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Jan 16th, 2019
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  1. Dark Carnival: Remix 1/16/2019 Changelog
  3. All Maps
  5. - Added rescue closets to every map.
  6. - Reduced defib spawn rate to normal now that rescue closets have been added.
  7. - Tanks and Witches should no longer spawn during events in campaign mode.
  8. - Fixed several spots where Special Infected would get stuck when attempting to climb up a fence or wall.
  9. - Electric Guitars will no longer spawn normally in the campaign; they will only appear on the finale.
  11. The Motel
  13. - Campaign mode: Prevented Tanks and Witches from spawning very early in the map.
  14. - Versus mode: Tank spawn boundaries in the map now conform properly to the ground rather than floating in the air.
  15. - Set some of the doors in the motel now default to being open to allow for more infected spawns.
  16. - Optimized the highway and motel area slightly.
  17. - Fixed common infected spawning on top of the billboard.
  18. - Removed a railing on the motel second floor before entering the valley.
  19. - Added an SI ladder to the pool gate.
  20. - Added an SI ladder to the fence next to the semi truck near the motel.
  21. - The motel office is now a rescue closet spawn.
  22. - Added a door to a first floor bathroom in the motel to turn it into a rescue closet spawn.
  23. - The outhouse in the valley is now a rescue closet spawn.
  25. The Carnival
  27. - Minor optimization and entity reduction.
  28. - Fixed a tree in Kiddyland having no collision.
  29. - Fixed physics objects falling through the ground in Kiddyland.
  30. - Unblocked some rooftops in Kiddyland for infected.
  31. - Moved the first pill cabinet into the room leading to the alley that leads to the rooftops.
  32. - Fixed the end saferoom not exactly matching up with the beginning saferoom on the next map.
  33. - Added a new room when leaving the first warehouse for a rescue closet and item spawn location.
  34. - Added a new room in the storage area after the alley for a rescue closet and item spawn location.
  35. - Added a door to the room on the rooftops for a rescue closet spawn.
  36. - Added a door to the storage room before the carousel event to create a rescue closet spawn.
  37. - Added an ammo pile near the bottom of the Water Slide for late Tank spawns.
  38. - Versus mode: The gate to the Carousel now opens 33% faster.
  40. The Tunnel of Love
  42. - Added more details to the beginning of the map, including a new maintenance hallway off to the side and a trim on the bottom of the walls.
  43. - The white railings near the bushes at the beginning of the map can now be walked on.
  44. - Optimized the Coaster and Fairgrounds area slightly.
  45. - Improved collision on the railings in the swan maintenence room and made it easier to take the pipe shortcut.
  46. - Fixed a few spots where Special Infected bots would get stuck in.
  47. - Added more SI ladders and improved clipping in the picnic table area.
  48. - The coaster gate now briefly glows when opening to lead the way forward.
  49. - Blocked a shortcut on the coaster that allowed players to skip part of the map.
  50. - Moved two SI ladders leading to the coaster area.
  51. - The storage closet in the swan maintenence room is now a rescue closet.
  52. - Added a new room next to the area where you exit the Tunnel of Love for a rescue closet and item spawn location.
  53. - The three porta-potties by the entrance to the Coaster are now openable and potential rescue closets. Note: These doors are locked closed in Versus mode due to being unbreakable.
  54. - Fixed an SI ladder not working in the Fairgrounds area.
  56. The Ferris Wheel
  58. - Optimized various areas slightly.
  59. - Versus mode: Added a deagle to saferoom.
  60. - Versus mode: Fixed late Tanks not spawning.
  61. - Added a new room before the pool table room for a rescue closet and item spawn location.
  62. - Added a rescue closet spawn to the room attached to the outside of the barn in the park area.
  63. - Added clipping to some bushes in the park.
  64. - Improved clipping on the park gazebo.
  65. - The chopper now becomes silent a few seconds earlier after passing overhead.
  66. - Fixed a tent near the end not having clipping.
  67. - Fixed an SI ladder not working near the event turn-off button.
  68. - Made some minor tweaks to the event area to prevent players from getting lost.
  69. - Moved two SI ladders on a gate by the Food Court to the green fence next to it.
  71. The Stadium
  73. - Added a destructible drumset to the finale stage.
  74. - Added a Cymbal, Bass Guitar, and Midnight Riders Guitar melee weapons to the finale stage. (Thanks Roku!)
  75. - Optimized various areas in the stadium.
  76. - Fixed common infected sometimes not spawning properly.
  77. - Versus mode: Moved the Tank spawn at the stadium entrance forward slightly.
  78. - Versus mode: Fixed the map sometimes not ending when Survivors enter the chopper.
  79. - Fixed the Electric Guitars on stage clipping into the speakers.
  80. - Re-arranged some objects on the stage and removed clipping above some objects.
  81. - Three porta-potties by the entrance to the stadium are now openable and potential rescue closets. Note: These doors are locked closed in Versus mode due to being unbreakable.
  82. - Fixed bots ledge hanging themselves on the dock when the chopper is arriving.
  83. - Versus mode: Reduced entity count significantly by removing coop-specific entities.
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