Ex Girlfriend Chapter 5

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  1. Note: Not 100% accurate
  2. Chapter provided by Markues and Basedfrog1
  4. Ex Girlfriend Chapter 5
  6. Chapter starts with mc and Blonde making out, some deep wet tongue kissing. Then mc says Ayoung(Blonde) I don't think we should do this. Blonde ask him why(yeah why?). She ask him if he doesn't like it but mc says it's not that he doesn't like it. Then blonde tells mc not to get the wrong idea. She tells him she just doesn't do this with anyone and it's because it's him that she's doing that. She then takes mc hand and pull it toward her pussy and tell him to touch and feel it. She tells him she's been hot and horny all day at work and been that wet since she saw him this morning.
  8. Action continues with hot exchange of tongue kissing and mc narrates that because of the alcohol and because of her sweet perfume like smell mixed with her alcohol mixed saliva and her sweet livelihood, his body reacted and he couldn't control it anymore(Here we get that hot exchange of thick saliva line between their mouths). Blonde then say Mr Suh(mc) you look so cute, and want to eat him whole. She then tells mc that she didn't expect his body to look so ripped. She tells mc that she knows he saw her panty earlier today at the office and she was so excited. She then ask mc if he was exited after seeing them this morning. She then tells mc that she want to see his hard D, then she ask mc if she she can see it. She opens up the zipper and grabs the D and says hello there.
  10. She then says the D looks good and proceed to start blowing mc hard. Sequences of noice and hot panels of epic blowjobs ensue, blonde also start touching herself here. She then say she can't wait anymore and will put the D in(in its rightful place). Then she proceeds to put in it and we get that hot and noice last panel of blonde in full glory. TBC..
  12. Maupp's Thot: Can't think right now, heading to the store to get some more lube.
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