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  1. King: A generic x15 boost to all attributes, has to be manually activated.
  3. Queen: A generic x10 boost to all attributes, passive, does not need to be activated.
  5. Bishop (x2): A boost of x10 to all medical capabilities and knowledge. If the user is not magically gifted, this grants them a novice level with room to grow into a master. The level of magic they can perform is equal to the medical knowledge and prowess they possess.
  7. Rook (x2): A boost of x10 to durability and general health. Immune systems and skin are put into overdrive to the fifth power. Along with this, a generic magical affinity is given, equal to that of a novice magic user. Designed to be the heaviest defensive position in the house, and are not to be underestimated.
  9. Knight (x2): A boost of x10 to speed and offensive actions. Muscle growth is kicked into overdrive, but not automatic. It would be like working out five times when you're only working out once. A generic magical affinity is also given, equal to that of a novice magic user. Designed to be the fastest and most lethal offensive position in the house, to be openly feared.
  11. Pawn (x8): A boost of x5 to all attributes is given, and a magical affinity equal to that of a novice magic user. The most versatile of the pieces. Can be promoted to any position once entering "enemy territory," which is determined by the King.
  14. All: A set of wings, enhancement of the eyes, ears, tastebuds, nerves, etc. Basically a general boost.
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