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  1. (Please Note: We'll be talking about bonuses, discounts, coupons, and things that concern current and former BHU members. If you are not interested in any future details about our proposed discounts, bonuses for current and former BHU members, you can click the un-subscribe button at the bottom and just delete this email.)
  3. Hi Former BHU Community,
  5. We have some unfortunate news to share with you. Due to Agent Blackhat's recent actions in the last 2 months, a set of events occurred which resulted in 100% of his volunteer MOD staff resigning, including his own business partner.
  7. As MODs we were ultimately responsible for the community safekeeping. We approached ABH in a professional manner in the private MOD chat, then the private MOD thread, to which he decided to not reply even after our urgency in the matter was expressed. We then opened up a "The Court" case against him to bring things to light of what's going on so the community could be made aware.
  9. In all attempts we attempted to stay professional and ask direct questions on what was going to happen to fix the problems. Here is a list of problems:
  11. Problem #1: Paid members paid their $37 monthly recurring but did not have access to paid area. One person stated even a week is too long. Some people were waiting so long their rebill came up.
  13. Problem #2: Lack of content in paid member section (If you look at the paid section thread dates very carefully, there are threads as old as May - in pretty much dead subforums). $37 a month is a lot of money to pay out only to be told "I need you to create the content for other members - this is a community". Yes it is a community, but a community is led by a leader. If the leader is not even willing to create content, on HIS own forum, then why do members have to pay?
  15. It's like going to a restaurant, and paying at the door, then when you get inside, the chef says "You have to bring your own food, and make sure it's enough to share with everyone." Then he goes on vacation.
  17. That's a serious problem. There is only so much us MODs can do to keep engagement up - but ultimately it's up to the leader to take a leadership role and create the content. The business model of BHU doesn't make sense from a customer stand-point, as a paid member you are expected to contribute more then the owner.
  19. Problem #3: Lack of communication with volunteer MODs. When your own MODS cannot get in contact with you that's a major problem; especially if the MOD is attempting to tell you about the angry PMs they are receiving from members who have not heard back from you for weeks on end.
  21. Problem #4: Skype chat's cohesion was undermined. When the private skype chat was putting more content in the skype logs then the forum ABH got upset and stated the chat was now a "lounge", and to move the content to the paid member section. This was an obvious attempt at drumming up the lack luster paid section's content which some paid members were paying $37 a month to have access to. Unfortunately this is a situation whereas the person receiving all the revenue from the forum, it is ultimately up to them, to create content, hire content writers, and create incentivized programs for members.
  23. Recall this quote from a member:
  25. "ima be real, there were promises made to the community, back when i first joined last year, and to be real - ab hasn't contributed much in terms of content and hasnt moved the community forward, outside of superficial stuff like the logo, and when he's taking money and not providing the service hes getting paid for, s*** has to change, i thought there'd be a lot more testing/case-studies from AB, you know, since its HIS forum, but all he did was get on everyone else's a** to make case studies, this new chat (elite Ronin chat) is dope as f*** tho"
  27. Problem #5: Lack of communication members, paying members to be more precise who simply had questions which Agent Blackhat could not be bothered to answer for weeks on end, and ultimately didn't even answer in the end.
  29. Problem #6: Going on vacation to Switzerland and France with people's money and not providing anything in exchange. Money spent on "bigger place to live in", but not content or engagement for customers who are paying.
  31. --
  33. Instead of professionalism, Agent Blackhat initiated a smear campaign which he continues until this day, without real resolutions to the above 6 problems.
  35. So, now here we are, as of right now 100% of the MODs have resigned as BHU MODs, including his own business partner - which should ultimately signal this isn't a personal attack, but a problem with ABH's perception of the situation.
  37. At the beginning of September BHU saw a steep drop in paid members, cancellation rates went through the roof and ABH was on vacation in France. This was a little while after his vacation in Switzerland. ABH came back and stated that the forum was 99% of his income. So ultimately us MODs got the sick feeling that ABH was on vacation with people's money he was taking without providing content and not even letting members into the paid section or paid skype chat. This is a complete recipe for disaster - this is why the MODs continued pressing the matter since ABH was simply deflecting.
  39. At the end of the day, no one cares about this back and forth internet drama or Agent Blackhat's personal problems.
  41. We MODS feel sorry for the people that paid to learn and ended up wasting their time and money with stall tactics from Agent Blackhat. As well as the broken promises for over a year, and lackluster leadership. Since the top 4 contributors are banned or have essentially stopped contributing, you are basically left with an empty shell of empty promises. That's not fair to anyone who continues to pay.
  43. If members feel like they aren't getting what they paid for they will leave and as you can see with the huge decline in a single month, cause of lack luster content and no engagement in the Skype chat that pretty much tells the whole story of where BHU is at now.
  45. None of the former MODs have ever attacked Agent Blackhat publicly and have always tried to keep a calm composure throughout this whole ordeal. None of us MODS have ever attempted to smear ABH's name, unlike his recent actions to his volunteer staff members. But none of that really matters, since the 6 problems above are still not resolved.
  47. Us MODS did everything we could to save this forum but ultimately we were met with so much resistance that we failed the community, as ABH has failed all of us.
  49. To not make this personal we aren't going to get into details about why ABH was AWOL, but suffice to say it's not a reason that instills any confidence in his leadership nor evokes any kind of sympathy. We apologize for our role and are deeply sorry for this. Since we failed, we have all resigned.
  51. Blackhat Underground is dying if not dead. The top content contributors are banned, or simply not posting anymore. The Private section has no new content due to lack of leadership from Agent Blackhat. It is not fair for you to keep on waiting for broken promises. If you want to wait around for his promises, that's fine, ultimately we've love to see this place rise again, but what we will most likely see after this is just even more smear campaigns with again no real resolutions.
  53. The Ronin chat, "elite rogue" chat in ABH's words, will take the role as community organizers and continue communicating and setting forth a plan to move the community forward and we are working on a way to help compensate those who felt victimized. We are also working with BST providers, other forums, and services to get BHU members special discounts and bonuses and other things that will help compensate the community "somewhat" for the lack of overall leadership from Agent Blackhat that he caused with his absence.
  55. Make sure to unsubscribe if you are not interested in any further details on what's going on to help compensate members and house them. We would rather make the several announcements to people who are looking for help in SEO, blackhat, whitehat, grayhat, and want to talk marketing, so it's best for anyone else to simply unsubscribe from this mailing list if you are not interested in any of the discounts, bonuses, and Ronin efforts to help former BHU members. You of course can still stay at BHU and wait for ABH to change and start adding content, and still receive the Ronin discounts and bonuses - this is not about splitting the community; the Ronins just want to help those who want to get something out of their membership which was lackluster overall.
  57. We waited a week to see if there was going to be any serious resolution after the drama died down. After the grace period it is as we predicted, no new quality content from ABH, no new engagement, and in fact just a bigger skype chat - which ultimately is his goal to forcing people to create content in the paid section, from his own words:
  59. [9/29/14, at 8:54 AM ] Agent Blackhat: "Yeah this chat will get big, some people wont liek that, but its time we gave everyone equal footing in the forum. If you want super detailed high level seo, the forum is awaiting..."
  61. Overall that should tell you everything you need to know about his content creation plan.
  63. Expect to hear from us in the coming days, unless of course you want to unsubscribe from this. If you were a free member or paid member, you'll be getting bonuses and discounts from our partners who we know and work with closely, who all have a proven track-record for getting results.
  65. Sincerely,
  67. BHU MODs in Spirit
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