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  1. Type:           Overlay
  2. String form:    <pynq.pl.Overlay object at 0x31dcad30>
  3. File:           /usr/local/lib/python3.4/dist-packages/pynq/pl.py
  4. Docstring:    
  5. This class keeps track of a single bitstream's state and contents.
  7. The overlay class holds the state of the bitstream and enables run-time
  8. protection of bindlings.
  9. Our definition of overlay is: "post-bitstream configurable design".
  10. Hence, this class must expose configurability through content discovery
  11. and runtime protection.
  13. The IP dictionary stores the following information:
  14. 1. name (str), the key of an entry.
  15. 2. address (str), the base address of the IP.
  16. 3. range (str), the address range of the IP.
  17. 4. state (str), the state information about the IP.
  19. The PS GPIO dictionary stores the following information:
  20. 1. name (str), the key of an entry.
  21. 2. pin (int), the user index of the GPIO, starting from 0.
  22. 3. state (str), the state information about the GPIO.
  24. Attributes
  25. ----------
  26. bitfile_name : str
  27.     The absolute path of the bitstream.
  28. bitstream : Bitstream
  29.     The corresponding bitstream object.
  30. ip_dict : dict
  31.     The addressable IP instances on the overlay.
  32. gpio_dict : dict
  33.     The dictionary storing the PS GPIO pins.
  35. Init docstring:
  36. Return a new Overlay object.
  38. An overlay instantiates a bitstream object as a member initially.
  40. Note
  41. ----
  42. This class requires a Vivado '.tcl' file to be next to bitstream file
  43. with same base name (e.g. base.bit and base.tcl).
  45. Parameters
  46. ----------
  47. bitfile_name : str
  48.     The bitstream name or absolute path as a string.
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