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  1. Serious music is the most nuanced, eclectic, perfect music. All the """advancements""" you see in your popular muzak? yes, done to death with much more finesse and depth in the serious music sphere decades or centuries ago. It just can't compete. The display of knowledge is astoundingly bigger in serious music than in another other music. It's music for the patrician, for the cultured mind. The fact that some plebeians try to "appreciate" it on a gut level is why they are plebeians. They are missing the true beauty and subtlety. Like reading a perfect theorem. The inner workings that make their music so much more advanced and worth of respect than anything penned by a popular musikian.
  3. Patrician music is music of considerable intellectual finesse and technical considerations. The fact that intellectuals gravitate towards it is explained because it's more intellectually stimulating, more patrician. it's not a coincidence AT ALL.
  5. It's music that only the utterly select intelligentsia fully comprehends and appreciates. It's like high philosophy or high mathematics. There is pedestrian mathematics (the mathematics that engineers use) and there is pedestrian philosophy (the philosphy plebeians like english majors know). A pure mathematician, obviously a patrician, gravitates towards highly stimulating, advanced and abstract mathematics.
  7. Classical music is so evidently superior to all other kinds of music, yet we keep lowering the standards when we talk about other types of music, to avoid the uncomfortable situation where the butt rock dude or the druggy EDM boy gets anal pained when they are told the great masters are better than their shitty hedonistic hero.
  9. Instead of white guilt, in the music world there is "classical" guilt. We keep lowering the standards for other kinds of music to compensate and preserve our dream of marxist culturalism. Of perfect musical relativism. Guess what? It isn't true and the compositional talent and imagination displayed, which is all that counts in the end when we have to say what is worth being saved and what not, is infinitely superior in classical music than in any other form of music.
  11. If your shitty pop muzak is an 8 what the fuck are Beethoven's late string quartets? a 400? most music is barely a 1 to 3, the Beatles fall in here and so do most other popular music with very few exceptions that reach a 4, even a 5. Bartok string quartets would be a 6, 2 degrees of magnitude higher you have works by Brahms and other great masters. Then 9 and 10 are reserved for the highest achievements of human race like Beethoven's late string quartets or his Missa Solemnis or Mass in B minor by Bach or his Brandenburg Concertos.
  13. Patrician music: Serious music. Intended to be listened to carefully, thoroughly dissected, must be absorbed with all of one's intelligence and knowledge, incredibly technical and nuanced implications at play.
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_music
  16. Plebeian music: Popular music. Low-brow, vulgar, unrefined, escapist, meant to be interpreted and read with the body and not with the mind, as intellectual as a pulp magazine, effectively ambient music.
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popular_music
  19. To keep elaborating on the differences that make serious music simply better and of a higher intellectual stature, consider the mediums in which serious music is disseminated. Staff paper, notations. Purposely so, it validates and reassures a lot of what patrician music stands for. Accesibility for anyone to perform and record. Benefits deep intellectual analysis of every bar of music, no bullshit allowed, all is there in the staff paper. The emphasis is on the actual music, not in how it's recorded or performed.
  21. In short, again serious music displays a level of maturity and intellectualism that popular muzak can only dream of achieving..
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