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  1. def feedForward(self, training_example):
  2.         #The values calculated during forward propagation are
  3.         #stored to be used during backpropagation
  5.         #Extract activations for first layer from training_example list
  6.         self.a1 = np.array((training_example[0][0],training_example[0][1]))
  8.         #Calculate the weighted inputs and activations for all other layers in the network
  9.         self.z2 =, self.a1.reshape(-1,1))
  10.         self.a2 = self.sigmoid(self.z2)
  11.         self.z3 =, self.a2)
  12.         self.a3 = self.sigmoid(self.z3)
  13.         #return the activations of the neuron in the output layer
  14.         return self.a3
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