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  1. I have no idea why I'm writing this.  It has been the longest of times since I have seen the faces in this community that have come and gone throughout the past 3 years.
  3. There were reasons why I left but I wish not to name them here.  I did the right thing and left without notice, surrounded by mystery and wonder.
  5. For those who knew me in the past, Hi.  For those who haven't gotten a glimpse of myself, Hi.  Nothing else should be said for now.  A simple and monotonous greeting should be taken place.
  7. So you are wondering why am I writing this.  "Are you coming back?" "Are you alive?" "What happened to you?".  I can sense the storm of questions that rain upon myself whether I enter this community again.  I can answer those when you decide to chat with me.
  9. I can see that many things have changed for the past few years.  New features and other little things here and there that I have noticed.
  10. New things have happened to me for the past few years.  New opportunities, new hobbies, and everything else that has happened to me.  That can all be explained by your decision.
  12. Your decision you may say?  Well, your decision should be the curiosity of my past few years.  I'm not coming to you, you come to me.
  13. Nothing else should be said at this point.  I have already mentioned almost a year ago that I am alive.  I am not dead.  I am not in a coffin.  I am not cremated and my ashes were not thrown over a special place in my heart.  Other than that, that is for you to know.
  15. There is a couple of people from this community I have talked to already.  They know what I have done in the past couple of years.  I am not going to name any usernames.
  17. If you have any questions, you know where to contact.  No, not here, but down below you will see another form of communication I didn't have before.
  19. Skype = CobraTheAlmighty
  21. It was late for you guys, but I got Skype not too recently, but recent to the point where I wasn't remembered well enough in this community.
  23. Have fun with your curiosity, let it prosper.
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