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  1. >>32366
  2. i'll try not to whine and complain...
  4. she and i met on runescape (back when it was 2D, those were the days...), we were like 10. hung out a little, didn't think much of it; but over time we really became close, so much so that we called each other boyfriend/girlfriend. we went from community to community together, inc. neopets (ahahaha yes, i know, don't even start, i was like 11), warcraft 3 (still a great game), gaia, dA, email...
  6. over time, she started to drift away... and after talking with her for about 3 days for multiple long hours past midnight, she finally confessed that for the past year, her father had been continuously raping her. i contacted proper authorities, he went into police custody (under her agreement), etcetera. it was a pretty fucked up situation. i talked her through every part of her, and she was pretty petrified once she was no longer under her spell (this is how she described it to me recently; apparently he tricked her into thinking everything was her fault). during the counseling, she and i agreed that it wasn't the time for such a romantic relationship, and agreed to peruse it later if the universe allowed.
  8. she'll never fully heal to become what she was prior, but that's okay; everyone changes. and even after our changes, i still love her... but after confessing everything in a thought out, heartfelt letter, she told me that she doesn't feel the same way and doubts she ever will; but that she does still want to stay friends.
  10. i feel as though i'll never be able to stop loving her; that even if i move on, marry someone else, and even have children, i'll still love her. i can't explain it. it almost feels like cheating, but not on the one i'd marry; on her.
  12. and it fucking hurts.
  14. it really fucking hurts.
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