Duke Nukem Forever info

mobiusevalon Dec 31st, 2012 36 Never
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  1. Disc is cracked from center outward approximately 2cm -- this crack enters the readable surface about 4 mm.  I encountered no problem popping this into my Xbox, installing the content, then playing the entire campaign in its' present state, so I must assume the crack is through the plastic platter and not the actual readable surface on the underside.
  3. There exists a partially removed sticker on the center clear area of the topside of the disc, presumably from a rental store or RedBox, but there are no loose pieces or "gumminess" from the missing segments of the sticker (as again, this has been in my Xbox tray and caused no problems.)
  5. There is no manual.
  7. The case is missing a small piece approximately 3.5 x 0.5 cm from the southeast corner, along the edge.
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