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Nov 24th, 2018
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  1. Six harpies hung out by the grass, squatting in a circle and chit-chatting under the sun. All of them shared certain similarities, namely their black feathers just like their animal cousins; crows. At the same time, another group of crows rested a fair distance away over a tree. Though once this had been the two's favorite hangout location, those over the grass had found a new purpose, one which they patiently waited for to come each day.
  3. With the glass door creaking open, the crows knew it was time. Anon had stepped out of the building over which a 'McDick's' sign stood; with him her brough a few packs of french fries as well, magnets to the crows' eyes. The group of six immediately stood up and rushed his way, surrounding and swarming him with cheerful noises and smiles; Anon in return handed them what he had, daily acts of kindness which had grown to become routine. Once all had received their share, they followed Anon across the street till he entered another building, namely his workplace.
  5. With mouth full and belly soon to be, one of the crows turned her head; Reggina, looking towards those over the trees who returned annoyed and irritated stares.
  7. "Caw caw, bitches!" She taunted, throwing her wings high in the air.
  9. "I'll fight you, cunt! Get up here!" Shouted one in return.
  11. "You come down!"
  13. "You!"
  15. "You!"
  17. "I said you first!"
  19. "Fuck off!"
  21. ---
  23. Though a new day arrived, a new situation didn't. Once again one group waited by the grass and another on the tree, waiting on and on. Tension, on the other hand, had built up considerably: Those by the tree grew numerous, as did Reggina's group over promises of more french fries. The two groups stared at each other, silent, attentive, waiting, until the front door of McDicks creaked open for Anon to come out.
  25. The crows by the grass would've rushed to Anon, but the sight of a crow on the tree taking flight caught their attention instead. She flew towards Anon, only now the others noticing a rock in her talons, to then drop it towards him. It luckily didn't hit his head, but his foot instead took the great blow, forcing a whimper out of him that nearly threw all he had to the ground.
  27. "Bitch!" One of Reggina's group shouted before taking flight towards the attacker. At the sight, another of the tree crows took flight, followed by one of those on the grass, on and on and on escalating in the blink of an eye till both groups in their entirety charged at each other in the sky.
  29. All, save for Reggina, at first more than willing though controlling herself not to. Her judgement had been favorable, realizing now that with everyone distracted by each other, none went for Anon. And so, she rushed to him who stared stupefied at what transpired in the sky.
  31. "Hey." Greeted Reggina, bumping into him as she embraced his arm, pressing herself tightly against him. "What's up?"
  33. Anon kept on looking dumbfounded, till he forced himself to regain his composure. Still, that only one harpy arrived to him certainly threw him off. Like ever before, he extended her a pack of french fries; she stared starry-eyed with a smile from ear to ear, grabbing it before giving him a kiss on the cheek, something she'd have not been able to do with everyone swarming him at the same time.
  35. "Say, when are you gonna be free?" She asked.
  37. "I'm just gonna to pick up my jacket I forgot yesterday. I'm free right now."
  39. "Nice. Wanna go out?"
  41. "Sure, why not?"
  43. And as unconscious crows fell like rain, Reggie and Anon walked away.
  45. ---
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