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  1. <kingz> hi. are you actually looking for cyber or rp or just randomly chat?
  2. <minttea> Mostly cyber.
  3. <kingz> if you are "picky" as you put it, that means you aren't going to give me the usual "I dunno" answer if i ask you what do you have in mind, right?
  4. * minttea grins.
  5. <minttea> You're correct, yes.
  6. <minttea> I like really rough treatment, especially to my clit and cunt.  I also realize that's an unusual taste, so no offense taken if it's not yours.
  7. <kingz> I've been here long enough to realize there's not such a thing as "unusual taste".
  8. <minttea> Fair enough.  And you, what are you looking for?
  9. <kingz> and given the fact that I'm border lining sexual addiction, I'm obviously open to almost anything. things I enjoy? let's see. I like having control and getting drunk with power. I like cheating and such, generally situations that would be considered "taboo" or just things you don't do. are at least aren't supposed to do. I enjoy the usual humiliation both giving and taking. I like being overtly descriptive
  10. <kingz>  of every sensation and every feeling, using as much detail as possible.
  11. <minttea> Hm.
  12. <minttea> So if I asked you to please degrade and abuse and generally be a bastard to my cunt and clit..that'd likely go over well.
  13. <kingz> the least I could say is that I would love trying. I hate bragging about things I do
  14. * minttea grins.
  15. <minttea> And you likely wouldn't mind if I was masturbating to being humiliated and hurt.
  16. <kingz> I'd encourage it.
  17. <kingz> it sounds appealing enough already to have me masturbating to the idea already
  18. * minttea cheerfully sliips one hand into her white cotton panties, fingers tracing over the nub of her clit. "Oh good. In that case...I have a cunt here, attached to a perfectly nice person, but it makes me want the most dreadful things.  I'd love to have it hurt and degraded, please."
  19. <kingz> so yes, I would love to completely abuse, degrade and dehumanize you., strip you of your dignity to the point where you become a whole different person than your usual every day self. that persona that's locked and buried deep inside your psyche and that's likely to never fully come out if it wasn't for the safety of total anonymity and complete lack of consequences we have here
  20. <minttea> That sounds deliciously wonderful, and makes my body react even to the thought.
  21. <kingz> we have absolute freedom here. that's what people with no imagination don't understand
  22. <minttea> I'd like to offer myself to that, to a sex addict who'll abuse his power over me, who'll enjoy the process of stripping me bare and humiliating me, and who'll enjoy inflicting the excesses of his imagination on the most delicate and taboo part of my body - abuses that never see daylight, and can be atrocious due to the freedom of text.
  23. <kingz> fantastic. you sound promising enough and I'm glad
  24. <minttea> Likewise.
  25. <kingz> I know we can reach levels we barely new existed here. such high levels of pleasure that are unthinkable to most people that can't fully grasp the concept.
  26. <minttea> Sounds like you really are addicted.
  27. <kingz> yes. I am. but my addiction cant be satisfied easily
  28. <minttea> You need the new and novel?
  29. <kingz> mostly yes, but that's not necessarily it
  30. <kingz> I need someoone like you
  31. <minttea> Oh?
  32. <minttea> like me?
  33. <kingz> an object
  34. * minttea blushes.
  35. <minttea> Ah.
  36. * minttea finds her fingers moving over her clit again as the word echoes.
  37. <kingz> for me to abuse
  38. <kingz> for me to be completely me
  39. <kingz> without resevations
  40. <kingz> or consequenses
  41. <kingz> or limits
  42. <minttea> What would you like to do to me?
  43. <kingz> dehumanize you
  44. <kingz> abuse you
  45. <kingz> makes your deepest darkest feelings come up
  46. <minttea> turn me into a fucktoy?
  47. <kingz> those "sick" fantasies you can't really talk about to anyone true
  48. <kingz> make*
  49. <kingz> I want a description of your body
  50. <kingz> I want to know what you look like
  51. <kingz> and be accurate and detailed and realistic
  52. <kingz> I don't want some fantasy
  53. <kingz> i wnt you
  54. <minttea> I'm short, curvy, blonde-brown curly hair to my shoulders, hazel eyes, c tits, shaven smooth, a decent sized clit, and puffy thick labia.
  55. <kingz> delicious
  56. <kingz> where are you this moment and what are you wearing
  57. <minttea> In my livingroom, on my sofa, in a soft blue nighty.
  58. <kingz> are you in a relationship?
  59. <minttea> I won't answer questions like that, sorry.  They're not necessary for this room.
  60. <minttea> They add restrictions.
  61. <kingz> I'm sorry then
  62. <minttea> No worries.
  63. <kingz> any other limits you think I need to know?
  64. <minttea> My cunt and clit are the way to please and break me.  My ass isn't something I find pleasurable for itself.
  65. <kingz> I want you to explain me why you find so much pleasure in your cunt being abused and tortured
  66. <minttea> It's the part no one's supposed to touch.  It feels good, but guilty.  When someone hurts it, it's abusive, taboo, intimate, shameful.
  67. <kingz> fantastic
  68. <kingz> I want you to pinch on it right now
  69. <kingz> to pull both lips to each side
  70. <minttea> how hard?
  71. <kingz> wide open
  72. <minttea> The air's cool.
  73. <kingz> and you feel exposed
  74. <kingz> and guilty
  75. <kingz> do you feel guilty for doign this?
  76. <minttea> yes
  77. * minttea has quit (Quit: A bientôt)
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