Feb 2nd, 2018
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  1. Name: Evangeline Fay
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Age: 14
  4. Height: 5' 7”
  5. Weight: Light for build
  6. Body Development: Overdeveloped
  7. Appearance: Despite her more athletic physique, Evangeline isn't overtly muscular, but upon careful inspection, lithe, wiry muscles can be observed. Her hourglass figure is enhanced by pronounced hips, which also creates a fairly noticeable thigh gap. Her skintone is a warmer Caucasian one, her slightly-wavy pale blonde hair streams down her back to just past her rump, and her eyes are a sharp, bright electric blue. A ribbon is worn on Evangeline's head, going beneath the bottom of her hair, up along the sides of her head behind her ears, and over the top of her head; though she enjoys wearing it just like that as ornamentation, it can be used in a jiffy when she wishes to tie her hair up in a tail or bun.
  9. When she transforms, Evangeline changes a bit, though her physical alterations are altogether...less drastic than many others'. Her ears point and elongate, her eyes turn electric purple, her hair turns a soft lavender, and when she enhances her Sight, a sleek violet tattoo appears beneath her eye.
  11. Her Outfit is fairly revealing. The high-collared top, when buttoned and belted closed, still reveals her midriff, and when it's opened (which is often outside of fights), it shows off even more of her front thanks to the smaller bra-like wrap around her chest. It's still easy for one to see her very short skirt past the three robe-like flaps that cover the back and sides of her legs down to her shins, though her feet are covered by tall, functional boots, and stockings cover the rest of her legs save for the upper half of her thighs. Last, but certainly not least, is the large witch-style hat that she wears atop her head.
  13. Her weapon is a spear of sorts, one with a spearhead at one end and what amounts to a tuning fork on the other. In battle, electricity sparks between the prongs, and cascades down the haft to the blade at the other end when she strikes with it.
  15. (Pics, only with shorter ears: )
  21. Age: 14
  22. Development: Overdeveloped
  23. Spec: Lightning
  24. Outfit: Skimpy
  25. Weapon: Melee
  26. Power: Third Eye
  27. Perks: Gifted, Enhanced Sustenance, Familiar, Eternal Style, Sturdy, Transfiguration
  28. MonG Perks: Legacy, Phylactery, Drifter, Berserker, Infestation, Stitches
  29. Gold Perks: Soul Jar, Immortality
  31. STR: 15
  32. AGI: 5
  33. VIT: 12
  34. MAG: 12
  35. LCK: 4
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