do not set fire to this petal. But... take it to him and ask him what it is. That should be decent... cover, for you both..
  215. <Kappa> According to Eldin, Goswin has been quite unfriendly to the guards.
  216. * Lightwall raises his eyebrows upon looking at the blue flower petal.
  217. <Monroe> Meh, I dunno what goes through Eldin's mind.
  218. * Lightwall breaks his stare from looking at the petal.
  219. <Monroe> But whatever, if Eldin asked, then head on over and check it out. I got me shop to run now.
  220. * Lightwall reaches to take the flower petal from Monroe.
  221. * Lightwall takes the flower petal and puts it in his item pouch.
  222. <DM> *It's a blue flower petal, but as you feell it, it feels rough and course, yet it seems lively.*
  223. <Lightwall> Thank you, sir! You've been a great help!
  224. <Lightwall> Here...
  225. <Monroe> Sure thing.
  226. * Lightwall gives Monroe 5 rupees.
  227. <Lightwall> ... for your troubles.
  228. <Monroe> What? Oh please, I don't need your chip change! ... *takes it anyways*
  229. * Monroe quickly stashes it in his pocket. Money grubber.
  230. <Lightwall> Thanks!
  231. <Monroe> Err, I got some customers askin' me stuffs, so go along, shoo!
  232. * Lightwall leaves the table and heads for the door
  233. * Monroe turns to a nearby customer and starts chattin' with him.
  234. * Lightwall turns to Kappa.
  235. <Lightwall> Well, let's go.
  236. <DM> *You reach the door, which is wide open as the sunlight blinds your eyes.*
  237. * Kappa follows Lightwall
  238. <Lightwall> I guess... 'southwestern' would be straight ahead.
  239. <Kappa> I guess.
  240. <Kappa> I think we should get going.
  241. <DM> (headin' down southwest?)
  242. <Kappa> (Yes)
  243. * Lightwall heads across the market toward the southwest.
  244. <DM> *Since I don't have a map of Hyrule Village until I start running HD, I'm just gonna say "screw it" annnnnd...
  245. * Kappa follows Lightwall across the market.
  246. <Lightwall> (I think it's that alleyway that loops around to the southeast, isn't it?
  247. <DM> (we're using a much, much larger version of Hyrule Village that what's in OoT or TP)
  248. <DM> (and in about a month, I should have the full map of it ready)
  249. <Lightwall> (Ohh, gotcha)
  250. <DM> *You head southwest, dodging through narrow streets, until you reach a house with a guard tower stemming up from one side of it. Unlike all the other houses nearby, which are interconnected, this one is rather conveniently segregated from the others by a road that surrounds it.*
  251. <Lightwall> Guard tower... check.
  252. <DM> *To the west, there's a narrow alleyway, or a street.... a person can barely fit through there.*
  253. * Lightwall heads toward the west street.
  254. * Kappa walks into the alleyway.
  255. <DM> *You head into the dark alleyway, as the sunlight is blocked the multi-story houses that create the alleyway. There's some broken crates in the way, and deep scrapes along the walls of the wooden houses.*
  256. * Lightwall attempts to go over the broken crates.
  257. * Kappa attempts to vault over the broken crates.
  258. <DM> *You get to the other side of the alley and reach a small clearing (still surrounded by houses). The house in front of you is only one story high, and its door is slightly ajar. You hear sounds from inside, between deep voices and the sounds of jars breaking.*
  259. * Lightwall listens closer to the closed door.
  260. <DM> *You hear cries and whimpers between the sounds periodic "thumping" sounds, every so five seconds.*
  261. <Kappa> (Something must be happening
  262. * Monroe is now known as X_X
  263. * Kappa kicks Monroe out the window
  264. <DM> *The door itself is off one of its hinges.*
  265. <Lightwall> (I know. Should I just knock?)
  266. <Lightwall> (... since we're on "official business"?)
  267. * Kappa has kicked X_X from #zurpg (You were kicked out the window and landed in court as the defendant! Enjoy Pheonix and Edgeworth shouting at each other!)
  268. * X_X (~WindStrik@ has joined #zurpg
  269. <DM> *From inside, you hear someone crying out... "L-l-look, I-I really don't know, just p-please, leave and let me li- AUGH!*
  270. * Lightwall grabs the hilt of his sword, adrenaline pumping through his veins.
  271. <DM> *The crying stops, and you hear another thump, followed by a voice - "Woops, think me hit 'im too 'ard there. Here, grab 'im and lets take 'im back.*
  272. <Lightwall> Okay, you ready for this, Kappa?
  273. * Kappa hides in the shadows, with his wand out.
  274. <Kappa> Yeah.
  275. * Lightwall knocks on the door loudly.
  276. <DM> *The sounds from the inside stop.*
  277. <DM> *You hear a high-pitched voice that's obviously forced.*
  278. <DM> [???]: Who's der- err, who's there?
  279. <Lightwall> Pardon me, but I'm looking for Goswin.
  280. <DM> [???]: Oh, err... Gossyland ain't here no more, he's uhh... he moved to happy land, up north, eh?
  281. <DM> [???]: Yeah, 'e's such a good laaaad, why don't ya scram from 'ere and get up dere?
  282. <Lightwall> Okaaay, where up north did you say?
  283. <DM> *The footsteps approach the door from the other side. You hear some held-back snickering.*
  284. <DM> [???]: Ehm, well, north err...
  285. <DM> [???]: Let's see, it's uhh...
  286. <DM> *The footsteps stop on the other side of the door.*
  287. <DM> [???]: It's right 'ere!
  288. <DM> *Something on the other side hits the door with a slam. It budges slightly, but nothing more. The slam is followed by a whimper.*
  289. <DM> [???]: ffffffffffffffffffff
  290. <DM> [???]: MAH LEG! AUGH!
  291. <Lightwall> Are you all right in there?
  292. <Kappa> (Something must be happening. My inner instincts tell me that I need to investigate.)
  293. <Lightwall> (Yeah, I'll stay here and keep 'em busy.)
  294. <Kappa> (What should I do?)
  295. <DM> [???]: Augh, me's good, me's alllllright! Nothin' ta worry 'bout! It's uhh... it's me leg, uhh errr.... me hurted it five years back, me foot hit Ganondorf cross da face, yeah, that's it!
  296. <DM> *There's a few crates next to the house's wall that cuold act as stepping stones if you want to get on top of the house.*
  297. <Lightwall> (Can you get a better look from somewhere else? I dunno'... up higher?)
  299. * Kappa silent moves a couple of crates into a position where he can climb up.
  300. <Kappa> *silently
  301. * Kappa climbs up the crates and on the roof of the house.
  302. <DM> *The crates oddly enough move in specific increments, like a trigger told them they could move in certain ways. Weird.*
  303. <DM> *You get on the roof of the house. It doesn't seem more than about 12 feet horizontally across, but it stretches back about 30 feet. You can see the chimney from here.*
  304. <DM> [???]: Umm, err... Ganondorfy, yeah, he had a reeeeaaaal hard face, ya know? It hurt reeeeeaal bard.
  305. <DM> *bad
  306. * Kappa silently crawls on the roof to the chimney, examining the chimney
  307. <Lightwall> Oh really? ... Well is there anything I can do to help you?
  308. * Lightwall thinks, yeah right, I think someone wants me to leave.
  309. <DM> *The chimney is wide enough for you to fall into it. Looking down into it, you see a stone floor at the bottom that seems clear.*
  310. <DM> [???]: No, I-I'm fine, it's alllll gud.\
  311. <Kappa> (Should I sneak in? I have no idea who I am up against if I get caught.)
  312. <Kappa> (But, I must investigate)
  313. <Lightwall> (Take a look first.)
  314. <Lightwall> (If you see noone, sneak in.)
  315. * Kappa searches for a suitable way to climb back up the chimney if he falls down
  316. <DM> *The walls of the chimney are rough, with very small cracks between each brick. It's unlikely you'd be able to climb up or down it.*
  317. <DM> *It's only a 10 foot drop, fyi.*
  318. * Lightwall hopes Kappa can peek out from the bottom of the chimney without touching the ground... but isn't sure if it's possible.
  319. <DM> (fall damage is only taken if the drop is above 10 feet)
  320. <Kappa> (I think I should look for a gossip stone for advice)
  321. <DM> *There was a gossip stone next to the door of the house with a guard tower.*
  322. * Kappa goes to the gossip stone next to the door of the house with the guard tower.
  323. * Kappa speaks to it.
  324. <DM> (Kappa, #zurpg2, since you're now a good bit away from the house)
  325. <DM> (err, from Goswin's house)
  326. <DM> (If you want to watch Lightwall, join #zurpg2)
  327. <DM> [???]: Well, you see, we needs to go now, see you folks lateeeer!
  328. <Lightwall> Er, wait! Did you say Goswin is here?
  329. <DM> *The sound of footsteps heads away from the door, but then stops as Lightwall asks the question.*
  330. <DM> [???]: .. noooooo, whyyyyy would he? I mean, you know, and all, he moooooved, right?
  331. <Lightwall> Well, then what's the 'happy place' up north you mentioned? What's it called?
  332. <DM> [???]: *mumble mumble* ... North Inn! Yeah, he's at the inn now!
  333. * Lightwall is puzzled. Does this person mean it's in the village, or in a more northern village?
  334. <Lightwall> You mean an inn to the north of Hyrule Village?
  335. <DM> [???]: The inn, yeah yeah, the inn, go there!
  336. * Lightwall wants to give Kappa some time, so he keeps stalling.
  337. <Lightwall> I haven't seen the "North Inn" that you speak of. Can you give me directions?
  338. <DM> [???]: You uhh, yous new '
  339. <DM> [???]: Yous new round here, eh?
  340. <Lightwall> That's true, I live in ... a different town.
  341. <DM> [???]: Eh, Kakriko?
  342. <DM> *Kappa, you return to the area.*
  343. * Lightwall smirks.
  344. <Lightwall> Good guess.
  345. <DM> [???]: Wat?! Daww.... errr... Kokri?
  346. <DM> [???]: Ooh, me's knows! Moron City!
  347. * Lightwall couldn't help laughing.
  348. <Lightwall> No! You were right the first time!
  349. <DM> *The voice remarks - "Duhh, me thinks yous meant uhh... Goron Shi-*
  350. <DM> *The other voice
  351. <DM> [???]: Oh, so Crackriko, eh?
  352. * Lightwall giggles lightly.
  353. <DM> [???]: Dat's where me brother raised me. He raised me... ta be a sailor!
  354. <DM> [???]: Don'tchu laughs at me ya little twerp!
  355. * DM pokes Kappa with a stick.
  356. <Lightwall> Whoah! Okay! Sorry about that!
  357. <DM> [???]: Dat's it, you's laughin' at me, den yous gonna feels da pain!
  358. <Lightwall> Did you say a sailor?
  359. <DM> (are you still standing directly in front of the door?)
  360. <Lightwall> (About 3 feet from it)
  361. <DM> (kay)
  362. * Lightwall tenses his body.
  363. * Lightwall holds tightly to the hilt of his sword in case this gets ugly.
  364. <DM> *You hear another slam on the door as it swings open, revealing a thug-like man carrening to the floor as he holds his leg in agony. The door quickly swings back and knocks him backwards before falling off its hinges completely, landing right next to you, Lightwall.*
  365. <DM> *careening.. screw you too, spelling
  366. * Lightwall looks to see if the man is armed.
  367. * X_X is now known as Thug
  369. * Lightwall draws his sword, ready for a fight.
  370. * Thug is not armed. He's wearing some ragged leather armor, but otherwise he is not armed.
  371. * Thug gets back up in a fighting stance.
  372. <DM> Stats -
  373. <DM> Note - first time you run into enemies, you see their skills, items, etc.... except their actual stats
  374. <DM> *Another thug comes up next to this thug. He isn't as injured, and he cracks his knuckles.*
  375. * Thug2 looks to his partner.
  376. <Kappa> Okay
  377. <Lightwall> (BGM:
  378. <Thug2> Did ya seriously fail ta kick a door down?
  379. <Thug1> Dat door is painful, ya see!
  380. * Lightwall almost chuckles, but holds his composure.
  381. <Kappa> If you wish.
  382. * Kappa gets ready for combat.
  383. * Thug2 looks Lightwall up and down and laughs.
  384. <Thug2> Hah, he's got a liddle swordy, bet 'e can't hurt nothin' without it, eh eh?
  385. <Thug1> So long as 'e ain't got a door...
  386. <Kappa> (Bingo)
  387. <DM> (Kappa, where is your character?)
  388. <Kappa> <DM> *Kappa, you return to the area.*
  389. <DM> (got it)
  390. <DM> *Roll initiatives!*
  391. <Lightwall> $1d10
  392. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 1 Die with 10 Sides. Result: 6. Total: 6. Successes: 1.
  393. <Kappa> $init 1d10
  394. <Thug1> $init 1d10
  395. <Navi> Kappa: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 5.
  396. <Navi> Thug1: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 4.
  397. <Thug2> $init 1d10
  398. <Navi> Thug2: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 9.
  399. <DM> (wrong roll, Lightwall)
  400. <Lightwall> $init 1d10
  401. <Navi> Lightwall: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 10.
  402. <DM> Nice!
  403. <Lightwall> (good thing!)
  404. <DM> fyi, if you get a 10 or higher, you get a bonus turn, before the first round begins
  405. <DM> $init s
  406. <Navi> The battle has begun!
  407. <Navi> ROUND 1: Lightwall (10), Thug2 (9), Kappa (5) and Thug1 (4).
  408. <Navi> Bonus Turns: Lightwall (10).
  409. <DM> *If you want to pick up the door, roll Power vs. 5 successes to pick it up. Otherwise, go figure.*
  410. * Lightwall attempts to slice Thug2! (roll Courage)
  411. <Lightwall> $7d10
  412. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 8, 4, 1, 1, 6, 5 and 7. Total: 32. Successes: 4.
  413. * Thug2 tries to jump outta da way!
  414. <Thug2> $3d10
  415. <Navi> Thug2: You rolled 3 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 3, 5 and 7. Total: 15. Successes: 2.
  416. <DM> *Your sword lands a blow to the Thug across the chest.*
  417. <DM> (damage calc?0
  418. <Lightwall> $endturn
  419. <Navi> Lightwall has ended their turn.
  420. <Navi> ROUND 1: Lightwall (10), Thug2 (9), Kappa (5) and Thug1 (4).
  421. <Navi> Bonus Turns Over! Round 1 Begins Now!
  422. <Lightwall> (sorry, nearly forgot)
  423. <DM> (it may seem very easy and trivial now, but later, it can get... more complex)
  424. <Kappa> (4-2 = 2-1 = 1 damage)
  425. <DM> (shh Kappa, lol)
  426. * Thug2 stutters back from the blow.
  427. <Thug2> 4h
  428. <Lightwall> (Am I supposed to type that?)
  429. <Thug2> Ow, 'e hurts!
  430. <DM> (yes, damage calculation, type it for all to see)
  431. <DM> (later, you may have a success difference of 4, but the weapon adds +2 damage... now if the defender doesn't know that, he'll just say he takes 4 damage, or less if he has armor)
  432. <DM> *Lightwall's turn again!*
  433. <Lightwall> 'Little swordy', huh?
  434. * Lightwall stabs Thug2. (roll Courage)
  435. <Thug2> Oh, when I get to ya, it's gonna be a beatin' for ya! Come on, hit me 'gain, dat was just a flukesies!
  436. <DM> (GOIN' FER THE STAB)
  437. <Lightwall> $4d10
  438. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 4 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 7, 8, 8 and 10. Total: 33. Successes: 5.
  439. <DM> (fyi, if you stab him and it kills him, he dies, you will not be able to "hold back" if you want him alive)
  440. <Thug2> $3d10
  441. <Navi> Thug2: You rolled 3 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 3, 8 and 2. Total: 13. Successes: 1.
  442. <Kappa> (Dead)
  443. <Lightwall> 5-1=4 /2= 2
  444. <DM> (divide by 2? where's that coming from?)
  445. <Lightwall> oops
  446. <Lightwall> 5-1=4 -1=3
  447. <Lightwall> $endturn
  448. <Navi> Lightwall has ended their turn.
  449. <Navi> ROUND 1: Lightwall (10), Thug2 (9), Kappa (5) and Thug1 (4).
  450. * Thug2 is gutted by Lightwall's sword as it pierces straight through his leather armor. Blood gushes out his mouth onto your shoulders as he falls to the ground in a collapsed heap.
  451. <DM> +3 damage, fyi
  452. <DM> so that was 6 damage
  453. <Thug2> $removeme
  454. <Navi> Thug2 has removed theirself from battle.
  455. <Navi> ROUND 1: Lightwall (10), Kappa (5) and Thug1 (4).
  456. * Thug2 is now known as X__X
  457. <Thug1> Ww-w-w-haaaat was that?!
  458. * Thug1 starts freaking out and shivering.
  459. <Thug1> H-hey, you knows, we's was just m-messin' with'n yas, d-d-d-dontcha know?
  460. <Kappa> Quit or the same will happen to you.
  461. <Lightwall> You wanna' give me trouble, too?
  462. * Lightwall points his sword in Thug1's direction.
  463. <Kappa> I may not be the one to kill you, but my friend will be the one who will do.
  464. <Thug1> N-n-nope! Me surrounders!
  465. * Thug1 holds his hands up.
  466. <Kappa> Good.
  467. <DM> $4d10
  468. <Navi> DM: You rolled 4 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 10, 2, 4 and 3. Total: 19. Successes: 2.
  469. <Kappa> (For what?)
  470. <DM> *Suddenly, a jar fragment lashes across his face, causing him to reel back.*
  471. * Thug1 falls to the floor in pain.
  472. * Fireblast124 ( has joined #zurpg
  473. * ChanServ gives voice to Fireblast124
  474. <DM> *A beaten and malnourished man steps over to the thug.*
  475. * Lightwall looks toward Thug1, surprised.
  476. <DM> [???]: Come on, beat me up you stupid maggot!
  477. <Lightwall> Who are you?
  478. <Fireblast124> $recall
  479. <DM> *He tries to kick the thug while he's down, but his kick is so pitiful that the thug doesn't feel it.*
  480. <Thug1> Uuurrgh... why's you's...
  481. * Thug1 gets back up but immediately leans on the wall to support himself up. The slash from the jar fragment runs from cheek to cheeck, crossing through a part of his nose. The blood runs down his mouth and to his neck as he falls back down, getting dizzier.
  482. <Thug1> Curse... ya... Goswin....
  483. * Thug1 passes out across the floor.
  484. * Lightwall looks up at the malnourished man.
  485. <Lightwall> So... you're Goswin?
  486. * Kappa turns to the malnourished man
  487. * Lightwall eases his stance a little.
  488. <DM> *The man looks back at you. His cheeks look like they're pushing into his face, and his short and spiky hair is in a mess, like he just went through a mad scientist experiment. Bruises cover his body, probably from these thugs.*
  489. * X__X is now known as Goswin
  490. <Goswin> Y-yeah, that's me.... you guys lookin' fer trouble too?!
  491. * Goswin holds another jar fragment up defensively, shaking.
  492. <Kappa> Nope.
  493. <Lightwall> No, we just wanted to talk to you.
  494. <Kappa> Yeah.
  495. <Goswin> Talk?
  496. * Lightwall sheathes his sword and produces the flower petal from his pouch.
  497. * Goswin looks down at the thug that was stabbed, who's corpse is now soaking the doorstep.
  498. <Goswin> You call THIS talking?!
  499. <Goswin> What the hell is this?!
  500. <Kappa> It is a bit of a misunderstanding.
  501. <Lightwall> We didn't want to fight, but they attacked us.
  502. * Goswin looks around quickly before looking wide-eyed at you too.
  503. <Goswin> You... you.....
  504. * Goswin looks at the blue flower petal.
  505. <Lightwall> Can you tell me what this is?
  506. <Goswin> ... come on inside, quickly.
  507. * Kappa comes inside.
  508. <Goswin> Now, before someone sees this MESS here!
  509. * Lightwall hurries inside the house.
  510. <DM> *You follow him into a long spread out room. It would be lined with plants and herbs, but it seems to have been mostly ransacked and destroyed. Hardly anything but the bare walls and floor remains.*
  511. <DM> *On the other side of the house, next to the chimney, is a door.*
  512. * Goswin hurries to the door.
  513. <Goswin> Come, quickly! We need to get out of here before the guards come and inquire what madness took place!
  514. <Kappa> Okay!
  515. * Lightwall follows Goswin.
  516. * Kappa follows Goswin
  517. * Goswin opens the door and goes through it.
  518. * Kappa follows Goswin again.
  519. * Lightwall follows Goswin out the door.
  520. <DM> *You enter an alleyway. You could go left or right from here, but more thugs, one on each of you is blocking your route.*
  521. <DM> (oh woops, I foooorgot)
  522. <DM> (last battle exp/rupees, doh, lol)
  523. <DM> +6 EXP
  524. <DM> annnd you found 40 Rupees from their corpses
  525. <Lightwall> (I was wondering! But... I guess I shouldn't take the leather armor.)
  526. <DM> - and the leather armors are there... one of them is covered in blood, no thanks to you gutting him
  527. * Kappa takes the Leather armour without the blood.
  528. * Kappa puts it back.
  529. * Lightwall take the leather armor without the blood and puts it on.
  530. <DM> *The thugs start closing in on you when an old lady starts passing through.*
  531. * Thug1 is now known as X_X
  532. <DM> *The thugs instead run south (to your left) past you.*
  533. <Lightwall> (Are we just standing there with Goswin, or has he moved?)
  534. * Goswin shudders as the old lady just meanders by.
  535. <DM> *The lady and the thugs leave completely.*
  536. <Goswin> Whew, thank the goddesses that the old lady came by... quickly, let's hurry!
  537. * Goswin heads north through the alleyway.
  538. * Kappa follows Goswin
  539. * Lightwall follows Goswin.
  540. <DM> *You hear the sound of footsteps follow behind you, hurriedly.*
  541. * Goswin reaches a corner and turns it. He then suddenly stops.
  542. <DM> *You turn the corner, and you're blocked by what appears to be a dead end.*
  543. <Goswin> W-w-w-wha?! Why is there a wall here?!
  544. <Lightwall> (I have to go soon...)
  545. <DM> *The footsteps catch up to you. It's the thugs from before.*
  546. * Goswin scrambles towards the wall that's blocking you. As he jumps to try and get up the wall, he phases straight through it.
  547. * X_X is now known as Thug
  548. <Thug> WHAT?! WHERE'D HE GO?!
  549. * Thug seems Lightwall and Kappa around the bend, but Goswin is nowhere to be found.
  550. <Thug> *sees
  551. * Thug points at the hybrid Hylian Zora and the Sheikah.
  552. <Thug> You's gonna tells me wot 'appened ta dat Gossyland!
  553. <Kappa> Is there anything you want from us?
  554. <Thug> Or ah'll beat it outta yer skulls!
  555. <Kappa> I saw him phase through the wall.
  556. <Thug> Dat's a lie!
  557. <Thug> Why don'ts YOU goes through dat wall den, EH?
  558. <Kappa> I saw it with my very own eyes.
  559. * Kappa tries to jump against the wall
  560. <DM> *You phase straight through it.*
  561. <Kappa> *up the wall
  562. <DM> *And you find yourself, well.... in this:
  563. <DM> -=QUEST PAUSE=-
  564. <DM> You found a quest pause! DA NA NA NAAAAAA
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