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  1. Key: Lumbreon       Discord: Already Touch that#3768
  3. What I'm applying for: The World (ZA WARUDO)
  5. Why I want it: I want it because I want to introduce the concept of the Stands to everyone but more importantly the evil side. I want to bring in that invisible threat that can stop time and is shrouded in mystery to everyone until other people get stands. I also want to have fun and play around with the concept of stands in this world of Demons and Wars.
  7. Sample Rp (Small):
  9. Mega Cheese falls hard into the ground like a sack of potatoes onto the cold hard floor of the train, while grasping and pulling on her hair, their world starts to spins and she begins to feel sick in her stomach and nauseous, her skin turns a pale white and puke starts building up in the back of her throat. This all happened so suddenly, her mind wanted to fully question what was happening but she couldn't think at all due to a migraine that was pounding on her head like a jack-hammer. In a flash out and of nowhere, the world and everything else around her had stopped and as she started to get her bearings everything started moving again before she could even comprehend what happened.
  11. That was the first time that her stand powers started to manifest, the distress of her extreme motion sickness and her desire to stop the train forced it out and to reveal its power if only for a second. It started to become more controllable and she became more aware of her powers and this new life that manifested from her soul. From the point on she began to use her power more and more, training it in secret and using it when others wouldn't notice, but that being said she never really used it for good.
  13. After some time Cheese began to get curious of her powers, was it something unique to her or did others have similar powers that they also hide from everyone else and if that was the case then she could never reveal her power to anyone until she knew the answer. The more the question lurked in her mind the more she wanted to look into it, and so after saving up enough money from 'Working', she set out to discover to true nature of her powers and the mystery behind them.
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