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Jun 24th, 2010
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  1. <+cirdan> ok basic steps
  2. <+cirdan> everybody take notes
  3. <+cirdan> *INSTALL ULTRASN0W* NO WHINING :-)
  4. <+cirdan> get a working (3.1.3) .mobileconfig and load it on your phone
  5. <+cirdan> email/safari/somehow
  6. <+cirdan> edit /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ and change the state to 1023
  7. <+cirdan> edit /private/var/Managed\ Preferences/mobile/ and add the type-mask keys for your apns (look in the .mobileconfig)
  8. <+cirdan> mine i had to add <key>type-mask</key>
  9. <+cirdan> <integer>53</integer>
  10. <+cirdan> for the tethering apn,
  11. <+cirdan> and <key>type-mask</key>
  12. <+cirdan> <integer>2</integer>
  13. <+cirdan> for vvm
  14. <+cirdan> *then* edit /private/var/preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist
  15. <+cirdan> this is a big one
  16. <+cirdan> find your *new* apn section, it wont have signatures on it
  17. <+cirdan> now for some reason, maybe because it's not for data, my voicemail apn isn't in the SystemConfiguration file
  18. <+cirdan> but, under wap.cingular, the one without signatures, add <key>type-mask</key>
  19. <+cirdan> <integer>53</integer>
  20. <+cirdan> like the .mobileconfig has and like you added up top
  21. <+cirdan> reboot and tethering is on
  22. <+cirdan> this is for at&t, adapt as needed.
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