Berry Gets Drunk (WIP)

Aug 27th, 2015
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  4. >You were stumbling down a hallway
  5. >Someone was talking but you werent really listening
  6. >You were too busy walking
  7. >The edges of your vision were slightly blurred
  8. >You could feel a smile plastered across your face
  9. >Or maybe your face was plastered and it was just smiling…
  10. >Either way, tonight was a great night.
  11. >You had just won 7 games of beerpong in a row
  12. >They don't call you princess of the drink for nothing after all…
  14. >You were in a bedroom
  15. >When did you get here?
  16. >You look to the bed and notice the stallion you were walking with is laying down
  17. >He's kinda cute when he's spinning around the room like that.
  18. >Ok too much spinning…
  19. >You quickly shut your eyes, which only seems to make the spinning worse
  20. >Opening your eyes you instead you chose to focus on the stallion
  21. >The world seems to regain some stability and you walk over to the bed.
  22. >Sleep.
  23. >Sleep sounds good right now.
  24. >Damn. Getting into bed is a lot harder when it keeps moving away from you
  25. >But you can make it if you try with a hop, stumble, and a thump
  27. >You find yourself sprawled out on the bed next to this stallion
  28. >It’s really nice of him to let you sleep in his bed
  29. >You doubt you'd be able to find your own in this condition
  30. >You close your eyes as you wait for slumber to take you.
  31. >It’s hard to sleep, however, when your hoof keeps moving
  32. >Wait. Your hoof is moving.
  33. >But you aren't moving it
  34. >How is that-
  35. >You crack your eyes open to see your hoof held between the stallions
  36. >He is moving it up and down across his… Oh my…
  37. >He wants to fuck.
  38. >Well shit.
  39. >You’re too drunk to really enjoy this but if you say no he might kick you out, forcing you to find your way home
  40. >The thought of trying to find your way home in this condition makes your head hurt
  41. >Instead you decide to roll onto your side
  42. >You Lift your tail over your hip
  43. >Stallions don't usually last that long anyway
  44. >And you're not in estrus so its not like you can get pregnant…
  45. >Seeming to taking the hint you feel your partner's chest press against your back
  46. >darkness starts to take you as you feel him enter
  47. >You underestimated how big he was
  48. >The added pressure and rhythmic pounding on your insides were starting to make you sick
  49. >For the love of Celestia if he doesn't spew first then you will
  50. >Twap. Twap. Twap.
  51. *gag*
  52. >TwapTwapTwap
  53. *gaaag*
  54. >Twaaaapppp
  55. >You feel his warmth fill you and you breath a sigh of relief
  56. >Darkness finally takes you as you lose consciousness.
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