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Trade League Local 05

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  1. guilds_influence_good_deal;Good Trade;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  2. guilds_influence_very_good_deal;Great Trade;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  3. guilds_influence_bad_deal;Bad Trade;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  4. guilds_influence_very_bad_deal;Horrible Trade;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  5. guilds_influence_inflation;Inflation;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  6. guilds_influence_debt;Cleared Debt;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  7. guilds_influence_good_deal_stacked;Good Trades;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  8. guilds_influence_very_good_deal_stacked;Great Trades;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  9. guilds_influence_bad_deal_stacked;Bad Trades;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  10. guilds_influence_very_bad_deal_stacked;Horrible Trades;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  11. guilds_influence_inflation_stacked;Inflation;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  12. guilds_influence_debt_stacked;Cleared Debts;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  13. guilds_influence_boom;Market Boom;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  14. guilds_influence_crash;Market Crash;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  15. guilds_influence_boom_stacked;Market Boom;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  16. guilds_influence_crash_stacked;Market Crash;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  18. guilds_market_crash_king_bonus;Control the Market;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  19. guilds_market_crash_king_bonus_desc;The Great Trade League grasps on the market is gone, which allowed the feudal lords to take over.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  20. guilds_market_crash_trader_bonus;Control the Market;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  21. guilds_market_crash_trader_bonus_desc;The Great Trade League has total control of the market, allowing them to monopolise the profits.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  22. guilds_market_crash_king_malus;Lost Control of the Market;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  23. guilds_market_crash_king_malus_desc;The Great Trade League has total control of the market, allowing them to monopolise the profits.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  24. guilds_market_crash_trader_malus;Lost Control of the Market;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  25. guilds_market_crash_trader_malus_desc;The Great Trade League grasps on the market is gone, which allowed the feudal lords to take over.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  26. guilds_market_crash_tracker;Great Trade War;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  27. guilds_market_crash_tracker_desc;The Great Trade League control [global_guilds_var_league.GetValue] markets\nThe Feudal Lords Alliance control [global_guilds_var_outsider.GetValue] markets;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  29. guilds_influence_influence_cost;The §YAssets§! required is affected by the Society's Influence.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  30. guilds_influence_influence_cost_shopping;Has §YAssets§! greater or equal to §Y[root.GetGuildsInfluenceCostShopping]§!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  31. guilds_influence_influence_cost_caravan;Has §YAssets§! greater or equal to §Y[root.GetGuildsInfluenceCostCaravan]§!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  32. guilds_clear_debt;Clear your Debt;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  33. guilds_clear_debt_desc;The Trade League is willing to waive your debts and all loans from the society.\nThis is a once per lifetime opportunity.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  34. guilds_clear_debt_power;§PIntrigue Decision§! Once per lifetime, members of this rank can use the Great Trade League coffers, if its Influence is about 50%, to clear all of their debt and loans from the society.\nIt will leave them at 0¤.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  35. guilds_market_crash_start_tooltip;The market isn't crashing;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  37. EVTITLE_SNW_382;The Great Trade War;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  38. EVTDESC_SNW_382_MEMBER;Our grasp on the markets is ever increasing, every coins will soon fall into our purses. However, the various feudal lords and other outsiders won't let go that easily.\n\nThey have set aside their differences to ally against us in a war for the control of the markets. We will need to use every mean possible, be it assets, funds and even our names, to protect ourselves from their aggression.\n\nTrading is our speciality, we will fight back and take over the entire economy of the known world!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  39. EVTDESC_SNW_382_OUTSIDER;The blatant tax evasion of these brigand known no bounds. Ever since these peasants banded together to rob us of our rightful earnings, they have grown bolder every days.\n\nAll feudal lords have agreed to fight back to take control of our economy once again. Using our armies will not be practical to root out every rats on this ship. We shall use what is left of our economy, alongside our connections and organisations.\n\nThey shall know why it is we that rule the world.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  40. EVTOPTA_SNW_382;Every coins belong to us!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  41. EVTOPTB_SNW_382;We will take back what is ours!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  42. EVTOPTC_SNW_382;I will have no part in this.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  44. EVTDESC_SNW_383_MEMBER;According to the League's specialists, we own the trading rights to [global_guilds_var_league.GetValue]% major markets against [global_guilds_var_outsider.GetValue]% for the outsiders.\nIf we are to win, we need to control as many as possible before the system crumble on top of our heads.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  45. EVTDESC_SNW_383_OUTSIDER;The Alliance's stewards are tracking the League's efforts at controling the markets, they estimate that [global_guilds_var_league.GetValue]% are under their controls while we secured [global_guilds_var_outsider.GetValue]%. We musn't let them take over the majority of them, we must keep the pressure. Time is on our side.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  46. EVTOPTA_SNW_383;Use gold.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  47. EVTOPTB_SNW_383;Use [Root.Society.GetCurrency].;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  48. EVTOPTC_SNW_383;Use prestige.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  49. EVTOPTD_SNW_383;I cannot afford to participate this year.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  50. EVTDESC_SNW_3831;How much gold should we use?;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  51. EVTOPTA_SNW_3831;Small Contribution.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  52. EVTOPTB_SNW_3831;Medium Contribution.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  53. EVTOPTC_SNW_3831;Large Contribution.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  54. EVTOPTD_SNW_3831;I'll send something else.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  55. EVTDESC_SNW_3832;How much [Root.Society.GetCurrency] should we use?;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  56. EVTOPTA_SNW_3832;Small Contribution.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  57. EVTOPTB_SNW_3832;Medium Contribution.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  58. EVTOPTC_SNW_3832;Large Contribution.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  59. EVTOPTD_SNW_3832;I'll send something else.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  60. EVTDESC_SNW_3833;How much prestige should we use?;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  61. EVTOPTA_SNW_3833;Small Contribution.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  62. EVTOPTB_SNW_3833;Medium Contribution.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  63. EVTOPTC_SNW_3833;Large Contribution.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  64. EVTOPTD_SNW_3833;I'll send something else.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  66. EVTITLE_SNW_385;Status Quo;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  67. EVTDESC_SNW_385_MEMBER;Despite our best efforts to take over the markets, the Feudal Lords Alliance were somehow able to match us in our own field.\n\nThe massive inflation caused to the markets due to the trade war has strained our resources to the point that we have no choice but to withdraw and call for a cessation of hostility.\n\nIt will take the league a few years to recover from that inflation, but the opportunity shall present itself once again. They have won this war, but not the next.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  68. EVTDESC_SNW_385_OUTSIDER;While we were unable to crush the peasant into the mud where they belong, we were successful at stopping their attempt at monopolizing all of the markets.\n\nThe limited resources that they gathered in the past few years now gone, they will have no choices but to lay low while we take control of our economy back.\n\nHowever, there is not doubt that it wasn't the last of their attemps to topple us, we should be on the lookout for when their coffers and influence recover.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  69. EVTOPTA_SNW_385;It could have been worst.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  70. EVTOPTB_SNW_385;It was a fool's errant.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  71. EVTOPTC_SNW_385;We have avoided the worst.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  72. EVTOPTD_SNW_385;I knew it wasn't worth contributing.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  74. EVTITLE_SNW_386;Market Crash;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  75. EVTDESC_SNW_386_MEMBER;How could it come down to this?\n\nWe were prepared, we had the funds and our influence was incontestable, but it was somehow not enough. Did some members just stay idle, trying to take advantage of the situation for their own benefit instead of that of the League? An inquisition shall be held on the subject.\n\nWith our grasp of the market in shamble, our organization will have a much harder time doing any form of trading and making deals, it could take decades for us to recovers.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  76. EVTDESC_SNW_386_OUTSIDER;[root.Religion.GetHighGodName] saw it fit to put these mongrels back in their holes!\n\nNow that their Pathetic Meddling League is but a former shadow of what it once was, they will no longer be able to manipulate the markets of our realms. We will once again receive everything we are entitled to!\n\nOur Stewards believe that it will take decades for them to recover. They will no longer be able pose a threat to our income and if they ever come back, we'll be ready.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  77. EVTOPTA_SNW_386;Impossible!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  78. EVTOPTB_SNW_386;It was a foolish dream.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  79. EVTOPTC_SNW_386;Time to collect our dues with interests!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  80. EVTOPTD_SNW_386;I knew it wasn't worth worrying about.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  82. EVTITLE_SNW_387;Market Boom;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  83. EVTDESC_SNW_387_MEMBER;We did it! The markets are ours!\n\nA lot of ducats and assets went into this venture and it paid of, magnifically. The Great Trade League control of the market is without contest, we are free to trade and profit to our hearts' content with minimal investments and risks.\n\nOur influence is such that no lords or nobles will be able to stand against us economically and no doubt some of our more militarized members will take advantage of it to secure our position as new world leaders.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  84. EVTDESC_SNW_387_OUTSIDER;Why! Oh [root.Religion.GetHighGodName] why!\n\nHow could a bunch of peasants with deep pockets accomplish such a thing? WE are the kings of this world, WE should be ruling it! So how could this Great Trade League take control of the vast majority of the known world markets?\n\nWe have to rebuild, reassert our controle of our lands. It will take years, decades even, but we will recover. As we are the true rulers of this land, and it will be ours once again before they know it!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  85. EVTOPTA_SNW_387;The spices will flow!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  86. EVTOPTB_SNW_387;I knew they could win without my ducats.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  87. EVTOPTC_SNW_387;NO! How could this happen?;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
  88. EVTOPTD_SNW_387;It was a lost cause.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
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