Super Robot Wars GC Translation Project

Jul 31st, 2013
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  1. Super Robot Wars GC Translation Project
  2. -------------------------------------------
  4. * Mediafire folder with translated stuff:
  5. mediafire.com/srwgc
  7. * Tools for translating stuff (with tutorial):
  8. romhacking.net/utilities/940/
  11. -------------------------------------------
  12. Quick guide on how to use the translation:
  13. -------------------------------------------
  15. 1) Download Dolphin emulator version 3.0 (it must be this version) and install. *UPDATE*: Dolphin 4.0 has been released and it works as well (not sure about revisions yet).
  16. 2) In the graphics settings, set texture cache all the way to "safe" and enable "load custom textures".
  17. 3) Download the translated stuff from the Mediafire folder above. You have two options here:
  18. A) Get the big zip files in the "Translated (For Users)" folder, containing the textures (at least Event and Menus, the ones from Battle too if you want them). Go to 4).
  19. B) Get the files in the "Project Files (For Advanced Users)". If you do this, read the next section.
  20. 4) Put the textures in <Dolphin's main folder>\User\Load\Textures\GRWJD9\ (create this folder if it doesn't exist).
  21. 5) Play the game.
  23. You don't need to worry about the "Sorted (For Staff)" folder if you're just an end user.
  25. * UPDATE: If you're using Dolphin 4.0 (or a revision) and you're experiencing slow or "jumpy" battle animation, go to the Graphics settings and select "Direct3D9 (deprecated)" instead of "Direct3D11". Make sure that texture cache is set to "safe" and "load custom textures" is enabled after this.
  27. * UPDATE: In Dolphin 4.0, the User folder is located in "My Documents" by default. If you don't like that, there's some alternatives for you here: https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Controlling_the_Global_User_Directory
  29. * IMPORTANT!! Read the questions Q11 - Q15 in the "FAQ & Troubleshooting" section of this document, it will save you some loading time.
  31. -------------------------------------------
  32. (ADVANCED) Using the tools to generate batches of textures:
  33. -------------------------------------------
  35. Unzip the zip file(s) containing the txt files wherever you want, but don't change the internal structure of the unzipped folders (don't rename or move folders inside them).
  37. You should have two folders, one with Battle Dialogue txt files and another one with Event Dialogue (Stages). Each folder is to be used with its respective tool (that you should have downloaded already). The process is the same for both (with a couple of minor details):
  39. 1) Open the Battle/Event Editor tool (depending on what textures you want to generate).
  40. 2) In the lower part of the main window of the tool, you'll find the "Destination folder" field. Browse for <Dolphin's main folder>\User\Load\Textures\GRWJD9\ (if it doesn't exist, create it first) or a subfolder of it.
  41. * I recommend creating at least two subfolders ("Battle" and "Stages") inside GRWJD9 and using one for each tool.
  42. 3) In the menu, go to Generate...->Batch in Destination folder.
  43. 4) Browse for one of the batch files inside the Battle Dialogue/Stages folder (depending on the tool).
  44. 5) Wait for the tool to generate all textures in the batch. This can take a while.
  45. 6) Go back to 3) if you want to process another batch.
  47. * The menu textures are NOT included with the txt files. Get those textures from "Translated (For Users)/Menus" in the Mediafire folder.
  48. * In the Battle Dialogues folder, there's a "generate ALL batch" that you can use to get all the translated Battle Dialogue. However, it is recommended to only generate the batches with stuff you need at the moment. Please read Q12 - Q14 in the next section to understand why.
  49. * The Event Dialogue batches marked with "MS" are for dialogue adapted for the Male-Super route. They overwrite some existing dialogue shared with the Female routes, so ignore these batches unless you're playing the Male-Super route.
  50. * If you go for the Male-Super route, generate the MS batches AFTER their respective female version. For example, first generate "01-batch.txt" and then "01.MS-batch.txt".
  51. * The Battle Dialogue batches generate textures already in subfolders (for example, "Amuro/Attack" or "Amuro/Dodge"), but the Event Dialogue batches don't. You may want to create subfolders for each stage before generating their respective batches.
  54. -------------------------------------------
  55. FAQ & Troubleshooting
  56. -------------------------------------------
  58. Q01: Are there many routes in this game? Are you working on all or just one?
  59. A: There's supposed to be 4 routes: Male-super, Male-real, Female-super and Female-real. We're going with the Female-real for now. The classical route splits are not present in this game.
  61. Q02: What's different in those routes?
  62. A: Other than the main character/robot, love interest and some battle lines, there are some dialogues in the game exclusive to each path. The events are apparently unchanged though.
  64. Q03: What shows are in this game?
  65. A: Read Magenta Galaxy's FAQ: http://www.gamefaqs.com/gamecube/922161-super-robot-taisen-gc/faqs/42645
  67. Q04: Is there some kind of video footage of this to show it in movement?
  68. A: Early footage, but yes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93IHK2DraFE
  70. Q05: Do you have an estimated ETA? / When do you think this is going to be finished?
  71. A: We honestly don't know. Depends on how long the game gets and how busy our lives become. Please be patient.
  73. Q06: Why are you translating this game and not Alpha 3 / OGS / Z / my favourite SRW??
  74. A: Because we lack the skill to hack those games. Dolphin comes with options for replacing the game's textures with custom-made ones. That's what we're doing to translate the game.
  76. Q07: Does that mean Neo can be translated this way too?
  77. A: Neo can be translated as well, although it presents some issues compared to GC.
  79. Q08: Are you guys going to do it after this one?
  80. A: Not sure. We'll think about it after clearing this one.
  82. Q09: Why are you taking so long?
  83. A: We have a life. Besides, to get stuff translated, we have to actually see it in-game, so we have to play the full game to translate it. This is also particularly tricky with battle dialogues, which are mostly random.
  85. Q10: Dolphin doesn't save my settings.
  86. A: The emulator most probably didn't create the User/Config folder. You'll have to create it manually.
  88. Q10b: I created it, but it still doesn't save my settings.
  89. A: Make sure the path to your User folder doesn't contain non-ASCII characters, that is, characters unique to non-English languages. For example Greek or Cyrillic characters or vowels with a tilde like á or à. If that's the case, you'll have to configure the emulator to find the User folder in a better place ( https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Controlling_the_Global_User_Directory ).
  91. Q11: Can I directly copy the translation folders in User/Load/Textures/GRWJD9 or should I only put the textures there?
  92. A: Copy the folders. Dolphin recognizes subfolders in GRWJD9.
  94. Q12: Dolphin hangs when I start the game with the translation.
  95. A: It doesn't really hang, it just takes a lot of time thinking (probably 1-2 minutes). The emulator needs to map (recognize) the custom textures in the "load" folder before using them, and they're a LOT.
  97. Q13: Can I do something to make it load faster?
  98. A: Yes, you can manage your "load" folder to contain only the files that you need. If you're going to play only one stage, you only need to put there the folder for that stage. Move the other folders somewhere outside of GRWJD9. The same thing applies to characters' battle dialogue, leave there only the ones for characters you know are going to appear in the stage(s) you want to play.
  100. Q14: How do I know which characters are going to be present in a stage?
  101. A: Use Magenta Galaxy's FAQ.
  103. Q15: I've left only the textures I need, but this still takes a long while to load.
  104. A: There's a little trick to reduce the mapping time. Start the game with "Load Custom Textures" and you'll see how, for some seconds, the Pause, Stop, Widescreen and Screenshot buttons are disabled (sort of transparent). The moment you see them become enabled, turn on "Dump Textures" and the mapping will be slightly shorter. Keep in mind that your dump folder will start to be filled with textures (you'll have to clean it up manually) and that the moment you turn off "Dump Textures", the emulator will perform another mapping (but shorter).
  106. Q16: Dolphin takes forever to load a savestate with the translation. *SOLVED IN DOLPHIN 4.0*
  107. A: For some reason, Dolphin tries to map the textures again every time you load a state with "Load Custom Textures" enabled. It doesn't do it if you enable "Dump Textures" first, but keep in mind that if you disable "Dump Textures" and leave "Load Custom Textures" enabled after that, Dolphin will map the textures *again*.
  109. Q17: I clicked the Stop button and the emulator got hanged as well! *SOLVED IN DOLPHIN 4.0*
  110. A: That's also mapping, even though it makes no sense. Enable "Dump Textures" before stopping the emulation if you want to avoid it.
  112. Q18: All this mapping is annoying. Why not just have "Dump Textures" enabled all the time?
  113. A: If you start the game with both "Load" and "Dump" textures, the game won't do any mapping at all. That means you won't see any translation. Besides, if you play for some time, your Dump folder will have thousands of unwanted textures that you'll have to clean manually. If you're not going to use savestates, it's better to avoid the "Dump textures" option.
  115. Q19: I heard we can edit the dialogues of the game ourselves, how?
  116. A: Download the tools with the link at the beginning of this document. There are instructions for using them inside. You can either edit existing txt files from the "Sorted (for staff)" section in the Mediafire folder or create your own.
  118. Q20: Can I help with the project then?
  119. A: Actually, yes. We have busy lives and could use a hand from time to time. Just make sure you announce you want to help, it would be bad if you started doing something that another guy has half-finished, for example.
  121. Q21: I don't really feel like using those tools (or reading that big-ass manual!). Is there anything else I can do?
  122. A: Yeah, you could play the other routes, keeping a save file in your memory card for every stage you go through (or at least the ones in which you find untranslated / wrong dialogue) and then share your memory card with us. That way we could get to those untranslated dialogues quickly once we've finished the current route. Other than that, you can help us keep the thread alive, show some support, give us your opinion on some lines, play the translation and spot mistakes, make suggestions or even jokes. We love jokes.
  124. Q22: I've seen that Super Robot Wars logo somewhere before...
  125. A: Indeed. The logo we're using is based on the one made by Watercrown Productions, which is itself based on the one that Atlus made for the U.S. release of OG 1 and 2. It was used for the translation of J, you'll see it again in the translation of SRW 2, and if any other SRW game gets translated in the future, it will most probably use this logo.
  127. Q23: Who's working on this?
  128. A: The "official" team is 4 guys so far:
  129. - Steve: Menu translation (and the reason this project started btw)
  130. - Oppai Missile: Main translator (event dialogues)
  131. - Bring Stabity: Dialogue dumper and QC (editing)
  132. - Dashman: Programmer and translator (battle dialogues)
  134. We also had Guy G. help us dump and classify some event dialogues from different routes for some time, and some anons have shown their support and contributed with their opinions and criticism to the project all along (thanks guys).
  136. Q24: Why do you write so f*cking much???
  137. A: Sorry, bad habit.
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