Maximum Cheese - Rarity+Anon one-shot [✔]

Oct 18th, 2015
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  1. >The night is in full-swing.
  2. >Rarity, displaying her unmitigated grace in full force, is absolutely radiant on the dance floor.
  3. >Step step twirl. Step step twirl. Twirl twirl step.
  4. >You've already broke into sweat several bars ago trying to keep up with the pale-chalk fashionista.
  5. >Who knew she had so much energy in her?
  7. >Her tasteful, knee-length blue dress blooms out enticingly with each twirl, eliciting glances and amused smiles from others.
  8. >Of the hungrier glances from other males, you pay no mind.
  9. >You're too engrossed by the cobalt rose folding and unfolding before your eyes -- all too intoxicating, almost overriding the already-substantial buzz in your veins.
  10. >A few more bars and a ridiculous creschendo later, the song reaches its climax.
  11. >Rarity is intertwined in your arms, her chest heaving with heavy breaths.
  12. >Her arm sticks out in the air. A practiced dancer's punctual gesture of a finished performance.
  14. >The air around you two erupts in applause.
  15. >You can't quite tell whether they're for the band on-stage, or for Rarity's frighteningly professional performance.
  16. >You resist the urge to bow.
  17. >Rarity doesn't -- she bends her knees and ducks her head.
  18. >She does something with her arms that makes the whole gesture appear dainty without appearing byzantine.
  19. >Dear god, she's way too good at this.
  22. >A few drumstick clacks from the stage, and the slow song begins.
  23. >Rarity walks up to you. Close enough to merge her personal bubble with yours.
  24. >She weaves her fingers inbetween yours, glowing with joy and excitement all the while.
  25. >She's still breathing heavily, her breasts pressing against yours in steady rhythm.
  26. >Her hair is out of place in clumps, portions of it damp with sweat.
  27. >You don't mind that at all.
  29. >The ballad gets a bit more intense.
  30. >Bass starts moving a bit more and the piano gets more chord-y.
  31. >You gingerly run your fingers through Rarity's bangs, getting a playful yelp out of her.
  32. >>"Please, darling! This lady is perfectly capable of taking care of her own coiffure."
  33. "S-sorry, I didn't mean to--"
  34. >Rarity gently plants her finger on your lips.
  35. >Her acacia perfume fills your head, rendering you mute.
  36. >>"Hush, darling. You're ruining the moment."
  38. >Mere days ago, you were biting your nails over this exact moment.
  39. >Rarity, a popular girl with more admirers than Pinkie had friends, was stuttering and unsure of herself.
  40. >Asking *you* out.
  41. >Unbelievable.
  42. >Hell, you are dancing to a slow song with her *right now* and it's still unbelievable.
  43. >You pull her tighter around the waist, just to make sure she's real.
  44. >She leans into you, purring.
  45. >You stroke the nape of her neck, just to be REALLY sure.
  46. >She sighs and buries her head in your chest.
  47. >The ballad doesn't seem to stop either.
  48. >The two of you sway back and forth, feeling each other's breath slowing steadily.
  50. --
  52. >Rarity gently feels her way up to your neck, hanging lightly on your shoulder with her slender fingers.
  53. >She's still leaning into your chest.
  54. >>"I'd be very upset indeed if I were to wake up now..."
  55. "I'd be upset too if you were to wake up now."
  56. >Rarity giggles, her lows resonating in your chest.
  58. "I can't believe this is happening."
  59. >>"Oh. Is that so, darling?"
  60. >You fidget a little.
  61. >You're having such a wonderful time with Rarity. Do you really have to ruin it by delving into the nitty-gritty details?
  62. >Your mouth opens itself without permission.
  63. "Well, it's just that it feels so sudden. I mean, we're good friends and all. But I was practically a nobody in high school, and you are a--"
  64. >Rarity tenses up in your arms.
  65. >You fucking idiot. Why did you have to open your cursed mouth?
  66. >>"I... see. Still letting high school events get the best of you?"
  67. >You try to think of ways to recover from this blunder.
  68. "Well, it's not exactly that. It's just that you're so... high class."
  69. >You goddamn idiot.
  71. >Rarity falls silent. You can already feel the magic of the moment begin to dissipate.
  72. >The cobalt rose begins to wither before you.
  73. >She blurts out, still leaning her head against your chest.
  74. >>"You think I'm somehow out of your league."
  75. >That catches you by surprise.
  76. "I--"
  78. >To be fair, she's got you there.
  79. >'The fashionista with a heart of gold,' she had been called in high school.
  80. >She was generous with her time and friendship. If you asked, she'd make the time.
  81. >Even for a nerdy nobody like yourself.
  82. >She went on to become a celebrity -- the type only the important social circles are aware of.
  83. >If you ever graced the high-profile awards ceremonies, you *knew* Rarity's name.
  84. >Her initials were embossed discretely on every fashion item she created. Out of sight, but never out of mind.
  85. >And to think that she'd even think of dating someone like you was a bit daunting at the very least.
  86. >Nine-to-five, no social clout, decidedly in the beginning phases of a middle class single male.
  88. >>"It's quite alright, I understand. If you feel uncomfortable about it, we'll remain friends."
  89. >Her words come out rather cooly, probably less tactful than she intended.
  90. >You desperately want to say something.
  91. >Instead, your lips choose this moment to stay sealed shut.
  92. >You continue your awkward slow dance in complete silence.
  94. >>"...Actually it's not quite alright. At all."
  95. "--wha--?"
  96. >Rarity reaches up, turning your face towards hers.
  98. >>"Are we not good friends, you and I?"
  99. "Uh.. yeah."
  100. >Say it gracefully, you oaf.
  101. >>"For all the years we've known each other, how many times had I chosen friendship over fame and success?"
  102. >That's an easy question.
  103. "Quite a lot. You even postponed a job interview that one time, fixing up my sister's wedding dress. I still can't thank you enough for that, by the way."
  104. >Rarity waves her hand dismissively.
  105. >>"Bygones. And how many times have you helped *me* at your detriment? Why, you practically raised Sweetie Belle by yourself while I was busy trying to build up my career."
  106. "Well, I can't take all the credit for babysitting. But yes, I suppose I helped plenty enough."
  108. >Rarity glares into you with her sapphire-blue eyes, almost fictional in its intensity.
  109. >>"You had a hand in building the woman I am today. So what makes you think I'm somehow superior to you?"
  110. >Her glare wavers a little.
  111. >>"H-how dare you sell yourself so short, even after all those things you've done for me?"
  113. -
  115. >'[kiss her, you blockhead!]'
  116. >Between her acacia perfume and sapphire gaze, you find yourself unable to resist.
  117. >So, you gently tug her chin up towards your face.
  118. >Rarity's gaze darts between your eyes and your lips. Half surprised, half expecting.
  119. >It's now or never.
  121. >You lean in and she meets you half way, tiptoeing and tugging on your tie.
  122. >Her lips lock with yours.
  123. >Waves of exhilaration explode in your head, seeping their way down to your heart.
  124. >You gently flick your tongue against her teeth.
  125. >Rarity responds, intercepting your intrusion with a gentle lick. She's tasting you.
  126. >God, she's good at this.
  128. >Her arms slide their way up to your neck. She tugs gently at the hair on the back of your head.
  129. >You respond with your hands behind her waist, pulling her in close.
  130. >She inhales through her nose sharply. There's a soft, satisfied moan.
  131. >Your knees grow weak.
  132. >If you *had* to die now, you'd harbor no regrets.
  134. >She breaks the kiss gasping for breath, hanging heavily on your neck.
  135. >You readjust your stance and hold her up steady.
  136. >>"I'm-- so sorry, darling. I lost myself for a second and... goodness gracious."
  138. >She tiptoes again, planting a brief yet loving one on your lips.
  139. >>"I didn't realize I've been longing for this moment for so long."
  141. >As though on cue, the band hits the last note of the ballad.
  142. >Muted applause echo out here and there, but you pay no mind at all.
  143. >You're too engrossed by the cobat rose before you, blooming and gazing lovingly at you.
  144. >All too intoxicating, and overriding whatever insecurities you may have had before tonight.
  146. >>"It's been a marvelous night, darling. Thank you for letting me have this."
  147. >She leans in as another ballad starts. It's a tad bit slower, but the motif is far sweeter than the last.
  148. >>"And... thank you for letting me have you. You've given me so much for so long, and now--"
  149. >You peck her on the nose, getting a playful yelp out of her.
  150. "Hush, my love. You're ruining the moment."
  151. >Rarity giggles.
  152. >She sighs once more, leaning into your chest and swaying gently to the rhythm.
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