Share GF - 32

Oct 3rd, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Share Girlfriend ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
[N/A] (MC) Worker FMC's Boyfriend
Yu Jin (FMC) Office Worker MC's Girlfriend
Eun Ha (FMC²) Hostess Single
[N/A] (Boss) Chief Married
Eun Sook (Milf) Owner Married

Chapter - 32

So MC cums inside FMC, she tells him it's ok because she's on pill right now, he asks her why and she tells him that she's going to the swimming pool next week with her friend so she doesn't want her menstrual to mess with this..(She's on pill because Boss crempied her a few times)

She receives a text from Boss, asking her if she broke up with MC, she asks for 3 more days.

3 Days later

He thinks that the test was weird because he worked hard but didn't find the answers to this test.. He doesn't know what to do right now and he says that he doesn't have any news from FMC since the last night and thinks that she is disappointed because of his test failure.

FMC is at her work, the secretary tells her that Boss's waiting for her in his office. She thinks that Secretary is a weird girl because she keeps smiling and thinks that she's making fun at her and that makes her slightly angry. Before she enters the Secretary stops her and says how Boss wanted her to wear this, she gives him a red collar with a leash, FMC's surprised by what Sec gives her, Sec tells her to hurry because Boss is waiting. FMC looks at her thinking that she's really laughing at her and thinks that they're really crazy.
She takes the leash / collar and enters in the Manager's office, Secretary looks at her while smiling.

FMC throws the leash on the floor and shouts at her boss saying that he's crazy. He's on the phone talking about work, he hangs up and asks her why she's so mad. She asks what he's doing, he asks her if it's about the dog collar and she shouts at him again. They sit on the couch next to each other he tells her to calm down, he starts to feel her breasts asking her if she broke up with MC or not. She pushes his hand away and asks him if it was the reason for making fun of her with the Secretary.
He whispers her something in the ear that make her really angry, she asks him what's wrong with him and if he thinks it's funny. He tells her that she'll still do it at the end and wonders why she's so upset. She lefts his office saying he's a jerk..

He puts on a grim face saying how she's only a Little Bitch and to not be cocky with him!

To be continued..
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