sss mararthon notes 2019 ES

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  1. Past broadcasts are here:
  6. == Use this for the title: ==
  7. SNES Super Stars 2019 (ES) [#] - Game (Category) by Player
  9. == Use this for the description ==
  10. SNES Super Stars Marathon 2019
  11. ¡La SNES Super Stars es una maratón de speedruns de 10 días de juegos de Super Nintendo / Super Famicom! Más de 200 speedruns en una celebración ininterrumpida de la consola clásica de 16 bits.
  14. ==Make sure the Game is set to "game title" ==
  16. == Use this for the tags ==
  17. speedrun, speed run, snes superstars marathon
  19. == Start and End points ==
  20. The START point should be the moment the timer begins running for one of the players (there's different amounts of lag, so whoever starts first).  You can start 1 or 2 seconds earlier, but not too much earlier because in general we want the videos to start right when the action begins.
  22. The END point should be one of the following based on what comes after the race:
  23. * If it's the last match of the broadcast, end it when the commentators sign off.
  24. * If there's another match from a DIFFERENT tournament, end it when the commentators sign off (or if there's no sign-off, just do it whenever we cut the Discord audio).
  25. * If there's another match from the SAME tournament beginning right away, end it when the timer begins to run for the NEXT match (right where you'll be putting the start point for the next highlight -- we want this highlight to end right where the next one begins, since people may be watching it from a playlist).
  26. * If there's a long gap without any commentary between matches you don't need to include the gap.  Just end it when the commentators finish talking, and start the next highlight when the timer begins running for the next match.
  27. * Think of it from the perspective of somebody watching all these highlights in sequence via the youtube playlist.  They don't want to miss anything if the commentators are actually talking about useful stuff in between the matches, but they don't want to sit through a lot of downtime if there isn't anyone talking or things happening on stream.
  29. == After you've made the highlight, EXPORT it to YOUTUBE ==
  30. You can click the "export" button right after making the highlight, or go to the highlights page in the video manager and export it from there:[2,3,4]/manager/highlights
  32. == TIPS ==
  33. * Please coordinate with whomever else is working on highlights to make sure you're not overlapping with them or missing anything.  Make sure you know exactly where they left off and vice versa.  Use the strikethru font modifier on schedule after highlighting the match.
  34. * Be careful you don't miss any.  Look at the schedule spreadsheet to see the list of all matches.  Some of them might have been no-shows or cancellations or were streamed to SRL.  If you can't find one of the matches send feasel a PM in discord with the missing match info so we can keep track of which ones need finding.
  35. * Try to get the spelling and capitalization of the players' names right.  Usually you can look at how it's written on the stream layout, but sometimes even that is wrong.  If you want a definitive answer about capitalization you can go to their twitch page and mouse-over their user icon in the top left corner of the page, and in the popup that appears it will show the capitalization that they set themselves.  If the person's twitch name is something significantly different from the name they normally go by in the community then this may not be applicable.
  36. * Thanks for being great and volunteering to highlight matches!  Many people will only get to see the tournament via the VODs, so this is an important job.
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