Wing and ??? notes

Dec 1st, 2015
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  1. Eo-Naxx Wing is the Order of Eon's messenger and manager. Aloof and carefree as a feather on the breeze, he has the power to surf and fly across the river of time on a whim, and is capable of opening portals to any timeline on his own power. He uses this ability to travel throughout time and micro-manage the frontier agents of the Order of Eon tasked with gathering dreamstone, acting as a confidant for each one, such as Chitus. He is always seen with his smiling mask, his true identity and appearance underneath unknown even to Freedom.
  3. Besides that ability to tear open tears in time, his staff (name cannot be found), gives him limited control over localized time. He can slow it down or speed it up, freeze it entirely provided enough energy is put in, or even undo certain events/possibilities as they happen to occur different, re-writing history on the fly in the case of his failed actions so that it appears he always succeeds, even if his opponents sees that he just did not. He possess a keen flying ability, hence his name, and is fairly fast in the air, supplemented by a powered armor more advanced than those commonly seen in the Future Era, and is capable of using his temporal control for wide attack as well.
  5. The Staff, much like Fang's, holds a personality of its own, though unlike Fang's it is much more cooperative with Wing. It has the ability to act on its own. Finally, there is a possibility, unknown for sure even with Freedom's sight, that Wing can even open up new 'stops' on the timeline other than those already created, but only at a great personal cost.
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