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  1. Its 100000000000% unintentional, but I kind of feel like I unconsciously created and based some Iron Maidens characters off Maids RPG characters, which is funny because some of them came up from the Maid Generator.
  2. Charlotte and Charlotte....duh
  3. Marcy and Plight - Charlotte's love interest
  4. Brioche and Toast - ...Ok, this one was intended*....
  5. Loreli and Sariel - Buxom woman with team mom-esque stuff, is lesbians with a smart mage who wears glasses
  6. Hikaru and Tao-Lyn - Shota who looks extremely androgynous and could pass for a girl, has a transpiring/summoning weapon, blond girlfriend, was an orphan
  7. Kasumi and Sylven - Blond girlfriend to the previous one
  8. Midori and Eddogawa - Family member of Charlotte with cybernetic body part(s) and uses swords
  9. Sally and Ymir - Charlotte's childhood friend and former master as a maid/master as a maid. Helped with her cybernetic body parts in some way.
  10. Birch and Harold - The old man mustached, glasses-wearing butler for the childhood friend.
  11. Arashi no Onna and Dominion - Masked person who is an antagonist, but helps people sometimes, and is extremely mysterious
  12. Horatio and Cynthia and Spade and Fantasia - Charlotte's parents. TECHNICALLY I said Charlotte was the daughter of an Admiral and Scholar before  Kiki cooked up the idea of having Spade and Fantasia be her parents, which I didn't know they existed. It was just convince they happened to be a scholar and general. It just so happed I planned for Charlotte to be the daughter of a scholar and war hero.
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