Gryphon Lands Collation

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  1. *****
  2. Operation: From The Murk
  3. *****
  5.     >Adon
  6.     Adon takes notice of the dark shadow, below the water, and thinks over the possibilities. Could be the creature, unmoving for the time being, or could it be nothing? But it could still be something. "Hmm..." Looking to the ground, he picks up a fist-sized stone, aims it at the dark 'something', and gives an underhanded lob to try and invoke a reaction.
  7. [ 1d6 = 1 ] [ 1d6 = 2 ] <B.Melee:  Throwing
  9.     Giving the throw little strength, the stone sunk through the water short of hitting the dark spot. After waiting a minute, it began to move. Inch by inch on the lake floor until it was three inches away from the chucked rock, where a dark appendage reached out and dragged it back into itself.
  11.     >Adon
  12.     The Witcher watches the stone sink into the water, and resting on the bottom. Sure enough the shadow moved, and something arm-like reached out to grab it. It grabbed the rock. Which gives him an idea, and he drives his silver sword into the dirt of a clearing near the lake. Looking around for materials, for a few minutes, Adon collects dry grass and wood for tinder, and kindling for a small fire. Next he grabs plenty of larger pieces for hotter fuel. Creating a pyramid shape, he sparks his hands at the tinder with a meager Igni to start the fire and allows it to build and feed it until a nice bed of coals form. Stoking the fire, he goes to collect one very attractive-looking stone, and drops it into the center of the fire. He'll have to wait for it to get smoking hot. Kneeling, he closes his eyes and clears his head, only awaiting for the signs of a smoldering rock. "I assume I'm not being timed. Patience is key, sometimes."
  13. [1d6 = 2 ] <B.Meditate
  15.     With the sound of fire and running water as two distinct elements reaching his ears, @Adon sunk into meditative trance. At the sound he was waiting for the trance is broken, leaving the Witcher two hours in the future by the way sky was lit. Within the smoldering ashen remains of the fires centre sat the rock, jets of steam hissing out of tiny cracks in its surface.
  17.     >Adon
  18.     Awakening out of his trance, the awaited sound breaks him from his meditation. Looking down at the dying fire lay the stone, hissing from its firey bake. Standing up, he pulls his silver sword from the ground and sheathes it for now. He grabs two forked branches, he had saved, and used them to cradle the smoking rock out of the embers. Carefully carrying it to where he had tossed the first one, he realizes the creature is gone. "Shit..." Still hefting the stone in the branches, Adon scans the water for the submerged shadow. Hopefully, the stone should stay nice and hot, for a time, but he shouldn't dick around.
  19. [1d6 = 5 ] [1d6 = 3 ] <B.Perception
  21.     After several seconds of scanning the water Adon spots the target, it was deeper into the lake now by 13ft, a solid 3ft of water were between it and the lakes surface. checking the branches that held the hot rock, the Witcher saw that they were slowly burning away, giving him precious seconds before the rock well onto the damp shore.
  22.     Whistling through the air the heated stone splashes into the calm water, the sudden temperature change causing the rock to fragment under the now sizzling surface to rain down on @Adons prey. Without warning, the dark mass spasmed and lashed out, tendrils breaking the boiling surface to flail in pain. 88/100HP
  24.     >Adon:
  25.     Watching and hearing the stone explode on water contact, Adon smiles as the creature limbs break the water in agony. "There's some progress." He needs to draw it to him, but he can't get to deep into the water. He'll lose his movement advantage if he gets too deep. Holding his shot-glass potion bottle in his teeth, Adon grabs another rock from the bank and cautiously steps into the shallows of the lakeside; stopping at knee deep. He hurls it at the thing's center mass, trying further piss off the creature.
  26. [ 1d6 = 3 ] [ 1d6 = 6 ] <B.Melee: Throw
  27. "Come on, you squigling shit. Come get me!
  29.     At sensing Adon's wadding feet in the water, the hurt beast began moving towards the Witcher. Closer now, the stone hit its centre dead on, causing it to pause in its approach for a moment as it wriggled in pain. 81/100HP
  30.     Seemingly angered, the prey kicks into gear and swims at Adons leg's, long limbs bursting from its body to grab on.
  31. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] <Movement
  33.     >Adon
  34.     Nailing the creature, and stunning it for a brief moment, Adon tugs off the cork with his teeth and tips back the bluish potion in one go. He grits his teeth, his muscles surging through his body, as he begins to back out of the water, swinging low at the limbs attempting to grasp onto him.
  35. [1d6 = 4 ] [ 1d6 = 5 ] <B.Movement
  36. [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] [1d6+2  = 8 ] <B.Melee
  37. [ 1d6 = 5 ] <Silver Harm+Thunderbolt, +1 to all Melee rolls, 2 turns remaining
  39.     Being adapted to traversing through the water, Adon's prey reached his legs before he could get onto the shore. However it did not anticipate the pain received from the Witchers downward swing at its out stretched limbs. Electricity coursed through it's tendrils, stunning them and it before they floated away from its body, the Witcher having lopped them off. Through pain and electric damage to its nervous system the prey was left momemtarily stunned at Adons feet. 63/100HP, 1 turn Stun!
  41.     >Adon
  42.     Connecting blade with flesh, Adon resteps as he hacks off the offending limbs grabbing onto him. Making quick work of them they floated, away leaving a trail of neon green blood in their wake. Disgusting! He can't tell if the silver has an effect, or not. Regardless, his strike had shocked the creature, and he takes the precious split seconds to ready himself.
  43.     The Witcher gives his sword a quick re-orient before bringing it over his head and driving it straight down into the center of the creature.
  44. [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] <Melee:Close Range
  45. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] <B.Melee; THUNDERBOLT: +1 to all Melee rolls, 1 turn remaining
  47.     Squirming under the waters surface, the preys' blood began to spread out across the lake, masking the clear liquid with its thicker green life fluids. Thankfully due to its dark bulbous body @Adon was able to see the monster within the murkiness, bringing his sword down vibrations ran up his hands the blade punctured the tough skin and scrappling the pebbled lake floor. 55/100HP
  49.     >Adon
  50.     Though managing to cut into the creature's surprisingly tough hide, Adon's strike was still just a glancing blow. He decides to cut his losses in the water and heads back to the lake side as fast as he can, to hopefully regain an advantage on solid ground.
  51.     He needs to get it out of the water. "Come on! Follow the tasty Witcher!" He probably wasn't really appetizing, he figures.
  52. [ 1d6 = 1 ] [ 1d6 = 6 ] <B.Movement
  54.     Reaching the shore and turning to see, Adon saw that the black shape of the wounded creature was not following, in fact it disappeared when he turned his back to run to safety. After a moment of scanning the contaminated green lake, movement caught the Witchers' eye. The spilt blood having reached a point he could not peer through the cloudy water and see the state of the approaching monster. Suddenly, at around 7ft from the shore the black oval body of the monster sprang out, ten claws each a metre long spread wide from its body. The hidden bottom of its form now revealed to be a gaping needle tooth riddled maw taking up most of its body, so cavernous it could easily fit Adons head and chest in one bite. Coincidently, that is what it aimed for.
  55. [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] <Movement
  56. [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] <Bite
  58.     >Adon
  59.     Back on land, Adon turned to scan the shore, sword raised into a guard. Then he sees it, and lowers his sword to his left side. The Witcher pivots to the right of the lunging monster, bringing his sword around him in a massive swipe aimed to cut across the creature.
  60. [ 1d6 = 5 ] [ 1d6 = 3 ] <B.Movement
  61. [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] <Melee:Close Range
  62. [ 1d6+1 = 4 ] [ 1d6+1 = 6 ] <B.Melee
  63.     And awaiting, right after the slash, his free left hand. His fingers danced mindlessly to trace a triangle in the air, and aims his open palm to the creature to unleash a blast of Igni to its underside. Hopefully.
  64. [ 1d6 = 3 ] <Igni: Fire Blast
  66.     Being that much faster in its lunge the attacking monster bit down on Adon's right side swipe, interrupting the blow and causing only superficial damage to its underside. 54/100HP
  67.     Luckily for the Witcher, this left his prey knocked down onto its back on the shore, the monster flailing its articulated legs in an attempt to right itself. As if to balance out this luck however the igni blast that was to follow didn't appear, instead sputtering licks of flame came out of the Witchers left palm, they harmlessly singing the creatures front and causing it to panic. Trying to free itself from its predicament its many limbs clawed in all directions, some striking out at Adons.
  68. [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] <Flailing Legs
  70.     >Adon
  71.     Momentarily relieved he managed to stem off the creature's attack, he's more peeved Igni hardly did anything to the thing. Especially his underside. Weak to fire, his ass! He'll have to wait a bit to try again. Watching the monster writhe onto its back, limbs flailing, Adon tries to sidestep and block them with his sword. And then, attempting to drive his sword right into its gaping underside.
  72. [ 1d6 = 6 ] [ 1d6 = 6 ] [ 1d6 = 6 ] <B.Movement: Block
  74.     While the monster was frantic and was fueled with the will to live, @Adon was an experienced Witcher with years under his belt, and so was able to effortlessly block all the oncoming limbs. Smacking them away with the flat of his sword, an opening revealed itself, and with a lunge he drove the blade right into its chattering mouth. DOUBLE DAMAGE! 25/100HP In response, the beasts' limbs tried to wrap around Adon to ensure him so its maw could devour him.
  75. [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] >Grab
  77.     >Adon
  78.     Adon smirks to himself at his perfectly timed blocks with his sword, and driving it center into its gaping undermaw. This only seemed to make it flail more aggressively,t hough. The Witcher backs up, leaving his silver sword embedded in the creature's mouth to maybe keep it from overturning itself, and immediately draws his steel sword to begin blocking the incoming limbs again and brings down a slash across some of the writhing apendages.
  79. [ 1d6 = 4 ] [ 1d6 = 1 ] [ 1d6 = 4 ] <B.Movement: Block
  80. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+1 = 7 ] [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] <B.Melee
  82.     No matter how much he blocked, the jointed appendages outnumbered him ten to one and eventually grasped onto @Adon tightly. Before they could drag him to the ground however the Witcher evened the playing field somewhat by lobbing one limb off 33/100HP, cutting into the knuckle of another 31/100HP and severing the tendon in yet another 21/100HP. Despite the pain inflicted and a sword stuck in it, the toothy bottom mouth open wide to bite down on Adons head.
  83. [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] [ 1d6+3 = 6 ] >Bite
  85.     >Adon
  86.     His attempts to keep the severely injured creature at bay faltered, and several of its claws grabbed onto him. Eyes widening at the gaping maw, Adon drops his steel sword. The space is too confined, for an attack with it. He reaches to his left side and, simultaneously draws and slashes at the apendages holding onto his left side with his razor sharp trophy knife.
  87. [ 1d6 = 5 ] [ 1d6 = 4 ] <B.Movement
  88. [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] [ 1d6+1 = 6 ] [ 1d6+1 = 7 ] <B.Melee
  89.     And just following behind it, his free left hand again; flick-tracing another styled triangle, Adon thrusts his hand right into the creature's beartrap of a mouth.
  90. [ 1d6 = 1 ] <Aard: Air Blast
  92.     With quick reflex @Adon grabbed the hilt of his prized knife before the gaping mouth of the prey bit down on him, adrenaline powering his swings with enough force to slice three more fingers clean off 0/100HP. Stalling from shuddering pain the incoming chomp did not connect, this giving the Witcher enough time to blast the beast away...Only just like with igni, the magic was not there. Instead of blowing the monster away it gave a half hearted push that sent Adon stumbling backwards. Free yes from the things clutches, but not gracefully.
  94.     With a few frantic twitches the monster finally expired on the green slick shoreline, and as Adon caught his breath the sound crunching pebbles drew near. "Well done, a bit hectic for killing one mouth, but you survived with no scratches."
  96.     >Adon
  97.     Feeling his knife sail through several limbs, Adon catches himself as the creature releases from him and quickly bleeds to death on the shore. He pats himself down, surprised to have made it out with zero injuries. "Phew." Although he's a bit disappointed at his Signs, weak though, as he had expected.
  98.     The Witcher hears, but does not see, the Endling comment on his victory as he flicks the blood off his knife and goes to collect his steel sword off the ground. "Having all my blood in me, after a hunt, is a good day in my book." Sheathing sword number one, he walks over to the lifeless corpse and pulls out sword number two, which was covered in green icor. "If all of the creatures are as half as interesting as this thing, I'm going to have to work on my improvization."
  99.     Cleaning the blade as best as he could on grass, polishing it on his leather boot, he sheathes it as well. "Are we done here? Or do I need to take something..." He looks over the creature in puzzlement. "- back, worthy of a trophy."
  101.     Appearing in Adon's field of view the Endling walked past him to stand at the edge of the shores' water, his body, although different, was giving off worrying signs. "You can take your prize after we kill this monster-" The spindly clawed mouth, lifeless and limp flew into the air as a long black triple jointed appendage, three metres in length and two feet in diameter, shimmered into existence. Turning to look Adon over his shoulder, a crooked smile grew across his beak. "-Good job luring out the rest of it body."
  102.     Where the long limb met the water bubbles and disturbed lake floor rose, a set quad set of fist sized bug eyes protruded out of the murk followed by an even larger oval body. Several arms with clawed mouths slithered out of the water in a wide circumference, each one flailing in the air as the twitching eyes honed in on the Endling and the Witcher. "Do you want to go for the main body or do you want to continue fighting it's mouths?"
  104.     >Adon
  105.     Looking at the Endling, oddly, he points a hand at the dead creature. "What do you mean? Thhat thing is definitely-" Adon backs up as the mouth flies into the air, apparently connected to a large black arm. A set of eyes emerged, and more arms with even more mouth claws followed right after.
  106.     "Well... shit." Drawing his steel sword, he looks over at the Endling with concern, but with a wiry grin plastered on his face. He had to use his Thunderbolt on a finger; he can't imagine what the body is going to be like. "If you can keep those mouths off of me, Huntsmaster. Any weakpoints on the body?"
  108.     Snapping his head upwards, the Endling kept his sight on the approaching swings of the gasping maws, a taloned finger pointing to the monster's bulging eyes. "The eyes and anywhere where there is no protective slimy layer." Changing stance to a protective one, the catbird prepared as the first appendage swung his way. "I'll protect you, then."
  109. [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] <Movement
  110. [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] <Bite
  111.     Instead of dodging, the Endling leaped at the gaping mouth, fist cocked back to deliver a sweeping sucker punch.
  112. [ 1d6+14 = 18 ] [ 1d6+14 = 20 ] [ 1d6+14 = 15 ] [ 1d6+14 = 20 ] >Melee
  114.     >Adon
  115.     Adon backs up, well out of the way of the swinging mouths, the Endling taking full advantage of engaging. Not wanting to be an idle target, the Witcher begins a serpentine manuever across the hulking four-eyed creature. As he keeps his steps light, he looks over the monster for any dry, slimeless areas to strike.
  116. [ 1d6 = 4 ] [ 1d6 = 1 ] <B.Movement
  117. [ 1d6 = 3 ] [ 1d6 = 5 ] <B.Perception
  119.     With a heavy *THUMP* the Endlings fist connected with the mouth, the claws and teeth not being able to find purchase in the fraction of time in contact with the catbird 49/100HP. Seeing his claw-work sent the mouth smacked into the shoreline with complimenting crater, the Huntsmaster ran after Adon, intent on protecting his back.
  120.     The water was deceptively deeper than expected, up to the Witcher's knees as he moved in closer to the main body. Quickly scanning the "head" of the thing. Adon saw that the cranium was dry of water, and perhaps slime too. He also noted that the eyes were not covered in slime, probably so it could see its prey. Two mouths reared up in front of Adon to protect the body and consume the Witcher.
  121. Mouth 3:
  122. [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] <Movement
  123. [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] >Bite
  124. Mouth 4:
  125. [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] >Movement
  126. [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] >Bite
  128.     Striding past in a blur the Endling stretched his arms out, claws and talons aimed to rake at both the oncoming mouths.
  129. [ 1d6+8 = 11 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] <E.Movement
  130. [ 1d6+17 = 20 ] [ 1d6+17 = 20 ] [ 1d6+17 = 22 ] [ 1d6+17 = 20 ] <M.Melee
  132.     >Adon
  133.     Nice punch, for a gryphon walking upright. As he makes a pass around the creature, the Endling follows, moving into his path as two mouths attack them. "Looks like we're going to have to put them out, anyway!" Not satisfied watching the Endling doing all the fighting, Adon flanks to the right of the wingless gryphon right as his claws are about to connect and unleashes, hopefully another Igni on the arms connecting the mouths to the main body.
  134. [ 1d6 = 3 ] [ 1d6 = 5 ] <B.Movement
  135. [ 1d6 = 6 ] <Igni: Fire Blast
  136.     And right after, he takes a cleaving swing at the closest connecting appendage.
  137. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] [ 1d6+1 = 7 ] <B.Melee
  139.     Just like the previous engagement, the large aquatic monsters' maws could not get a grasp on the Endling, in return the Endling sliced at the clawed mouths, his talons sinking in deep and sending them both into the green water. Mouth3&4: 74/100HP
  141.     As the mouths splashed into the lake, Adon's Igni blast materialized out of his palm, this time manifesting as a spiraling inferno that engulfed the stems that connected the submerged mouths with the jointed appendage.
  142. Creature: 495/500HP, Burning for 2 turns, 3 damage per turn
  143.     Swinging his blade at the closet joint, Adon saw that his igni blast had seered the protective layer away on both wrists, fire still eating away at foul smelling boiling meat. Although this did scorch away the slime, it did not peel the thick hide off of the monster, and with each strike only a small cut appeared on the closet wrist before both mouths rose out of the water and out of the Witchers' reach.
  144. Creature: 493/500HP
  145.     "What are you doing, stop wasting time and go for the head!" Shouted the Endling, annoyed at the Witcher for not taking advantage of the opening he had been given. Distracted by the human the Huntsmaster was brought onto the defensive as three mouths plunged down all at once on him.
  146. Mouth 2: [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] <Bite
  147. Mouth 3: [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] <Bite
  148. Mouth 4: [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] <Bite
  150. Endling: [ 1d6+17 = 23 ] [ 1d6+17 = 22 ] [ 1d6+17 = 18 ] [ 1d6+17 = 23 ] <Melee
  151.     As he fought, the fifth and final mouth came bursting out of the water for Adon, claws primed to latch onto the Witcher with mouth dripping with saliva.
  152. Mouth 5: [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] >Grab [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] <Bite
  154.     >Adon
  155.     Finally satisfied his Signs had kicked in, although his sword attacks proved fruitless. Hardly grazed the tough skin. Clearly not having been given any indication opening had been made for him, the flailing mouth arms and all, Adon had to settle with taking another one on instead. "Why don't I just ASK if I can cut its damn head off!" Sarcasm, of course. Adon settles in, first blocking the closest claws and countering the rest with an encircling slash.
  156. [ 1d6 = 1 ] [ 1d6 = 6 ] [ 1d6 = 6 ] <B.Block
  157. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+1 = 7 ] [ 1d6+1 = 4 ] <B.Melee
  159.     Despite being caught off-guard and having to fight on the defensive, the Endling thrashed the assaulting clawed maws, watery environment not impeding his swift punches.
  160. Mouth 2: 34/100HP
  161. Mouth 3 & 4: 58/100HP
  163.     "Fuck it, might as well kill it the slow way." The Endling growled to himself, ignoring Adon's sarcasm to focus on ripping the mouths off the monsters' limbs one by one with sharpened talons.
  164. [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 10 ] [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] <Movement
  165. [ 1d6+17 = 23 ] [ 1d6+17 = 21 ] [ 1d6+17 = 18 ] [ 1d6+17 = 18 ] <Melee
  167.     Only able to play catch-up with the dodging Endling, the claws and jaws snaked between each other, stomped up and down, and burst after him through the bloody green lake.
  168. Mouth 2: [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] >Bite
  169. Mouth 3: [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] >Bite
  170. Mouth 4: [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] >Bite
  172.     Hisses of steam burst from the cooking flesh as boils erupted along the appendages length. Creature: 490/500HP, Burning for 1 turn, 3 damage per turn
  174.     At first the Witcher batted a few of the jointed tendrils away, but in one swift motion they latched onto his sides, pinning his armoured front to the wide open mouth. GRABBED! Bashing his sword into the hide, he found yet again it was too tough to be pierced. Now within range the mouth yawned wide and bit into Adons stomach armour, trying to get into the meat underneath.
  175. [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] <Bite
  177.     >Adon
  178.     Eventually falling into the mouth's grasp, Adon swears under his breath. As the teeth dig into his leather armor, he acts quickly to wedge his sword in between his side and the jaws. He torques his sword, to try and unhinge himself out of the maw's fangy grip.
  179. [ 1d6 = 5 ] [ 1d6 = 4 ] <B.Movement
  180. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+1 = 4 ] [ 1d6+1 = 3 ] <B.Melee
  182.     Hopping onto the most damaged of the three mouths the Huntsmaster sunk his claws into the wrist of the appendage, sharp talons digging deep into the flesh before pulling with all his might. A sickening wet snap of bone and tear of meat followed suit as the Endling ripped the maw off the arm of the monster, a ragged stump of green bloody chunky bits replacing it. Mouth2: 0/100HP Finally catching him on the floating corpse of the spidery mouth, the others burst at him with great energy, only for the Endling to leap out of the way and land on a third one, claws swinging down to slice the limb apart.
  183. [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] [ 1d6+8 = 9 ] [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] <Movement
  184. [ 1d6+17 = 20 ] [ 1d6+17 = 20 ] [ 1d6+17 = 21 ] [ 1d6+17 = 22 ] <Melee
  185.     In response, clawed maws scrambled to try and defend themselves as best they could against the onslaught.
  186. Mouth 3: [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] [ 1d6+3 = 6 ] >Bite
  187. Mouth 4: [ 1d6+3 = 6 ] [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] >Bite
  189.     Finally dying down, the flames were replaced with streaks of foul smoke covering charred and ruptured skin, weeping wounds smearing dark green down the length of the beasts jointed arms. 486/500HP Jamming the sword between himself and the biting mouth @Adon felt the blade of the weapon sink into the jums of the clawed maw, it shuddering against him from the pain. Mouth5: 95/100HP Not wanting to further hurt its precious mouth, the beast instead squeezes Adon, wanting to crush the life out of him.
  190. [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] <Crush
  192.     >Adon
  193.     Although he managed to wedge his sword into the side, he only stemmed off the teeth for a time. Now, the creature started applying pressure on his sides. Readjusting his grip, on his sword, he cranks it again to try and pry himself free from his left side.
  194. [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] [ 1d6+1 = 6 ] <B.Melee
  195.     And crosses his left over to the jaw chompped down on his right, attempting an Aard inside the mouth to push its teeth out of him.
  196. [ 1d6 = 6 ] <Aard: Air Blast
  198.     With streaks of gore flying into the air trailing every slash of his claws, the Endling had left most of the wrist connecting the mouth to the jointed limb as a carved out gushing hole with the Huntsmasters' entire upper half slathered in visera.
  199. Mouth3: 13/100HP
  200.     Hindered by awkward angles and not able to rotate the way anatomy had intended, the freakish water monster was unable to catch the Endling, let alone harm him. Back in the water the catbird pounced on the wounded limb-mouth, hands ready to rend it apart with the remaining clawed-maws desperate to stop him.
  201. [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] >Movement
  202. [ 1d6+17 = 20 ] [ 1d6+17 = 23 ] [ 1d6+17 = 20 ] [ 1d6+17 = 20 ] >Melee
  203. Mouth 3: [ 1d6+3 = 6 ] [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] >Bite
  204. Mouth 4: [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] [ 1d6+3 = 6 ] >Bite
  206.     Muscles strained under armour as Adon used his sword to push against the crushing fingers of the spidery claw-maw while attempting to free his arm simutaniously, but with a final heave of strength the Witcher prevailed over the prey. An ear ringing explosion followed by vertigo, Adon found himself free and stumbling in the knee high green water, the former attached maw blown back 6 metres away. Mouth5: 89/100HP STUNNED FOR 1 TURN!
  208.     >Adon
  209.     The powerful wave of Aard forces the jaws open, and Adon's able to free himself. Unscathed, again, but he's not willing to press his luck for too long. Luckily the blast was enough to disorient the mouth, leaving him one less to worry about for the time being. The Endling has already dealt with one, severely damaged one of the two he's currently fighting. Which left him relatively open to attack the body. "Going for the body!" He blows passed the stunned mouth and readies his sword for a series of slashes across any dry part of the creature's main body he can reach.
  210. [ 1d6 = 4 ] [ 1d6 = 1 ] <B.Movement
  211. [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] [ 1d6+1 = 4 ] [ 1d6+1 = 4 ] <B.Melee
  213.     With a lifeless *PLOP* the third maw-claw dropped off the disfigured arm of the monster, it bobbing in the filthy water like the previous disembodied hand. Mouth3: 0/100HP Keeping with the momentum the Endling sprung onto the remaining mouth, ripping into its biting front as it tried to defend itself. Mouth4: 6/100HP Grieviously wounded, the mouth sunk the waters' surface, spasming from the nerve destroying assault from the Huntsmaster. "Now I suppose we can attack the head?"
  214.     Looking to @Adon, the Endling whistled, impressed at witnessing the clawed-maw attacking the Witcher being blown metres away. "Take that as a yes." Splashing deeper into the lake, he intended on making sure the monster had no more means of defence for good.
  215. [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] [ 1d6+8 = 10 ] [ 1d6+8 = 10 ] <Movement
  216. [ 1d6+17 = 21 ] [ 1d6+17 = 20 ] [ 1d6+17 = 19 ] [ 1d6+17 = 23 ] <Melee
  218.     Breaking out of its stunned state, the remaining mouth went for Adon, not noitcing or caring for the approaching Endling.
  219. Mouth 5: [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] >Bite
  221.     Boots finding purchase on the hide of the monsters main body, Adon struck his weapon against the dry domed form of the thing, its thick skin bouncing his blade back with every strike however. Large Bulbous eyes staring at the Witcher with base instinctive fear.
  223.     >Adon
  224.     The Witcher hisses through his teeth as his blade bounces harmlessly off of the creature's hide. "Dammit!" Noticing all the eyes were trained on him, familiar sense emanating through them, he rears his sword back to spear the eyeball furthest on his right.
  225. [ 1d6 = 2 ] [ 1d6 = 4 ] <B.Movement
  226. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+1 = 6 ] [ 1d6+1 = 3 ] <B.Melee
  228.     Tackling the prey from behind, the Endling ripped into the mouth, bloody chunks flung off of it as he literally dug into it.
  229. Mouth 5: 32/100HP
  230.     Forced to stop its pursuit, the maw-claw twisted around to try and bite at the Huntsmaster, he in turn thrusting his talons into the snapping mouth.
  231. [ 1d6+17 = 21 ] [ 1d6+17 = 23 ] [ 1d6+17 = 19 ] [ 1d6+17 = 21 ] >Melee
  232. Mouth 5: [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] >Bite
  234.     Clear liquid gushed out of the eye Adon punctured, a revolting smell leaking out with the eye being popped by the Witchers sword. 3/10HP Without its maw-claws the lake beast did not respond, instead the remaining eyes just stared even more intensely at the attacking human.
  236.     >Adon
  237.     Listening to the Endling, ultimately, doing most of the work behind him Adon looks over his recent strike. He popped one eye, three to go. But without its mouths, the creature just looked at him with an unsettling glare. Like it was scorning him for being there, in the first place. For a brief second, he wonders why the Endling has chosen here; there were no signs of settlement, and seemed out of the way for anyone to be potentially attacked by the creature. Ultimately, it was too late, for it. The damage they had done so far was far too extensive for it to survive, long. Adon sneers, more inwardly than at the beast, and works on the next eye down the row.
  238. [ 1d6 = 1 ] [ 1d6 = 3 ] <B.Movement
  239. [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] [ 1d6+1 = 6 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] <B.Melee
  241.     Shoving his hands into the mouth, the Endling sunk his talons deep in the jums until they scrapped bone. There, he yanked with all his might, a mixed cawing roar bellowed out from his blood caked crest as he tore the maw in half.
  242. Mouth 5: -33/100HP
  244.     Swinging his sword straight into the next eye, Adon deflated the organ, it's juices spilling out onto the length of his blade. The sound of approaching splashes came from behind the Witcher, and checking he saw the Endling climb onto the body, paws clawing into the thick skin of the vunerable monster. "Fun is over now, lets just end this." Hiking to the top of its cranium, he bent down onto one knee and began to slice his talons into the beast like a surgeon. "We can spend the next couple of minutes waiting for this thing to die from blood lose, so instead lets finish it off quickly. Not out of pity mind you."
  245. [ 1d6+17 = 18 ] [ 1d6+17 = 20 ] [ 1d6+17 = 18 ] [ 1d6+17 = 18 ] >Melee
  247.     Underneath the layer of protective skin were pulsating light green sacks, undulating with veins stiffening with at the touch of cold air. "Care to do the honour?"
  249. >Adon
  250.     Pulling his blade out of the second eye, he hears the Endling finishing up behind him. That gryphon definitely did some serious work, no wonder he was the Overking's huntmaster. The creature itself was in debilitating condition, and Adon agreed to ending its suffering. "Agreed." Watching the Endling effortlessly cut the thick hide apart, the Witcher notices the beating sacks inside. Maybe the creature's heart? Sword still in hand, Adon nods, accepting the offer of the finishing blow. "Gladly." He raises and points it directly, at the pulsing orbs within, and drives his sword into the creatures body.
  251. [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] [ 1d6+1 = 3 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] <B.Melee.
  252.     As he runs his sword through the sacks, he idly questions the Endling. "So, was there any particular reason we came out her to kill this thing?"
  255.     Taking a step back, the Endling held his breath as Adon sunk his sword down to the hilt in the pulsating meat, a disgusting adore spraying out at the puncture. Right into the Witcher's face. Shuddering as if the world was collapsing from an earth quake, the lake monster died in spasmatic throes after a minute, each succeeding twitch more brief than the last, until it eventually ceased moving, and the lake was as still as its death.
  256.     Taking a deep breath now that the horrid smell was gone, the Huntsmaster slid off the beast to wade into the green lake. "Yes, this monster grows like a fungus. It would of inviteably reached the channels, and from there release spores. Those spores would have traveled across the entire inner kingdoms' water system." As he explained, a blood slick arm pointed in the direction of the flowing waters.
  258.     >Adon
  259.     Adon jerks back, as he's hit in the face with whatever was pumping through the creature's body. Although, for whatever reason, he waits until the creature had finished its dramatic death to wipe the icor off of his face. "Well, that was definitely one of the nastiest things I've ever killed." Listening to the Endling explain how this giant 'fungus' could have poisoned everyone, he feels satisfied with the outsome. "So, I guess we're done here? Unless we need to take something back with us."
  261.     Plodding onto the shore, the Endling turned around and beckoned the Witcher to follow. "No need." Waiting for Adon to reach dry land as well, the Huntsmaster raised a single claw and aimed it squarely at the bobbing corpse of the monster. "Dispose of it then we can go." He said matter-of-factly as the scales on his forearm ignited with magic, the edges of each growing brighter until embers drifted in a radius around the outstretched limb until it was orange with internal flame. With a string of screeching words in his own tongue, a piller of rolling fire burst forth from his open palm, flash boiling the mist between himself and the cadaver. Magic flame washed across the lake monster, clinging to its thick hide like nothing else.
  262. 1d6+10 = 14 ] [ 1d6+10 = 14 ] [ 1d6+10 = 16 ] [ 1d6+15 = 16 ] <Magic: Flame +I.o.O
  264.     >Adon
  265.     Realizing he didn't have to lop something off the dead corpse for a trophy, Adon cleans his dirty sword in the cleanest bit of water he could find and resheathes it on his back. The Witcher waits in anticipation as the Endling thrusts an arm at the body, and a wave of hellfire erupts in a magical ensemble. He idly watches the tower of flames traveling and engulfs the creature entirely. Adon merely crosses his arms, clearly impressed, but still feeling a little inadequate. He counters it with snark. "Well aren't we the show off... Sarcasm aside, I wouldn't mind being able to do THAT with my Igni." And ultimately admires the Endling's work of the magic flame.
  267.     A full minute passes until the roaring fires cease, the hiss of scorched air surrounding the Endling's arm as he lowered it. "A bit of an advantage my kind has, able to use magic without the need of an imbued object. If your Igni does not require some sort of item, I could probably help you in your magic." With the internal light gone and the dead burning to ash, the Endling walked away. "Lets go."
  270.     >Adon
  271.     Watching the fires slowly die down, like some awfuly smelling bonfire, Adon looks over at the Endling and smirks confidently. "No, I do not. Our sign magic is imbued within us, so no items needed." As the flames die out, leaving the corpse as crispy remains, the Witcher follows the Endling back to their starting point.
  273.     Soon the ever present sound of running rivers filled the air as much as the returning mist as the Endling leads Adon back to the portal. "Then all you have to do is impress me and I can teach you, better be quick before you are sent back to your world." Coming to a stop in front of the circular stone, he began to tap in with his paw a complex string of sigals. "Speaking of impressions, your performance back there has left me wanting. Are all Witchers back where you are from like you?"
  275.     >Adon
  276.     Following the Endling back, Adon thinks over his offer with some neutral input. "Or it could be a ways off. Either way, it wouldn't ultimately matter if I couldn't return. Witchers, myself included, are chronic loners, except when we do congregate. My home is inns or camped out on the side of the road, most of the time. And our numbers are so few now... I don't really miss or would be missed anymore." Reaching the portal stone, Endling assumingly sending them back to the palace, Adon crosses his arms. "As in what way? But, generally yes. We all learn to counter and kill the same monsters, dispel charms, lift curses, and even sooth the restless dead. And we're all a bit reserved, anti-social, if that's what you're getting at."
  278.     With the last rune activated a portal opened wide behind the Endling's back, fur and feathers hiking up instinctively at the rift in reality. "Humph, and why is that? From what you say Witchers are quite versatile humans. Did your kind do something to upset other humans or are you looked down upon with innate...fear?" That last part he spoke with familiarity in his raptor eyes. "The only criticism I can give is that you did not take advantage of the opening I made, instead sqaundered it on taking down, rather clumsily, its mouths."
  280.     >Adon
  281.     Adon ponders over the worst of the populace's regard for witchers, and tries to consolidate them. "From our first conceptions our purpose has always been to eradicate evil, for the sake of the lands. Unfortuantely, to common folk, that translated into cold-blooded monster-killers that would do almost anything for coin; even as far to be labeled children-snatchers. It also hasn't helped that one of our own was framed for the murder of the king of the Northern Lands, so it carried to all Witchers. Those of us that are left are trying our best to mend that reputation." Looking to the side, knowingly, Adon nods his head slightly in agreement. "I didn't notice it, until you said something. Self-preservation kicked in, and I stuck to what I knew I could defend against." He pokes himself in the temple, nonchalantly. "Like I said before, just feel very out of tune with myself; everything's not 'here', yet. Especially not my grace." The witcher chuckles, to himself, as they finally cross through the portal.
  283.     Crossing his arms, the Endling cocked his head to the side. "Somewhat relatable, though with me it is more being physically different." Different he was, being a biped in a kingdom of quadrupeds. "Understandable, you just 'arrived' onto Tallus, so I assume you are still weary." Walking shoulder to shoulder with Adon, he took a sharp intake of air as he and the Witcher entered the rift.
  284.     Spat back out into reality, Adon saw he was not in the open plateau of the Overkings Plaza once the virtigo left. Instead he wound up on a flying platform similar to the first one back on the bridge...except there was no bridge, only a 20 meter drop to solid ground.
  285.     "We're inside the mountain, the one crowned with the palace in case you were wondering." Explained the Endling as he exhaled, arms still crossed as he stared into space. Beyond the floating platform were gargantuan pillars carved out of the rock that held the expansive vaulted ceiling up, elaborate murals made up of different coloured glow stones covered their massive circumferences. And just like in the outside world there were Gryphons here too, the majority flying in flocks while a few mavericks strayed away to and fro. The closet pillar boasted other platforms riddled across its body, with, again, more Gryphons. These ones primarily silver soldiers by the looks of it. More numerous than the catbirds or the pillars and platforms were runes, colourful hand sized sigals drifting in non-existent winds that formed thick ever shimmering clouds that spanned the whole chamber.
  286.     "Now that task is done, I believe I have a gathering to attend too."
  288.     >Adon
  289.     "Humans don't have golden cat eyes either; our dead give-away." After exiting the other side of the portal, Adon looked over and nodded in confirmation at the Endling to their whereabouts. He looks over the architectural styles and glowing stones, still impressed at the gryphon handy-work. "Off to my own devices, then. Is there any place, around, here, I might find interesting?"
  290. [ 1d6 = 6 ] [ 1d6 = 3 ] <B.Perception
  291.     His mind flips through a few priorites: food, living space (which he was hoping Pristine Plumage was still taking care of), an armorer or blacksmith. "Maybe someplace I can learn to read your language, so I don't have to constantly ask for directions."
  293.     Humming, the Endling pointed a dried up bloody talon to the nearest pillar, specifically a shelf that was the same level as the platform. "You'll find whatever you need there, think of the interiors of these pillars as gathering holes. As for language, seek out a Chamber-Librarian or a Gryphon with spare time on their claws." Giving Adon a small parting nod, the Huntsmaster walked off the edge of the platform with no hesitation. Instead of plummeting off the side immediately, runes coelested under each step of his paws as sturdy as solid ground.
  295.     >Adon
  296.     Adon looks on appreciatively, understanding the Endling's directions, and looks over at the shelf in mention. "Thanks. I'll check it out." Giving the bipedal gryphon a nod in return, he watches as he walks off on thin air, only supported by runes. He wouldn't mind learning how to do that. Having been left to his wn devices, Adon looks back over at the shelf, the Endling had mentioned, and begins walking towards it.
  298.     Just like the Endling before him, runes flashed under Adon's boots as he took the first of many steps towards the shelf. It was odd, it felt like soild ground but looked like it was as flimsy as wet leaves. On occasion the Witcher almost had mid-air collisions with flying Gryphons passing by, thankfully not flocks. Those Gryphons shouting inhoherent squawks as they flew away. Eventually, he reached the shelf, the edge a welcomed sight to behold. The few Gryphons resting on it gave him shocked looks of disbelief, with some of the females (?) chirping quietly as he walked further onto the shelves' surface. "How get here homin?" Asked a silver guard coldly, they having to stand to attention and not continue lazily laying on their side on post.
  300.     >Adon
  301.     Taking an experimental step, Adon looks in wonderment as the runes hold his weight as he walks forward. (The whole place must be like this, for each level.) As he slowly makes his way towards the shelf, he almost gets nailed by passing gryphons, but he can only dodge as best as he could while giving them a 'watch where you're going' look. Finally, he makes it to the shelf, relieved to be on something solid. But he's ultimately greeted by silver guards, who took a stance to his approach. Adon tilts his head at their question, taking it literally.
  302.     "I... walked on the runes?" He points back to where he had crossed and stepped into the shelf. "I was looking to learn your language, at least the basics."
  304.     Perplexed by the Witchers answers more than his sarcasm, the Silver Guard wing waved to the entrance they were overlooking. "In here. Bottom floor, follow stairs lead to Librarians." They growled before slumping back down with a heavy sigh. Giggling among themselves the trio of Gryphonesses also on the shelf mimmicked @Adon and the guards interaction in a sort of playful parody. Much like the loitering harlots back in the Witchers world.
  306.     >Adon
  307.     Adon looks to the entrance, barely catching a flight of stairs from within. "Thanks." Noticing, and smirking, at the female gryphons re-enacting his short conversation with the guards, the Witcher walks towards the mentioned entrance and finds the stairwell. Hopefully, it will lead him to some information.
  309.     The stairwell inside the pillar was quite frankly, daunting. It ran all the way down to the ground with no railings whatsoever. At regular intervals there were doorways, no doubt portals to other shelves or perhaps small hovels carved into the pillar itself. As Adon looked down the shaft he felt wind flowing upwards, the same runes from outside flying up and above him to disappear further into the interior.
  311.     >Adon
  312.     The Witcher looks down, and gets a bit of vertigo as he gazes down the stairwell. It was more like a spiraling case, to the ground, with not railings. Lucking it seemed like, there were runes safegarding any possible falls. He hoped. Regardless, he began to decend the steps toawrds the library, keeping his hands pressed up against anything solid.
  314.     The descent down the stairs was quiet for the most part, the occassional squawks and chirps of Gryphons outside the pillar echoing in. Eventually @Adon reached the first of many doorways on his trek down to the bottom, inside was a cramped looking store of wares that had a comfy atmosphere to it with the low red lighting and herbal smoke wafting out the portal.
  316.     >Adon
  317.     Showing up at the first doorway, on the flight of stairs, Adon peeks into a doorway leading into a small shop. Didn't necessarily look like a library, though. Smelled nice. Remembering where it was, for possible future use, Adon continues down the stairscase.
  319.     It soon became apparent to Adon that there were many hovels such as the first one he encountered within the pillar, while some doors led to similar compact places others would bring him out onto a shelf crowded with resting Gryphons. Eventually, with sore feet the Witcher reached the base. Instead of a single exit greeting him the solid cicular walls were cut away in wide open arches, the supporting pillars of these deceptively fragile looking for them to hold up the gargantuan one above Adons head. The sound of trotting paws and claws heralded another catbird appearing in his view, this one not being a Gryphon, rather a Keythong. Stopping momentarily to gauge the Witcher inquisitively, the Keythong shrugged his gold gilded shoulder spikes and continued on its merry way for the spiraling stairs. Though, rather than climb it hopped into the central rune air where it floated upwards with steady grace out of Adons view.
  321.     >Adon
  322.     As he passed by door after door, Adon finally reached the bottom. Although it took its toll, on his soles, he looked into the base but only to find a wide open area at he very bottom. He'll assume magic was holding it in one piece. The sound of varying steps caught his ear, and an armored gryphon came into view. Scratch that, it was an actual keythong this time: no wings, and walking on all four legs, this time. It gave him a rather uninterested look, and walked over to the stairs only to be lifted up by the runes he noticed before. 'Will have to remember to take that way back up.' Being the only supposed living being left, Adon looked around to see if anyone else was lurking around before deciding to leave. "Hello? Anyone else down here?
  324.     >Adon
  325.     Unfortunately, the place was empty at where he was. Paying little mind to the gryphons flying above, Adon spots a set of steep stairs some ways out, along with a portal. Hopefully, to the Librarians. Oh goody, more walking. Seeing as he had no where else to go, the witcher sighs to himself and starts heading in the direction of the distant staircase. Might as well get his exercise in, for the week.
  327.     As he walked, he became quite self aware of the echoes his boots made on the ground, quite reminiscent of empty castle halls or quiet churches. Twenty minutes passed before Adon found himself in front of the stairs, the light coming out of the door masking what lay within. Sighing once more, the Witcher climbed up. All fifty steps. The Gryphons really did not think about non-fliers. Cresting the edge of the top step, he saw that within the chamber stood large cabinets obscuring his view of the rest of the chamber and what laid inside.
  329.     >Adon
  330.     After trudging along, which what felt like an hour and only his footsteps to keep him company, Adon finally reaches the base of the stairs. A little on the steep side, now that he notices them. With no other means to reach the top, he begrudgingly ascends the entire flight... on foot. Finally making it to the top, thighs feeling it a little, Adon looks over the chamber, but some large cabinets obstructed his view of anything interesting. "Helloooo. Anyone in here?" He tries to look for a way around them, hoping to find some form of living within.
  332.     Thankfully for Adon the cabinets were not all encompassing, and could be bypassed on the side. Walking around them, the sight behind the cabinets was quite different to chamber outside. A circular room, roughly 20 metres high and sinking 10 metres down into a cut away labyrinth of sectioned shelves greeted the Witcher. A singular beam of light lit the centre of the place up, runes floating within it like dust caught in the sun. There were Gryphons here as well, although they were quite different to the others previously seen. They all bore cowls that hide their heads and gorgets to ensure the head attire did not fall off. No sound came from them as well, as their paws were equipped with cushy looking pads.
  333.     "No need to shout, this is a library after all." Came the whispered tone of a very elderly Gryphon, duel coat greyed with age. "You are the human, yes?"
  335.     >Adon
  336.     Passing around the cabinets, Adon is faced with shelves among shelves, with cloaked silent gryphons inhabiting the circular room. One of them shushes him, and looks over to the defender, which he instantly holds his tongue. A very aged gryphon, possibly the elder of the library. He offered the gryphon the respect it deserved, and nodded silently; responding with a reserved and hushed tone, himself. "My name is Adon. I came here to learn more about this place, maybe learn your language while I'm at it."
  338.     A low-key purr rattled out of the Librarians chrest as @Adon gave them respect, they returning the gesture with a creaking bow. "Greetings Ay-done, my name is Darmnif. The head Librarian of this vaunted chamber." They attempted to stand, but when several pops came from their joints, they sat right back down with a resigned sigh. "I'll get my great daughter to guild you over to where you want to learn our language, she even may help you." Taking in a deep breath, much longer than need be, they unleashed a whistle that irriated the ear drums. Gliding out of nowhere from above several seconds after the ringing ceased came a Gryphoness, she bedecked in the same colour scheme as the elder...except not faded out. Purple, green and orange feathers with yellow fur. Almost like a painters' plate. "Why did yo- that what I think it is?" She spoke, a single raptor eye staring right at the Witcher underneath her deep cowl.
  340.     >Adon
  341.     Hearing Darmif reply and staying put, even his dimmed hearing could hear the creaking bones, he winces a bit as a loud whistle emanates from the aged gryphon. Through the ringing, he hears a gryphon flying overhead and landing. Same cloak, same colors as the elder, but bright and crisp. Young. Must be the grand-daughter. He catches one cat-like eye eyeballing him, and he mimics her stare with his own, smirking. "That'd be me. Adon, the human. The witcher. And you are?"
  343.     "The name is Fea-"
  344.     "No it's Fe-"
  345.     "ITS SHORT for a long winded name I was given by birth, but I perfer Fea." Exchanging dirty smirks only family could read, the older Gryphon nestled deeper into their comfy pillow nest while Fea trotted to Adon's side where she placed her wing on his back to push him along. "Come Adon, the day is still young for us to burn away!"
  347.     >Adon
  348.     "Hmm. Fea, it is." Watching the elder gryphon remaining unmoving on its nest, Fea saunters over and nudges him with a wing. "Well alright then. Lead the way." He allows the young and assertive gryphonese to push him wherever she intended for him.
  350.     Crossing over the maze of a library by a rune covered catwalk that floated harmlessly above it all, Fea led Adon past the beam of light to the opposite side of the chamber where an alcove lay, filled with the same seats the older Gryphon rested in. The Witcher noticed that within the light was an obsidian oval, that, despite the brightness, he could see his reflection with clarity. What stared back was more of corpse of a man than a Witcher... "Here we are." Hopping onto a step ladder that rested on the wall of tomes, Fea searched for a particular one, etched talons poking through the spines of each ancient book. "There is one book here that will help with learning our language, it is -ah." Grabbing out a rustic book from the many shelves, the Librarian dropped back down and placed it on a small table. Surprisingly, the pages were thin cuts of wood bound together with old sturdy rope. "Lets get started."
  351. [ 1d100 = 89 ] >Study
  353.     >Adon
  354.     As he was guided by the young gryphon, Adon studied the obsidian oval, and he regarded his reflection with some concern. The fuck was it? Locking his gave onto to it, a little more longer than expected, Adon redirected his attention back to Fea. As she thumbs through books, she eventually pulls some archaic relic from the shelf. It didn't even have pages, but sheets of wood, bound by rope. He settles down next to her, and tries to interpret the language as she dictates to him.
  356.     The rest of the day was burnt away studying the Gryphon language, with Fea running Adon through the basics and he repeating what had been taught. The chicken scratch scrawled across the wooden pages glowed with magical properties, and somehow sensing the education, or through Fea's manipulation, the written language flashed after-images into the Witchers sight. When they faded, the Witcher was more confident in his blooming ability to understand what the young Librarian was saying in her own tongue. By the end of it, most of the book had been read and a throbbing migraine had set in to Adons forehead, the amount of information taken in all at once leaving him laying on his back on the chambers floor. ("We will ????? to?????, alright?") Said Fea as she replaed the book back whence it came.
  358.     >Adon
  359.     For what felt like hours, Adon and Fea studied the book. How he was ever able to interpret the multitude of squawks, chirps, and caws was beyond him. But... eventually progress was being made, and rather quickly at that. The Witcher was able to understand and speak basic words, even read the book's scrawls, but it was an odd sense of learning. The ancient tome had to be enchanted, somehow, because he literally felt the language slowly being imprinted on his mind. Although this sounded ideal, his head eventually killed him, they had to stop as he rested on the library floor. He heard Fea's voice, but only partial of it he could understand. "I got half of that, but I think you said we'll finish tomorrow. Which is fine, with me." He sits up, and slowly recuperates.
  361.     "That is what I said, good." Hopping off of thee sstep ladder, Fea turned and looked upon @Adon with accomplished eyes. "I will see you tomorrow whenever you are available, now, where will you go now?"
  363.     >Adon
  364.     Adon looked to the side, trying to remember what he still needed to do. "Hmm. Pristine Plumage was making living arrangements, for me. I should find her, see if I can turn in for the evening." The witcher thought of a warm layer of clothing, and maybe a complimentary upgrade to his armor. Tomorrow will be another day. He points a thumb into the direction he originally entered the library. "Leave the same way, I entered, right?"
  367.     "Pristine Plumage, I haven't heard that name in a while..." Memories flood through Fea's eyes as she saunters past Adon. "Same way you came sure, and if you want to find Pristy -Pristine! Uh, ask the first Silver Coat you see to guide you to the Roost. One of her status would usually be there, especially when attending to business."
  370. >Adon
  371.     Adon taking in her instructions, he gives her a grateful nod before heading towards the exit. "I'll be back, tomorrow, to finish up where we left off. Thanks for taking your time out, for me." The witcher, heads back to the main chamber and exits towards the stair he so painstakingly climbed hours ago. Luckily, he gets to descend them, this time.
  373.     "Could you give Pristine a mes-" Cut off by Adon's abrupt leave, Fea was left fumbling her words as the Witcher disappeared down the crest of the stairs. The trek across the vast open floor of the expansive chamber was again quiet, although looking above Adon saw the flight patterns of the Gryphons had changed, from mostly orderly channels to mismatching flocks. Stepping inside the pillar and its rune current, the Witcher was surprised at how easy he was lifted off the ground. His stomach lurched back as gravity lost its battle and he was dragged metres off the ground, the spiraling stairs spinning around him like a coiling snake. Not knowing how to get off of it, he jumped out on the highest level rather ungracefully, right in front of the paws of a Silver Coat, whom was standing sentry. "You der hoomin I'd hurd abot, yuh?"
  375.     >Adon
  376.     Retracing his steps exactly, up to the point of using the gravity-defying runes, Adon rides the lift all the way to the top of the staircase. It wasn't exactly his plan, but he managed to escape it and landed at the claws of a silver-clad guard. Excellent. Dusting himself off, from the unceremonious landing, he nods to the gryphon and attempts to ask in the new language he's recently learned. <Gryphonic> "Yes, I am. I'm looking for Pristine Plumage, if you might know where she is."
  377. [ 1d6 = 4 ] <Language Accuracy
  379.     The silver armoured Gryphon cocked it's helmed head to the side, trimmed alloy beak clicking together as they tried to understand the Witcher. <Gryphonic> "Victisarary Pristine Plumage is in the Roost, like all of those of her status. Is it an audience you seek?" Although showing no signs of being impressed by @Adons attempts to speak in their language, they did speak slower so he could understand bigger words.
  381.     >Adon
  382.     Realizing the gryphon guard was having trouble understanding him, Adon's relieved he manages to get his point across. He switches back to common,so there possibly isn't any more misinterpretation. "Yes. I'd like to speak with her, if that's possible." The witcher shrugs, a mock meekness emanating. "Just started learning gryphon, a few hours ago. Still getting the hang of it."
  384.     "Not...bad." They complimented, though unsure what to say after that. "Follaw me, the Roost is dis way." Stepping backwards the Silver Guard was out on the uppermost shelf of the pillar, the vaulted ceiling merely yards away. There was no Gryphon flocks up here, it looked to @Adon that the shelves on this level were exculsively used by guards, and just like before when the guard trotted off the edge they floated on a cloud of runes holding them up. "This way." Once the Witcher stepped into the air the Silver Coat began to scribe something into the colourful rune air, a moment later the cloud expanded outward by several feet, encompassing themselves and Adon. Without hindrance the glowing plate glided through the air, pillars moving past a gentle pace.
  386.     >Adon
  387.     The witcher takes the compliment, and follows the silver-clad guard off the edge of the shelf and was vaulted even further upwards. The gryphon wrote some sort of scribbling he didn't catch, and the began gliding on the runic clod, that was holding their weight. Must be directing it to the Roost, whatever that ultimately was. "Do gryphons use these runes for mostly everything?" Although it was out of pure curiosity, he couldn't help but squeeze a faint sliver of sarcasm into his question, as they glided along.
  389.     "Why not yah, solve problems plenty." At that they sounded quite pleased. Gliding past the circumference of a pillar revealed waning daylight ahead, it orange from a setting sun that was out of view. Eventually reaching this highlighted yawning exit @Adon was able to take in the scope of his surroundings. Behind and above him was the palace at the top of the mountain the chamber was built into, and judging by the view he was behind it from where he first laid eyes upon it hours ago. The was air gentle yet had enough push in it to blow away any obsctructing cloud cover, revealing that at the bottom of the mountain chain the Overking called home waterclogged. It was clear as crystal, for the Witcher could see tapestries cut into the floor whenever shoals of fish didn't swim by.
  390.     In front of him, about a mile away or so, was a suspended an anthill type of structure. It was a stark contrast to everything he had seen since, with its walls perforated with entrances and windows that glowed with occupancy. Slim waterfalls plummeted from the lower ones, filling the region under it in constant mist. "Here we are, da Roost."
  392.     >Adon
  393.     As they finally enter open space, Adon looks at his surroundings as they approached some sort of spire, the palace to their backs. The foggy base, from waterfall activity, but the wholes it was adorned with glowed with civilization. That must be the Roost, then. Far different from the magnificent architecture, from before. Must be a lot older. "Thanks, for the ride. Where should I look for Pristine Plumage?"
  396.     Stopping the disc with a tap of their agumented claws around 30 something yards from the closet entrance that was the same level with them, the Silver Coat cocked their head back to speak over the rush of falling water. "No idea inside not allowed enter, ask Runer Congrets." With that, the disc under @Adons boots flashed away, the floating sigils scattering into the mist to join the countless other symbols permeating the atmosphere. Seeing how he was not falling to his death, the Witcher was left to assume the sky around the Roost was the same as the chambers' interior airspace. Now the disc was gone the guard hovered in front of Adon with casual wing beats, they giving him a single nod before swooping away back to their post inside the mountain.
  398.     >Adon
  399.     After taking in the guards instruction to find a 'Runer Congrets', Adon stands in mid-air a little perplexed. Not that he didn't realize already he wasn't going to fall or anything. His mode of transportation gone, the witcher's escort took off after a curt nod, leaving him to his own path. And his route took him to the nearest entrance about a hundred feet away, and with no other option readily available he start on towards the Roost's entrance.
  401.     Nearing the Roost @Adon began to see a kind of uniformity going on with the holes that covered the entire things surface, a hard crusted exterior lip with smooth interior reflective insides, like a gullet almost. Upon reaching solid ground he could see then that what was reflecting the light were tiled walls, with the source of illumination being random glow stones embedded here and there. The hole the Witcher had entered led straight into the centre of the Roost judging by how deep it went, and standing squarely in the centre of the passage a couple of feet further ahead was a new type of Gryphon. Its most distinct feature, namely, it glowed like a torch. <Gryphonic> "You there, not kin. State your ???? here."
  403.     >Adon
  404.     Noticing the Roost's architecture further, he noticed more lights within. Adon literally walked right into the heart of the structure, before finally being halted by a gryphon. That, for whatever reason, looked like it was intentionally on fire. "Erm..." He assumed it wanted to know his business here. <Gryphonic> "I am here to see Pristine Plumage."
  406.     At the name, the glowing guard tilted its beaked head back, a flash of light bursting from its chest causing @Adon to see white for a moment. When he could see again, Pristine Plumage stood before him where the other Gryphon once was, a face of confusion on her as she was halfway through eating something. <Gryphonic> "Where-who-what!?" Seeing Adon standing there in the middle of the Roosts many halls the Gryphoness swallowed her fine smelling meal and straightened up her damp body. "O-oh Adon, it is you that summoned me...You want something?"
  408.     >Adon
  409.     Instead of being taken to Pristine Plumage, the glowing gryphon reared its head back and flashed white for a brief moment and being replaced by the female gryphon in question. Except she looked a little damp, from maybe a bath, and was having a meal. Lowering his hand, he looks at her, somewhat apologetically. "Okay, I did not know that glowing gryphon was going to bring you to me, and not me to you. My apologies, if I interrupted something."
  410.     Scratching his head awkwardly, he decides to continue. "I came looking for you to see if you've set up a place for me to stay, for the time being. The Endling and I hunted and killed some spore creature up in the kingdom's water source, then I found the library and studied your language for a few hours with a... she just preferred Fea." The witcher clears his throat, to demonstrate his shaky dialect. <Gryphonic>"I have most of the basics down." Sniffing, he switches back to common. "Also, I think she wanted to tell you something, but I kinda left before she could tell me what."
  412.     Using a wing, Pristine rubbed a droplet of water out of her ear, her expression of surprise as @Adon recounted his day. "My, what a day you had. And it is a good thing you killed such a monster, in case you haven't noticed the Overking loves his fresh water." Pausing, the Gryphoness took a moment to think, but lightly shook her head afterwards. "That name does sound familiar...Eh, it is most likely not that important to me anyway." Turning on the spot the Victisarary began to trot deeper into the Roost, her voice echoing back to you. "Come, I have a place for you to stay for the time thing." Her tail, not wet was no longer puffy enough to hide her...bits. And they certainly were different to what the Witcher has seen so far.
  414.     >Adon
  415.     "If the countless waterfalls weren't a dead giveaway, I wouldn't have guessed." The gryphoness turns and begins in a direction, signalling Adon to follow her. And mostly likely by accident, he catches a glimpse... of something. He's taken back a bit, but stows it aside and starts to follow Pristine to his living space. With the gryphons he's always killed, where bird and cat started was always a hazy line. But with these, it was relatively easy to pick out. Maybe they didn't lay eggs, and instead live young? An interesting subject, if he really cared.
  417.     Reaching the centre of the Roost, @Adon was smacked with familiarity as it looked just like the Library, even boasting an object stuck in a central beam of light. Though this levitating oval shaped stone expelled an unending torrent of water which pooled in a fountain right underneath it on the floor, grates pouring excess water away from the fountains lip, most likely the same water cascading outside. The centre point of the Roost was a cylindrical complex of several storeys, each holding a dozen doors or so with small perches out in front to ensure the fliers had a place to land while opening their quarters. This left the Witcher with- "Here." Gesturing to a bottom level door with no plaque on its cast surface Pristine pushed it open with a single paw, it swinging silently to allow the Gryphoness entry. "Come, allow me to show you around your temperary residence."
  419.     >Adon
  420.     Looking around at the Library-ish setting of the very center of the Roost, Adon noticed the endless amount of flowing water and near-endless rooms to accommodate. His, of course, was at ground level for his convenience. He followed Pristine inside the room, and took a good look at what his living arrangements would be for now.
  422.     First thing @Adon saw was a large nest(bed?) made from the finest pelts, the furs groomed to fluffy perfection in the rooms centre. The floor was light brown carpet running up to the edges of the walls where it met carved out skirting, a single fist sized purple rune lazily floating across the ground in random directions, hair and feather caught under it disappearing from existence. The light came from an elevated fireplace sitting in front of the nestbed, a brass barrier keeping in the licking flames. Off to the side of the square room was a doorway, the Whitcher deduced it was a bathroom or something similar by the way there were mirrors and sinks and a wide bath cut into the floor. Behind the nestbed were three windows looking out to the Overkings opulant Inner Kingdom, darkening now that the sun was setting over the many mountains, giving the room power to its dim lit atmosphere.
  424.     >Adon
  425.     Entering the cozy room, Adon looks around at the 'nested in' feel of the place. Fur pelt bedding, carpeting, a washroom, some scenic windows of the Kingdom. Even some sort of... glowing purple thing, was it cleaning the floor? Overall, Adon was happy with the arrangements, which were levels above the hostels and inns he usually accommodated for his nights. He nods his head, and looks at Pristine Plumage with gratitude. "It's very cozy. Thanks, for setting this all up for me. I'll probably turn in, early for the night, to finish my language lesson, and maybe find a place to get some new equipment."
  427.     Turning from the view outside, Pristine gave a recieving nod at @Adon, her drying crest rising with pride. "I follow my Overkings words to the letter, now I will leave you. The courts will soon be starting." With a paced trot the Gryphoness left the Witcher alone in the room, the crackle of fire and trickle of water the only things keeping him company.
  429.     >Adon
  430.     "Yeah. Good luck with that, Pristine. Take care." Adon waves off the gryphon, as the door closes, and looks around his new abode. He had to break it in, this was obvious. Wasting little time, the witcher unlatches his twin swords from his back and places them next to the fur bed; along with his other gear. Moving into the washroom, he takes a moment to figure out the tub's water and draws himself a nice hot bath to get the remaining funk off of him. As the tub filled, he removes all of his clothing and sinks into the hot water ans cuts the water off. He spends quite a bit of time doing nothing, and just thinks over his new situation. Something he's been putting off. And to be honest, he seemed like he was in good hands. Or claws...paws in that matter. He's going to have take what he has, for right now, because it could still change quickly. He also wonders if he can get a mount, to move around quicker. Maybe he can coerce a talking horse to give him rides around all the time, or a gryphon; flying could be interesting. Felling himself start to prune up, Adon rises from the bath and drains it, wrapping himself in a towel and heads back into the main room to put on just his undergarments and lays in the comfy nested fur bed. Eventually, he drifts off to sleep for the night.
  431. [ 1d6 = 2 ] [ 1d6 = 6 ] <B.Perception
  433.     As the Witcher lay naked in the nestbed, the last thing he registered before falling asleep was how soft the fur was, retaining heat so that he did not need covers...
  434.     Something was not right, something sent a chill up @Adons spine waking him up from much needed sleep. He did not move, for his body was not fully responsive yet. He sensed something was in his room though, something trying to remain quiet and unknown. By the faintest of hints he imagined that the intruder was at his equipment. Slowly, ever so slowly, the sleep paralysis faded away to give the Witcher full control of his body once again. Right now, whatever was rummaging around beyond the crest of the nestbed did not know Adon was awake.
  436.     >Adon
  437.     Adon felt anxious, as the unidentified creature mucked around sneakily around his gear. As much as he wanted to bolt right up, his body had yet to wake; he was stuck until fully awake. With every moment crawling by, Adon was finally able to feel control of his movements again. He bided his moment, and immediately snapped up to try and find the offender, before it tried to escape or attack him.
  438. [ 1d6 = 1 ] [ 1d6 = 4 ] <B.Movement
  439. [ 1d6 = 6 ] [ 1d6 = 6 ] <B.Perception
  440. [ 1d6 = 1 ] <U.Stealth
  442.     Taking the initiative, @Adon pounced out of the relative cover of the nestbed. His jump out onto the floor would of caught the intruder off guard except for the fact some of the furs clipped his foot, which were noisily yanked free from the bed to flop haphazardly at his bare feet. The Witcher stared at the interuder, a small, slim Gryphon with its claws deep in his gear pile, midway rummaging through it. Their mannerisms were unmistakablably panicked, and when they noticed he was naked, lost it. <Gryphonic> "AAARGH! HE'S GOING TO RAPE ME!" At that outburst the black clad thief swooped for the door, it being left ajar or easy escape.
  443. [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] >Movement
  445.     >Adon
  446.     Quickly hopping out of the bed, he made enough noise to catch the attention of the black gryphon that had snuck in. It panicked, and took off for the door. "Oh no you don't!" He reaches for his steel sword and draws it in one single motion, and attempts to chase the thief outside. With only his briefs on. <Gryphonic>"Get back here, or drop what you took!"
  447. [ 1d6+1 = 7 ] [ 1d6+1 = 6 ] <B.Movement: Sprint
  448. [ 1d6 = 2 ] <Yrden: Earth Trap
  450.     Audibly panicking at hearing Adon give chase, the thief shrieked out a curse word as Yrden activated under its sprinting paws, magical residue clinging to their black clad body like sap to bark. With this, the Witcher was now running at the same speed at the Gryphon. But this chase was not to last forever, for as they ran down the tunnel, one of the many exits out of the Roost drew near.  <Gryphonic> "FUCK YOU FUCKING FUCK!"
  451. [ 1d6+1 = 4 ] [ 1d6+1 = 3 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] >Movement
  453.     >Adon
  454.     Yrden did its job, kinda, and slowed it down just enough for him to pace the black gryphon. Noticing a take-off point was approaching, Adon makes one desperate move to overtake the thief and tackle it to a halt.
  455. [ 1d6+1 = 4 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] <B.Movement: Sprint
  456. [ 1d6 = 1 ] [ 1d6 = 5 ] <B.Melee: Tackle
  458.     Due to matching speeds, when @Adon lept he was only able to catch the hindlegs of the thieving gryphon. Thankfully for the Whitcher that was enough, as he had grasped onto limbs their wings spread wide for take off, leaving them unprepared for a sudden grounding. Hitting the floor hard, the catbird flailed in Adons grip, trying to kick themselves free though oddly trying to avoid slicing at his naked flesh. <Gryphonic> "Off off get off!"
  459. [ 1d6+1 = 3 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] >Melee
  461.     >Adon
  462.     Adon manages to catch the gryphon mid-take off, and drops it to the ground. <Gryphonic>"Then drop what you took!" Wrestling with its hind legs, he tries to shimmy up to its head in one fowl swoop and avoid its kicks to give the gryphon a wallop on the back of its head. With the pommel on his sword, of course.
  463. [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] <B.Movement
  464. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+1 = 6 ] [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] >Stun
  466.     Faster than the Gryphon's struggles, the Witcher sent his swords' pommel right into the back of the thief's skull, a low-key *THUD* sending the tense body suddenly limp. Feeling it was safe to let go now, Adon got up off the floor and examined the criminal. They were a she, and had gone through quite the effort in disguising herself with how tight her black garbs were made. Eventually after padding up and down her body, he reached the nook between shoulder and wing and found his Trophy Knife securely tucked away. As he held the knife a flash of light burst from behind him, the voice of the Runer Congrets reverbrating up and down the tunnel. <Gryphonic> "Intruder, found."
  468.     >Adon
  469.     Successfully placing his sword's pommel on the back of the thief's head, he knocks the gryphon out cold, and Adon smirks with victory. Checking over 'her', through her tight black bindings, Adon finds his trophy knife on her. He was somewhat relieved it was only that, even if it was his favorite one to date, because his other items could have been more detrimental. Either of his books could have been mishandled, and his potions... he didn't want to think about what could have happened to a gryphon wanting to drink one, seeing as they were fatally toxic to normal humans. Retrieving his blade, and standing up to make his way back to his room to finish sleeping, the glowing gryphon shows up again. Adon figured out, by now, it was more of some... gryphon-shaped runic security system was his best bet. It called out, spotting the unconscious thief next to him. The Witcher raises his steel sword lazily at the floored thief, giving the Congrets a rather annoyed look. <Gryphonic>"There she is. You're welcome."
  471.     Giving @Adon a silent nod, the glowing security glided to the thiefs side where it placed claw squarely on her back. <Gryphonic> "Everything shall be clawled from here on." Returning to his room the Witcher went back to sleep, where the rest of the night went along smoothly.
  473.     >Adon
  474.     Seeing the Congrets had the situation under control, Adon sighs in relief and heads back to his room. What an odd turn of events, that was, but he really didn't feel bad for the gryphon. Don't do the crime, if you... don't want to be caught by the glowing security gryphon. Re-entering his room, locking it this time, Adon resheathes his blades and goes back to sleep for the night.
  476.     Waking up the next morning, @Adon found his things were untouched, his room unchanged, and the fire dying out.
  478.     >Adon
  479.     Waking up, after an eventful night, Adon hops out of his fur bed and slowly shakes off the sleep. He looks around the room, and realizes yes he was still here. Yes, he's been talking to gryphons all yesterday. And yes, one tried to rob him, last night. Sighing, and taking his situation for what it was, he begins to get dressed. He should look into some warmer clothing; maybe he can find Pristine or the Endling to help him out with that. Fastening all his equipment and swords, Adon opens and closes his door, and sees if there was anyone around before making a path decision.
  481.     Although there was no one in the Roost's centre waiting for him, he did find a parchment pinned to the door. Opening it it read he was to be summoned back to the Palace where Pristine was awaiting him, along with some sort of other Gryphon who's name he could not read.
  483.     >Adon
  484.     Tearing off and reading over the note, Adon decides his first stop for the day will be the Palace then. Recalling how he arrived at the Roost in the first place, he begins to retrace his steps to the initial way he came here and makes his way for the palace. He does remember walking a lot. Goody.
  485.     Although he starts off on the path to the Palace, he realizes he'd rather not waste the energy. Maybe if he could find that glowing gryphon, it could teleport him like it did Pristine Plumage from... wherever she had come from. <Gryphonic>"Runer Congrets. I'd like to be taken to the Palace."
  487.     At his words a flash of light burst behind him, the Congret's monotone voice stating- <Gryphonic> "Very well." Weightlessness akin to the the effects of the Translocation portal wracked @Adons body for a prolonged moment, the weariness of sleep wrung out of his systems through such an experience. The transition from Roost to Palace was seamless if not blurry, the tunnel the Witcher was walking down melting into the open expanse of the plateau plaza. "Adon?" Asked Pristine, relaxing in front of him on a portable cushion with a servant fanning over her. "Didn't expect you so soon."
  489.     >Adon
  490.     He hardly felt the world shift around him as Adon was cleanly transported to the flat area he had originated at the Palace yesterday. And popping in front of Pristine Plumage , no less, who was being pampered by a leaf-holding gryphon. She kind reminded him of a Nilfgaardian aristocrat. "I saw the note, on my door, and I... didn't expect the Runer Congrets to plant me exactly where I asked him... it?" Stumbling a bit on what to label the security system, Adon thinks back to his late-night visitor. "Speaking of security. Is it usually customary to get robbed on you're first night in the Roost?" He asks jokingly of course. The limber black thief was quick, but he managed to subdue her without much problem.
  492.     Pausing at taking a sip from her oddly shaped cup that was clutched in one claw, Pristine gave @Adon a knowing look. "Yes about that, I heard what had happened. Terrible, but thankfully the thief gave us some information as to why she did it. Apparently she was hired to see what 'the human had on them', their employer was adamant on getting their claws on something from you. If I had to guess, a merchant or collecter."  After taking her sip, she pointed with her beak for Adon to sit opposite of her, between them being a small table with cooked food on it. "Have some breakfast, I read conflicting reports of humans eating a wide variety of things, so I had the food be as diverse as possible." A thought ran through her mind, she giving the Whitcher a worried look. "You didn't have breakfast did you?"
  494.     >Adon
  495.     "Well, the collector or merchant would have been disappointed." Adon crosses his arms, a little annoyed a thief was sent so his knife could go to a highest bidder. "My weapons aren't anything better you gryphons can clearly make. I have both my pocket bestiary and alchemy guide memorized and their context here seems redundant, so losing them wouldn't have been a loss." Taking the seat offered, he looks over the spread of food before him, hunger quickly setting in. "I've had to live off of some pretty interesting things, so all of this looks pretty good. Thank you. Now that I think of it, I went to bed without dinner too." Chuckling at his childish remark, Adon starts picking at the breakfast platter as he thinks on what else he has on him. "But regarding things that I would not have liked getting stolen are my potions and my medallion. The two I happened to have on me are specifically brewed for witchers. They're fatally toxic to your average human, and I'd hate to see what they'd do to a curious gryphon; hence why I didn't want her to escape. As for the medallion." He gives the wolf head pendant a small flick, in between bites. "It's sentimental, and enchanted to vibrate when it detects spells, charms, curses, etcetera. Needless to say, it's been quite active since I arrived here."
  497.     Putting the cup down on a coaster shaped as a circlet of wings, Plumage gave the Witcher a mock chastising shake of the head. "You undervalue yourself, well, your things. Many rumours and pieces of news have reached the Inner Kingdoms igniting the imagination of many Gryphons. So for an item of a human to circulate the market here would gain a very high price." The food smelled good, and looked better. On par with what royalty ate. One thing @Adon took note though, was that anything not meat was glazed in a fine coat of honey. Meaning he had boiled carrots with honey on his platter. "Ah, that is quite the useful thing. There are runes similar to that, but none have the sentimental value of it. As for those potions, it does not matter how deadly they are to your thief, not anymore." Ears flicking, the Gryphoness looked over Adons shoulder, a sly smile growing at the corner of her beak. "Our guest has arrived."
  499.     Scanning the horizon with his binoculars revealed that a mountain range, and in the opposite direction of that was the sea. The same one he recalled back when he first arrived here. "..." The wind picked up, and for a moment, it sounded as if something called his name.
  501.     >Adon
  502.     "I suppose you're right. I've seen mundane item's worth be small fortunes based on reputation alone, not what it's made of." Maybe if he was really desperate, he could sell his knife, or better yet his swords if he ends up getting new ones here. They're just pieces of steel, really. As he slowly fills up on meat and sweetened vegetables, he notices Pristine looking past him to someone at his back. He swallows, and turns around to notice the addressed party.
  504.     Behind @Adon was not a Gryphon, a Keythong, or anything close. It was an equine, one of small stature (compared to the horses he had ridden), with a colourful coat, yet not so colourful face plastered on their muzzle.
  505.     "You're the human I see." They slurred, one side of their face covered in a mask that likely hid a grevious wound. The same went with some parts of their body also being hidden behind brass plates molded into muscles like armour of old.
  506.     "Yes, Adon, this is Stubborn Flank. Or Brass as known to Gryphons here, he is sort of a liaison for Equestria."
  508.     >Adon
  509.     Eyeing the gilded and masked pony, Adon realized one thing for sure: he was definitely not going to be able to ride one of THOSE around. Especially if it talked all the time. He wondered what Thatcher would have said to him; lazy nag would have bitched at him about being chased by necrophages all the time. Not caring much for the pony's outfit, he raises a suspicious eyebrow at the clad equine. "Equestria, huh? I'm guessing he isn't here by coincidence, and it has to do something with me, right?"
  512.     "Don't give yourself to much credit. I was here for decades and I'll be here even after you've moved on, I'm merely here to assess you and see if you're worth my time." He spat, a thin fine line of drool hanging from his brass side.
  513.     "Yes well, now that introductions are out of the way why don't you sit down Brass? Trotting up a mountain must be tiresome." Grunting, the scarred stallion hobbled his way over and curled down between @Adon and Pristine, his nose sniffing out and biting into the bowl of carrots. "Now Adon, about the plan on returning home. Uh, do you have any alternatives if its impossible to get back to your world?"
  514.     Rolling his eyes, Brass swallowed his food and spoke up, chips of carrot dropping off his teeth. "Never mind that nonsense Plumage, have you told him of the news." At that, he smiled.
  516.     >Adon
  517.     Adon dips his head down, curiously, at Brass. "And what could possibly be looking for that'd make me worthy of that?" Letting the masked pony settle in and begin helping himself to some food, the Witcher responds to Plumage. "If we can, that'd be great. If not... I'm really a nomad by trade and rite. As long as there's a place for me to sleep, hot food, and a job to exercise my skills, it ultimately wouldn't matter much to me."
  518.     But Brass's wordless quip denotes otherwise, as if the pony already knew Adon's fate had been sealed. He was from Equestria, where most of the other humans were held up at. He must have heard or broken the same news to humans multiple times, and it seems like there really is no way to return. A one-way trip, it is then. Not visibly reacting to his train of thought, Adon looks over at Plumage. "No, she hasn't yet, but I'm sure she was about to get to it."
  520.     "Yes well, before I get to the news I will inform Adon of what we found." Snorting, Brass went back to eating while his pampered Gryphoness friend focused on the Witcher. "The Overking had the best Librarians search but could not find any references or means of sending you back home, however it is worth noting that the Overking did divulge some insight that your kind were brought to Tallus by the whim of the Goddess of the Sun-"
  521.     "PAH! Everypony knows that, there he goes once again acting like he was privy to information where others were not."
  522.     "-Ahem...As I was SAYING at this time we cannot send you back, apologies."
  523.     Rather then add to this, Brass ate some shredded gabbage, chortling as he did so.
  525.     >Adon
  526.     Listening attentively, Adon eventually crooked a small disappointed frown. "That's too bad. Still, what I previously said stands. I have no problem staying here." He looks at Plumage, inquisitively, catching on something she cut off from before she could finish. "Who did you say brought me here? The Goddess of the Sun?"
  528.     Giving Brass a look, Pristine nodded at him to take over while she went in and nibbled at some sizzled hide. "Princess Celestia, Goddess of the Sun, one of the royal sisters that rule over Equestria. With her power she was able to bring forth beings from another dimension for expendable use, humans. Now we are here, years later with her spell gone awry, for you are here instead of in Canterlot where she first brought in humans to Tallus. But enough about old news."
  529.     Stomping his cracked hoof down on the table, he gave Plumage a suspicious look. "Since she won't, I will inform you. Last night tidings came in telling of something interesting brewing in an outer region; the Vale. Apparently they need assistance with a fuck up they did, something that involves a few of the Overking's Shadow Wings. You're going out there to investigate it, understand?"
  531.     >Adon
  532.     Despite the influx of information, Adon manages to snicker at the name of the pony city. "Is every pony city named after horse word play?" He moves his attention over to Brass, as Adon finally finishes picking at the meal. Vale? Shadow Wings? Sounds cold, and shady. "Although that sounds like I can handle it, with my skill set, why send a human that's had hardly a day to acclimate to this world when you have plenty of hearty-looking armored gryphons flying around every time I blink?"
  534.     "Yes, equines have a habit of making puns-"
  535.     "Ponies."
  536.     Sighing at his interrupting correction, Pristine waited for Brass to take the lead, but when he went for a drink she went on and continued. "You are being sent because the Vale as far as we know is the only territory that has humans documented being there, with one rumoured to being a couple with their Huntsmaster. With you the humans might talk more freely and Gryphons won't think twice about you, not knowing you're from the Inner Kingdom."
  538.     >Adon
  539.     Adon nods at Brass, making easy sense of his explanation. "You're right. It does sound more casual and not suspicious. I'm in then... on one condition." He holds up one finger. "I'm a Witcher, so I don't exactly work for free. I'll agree to either the promise of gear and equipment, or... whatever you all use for currency. Speaking of-" Adon looks over at Plumage. "I believe I have a voucher for some new equipment, after yesterday. I'd like to get some warmer armor, before going to the... Vale. If it's usually as brisk as the inner kingdom, I'd like to do that before anything else."
  541.     Snorting at the request for payment, Brass returned to stuffing his face full of glazed veggies while Pristine nodded, remembering Adon's earlier request. "Indeed, you have earned it rightfully. With even the Endling vouching for your name, head to the forges with your request and they will gladly do so. Just follow the smoke." Lifting an unfurled pretty wing she pointed out towards the rising sun, where a column of billowing smoke rose miles into the air.
  543.     >Adon
  544.     Adon nods graciously to Pristine for the directions, where Brass thought him funny for asking for compensation."I'm being serious. I live off of the best gear I can get my hands on; either through trading for work, or gold to buy it." It's what he does: no money, no job. "How kind of him. Will make it that much easier." Looking around for a- right behind him. "I'll return after getting my new equipment." He walks toward the teleportation stone, much like that one he's seen the guard and Endling use before. Now able to read the runes, mostly, he presses the runes that seemed to designate the forges and awaits to be taken there in an instant.
  546.     The last thing Adon heard from Brass before departing for the Translocation stone was something about:
  547.     "Your reward is a roof over your head."     Or something like that. Having a mouth full and mumbling makes discerning what someone say...rather difficult.
  548.     Thanks to Fea, reading the runes for the portal was simple to the Witcher, and with a few foot taps he was transported to a sweltering hell. Standing on a chained platorm Adon was amist a hive of activity, Gryphons clad in thick leather tending to the care of roaring open furnaces that burnt like stars in the dark gloom of the massive caves interior, which had been scorched black the craggy walls with soot. The smoke from the collective stacks were being funneled out by gaping metal pipes, so numerous they were they formed artifical stalactites that covered the whole uneven cavern roof. *TINK TIK TINK* Came the blows of hundreds of hammers working throughout the forges illuminated floor as dozens of Gryphons laboured away at their burning craft.
  549.     "Ya der 'wit-ner' tha t'was talk 'bout?" From behind Adon was a muffled growl, deep with strengh. Sure enough, turning to look at the voices' owner revealed a burly barrel crested Gryphon whom even under layers of a protective leather body glove, had lax muscles forming lumps across their frame. "Lookin' fer better gear, aye?"
  551.     >Adon
  552.     Passing through the portal, Adon is bombarded from the brisk plateau to a living forge. Gryphons, donned in blacksmithing leathers, were hard at work on all kinds of metals, weapons, armor, and tools. The entire setting reminded him of old drawings and stories of dwarven forges he had heard from the few denizens that still lived. Despite the symphony of clanging metals, he still caught a bulky gryphon call him out over the commotion. "Yeah, I'm the witcher the Endling mentioned. This forge is impressive. Reminds me of a few places from my world." He liked this gryphon; right to the point. Adon nodded, looking over himself. "I could use an improvement in my armor, which isn't saying much to begin with. I'm looking for good durable protection, but not too heavy to impend movement. And a warm layer; I'm going to the Vale, not exactly well adapted to the cold."
  554.     "Ya, I can git ye what yer after, follow me." And so the Witcher followed the Gryphon down a flight of stairs that were carved into the caves wall that led all the way to the crowded work floor. Leading @Adon through a path that did not get in the way of the crews that attended the differing forges, the Gryphon shouted back as they neared an awaiting pit with an idle handler stocking the coals. "What kin' da armour design you'ra lookin' fer?"
  556.     >Adon
  557.     Following the gryphon down some stairs into another floor of bustling activity, Adon mulls over his options. "Not sure what you can offer for my voucher. I prefer a balance between protection and mobility, usually pairing mail with hard and soft plating. Just curious, but does this world have metals that cancel out magic flow, or can cause more harm to certain beings?"
  559.     Stopping in front of the unused forge the Gryphon barked an order to the other attendee, whom went and opened a small supply shed off to the side where its shelves were filled to the brim with metals and materials Adon had not seen before. "Do ya wit' the right stuff which we 'ave." Giving the forge in front of them a once over to ensure it was up and ready, they turned their thick goggled gaze at the Witcher. "Come 'ere, need ya measurements."
  561.     >Adon
  562.     Ogling the materials over in the shed, he snaps back to the gryphon attending to him. Nodding, Adon unhooks his twin swords and sets them them to the side so the armorers can get at his measurements easier, and slightly fans out his arms.
  564.     Producing a rope that had knots tied along it's length, the Forger took Adon's measurements, and despite not being a species they were familiar with anatomy wise, they were able to measure inch of his body before stepping away. "Now wait 'ere, till take a few 'ours." Under Adons direction the Forgers gathered rolls of rune chainmail, each ring scribed with sigils that translated into toughness and protection, black from carbon exposure from the forges.
  565.     Stripes of hammered Berylline came next out of a secure box, the glowing yellow metal shun like gold bars within the grasp of the Forgers as they carried them out. Placing the gathered materials onto a workbench one Gryphon began work on cutting the stripes down into neat squares while ordering the other Forger off to contract the services of a Tanner and Seamstress. Twenty minutes later with the Berylline cut and stacked the one Gryphon went to work knitting the chainmail into a pair of shirt and trousers, something the Witcher had to give much insight on. Especially around the crotch area... during this task the Tanner, Seamstress and Forger returned with materials in claws.
  566.     Having given them direction on the flight back the Tanner started to insert the Berylline squares in hardened leather to form gauntlets, shoulder guards and grieves. Free from directing Adon was taken by the Seamstress, whom sowed insulated clothing right around his body, this naturally required him to stripe down to his undergarments. Much to the Seamstresses' amusement. While all of this happened the remaining Forger went ahead and made hardy buckles and pins to keep all of these different layers on Adons person, creating these essential pieces from spare scrap steel laying about on the floor.
  567. [ 1d6+25 = 27 ] [ 1d6+25 = 29 ] [ 1d6+25 = 26 ] [ 1d6+25 = 28 ] <Master Tanning
  568. [ 1d6+25 = 27 ] [ 1d6+25 = 30 ] [ 1d6+25 = 31 ] [ 1d6+25 = 31 ] <Master Forging
  569. [ 1d6+25 = 29 ] [ 1d6+25 = 31 ] [ 1d6+25 = 30 ] [ 1d6+25 = 31 ] <Master Sewing
  571.     An hour of fitting, fidgeting, fussing and finishing later Adon the Witcher stood in front of the four Gryphons, each one silently critiquing their claw work. "'Ill do 'spose."
  572.     "For a body I've never touched I think I outdone myself."
  573.     "Best I could do, now can I get back to my stew, even if it be cold now..?"
  574.     "How's it feelin'?"
  576.     >Adon
  577.     After several hours of dictating, observation of the highly skilled gryphons, and some time set aside for naked measurements, Adon waited patiently as the final stichings were stitched and buckles fastened. The gryphons that finished their work gave him a look over, and Adon looked down at the new armor himself. The runic chainmail was a nice touch, and the leather moved well as he flexed and stretched. A comfortable fit, not too loose or too tight anywhere; a little breaking in will make it feel like a second skin. And he can feel the insulating layer doing its job, as the forge felt just a tad warmer. He also learned a few forging techniques, as he watched them for the past several hours. Certain metals had elemental properties to them, as well a gems, and everyday items and trinkets can be magically infused with weapons and armor; even his own body. It reminded him how glyphs worked, except these were more flexible with interchanging them. He adjusts one of his gauntlets to a fit snug, and he smirks at the gryphons with a grateful nod. "It fits very nicely. Even dwarves and elves would have difficult times matching this level of craftsmanship." He grabs his swords and restraps them to his torso. "I'll have to come back her to get my blades reforged. Thank you all for your help, I'll certainly put it through its paces."
  579.     Their work done the Tanner and Seamstress spread their wings and flapped into the air, the heated currents carrying them to one of the many gaping exits that lines the walls of the Forge. Now done with the task the tender went about cleaning up and storing left over materials, leaving the Forger that greeted @Adon earlier alone with him. "I'll tak'it as a compliment, naw paymint is covered buh the Overkings underlins' BUT cane I ask a favour?" They moved in closer, visor covered eyes staring blankly up at the Witcher. "I got family in da Vale, cane ya giv'em this when ya lookin' fer the Forge der?" At this they produced a small cylinder made from iron wood and bronze studs.
  581.     >Adon
  582.     The separate craft experts took their leave, returning to where they were hailed from, which ultimated left Adon with the Forger. He looks at the gryphon and nods for him to continue. He looks down at the metal cylinder, possibly a message or something else for their family. "You helped me, I'll help you." The witcher nods, and takes the cylinder from the Forger. "I'll make sure to deliver it, while I'm there. Thanks again, I can find my way out." Adon waves the gryphon off, storing the cylinder in his travel pouch, and heads up the staircase and back to where he entered from. Stepping onto the teleport stone, Adon punches in the runes for the palace's plateau.
  584.     Dropping onto the now familiar wind swept plateau @Adon did not see Pristine Plumage awaiting him, instead he saw the place was filled with Gryphons much like his first time arriving here. There must be some sort of time table where the plaza is cleared early in the morning and opened to the public later on in the day, would explain why it was barren when he had breakfast with the Victisarary.
  586.     >Adon
  587.     Realizing he had spent quite a bit of time at the forge, Pristine must have moved onto other business for the day. Through the bustling activity, Adon flags down a guard and asks where the perfectly preened gryphoness had gone to, before he sets out to find her. After that, he'll make his way to the Vale.
  589.     It was a good thing the Overkings' guards were dressed in easily identifiable uniform, bronze armour makes one stick out like a sore thumb among shifting groups. Giving @Adon the simple directions of 'enter the palace and keep walking forward' the guard returned to their duty, leaving the Witcher to chase after Pristine. Several minutes of jogging straight through the palaces main hall later he reached his destination, an open archway that led into an expansive room akin to an opera house, ranked ascending boxes filled with Gryphons more important looking than the ones outside squawking and howling at one another. In the centre of the deep chamber stood a large Gryphon with a savage appearance that bellowed with authority over the squabbling, trying to continue whatever point he was making. <Gryphonic> "-Weak and now is the time to strike them down for good! The fall of their dam is the ??? we have been waiting for for years!" Most shouted in agreement while a few kept quiet, the looks on their beaked faces telling of darker thoughts. <Gryphonic> "The Oder will be expecting such a move!" "Border regions will be near defenceless if this went through!" "What of the slavers and fledge-nappings?!" "Such a plan will take attention away from the Grand Hunt, the Overking will never allow such an invansion to happen." Along the dissenting opinions was Pristine, her well kept coat like a jewel in the sand.
  591.     >Adon
  592.     Catching onto the easily-readable direction, from the guards, Adon heads to and enters the palace. Reaching into the palace's interior, there was a group of gryphons going back and forth. Pristine included. It quickly became clear it was a war-meeting, and they were trading decisions on what to do against this... Order. He merely stayed put at the hall's entrance; politics, and taking sides during a war, were not in his repertoire and avoided. A master witcher is easily to equal twenty of the best trained Nilfgaardian soldiers; one can easily change the tide of a battle. They were monster hunters, not mercenaries; it wasn't his place to intervene. He waited, and listened, as the war council continued on.
  594.     <Gryphonic> "And that is why all the regions should unite to crush the Order once and for all!" A ragged wing swept across the whole theatre, to prove the speakers point. <Gryphonic> "By doing this the war will be over within a month, a few weeks even. With the Order destroyed the combined forces can be split up into hunting parties to eradicate all Slaver activity. I know how they think, once the assaults happen they will be drawn in believing they can prey on all wayward wounded and deserters. Catching them bloody clawed!"
  595.     The dissenting Gryphons did not say anything, instead the room chattered away evaluating the plan while the speaker puffed his crest in triumph. Looking away from the centre in thought, Pristine caught sight of Adon standing at the entrance above them all, before snapping her head back as if she didn't see anything. <Gryphonic> "Your proposal is sound except for one thing; it will still take attention away from the Grand Hunt. So no matter how convenient it is the Overking shall never allow it!"
  596.     With a new talking point the dissenters grew tenfold, cheering and cawing for a solid minute. Despite this however the Gryphon on stage remained calm, as if he knew this would happen. <Gryphonic> "That is why I approached the Overking with my idea, that the Grand Hunt not be focused on the legendary monsters of the peaks, but the blind fanatics of the Order!"
  597.     The revelation swept through the packed room like a wave, stunning all in silence. "Smart plan it is, leave it to a mountain dweller to cover all their bases." The slurred words in the voice beside Adon gave away who was talking to him.
  599.     >Adon
  600.     Listening attentively as the one gryphon took stage and proposed his plan, Adon furrowed his brow at the final statement. This Grand Hunt was clearly something of tradition, for the region. To use the event as a means to hunt down remaining dissenters of this Order was clever, but brought its own issues. As the trade-off quelled, Adon heard Brass's slurred words approach him from his side, and he gives him a quick notice before focusing back on the war council. "It is a smart idea, but in doing so leaves the Grand Hunt open to do something like this again in the future. This Order seems like its worth breaking the Hunt's traditions for, but what if next time it's for something more trivial... or sinister?" The Witcher shrugs, nonchalantly, to his own reasonings. "Not my place to comment, regardless. Anyway, I have my new armor so I'm ready to got o the Vale whenever."
  602.     Chuckling darkly, Brass stomped his metal hoof lightly in applause. "Good observation, but I know for certain that lil' fucker down there isn't thinking so ahead. He'll probably be dead by the time the next Grand Hunt comes along, so it will be the Endling and the Overkings advisors to worry about. In the future." Apparently finished with his speech the Gryphon, the 'mountain dweller' strode off stage head held high, as if he got what he wanted already. Replacing him was a smaller one, vibrant colours with a silver gorget. <Gryphonic> "If there is to be no more objections this meeting is over." There was further murmuring, but by the looks of it to @Adon no one wanted to extend the council any longer. "Good, then go. Seek out Warlord Ri'Vahz if talking to the locals doesn't help you. You can find her where you will find all Gryphons of importance, up on the highest mountain in sight." He snorted out of amusement, a factual yet funny observation.
  604.     >Adon
  605.     Watching the council slowly disperse, Adon looks over at Brass and gives him a nod of leave. "Then I'll see you, later on, Brass. Hopefully with some information on those Shadow Wings." Leaving the palace the way he came from, Adon makes his way back to the plateau where he walks over to the teleport stone. He taps the runes to what seemed to signify this 'Vale', and awaits to be transported there.
  607.     Although he was being transferred through space and time, @Adon felt an innate sense of his transition being prolonged. When he dropped out onto solid ground once again, he got his answer. The sky was different than to the one over the inner kingdoms, where the sun had risen miles away there, here light purples and distant oranges hinted at an incoming sunrise. The stars were still visible above snow capped peaks, they belonging to mountains that made up the edges of a vale with a lake as reflective as a mirror. It explained where the name of the place came from... Snow lay everywhere, 2ft deep with sleet topping it off. A path had been trudged through recently following glow stone archways that connected the Translocation stone to a distant town where small thatched villa buildings were over shadowed by tall aviaries built onto slopes. Behind the Witcher was a steep decline with jagged rocks and some hardy softwoods growing out of cracks, beyond this was a view of endless chains and ranges. As he took in his surroundings the portal activated, and a silent moment later a Gryphon burst out. Breathlessly they flew towards the town, paws not touching the ground not once as they batted their wings frantically.
  609.     >Adon
  610.     Landing out of the portal, Adon is immediately greeted by an orange half-lit sunrise. And cold. And snow... The Witcher sinks into it up past his knees, glad he had gotten that warm layer added into his armor. He makes his way over to a dug out path, when a frantic gryphon bursts out of the teleport stone after him and makes its way to the small town in the distance. "Must be in a hurry." The view was beautiful, to say the least, and he began making his way toward the apparent gryphon town in the distance. As he starts along the Path, Adon observes his surroundings for the highest peak around. Brass said he'd be able to find this Ri'Vaz at the top. It's too bad he didn't know the names around here, else he was sure he could just use the teleport stone to get there.
  611. [ 1d6 = 1 ] [ 1d6 = 5 ] <B.Perception
  613.     As @Adon trudged along the path down to the town the sound of something bursting into reality came from behind him, looking back he saw a few other Gryphons, they dazed but soon taking to the sky like the previous one. Some carried tools while one was dressed in armour akin to a soldier. Returning to searching for Ri'Vahz location, the Witcher spotted it almost immediately. On a peak overlooking the town sat a castle, precarious yes, but on the highest peak as Brass had said earlier. Another burst, and more Gryphons flew overhead, flying away from the portal as fast as possible. As Adon neared the entrance to the town a column of roiling black smoke came into view from behind a slope, and moving further down the path he saw its source. A forge, smaller and less refined than the one in the Overkings' domain was off to the side of the town, tiny huts occupied by pairs of Gryphons encircling the blazing fires working hard on bright orange projects. And yet again, more catbirds screeching out of translocation, it becoming apparent this was a thing now.
  615.     >Adon
  616.     Making his way to the town, Adon noticed more gryphons were arriving through the teleport runes in the same fashion as the first one. Maybe they were all coming from the same place, in a panic? Well, the town didn't seem on fire, so it must not have been that bad. Looking over the upcoming settlement, the Witcher easily spots a castle high up on a mountain overlooking the village. Must be where Ri'Vahz is held up. He also spotted a smaller blacksmith forge off to the side, the one the Forger at the palace had mentioned. He figures he should drop off the package, before beginning his investigation. As he nears the town Adon makes a course for the small forge, intent on delivering the canister before he does anything else.
  618.     Walking down to the forge by a side route that also had been cut out of the thick snow, the Witcher got a good view of a dozen Gryphons flying from portal to the town thanks to the angle he was at. There must of been more on the way seeing how the portal was not popping out of existence. As he neared the forge he began to heat up, the open fires having melted a wide radius of snow into steaming grass, almost like stepping into a different zone. Taking note of @Adons approach a Forger clad in similar leather protection as the ones in the inner kingdoms stepped away from their small hut, trotting merrily up to the human despite the flocks of Gryphons flying in a panic in plain view behind him. "What can I do for ya, human?"
  620.     >Adon
  621.     Nearing the forge, Adon was somewhat relieved the snow had melted around the area. The grass even managed to dry out. A smith, from the looks of it, approached him and the Witcher nodded in response. "I think I have something here, for you." Adon produces the metal cylinder from his pouch, and presents it to the gryphon. "The forger at the palace told me to deliver it here, seeing as I have business int he area. Look or sound familiar, to you?"
  623.     Taking the cylinder from @Adon, the Forger held it up to their goggled eyes to read some scrawl on its side, a moment later they nodded. "Aye, cousin of mine. Been waiting for this actually. Thank ya." Putting the item away in a pouch under a clad wing, the Gryphon cocked their head to the side. "You're from the Inner Kingdom huh, wha'cha doin' here for and what kind of business?"
  625.     >Adon
  626.     "No problem." The Witcher nods as the gryphon recognized the cylinder and takes it off his hands. "I'm here to meet with Ri'Vahz, was asked to look into something." Adon looks into the distance towards the teleport stone, casually pointing at it as more squawking gryphons entering through it. "I'm guessing it's not related to that, though. I know to find her in that castle, overlooking the town."
  627. Spruce: Spruce nods and begins walking over to the door, opening it and pausing to look back at him. "Where are they in the Vale?" He asks, looking back at the gryphon and back outside at the phenomena occuring.
  629.     Tapping her beak, Eolas hummed as she recalled her memory, a chortle escaping her throat when she remembered where he was. "Yes, Razeek has a crush on the human female. Natasha...I believe? Anyway she set up a food place in the Vale, away from the main square so not to compete with Corven. You'll find him there." She gave @Spruce directions to take when in the Vale, and when finished wished him luck. Outside the Burg remained unscathed by the rampant geological upheaval, it along with the shoreline remaining a bastion whilst the plains beyond crumbled away to reveal emposing pyramids of sickly purple and black stone.
  630.     Looking beyond @Adon, the Forger shook his head as dozens of Gryphons were continuously pouring out from the portal. "That ain't right, somethings up. Since yer gonna go to Warlord Ri'Vahz ya might as well tell her about that." He pointed with a jap with his beak at the flocks of catbirds. "If she hasn't been informed already."
  632.     >Adon
  633.     Gazing from the portal and back to the Forger, Adon nods his head in agreement. "I will. Hard to not notice it, anyway, I'm sure it's already being mentioned. Take care." The WItcher waves off the gryphon, and redirects himself towards a path leaving up the peak and to the castle. Hopefully, it won't be a long walk.
  635.     The forger waved @Adon goodbye before galloping back to his hut, where he began to excitedly open the item the Witcher delivered to him. The Path to the Castle led Adon through the town and all its sights and sounds, which included a lot of stray feathers and loud obnoxious cawing roars. Which gave the Inner Kingdoms' general state a more clean look, in fact the only similarities between the two places were that they were filled with Gryphons and there was a castle atop a moutain. The catbirds here were, well, naked of any sort of clothing. A pouch here and a leather gorget with studs there, but nothing like back in the Overkings domain. And whatever had troubled the Gryphons arriving out of the portal in droves now was spreading across the town as the Witcher passed through its stall filled Square. From what Adon could pick out of the rampant cacophony is that an earth quake or something was razzing a city, putting digs in danger.
  637.     >Adon
  638.     Making his way through the ever-growing simple town, Adon catches conversations from several gryphons that had frantically exited the teleport stone. The news sounded... concerning, something about digs sites. Couldn't be what he was here for. The Witcher passes on through the remaining part of the town and begins to make his way to the peak which held his destination.
  640.     Using the Castle as way to navigate the frantic towns layout the Witcher eventually walked out of interior back into snow covered wilderness, a straight path cut through the snow that climbed up to the mountains peek. To @Adons left was the slopes of the mountains, softwoods and rocks covering the faces of the vales' walls. And to his right was the lake, in the centre and stretching the geograpthic length of the area. No archway glowcubes to illuminate the trek, just the brightening sky overhead to give light to Adons long lonely walk. Well, almost lonely; there was a single tower sticking out right there between the town and castle, warm yellow lighting filling its windows to tell Adon it was occupied. Judging by the prints leading to the its door veering off the path, the one inside was human.
  642.     >Adon
  643.     Breaking through the village and into the snow covered hills, Adon makes his way up to the castle. He begins to come up a lone tower in the middle, and looks down at the foot prints. Human. Although slowing down for a moment, he continues on to the castle. He should talk to Ri-Vahz before doing anything else.
  645.     Reaching the foot of the inclining moutainside, @Adon stared as the path degraded with each notch of altitude to eventually be nothing more but a kicked up dirt trail slithering across bare peak rock. It said much about how Gryphons here expected terran guests. Nevertheless the Witccher marched on, climbing up as if he was on a pilgrimage. One could say he was, of a certain sort. His journey ended in front of a cast iron door situated on the side of the castles' walls, a slit was in its centre and when he banged on it a harsh voice shouted from the other side. <Gryphonic> "Who's there?"
  647.     >Adon
  648.     Finally reaching the castle, Adon knocks on the iron entrance as a gryphon's voice emanates from the other side. He's happy to oblige the questioning catbird. <Gryphonic>"I'm the human from the Inner kingdom that Brass sent. I'm here to talk to Ri'Vahz." He hoped he pronounced the gryphon's name correctly.
  650.     The Gryphon on the other side did not respond immediately, though when he did his voice was laced with suspicion. <Gryphonic> "Who the fuck is Brass? An' there are no humans from the Inner Kingdoms, only pompous narrow beaked tailless whelps!"
  652.     >Adon
  653.     Adon, getting somewhat impatient in the cold, crosses his arms and taps his foot. And clearly Brass wasn't known much in these parts; figures. "Well I am from the Inner Kingdoms. I literally arrived on Tallus, yesterday. You gonna let me in, or not?"
  655.     An audible scoff reached @Adons' ears, clearly this Gryphon was not amused. "And why do you want an audience with Warlord Ri'Vahz, she is busy minding her own business." Speaking of Brass, the Witcher then recalled the Brass had stated -not- to mention he was from the Inner Kingdoms.
  657.     >Adon
  658.     The Witcher mentally kicks himself for his line of conversation, which was getting him nowhere fast. "If you HAVE to know..." He pauses, trying to get a story straight. "The Overking wants an update on the Shadow Wings in this area. I'm just here to check on things, and I need to talk to Ri'Vahz about it. Especially if it has anything to do with the commotion going on in the village. There's talk about some incident botching digging expeditions in a city; probably wouldn't look good if I went back with just that, and no explanation as to why."
  660.     What @Adon said earned him a long silence from behind the door, though straining his ears he heard the mutters growls of the Gryphon relaying something to someone else before coming back to the Witcher with faux respect on their tongue. <Gryphonic> "Come on in, the Warlord is waiting in the throne room." The metal door screeched open, revealing a rustic armoured Gryphon standing in front of a stone staircase. Stepping into an alcove set into the brick wall itself, Adon gained entry to the castles courtyard. It was no plateau, but it was open enough for a flock of catbirds to take flight easily. In front of him was the main building, double doors wide open and from where he stood he saw a Gryphoness sitting on a throne, she staring right back at the Witcher from where she sat metres away. Even with distance, her light red eyes were piercing with annoyance.
  662.     >Adon
  663.     The long pause was enough for him to figure out it was enough for the gryphon to change its mind, and the door opened for him. Begrudgingly, of course. Passing by the door guard, he walks through the courtyard and into the inner building to meet face to face with Ri'Vahz. She didn't seem too enthusiastic to see him, which probably warranted a little bit of subtlety on his end... the heck does he care, he's here for free. "You must be Warlord Ri'Vahz. I am Adon, Witcher. Sorry if my presence is less than attractive, but the being that sent me here didn't offer me enough to NOT be candid with my intentions." The Witcher nonchalantly shrugs, smirking. "Oops, on his part."
  665.     Standing in front of Ri'Vahz, the Witcher saw that her expression did not budge as he explained himself, her annoyance remaining the same. Breathing out of her nares which filled the thrones' hall with a faint whistle, the green and whate Gryphoness finally brought herself to address @Adon. "What do you want human, I am -very- busy. Say what you want to say then go crawling back to your master."
  667.     >Adon
  668.     Not caring for her tone, Adon crosses his arms and furrows his brow. "I can see that, considering all the hectic gryphons pouring out of that portal outside of the town talking about an earthquake disrupting digs. Must be really important. I'm simply offering help in any capacity I can provide, and if not-" He uncrosses hi arms, and points his thumbs to the way out of the castle. "I'll be on my way."
  670.     >Spruce
  671.     "Thank you, I will be back as fast as I can. For victory!" He salutes her, an appreciative grin on his face as he turns tail and sprints to the door, knocking it open​ and sprinting out to the square, his path straight towards the translocation stone, pushing through or going around any gryphons in his way as he dashes for it, waiting if necessary, for it to be clear for himself​ if it's busy.
  673.     Rubbing her head with a claw, the Warlord contemplated for a moment with eyes closed. When she spoke again, they remained closed but the edge of anger had abaited somewhat in her voice. "...Fine, you want to find your Shadow Wings? Go into the portal my kin are fleeing out of, you will find the Shadow Wings in there along with my Enforcer whom brought them in on our expedition."
  675.     The area outside, between the Burg and Translocation Stone bordered by the coast was filled to the gills with Gryphons. All were huddled together in family groups or teams, the winds to strong for them to be air born. Reaching the activated portal was a hassle as catbirds lined for a chance to hop in, militia attempting to stand in place to ensure there was no crowding around the active portal. Several minutes of running in place later @Spruce reached the portal, ready to jump in.
  677. >Adon
  678.     Keeping a rather neutral response to Ri'Vahz's give-in, Adon gives the irritated Warlord a polite bow. "Thank you. And now, I'll be on my way. Good luck with... your business." Falling off on anything snarky to finish with, Adon turns around and shows himself out. That could have went better, he should make sure to have a believable story next time. These gryphons seem to not like anyone from the inner kingdom. He walks back down the hill, from the castle, and through the town; which was now growing more frantic with gryphons. Catching a name of the city from several gryphons, Adon trudges through the snow back to the portals tone. He words out the city's name out to himself, and punches it into the runes, awaiting to be transported.
  680.     @Adon did not hear a reply from the Warlord, nor did he get confronted by any of her guards. Instead he had a quiet walk from castle to town, and from town to portal. As the Witcher passed the towns entrance, he saw the portal was still active with plenty of Gryphons flying overhead from it. And right by its side to not be knocked over by the sheer volume of trafficking catbirds, was a human. One in odd clothing with strange equipment, he even looked a bit gaunt, as if he came from hell and back.
  682. *****
  683. *****
  684.     Wanting to pull every feather off his head, Blackbeak planted his beaked face onto the map covered table, groaning aloud. "Fine, FINE! You want to help? Go and see if the militia are down evacuating the surrounding dig sites to this one, and after that go and assist them in burying those fucking holes. Got it?"
  686.     >Spruce
  687.     Spruce salutes Blackbeak, wincing once behind his orange sunglasses. "Yes sir." He responds, turns on the heel of his left foot, and walks downstairs to leave the stressed gryphon be and he heads for the exit to go and find the militia to get directions to one of the surrounding dig sites.
  689.     Asking around on the bottom floor, the first Gryphon Spruce talked to gave the Operator a bemused chuckle. "You can't miss 'em, like, there's plenty around." Another spoke up. "Pick a direction and keep walking human!" Breaking out into laughter, the Gryphons returned to their own businesses as Spruce left the tower and walked out of the tight confines of the Ring Town into the grassy plains. Eyes narrowed, Spruce could see in the distance other dig sites, they like islands on a vast sea of green.
  691.     >Spruce
  692.     "Thank you." He says to the group of gryphons, only slightly embarrassed that he had not taken the time to look out a window while in the tower to find said sites. Whatever... He kicks it in gear and begins his hike out of the town, AG3 swinging at his side as he treks out to the closest dig site to him.
  694.     The trek to the closet secondary site was quiet, the sea breeze coming in gently across the soft earthed plains. After a certain point @Spruce could hear the chitter chatter of Gryphons as he closed in on the dig, the catbirds busy circling in the sky or moving about randomly on the ground, none taking notice of the approaching Operator.
  696.     >Spruce
  697.     "Hallo?" Spruce calls out to a few of the nearby gryphons on the ground, raising his voice to get their attention as he slowly walks into the camp of the digsite, wondering to himself exactly how much this would help and if this was related to the death of the young gryphon...
  699.     Some Gryphons looked in Spruce's direction, but they, like the rest of catbirds, returned to dismantling the village. Passing through the first row of shanty buildings, which were in the process of being melted back into the earth by Runers, Spruce heard a faint whistle come from a yet untouched guard tower. "Psh in here hoomin?"
  701.     >Spruce
  702.     Spruce glances over at the watchtower curiously and walks over to it slowly, hand still placed on his slinged AG3 handing from his side. "Ja...?" He asks as he walks into the guard tower.
  704.     The guard tower was made from the same materials as the other buildings, except for a sturdy door made from solid metal with the hinges having been deeply inbedded in the towers very frame to give it support. The door itself was cracked slightly open and beyond it sparkled the eye of Gryphoness caught in sunlight, judging by the way the voice was. "Get in here quickly!" Opening the door just big enough for Spruce to fit, the catbird frankly looked beyond @Spruce, intensely staring at the outside village.
  706.     >Spruce
  707.     Spruce gives the gryphoness a curious look before taking a few expedited steps into the tower, looking at the gryphon and then back outside curiously, utterly confused as to what is going on, so he asks the gryphoness just that. "What is going on? Why do you want my attention?" He asks, making a quick look around to make sure he isnt being trapped.
  709.     The inside of the tower was comfortably small stacked with unidentifiable crates, a single hole up above my 3 metres was the only way to reach the top. "I need to talk to you how did you get here were you alone?!" She hissed in a rushed panic, slamming the door shut behind Spruce, the innate sense of being watched suddenly cut off. "This dig is doomed, doomed I tell ya!"
  711.     >Spruce
  712.     Spruce winces as the door is slammed shut by the gryphoness, he gives her a look of concern as she yells at him, he holds up his hands "Woah woah woah. Calm down. Take a deep breath girl. I just walked here from the little town, alone, by myself. I was sent by Blackwing to help bury these tombs, okay? Ja?" The man answers, attempting to calm her down. "Have the dead risen here too? I just recovered from my last... Journey into the tombs."
  714.     Curling into a ball, the Gryphoness rested her beak on the compacted mud floor, feathhery brow knitted together with confusion. "I don't know what happened, they don't look dead...I just went into the sky for some 'alone time' and the next thing I knew everyone was acting weird-" She was cut off by a knock on the door.
  716.     >Spruce
  717.     Spruce kneels down, putting a hand on her shoulder and nods, thinking about what could be going on... None of this really made any sense to him, to be honest with himself but he thinks a moment, musing aloud to her. "Do you think they are... Bewitched? Mind controlled? I have n-" he looks over at the door, and asks, moving his hand down from the receiver of his rifle to the grip and asks. "Who is it?"
  719.     A moment passed before the rasp of an older Gryphon reverbrated through the doors thick wood. "The militia that is stationed in this tower, open up!" Pouncing off the floor onto a crate, the Gryphoness was reduced to a panic state yet again. "Please don't open it!"
  721.     >Spruce
  722.     Spruce sticks his foot in front of the door. "Sorry. I am afraid I cannot do that at the request of other members of the militia. What is going on? Is everything alright at this site? Have you begun to bury the dig site?" He questions through the door, fixing his bayonet to his rifle, just in case.
  725.     Behind @Spruce the Gryphon panicks, hiccuping with fear "I-I am not part of the militia..." Muttered chattering was heard behind the door before going silent, a heartbeat later the thick wood bashed into Spruces foot as the door was rammed from the outside. "You will let us in!"
  727.     >Spruce
  728.     Spruce keeps his foot planted, and moves the rest of his body in the way of the door, he looks to the sobbing gryphoness and snaps. "Girl. Stand up. Snap out of it. If you don't wish to stay then go up further into the tower. I don't have wings... Now..." He turns back to the door, unslinging his AG3 and asking once more. "Have you had any problems? Are you burying the site? Why do you not respond to my questions? You are making me that the word of the others was true." He moves back, out of the way of the door no longer blocking it and standing in the center of the tower, wondering if he is being taken for a ride or is about to die.
  730.     Shakily, the catbird flaps her way up into the towers topside, disappearing from view. With a grunt of effort the door slams open, the light from outside blinding @Spruce for a moment. "Wa- When did a human get here?!" Before the Operator were several armoured Militia, their beaked faces filled with annoyance at being barred entry. "Wha' does it matter to you, git outta our tower."
  732.     >Spruce
  733.     Spruce shrugs and steps out of the tower, holding his weapon at rest. "I walked here. Minutes ago. Appears you had scared some of your comrades. They left though." He says casually, giving them disinformation on whoever that gryphoness was. "Why did you all suddenly show up to kick me out?" He asks, looking around at the gryphons. "And when I arrived, I did say that I was ordered here to bury this site."
  735.     "Just came back from patrol." One said in the back, the others agreed. The one in front, the oldest looking one continued. "We haven't been informed then, and yeah, this place is bein' burried in case you haven't noticed." A wing spread out to point to the surrounding buildings being dissolved back into top soil. "Centre of towns already buried, only thing left is role call an' these buildings an'd 'ere outta here." At that they all collectively calmed down, the prospect of returning home soothing their nerves.
  737.     >Spruce:
  738.     Spruce examines the gryphons, nodding. "I was sent to help. So I only asked." He lowers his guard a bit more, putting his rifle back onto his back. "I will take a look and go to the next, I guess..." He shrugs, and wonders what the gryphon who wanted his attention was talking about. He moves to walk past the gryphons, headed towards the site and it's buildings being buried just to make sure nothing was amiss.
  741.     Reaching the centre of the deconstructing village @Spruce saw the patchy ground where a previous excavation had taken place, onto top of which were a few Gryphons looking distressed. Closer, he overheard them speaking in Gryphonic, but once they caught sight of him they chanhged to common. "Human, here help."
  742.     Despite the high population it appeared to the Witcher that the majority flew up above, leaving the floor rather empty in comparison. Apart from stray entities in the distance, @Adon was alone in the vast bottom of the chambers exspanse. He spots the stairs the Endling mentioned earlier a good mile away, they at a steep 70 degree angle leading up to another portal much like the palaces' entrance built into 'wall' of the chamber.
  744.     >Spruce
  745.     Spruce approaches them, wondering if the militia will show up in moments to kick him out of this area too or if they'll relay a similar tale of the gryphons acting strange. "What is it?" He asks as he walks over to them
  747.     Breaking the circle up, the one that called for @Spruce was holding a piece of paper with chicken scratch all over it, but with big fat check marks at one side. A list perhaps. "Currently destroy site, checking Gryphons. Almost done missing one." Clawing it to the Operator, Spruce saw that in the line of checks there was a space where one was supposed to be. "You new here, you come from main, you see any Gryphonesses with red beak?"
  749.     >Spruce
  750.     "A red beak?" Spruce pauses, thinking back to the gryphoness in the tower. "Uh... Maybe? I saw one but she was hidden in the dark, I didn't quite get a good look at her beak. She was frightened, thought something... Weird was going on with all of you? Ja? I don't know if that was her, but she was hiding."
  752.     They all give a worried look amongst themselves before returning to @Spruce. "Where?" Behind Spruce, a commotion was growing, the sound of shrill caws and clash of armour ringing out from where the guard tower was near the sites edge.
  754.     >Spruce
  755.     Spruce, looks back, hearing the commotion and looking back at the tower with a surprised look on his face. Drawing his rifle before pointing it back in the direction of the tower. "Over there, in the tower was where I met her! We should go!" He yells in surprise, running back to where he had come from, wondering what the hell was going on.
  757.     Sprinting back, @Spruce heard behind him the thud of pursuing Gryphons, they behind him by several steps. Coming into view of the area the tower was situated in, the Operator saw one of the militia being thrown out of the tower, they in a scrap with the Gryphoness. Out in the sunlight he saw her beak was red, fitting the missing catbird. "That her!"
  759.     >Spruce
  760.     Spruce raises his rifle at the milita gryphons attacking her, unsure of what exactly to do, but he knows this must stop. He raises his rifle and fires a shot off straight in the air and yells "STOP! WHAT THE HELLS IS GOING ON?!" He glances back at the two gryphons behin him, hoping for some sort of idea as to what the fuck is going on.
  762.     The sudden explosion from @Spruces round caught all off guard, sending some into a panic while others came to a stand still. Their fast paced hearts collectively skipping a beat. Screams errupted around the Operator, confused and freightened Gryphons squawking to each other. Pointing and throwing accusations out. The two behind Spruce were scared stiff, not knowing what to do. The Militia in front of him roared angerily between him and the Gryphoness, whom had stopped her attack and was now curled into a ball crying her eyes out.
  764.     >Spruce
  765.     "QUIET!" He shouts at the top of his lungs. "EVERYONE CALM DOWN AND EXPLAIN WHAT IN SLEIPNIR'S COCK IS GOING ON?! I come to help and find you trying to kill each other! Calm down and explain yourselves!"
  767.     No one responded to @Spruce, they all continued to shout at one another, the very air crackling with barely contained hostilities. Above, a shadow covered the Operator as something approached, looking up he saw the eyes of an angry Gryphon dive bombing in his direction. He noticed then there was a hole punched through one of its wings...
  769.     >Spruce
  770.     Spruce looks around distressed as his attempt to get some answers out of the gryphons is short lived and has devolved into a total shouting match. At least they weren't killing each other anymore, that was something at least. The sudden change in light brings his attention skyward, to a gryphon attempting to dive bomb him. He attempts to dodge the surprise dive bombing by the incoming gryphon, attempting to get out of its way!
  771. [ 1d6 = 3 ] U. Movement: Evade
  773.     Leaping out of the way, well, as much as his still recovering body could afford, @Spruce landed on his stomach as he heard the foul cursing and thud of the Falling Gryphon land behind him. Having dodged and not think where he went, the Operator found his face right next to that of the balling Gryphonesses, whom cracked a water clogged eye open to see her blurry vision filled with human. "<???!>" Bouncing off the ground with a shriek, her outburst sent the encircling militia over the edge and began to dogpile her. Before Spruce could react to this his ankle was grabbed by a tight griping claw and was yanked backwards, with chin scrapped by grass his head was raised off the ground to come face-to-face with the catbird he had shot down. "AAAAargh! Hooooo....min-!"
  775.     >Spruce
  776.     Spruce claws at the ground with his hands before being dragged by the gryphon, and held face to beak with the gryphon he accidentally shot. "Apologies gryphon! I was trying to prevent that-" he thumbs over to the gryphoness getting dogpiled. "-From occuring! I did not mean to shoot you! Was mistake!" He pleads.
  778.     With a guttural growl that vibrated from within his crest, the Gryphon slammed @Spruce onto the ground, leaving the Operator with stars in his eyes as the catbird walked over him. When he could see past the fadding double visions, Spruce saw that the Gryphon he had shot down was now too in the brawl, dragging some of the Militia off of the Gryphoness while the catbirds that called Spruce over where now moments away from intervening also.
  780.     >Spruce
  781.     Standing up, looking at the brawl and his accidental victim/attacker, now totally confused on what to do, Spruce begins thinking, running through his bags for any items he may have on himself to help, because he certainly was not beating bird-cat hybrids with his fists. He looks to the two gryphons he found and asks them, taking a good look around his surroundings to judge the next best course of action. "What can I do? How can I help? "I am not going to win any fights with my fists against your kind."
  783.     Too afraid to take their eyes off of the ensuing brawl, the Gryphon duo shook their heads out of sync at the Operator.
  784.     "Don't know, wait."
  785.     "You done enough, look at what is happened."
  787.     >Spruce
  788.     Spruce looks at the gryphon who told him that, an angry look forming on his face. "I bring you here, trying to stop the fight, fail for at least TRYING and now you blame this all on me?!" Spruce gives the gryphon who said that to him a solid pimp slap!
  789. [ 1d6 = 2 ] U. Melee
  790.     "Now if you won't help your friend cowards, I will at least try to stop these goons!" Spruce pulls his deployable shovel off his back, deploying it and waiting for a moment to jump onto the back of a milita gryphon to appear, where he could pull the bar of the shovel against their neck and choke them out. Seeing an opening he rushes forward, shovel in hand and jumps onto the back of the closest one, attempting to bring his shovel handle across their neck and choke them out.
  791. [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] U. Melee
  792.     What the fuck was Spruce getting himself into now?
  794.     The slap was sure a surprise to them, as they had a shocked face while Spruce stomped into the scrum. Shovel in hand, the Operators jump caught the nearest militia off guard as it tried to restrain the Gryphon that Spruce shot down, the sudden weight of the human knocking the breath out of them. Realizing they couldn't breathe, the catbird reared up onto their hindlegs with forelegs grasping at the shovels' length. Thankfully the choking shovel kept him from falling off, and only applied more pressure to the Gryphons throat. Now with less restraint the shot catbird broke free, tackling the lead militia to the ground as the Gryphoness tried to crawl away.
  796.     >Spruce
  797.     Spruce laughs as he holds the gryphon, choking him by the neck! "HAHA! COME ON YOU COWARDS! FIGHT LIKE TRUE GRYPHONS!" He yells back in the are of the gryphon he had just pimp slapped while keeping his grip on the shovel, laughing like a madman as he attempts to choke the gryphon he's riding into unconsciousness. "But you! You deserve this for attacking a random person! You are no more than organized muggers! Shameful!"
  798. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] U. Melee
  800.     Roaring in anger, the Gryphon @Spruce was choking jumped forward, throwing their head out so the Operator would flop on over them to the ground, or at least off of them.
  801. [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] >E.Melee
  803.     >Spruce
  804.     Spruce digs his heels into the gryphon's sides, gripping with his legs tight as he pulls back with the shovel, trying to put the gryphon he is riding into submission. He tugs back on the shovel, trying not to fly ass over teakettle to what would likely be a one sided mauling in melee. "I HAVE HAD WORSE FROM THE WINDS AT TEN THOUSAND FEET!"
  805. [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] U. Melee
  806. [ 1d6 = 2 ] U. Movement
  808.     As much as @Spruce wanted to choke out the Gryphon he was riding, it was not meant to be, and was flung head over end onto the disturbed ground, the fall hitting his back and knocking the wind out of his lungs. Believing he had gone made, The Militia slammed their claws into his shoulders to hold him still while they aimed their beak at his throat.
  809. [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] <Hold
  810. [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] <Bite
  812.     >Spruce
  813.     Spruce saw the ground, then he saw stars as he looked up at the sky from the hit, coughing from the lack of air in his lungs as he flopped against the ground like a sack of potatoes. Suddenly the gryphon's hands were on his shoulders and it looked like it was going for his neck. With a desperate quick move, he attempts to bring the shovel up to stop his likely horrible demise from that sharp beak! "C-cease!" He coughs out "Stop the attacks!"
  814. [ 1d6 = 4 ] U. melee
  816.     His pinned shoulders made it difficult but survival pushed @Spruce on to prevent the Gryphon from pecking his neck out. Holding the shaft of the tool in front of him he was able to hold back the assailant, however due to the force of the attack the shaft was pushed back down onto the Operators windpipe, bruising it harshly. -3HP Seeing he was incapacitated the Militia leaped over Spruce to rejoin the melee.
  818.     >Spruce
  819.     Spruce coughs, laying on the ground holding his neck with his hands and dropping his shovel. He grasps for his bag uselessly, trying to think of ways to get back up and into this fight. Under his breath he coughs "You... F-fucking bastard..." As he tries to sit back up.
  821.     As @Spruce recovered from his throat nearly being crushed by his own tool, the Militia eventually subdued the fight, preventing it from spreading across the rest of the village. Shadows surrounded the Operator, they belonging to the Gryphons he had slapped and Militia. By the way they looked down on him, they were not pleased...
  823.     >Spruce
  824.     Spruce struggled to stand, attempting to face the gryphons. "C-come on you... Fucking sops. Do your worst. I w-will not apologize after the one tried to eat my throat." He spits in that ones direction. "This is likely a... Misunderstanding... Ja ja, that. I was told bad things and saw you just attacking. Attack attack attack." He pauses to cough a bit more, gripping his throat. "... I don't have the strength or claws of your kind. I am weak to your superiority up close... But... I try to subdue with shovel. Not sorry. Do your worst, thugs."
  826.     Glaring down at @Spruce with nothing but contempt, the Militia brought back his foreleg, claw clenched as a fist. "Shut it." He was done with the Operators rambling's for the day.
  827. [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] [ 1d6+3 = 6 ] [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] <Punch: Stun
  829.     >Spruce
  830.     Spruce in his last attempted act before that fist strikes his face attempts to hit back first with shovel in hand, attempting one good solid strikeback before he's striked out. "FUCK YOU!" Are likely his last words as the fist collides with his face while he tries to swing the shovel up into its head.
  831. [ 1d6 = 1 ] <U.Melee
  832. [ 1d6 = 2 ] <U.Movement
  834.     Fate can be a cruel thing, and for @Spruce at that moment it had a vendetta against him! The sudden move to hit the overhead Gryphon was too taxing on his body which had just stirred after being beaten once again, so when he swung for the attack the shovel flew right out of his grip. Right up into the air, spinning, then falling back down the flat of the blade *SMACKING* the Operators cranium, putting him out cold...
  835.     When he awoke, Spruce found himself on his stomach, face and other exposed parts irritated beyond belief by the grass of the plain. He saw he had been dumped out in the middle of nowhere when his vision cleared, the closet point of civilisation a smudge deep in the horizon.
  837. >Spruce
  838.     Spruce rolls over, into a sitting position with a groan and rubbing his head. First the man checks overhimself before for anything missing. Following that, he stares out at the town in the distance, and sighs. "For fuck's sake..." he slowly rises up to his feet, pulling out his binoculars and looking down at the the town far off and anything else nearby. He really does not want to deal with being out in the middle of nowhere or walking that gods damn far again.
  839. [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] U. perception
  842.     >Spruce
  843.     Spruce looks over the mountains and lets out another annoyed groan at his situation and he silently wondered if those fuckers did the same to the other two gryphons who had been fighting. He is given pause as he thinks he hears his name on the wind, causing him to look around with his binoculars and listen for anything odd...
  844. [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] <U.Perception
  846.     Sweeping left and right for the source of the name call @Spruce was met with what he could only imagine as a visible gust of wind several metres away, although staying in place as if solid. "...Spru..." Came another whisper from that direction, the wind picking up.
  848.     >Spruce
  849.     He sweeps his surroundings, confused as to how anyone would know his name until his eyes lay on the formless gust. He is given pause as he looks at the spirit before him? Magical creature? He wasn't quite sure what this wind thing was but he was taken slightly by surprise. "Y... Yes? What are you? What do you want?"
  851.     The gust transformed, how @Srpuce was able to know this was beyond him, but he watched as the formless mass changed. Shrunk, and became that of a small Gryphon. "...Why aren't you..." The gale that swept the plain forced the Operator to dig his heels in. "...Underground..."
  853.     >Spruce
  854.     Spruce looked over the wind, digging his heels in as the air formed into the shape of a gryphon before surprising with the blast of wind. "... I am not dead, is why... Why are you asking me this, spirit?" He was confused, but more worried about what this living embodiment of the wind could do and why it was asking him these things.
  856.     "...Need to...return under-" The voice, if it could be called that, was becoming more distinct with every passing moment. From an emotionless whistle to a feminine accent, an all too familar one. "" It was a good thing @Spruce was anchored, for a small quake happened, rolling right under his feet.
  858.     >Spruce
  859.     The ground quaked and spruce adopted a different stance to keep stable, keeping his legs apart and dug in to keep stable as he looks at the spirit. "Wait..." His eyes go a little bit wide as he stares at the gust. "Lúfa...?"
  861.     "...Return...underground..." was all she said before disappearing, the ground once more shaking, albeit more violently. For the next several minutes the plains were in turmoil, a constant stream of rolling thunder under @Spruces feet as the earth groaned in pain. At one moment he felt as if something had passed under his soles, something large before disappearing behind the ever changing havoc.
  863.     >Spruce
  864.     Spruce keeps his balance, staring at the location where the wind had formed into the small gryphon he had known for such a short time. He turns, looking all around as the plains shake around him, his expression going grim as he tries to figure out where to go... Wondering to himself as the plains shook if something was opening up underneath his feet as the sensation of something moving underneath him passes.
  865. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] U. perception
  867.     A visible bump in the ground caught @Spruces attention, and being aware of his surroundings before he was able to run out of the way as the bump burst. Dirt rained down for yards around as a carved out shape of stone broke free, soil that once buried it unnaturally sliding off its surface. The quakes calmed down enough for the Operator to get a good look at the structure, it appearing as the top of the pyramid he entered earlier on.
  869.     >Spruce
  870.     Spruce sprinted, covering his eyes as the pyramid burst open from the ground and sent dirt flying all over him. He cursed a few times as he ran across the shaking ground, away from the structure as it emerged. He immediately drew his AG3, looking at the shaky structure before himself. "This... This cursed place... I am not sure I can do this alone... Maybe I could..." The man pulled his bag from his back, pulling a flare from his bag and pulling the top off, igniting the red flare and throwing it into the mouth of the pyramid.
  872.     It was a good hunch, but there was no opening on the top, only a flat surface. Looking around @Spruce saw there were other pyramid heads sprouting out from the ground randomly across the plain, some Eygptian by design while others were like the Aztecs. The sky too began to change, rolling clouds of gun metal grey swelled into existence overhead, a hint of sickly purple deep in their vapourous bodies.
  874.     >Spruce
  875.     Spruce must have been seeing things, but well he tried. If anything maybe another person would see it and come to assist. Speaking off assistance, he kneels down to the ground, pulling his bag off of his back and taking the HAM radio set out, setting it on the ground, turning it on and searching for any traffic at all on its channels as the pyramids rose around him, he keeps his eyes on what's happening and a hand on his rifle.
  877.     The radio buzzes into life in @Spruces hand, but as he searched for a signal nothing came through. There was no one nearby with a radio, nor could he reach Razorback. Around him the dark clouds had finally covered the entire sky, and with this came thunder and lightning. Sporadic lances of energy lit the twilight atmosphere, painting the unevent filling plain with elongated shadows as black as death.
  879.     >Spruce
  880.     "Fuck fuck fuck..." He mutters under his breath as he searches frequencies for any sort of signal, he mutters to himself shaking his head and he grabs his radio, shoving it back into his bag. "Light... Light drives the dark back..." He sprints back over to his flare, quickly grabbing it and picking it up. "Ok... Light... I should get more, a fire maybe. A torch might last longer..." He looks around him, waving the flare around as he searches for wood and anything else of interest.
  881. [ 1d6 = 1 ] U. Perception
  883.     The low light was absolute, so when he held his burning flare up @Spruce lit up like a frazzled star as he searched for something combustable. Sadly it was ot to be, as the once grassy plain was a grassy plain, flat barren and with no trees in sight. Although now there were black obelisks in their place.
  885.     >Spruce
  886.     He looks up and around and desperately sighs, looking all around for anything and finding nothing. His gaze turns to the obliesks and he pauses, staring at them and turning around slowly as he looked at them... He tried to judge how sturdy they were using the knowledge he had of his gustav's ability... Maybe, if he shot one, it woulf crack apart?
  887. [ 1d6 = 2 ] [ 1d6 = 3 ] B. Heavy Weapons
  888. [ 1d6 = 5 ] U. Perception
  890.     In the pause between crashing thunder beats @Spruce fired his Gustav, the explosive brightness of its launch was followed by the high pitch whistle of it sailing off to a raising structure off in the distance, a save distance away. The ensuing explosion was drowned out by the return of clapping thunder overhead, but the results were quite visible to the Operator. A small crater had been punched into the flat surface of the growing obelisk Spruce had targeted, he judged that it would take all his rockets to cap off that particular one.
  891.     The sound of wings flapping behind him caught his attention, and turning around he saw a Gryphon clad in dark toned armour. Blackbeak. "You, get on my back now!"
  893.     >Spruce
  894.     Spruce looked at the pillar, imagining how much damage it would do with a frown. He wondered what dark energy flowed through them until the flapping of wings alerts him to the arrival of Blackbeak. His words are music to the Norwegians ears. "You don't have to tell me twice!" Spruce sprints over, putting his hands on the side of the gryphon and hoisting himself onto his back, digging his heels and gripping him tight, flare in one of his hands still, not willing to let it go for fear of the darkness.
  896.     Not even touching the ground Blackbeak flew back into the sky, his wings being carried by the rolling gales that filled the twilight air. "Why are you out here, what of the task I gave!?" By the sounds of it, the Enforcer was more angry at the turn of events rather than at @Spruce himself.
  898.     >Spruce
  899.     "I got into a scuffle with a bunch of idiots who nearly murdered me after trying to get them to stop attacking someone. They must have dumped me out in the middle of this fucking field! What in Odins name is going on?!" He asks, dropping the flare to grab hold of him tightly, unafraid of this. It was kinda fun to be honest despite the lightning and evil that permeated this place.
  901.     >Spruce
  902.     Spruce looked at the pillar, imagining how much damage it would do with a frown. He wondered what dark energy flowed through them until the flapping of wings alerts him to the arrival of Blackbeak. His words are music to the Norwegians ears. "You don't have to tell me twice!" Spruce sprints over, putting his hands on the side of the gryphon and hoisting himself onto his back, digging his heels and gripping him tight, flare in one of his hands still, not willing to let it go for fear of the darkness.
  904.     "You had one job Spruce!" Shouted Blackbeak, whom banked to the side, drawing near to the burg right next to the seafront, the tides a foamy mess of splashing fury. "As soon as shit hit the wings I was woken up, and told everyone to evacuate. Dropping all equipment and just fly for the Translocation Stone, not wanting to lose anymore lives as the ground rips itself apart!" Right on cue, a thunderous crack down on the plain took the Operators attention, where he saw the land split open with another pyramid bursting forth.
  906.     >Spruce
  907.     Spruce looks back, wincing at the lightning as another pyramid sprouts from the ground. "I am sorry, I wanted to help someone and made a foolish mistake! I ask for your forgiveness, and ask... What in the fuck is going on?! Are those pillars causing this Apocalyptic temple raising? The ghost of the young gryphon we lost?" He asks desperately as his eyes glance up at every flash in the sky, hoping and praying that they themselves are not struck by lightning as Blackbeak glides through the sky.
  909.     "You can ask for forgiveness later! For now get to the portal." The ground around the Burg came closer and @Spruce saw that there were hundreds of Gryphons grounded, not wanting to get hit by lightning of blown off into the raging sea. All waiting for their turn to enter the portal while more streamed in from different dig sites, thankfully the population was safe due to the plain here not being destroyed by emerging buildings. "I don't know human, and wht do you mean by ghost, do you not see what is happening?!"
  911.     >Spruce
  912.     "A ghost, made of the wind in appeared, in the shape of Lufa... The one lost in our first and last entrance into those tombs! She appeared, whispering my name, and then disappeared when the temples emerged from the ground. Yes, I see what is going on but I dont understand what in the FUCK is happening!" He yells as he looks down at everyone trying to evacuate this now hellscape, wondering if he had somehow fucked up so horribly to cause this somehow. "I am new to this world, remember!"
  914.     "And do you think I know whats happening?! And what you say is true then -FUCK!" A sudden gust of wind swept across Blackbeaks side, sending him careening to the ground and forcing @Spruce to hold on until dear life as the Gryphon he eventually righted himself after heart stopping moments. "If anyone knows whats happening it would be the Chamber Librarians!" the Enforcer announced his idea, a hint of enlightenment in his strained voice as the flying buttress tower that made the centre of the Burg came in fully into view. Landing within the interior stone fence Blackbeak hastily jostled Spruce off his back and charged for the towers door, its sturdy frame ajar from the rest of the tower.
  917. >Spruce
  918.     Spruce hops to his feet as Blackbeak forcibly disembarks him onto the ground, he quickly follows behind, chasing after the gryphon to see what he's​ doing, maybe even help if possible... He knows he probably should just head to the portal, but he would rather go to see what the Enforcer is doing, maybe even learn what is going on, save items, or people.
  920.     Slamming the door open Blackbeak entered the tower, nearly smashing his beak into the hooded one of Grimm "WHAT IS HAPPENING!?"
  921.     "FUCK STOP!"
  922.     Shouted the Librarian, forelegs raised to stop a mid collision that did not come to be. Eolas-Toir on the other claw was frantically searching through books, scrolls, sribed stones bones and anything to stop herself from panicking. "This is not good not good at all!" Pointing an accusing talon at the female Librarian the Enforcer shouted, his tone demanding and uncaring. "WHAT IS HAPPENING! TELL ME NOW!" Jumping at that, Eolas turned around and gave the crow Gryphon a sheepish smile under her beak. "F-from what I have gathered...the city under our paws is rising up...And I may have a theory as to why that is." Flicking her eyes to the side she saw @Spruce, where upon she ushered him in with a wing beat.
  924.     >Spruce
  925.     Spruce quickly walks in, standing a foot away from Blackbeak trying not to laugh at their amsuing near collision. He nodded respectfully to her and kept his mouth shut, deciding to listen to what she has to say.
  927.     Rubbing his tired feathery brow Blackbeak sat down, despite his instincts telling him to flee for the sky. "Go on..." Calmed at the Enforcer wanting to listen, Eolas returned to the pile of scrolls she was reading, a wing flick telling Grimm to continue what he was doing before being interrupted.
  928.     "As I said the city under the plains is rising, you can see this yourself outside. After reading all I could get my claws on I believe its those undead monsters that are at play, Simon said he encountered a giant snake creature impaled on a throne when he was down there. Ever since then I have been researching on those Things, from depictions on the walls inside their structures to ancient scrawling's buried in the lower chambers of the Library in the Vale."
  929.     "And?" Blackbeak asked, rather impatiently.
  930.     "-And- it means that the giant undead snake monster is behind the plains being torn apart! Why, I don't know. How, I don't know. Where, I don't know. But texts indicate the beast is form referred to as a leader or something similar."
  931.     "So much for expanding our territory..." Mumbled Grimm, as he packed materials away into boxes for safe travelling.
  932.     Turning to @Spruce, the Chamber Librarian gave him a worried grin under her cawl. "Spruce, you went underground, did you see anything?"
  934.     >Spruce
  935.     He nods to the librarian, a frown on his face as he slowly responds. "Well... Underground, the shadows were trying to crawl at us, literally, a dark mass of shadow tried to pull us into the darkness and swallow us, nearly did one of them. Beat it back with light but it still tried to envelope us before we came to a massive pit full of bones. A monster filled with darkness and bones came out. Almost killed me, a few other gryphons, and that poor young gryphon..."
  936.     He pauses, his frown turning to a scowl as he looks down at his feet. "... When I was out in the plain, just before the raising, I heard something. The wind seemed to whisper my name. I turned back and saw what looked like wind, shaped as Lúfa... She whispered my name, said she had unfinished business and a gale swept over before she disappeared and the temples raised from the earth! I don't remember any snake thing but... I was unconscious after the fight with the massive bone creature. Simon probably saw more before his disappearance."
  938.     As @Spruce spoke Eolas tapped a talon in thought, listening to what the Operator had to say. "Perhaps...It was more than wind? Maybe its a sign for where we can stop this." While Eolas speculated, Blackbeak clicked his beak together in annoyance. "The things are crafty fucks, but even if it was Lúfas' ghost it doesn't help us how to stop this 'city' from rising. We don't know where this giant undead you talk of is to begin with!"
  939.     "Hehe, saves us from building anything. Those skeletons just gave us a city to use." Muttered Grimm as he finished his chores, finding some silver lining at least.
  940.     "Well then Enforcer Blackbeak, -what- do you want to do?" Eolas was more annoyed at the crow now more than fearful of what was happening outside at this point.
  941.     "We continue evacuating everyone, and once that is done we get the Runers to seal the portal to make sure nothing follows us."
  942.     "And then, keep our beaks shut that nothing happened, hoping that this stays contained within this forgotten place?"
  943.     "It will be Tallus's concern at that point, I'm sick of dealing with fucking undead dammit!"
  945.     >Spruce
  946.     Spruce looks at the two yapping back and forth at each other, slightly annoyed that this was going literally nowhere. "Ok. We must do something. If we don't tell anyone about this, will you just ignore this problem, hoping it will go away? I believe this may be like a tumor, a cancer. It can posses the dead with their... Shadows. Do you really wish to take the chance that this won't spread?" He shakes his head, looking back towards the door. "I wonder if those dark pillars were only for show or did something..."
  948.     "Spruce is right, why can we not do both Blackbeak? Send all except the Militia back to the Vale?" Looking to Spruce, Eolas gave the Operator an appreciative smile from under her cawl. Aggravated beyond belief Blackbeak turned about and stomped for the door, a claw digging into the wood as he pulled it open. "FINE! We'll do something about it then, and I expect a real solution from you once all non-militia are out. I don't want to waste anymore lives." Slapping the thick door closed the Enforcer disappeared from sight, though his hoarse voice was still heard shouting orders. "Now Spruce, tell me. Where is Simon and Huntsmaster Cu'Nir, you said Simon 'disappeared'?"
  950.     >Spruce
  951.     He nods to Blackbeak respectfully as he departs. "We will win." He says as Blackbeak exits. Spruce turns back yo the Librarian and shrugs at him. "Simon and the gryphon I think they... Left. I haven't seen him or her since the fight. I was out cold until today resting after the fight. I don't know where he went so it's just been me here."
  953.     "I hope they are alright, I heard the plan didn't go well down there and that a Fledgling died, Lúfa." Shrugging, she returned to her scrolls. "Regardless, Grimm has a point @Spruce. I think we should wait until the city is fully risen, that way it would be easier to find the giant undead thing. Where ever it was. Hmm, perhaps Razeek could help?" Looking back to the Operator, the Chamber Librarian nodded for the door. "Go back to the Vale and find Razeek, he was down there with Simon, he might help us!"
  955. >Spruce
  956.     Spruce wastes no time when he steps up onto the platform, jogging up to the Runestone of the massive stone. He glances back at the crowd, considering yelling for anyone headed to The Vale... No, that would cause panic, rushing, too many problems. Spruce focuses back on the Runestone, enters his destination, and waits for the void and the queasy feeling to overtake him.
  958.     Being spat out of the Portal back in the Vale, @Spruce saw the sun was creeping up behind the mountains. He didn't have much time to take in some breath for as soon as he did so more Gryphons leap out of the portal to fly for the town, which by the looks of it, were already in a panic state. Checking the path leading to the town, the Operator noticed there were tracks, human tracks. fresh too by the looks of it and if his training was anything to go by.
  960. (Adon and Spruce can now interact with each other)
  962. *****
  963.     >Adon
  964.     Happily leaving the castle, without a rebuttal, Adon makes his way back to the portal and keeps to the side while a constant stream of gryphons continue to pour out of it. One being stuck out like a fiend among ghouls; a single human, clad in... strange armor. It looked protective, but didn't seem to be made of metal plates, instead stiff cloth? Leather, or maybe some kind of alloy. And his weapons were even stranger: no swords, axes, or a shield; save for a single knife was even somewhat familiar. He carried an oddly shaped metallic weapon in his hands, but didn't seem to be any type of bludgeon or hammer. Nor was he holding it correctly as one. And is that... a battering ram on his back?
  965.     Appearance aside, he gets the man's attention with a curt nod and tries to speak over the ever-growing whirlwind of gryphons above their heads. "Hey there, name's Adon. Are you the human I've heard tags around with the Huntsmaster here, or are you from Razorback?" He points up at the swirling catbirds. "You wouldn't happen to know what the hell THAT'S all about, would you."
  967.     >Spruce
  968.     Spruce nearly is barrelled over off the stone as soon as he lands by more refugees, cursing loudly as he hops off the platform to avoid being taken out by one of the travelers. "Right... The gryphon..." He begins to walk off, noticing some footprints. "Human..." He looks up and spots what can only be described as some sort of medieval swordsman. "Who the..." Spruce mutters as the man seems confused by his own attire. "Me? No, I'm not Simon. I do not know where he went. I am from Razorback, ja." He glances up at the panicked gryphons and back to him, nodding. "Oh just a city of undead rising from the ground with pure darkness fueling it. Speaking of which, I need to go find another gryphon before I go back. Wish to come?"
  970.     As Adon and Spruce chit-chatted next to the portal, they both noticed that the flow of Gryphons had trickled away, eventually leading to the Translocation Stones' portal blinking out of existence. The last one out of the rift in reality was a member of the Militia, they panting with their body having trouble to keep the weight of shattered armour on their body. The Witcher was able to decipher some of panicked squawking from the last catbirds flying out of the portal; a form of assault had errupted along a Burg, while the Operator saw that the Militia Gryphons gear had the wear and tear only the undead monsters could met out.
  972.     >Adon
  973.     Adon nods at Spruce, noticing his accent was reminiscent of Skellige nords. Must be coincidence, going by his gear he wasn't from the Witcher's realm of reality. Ultimately, the man's explanation of the gryphon exodus peaked his interest, as he watched the remaining gryhons exit the portal. The armored gryphons had a twinge of rot coming from them, and his pendant vibrated just so as they closed proximity. Residual energies had followed them through the portal. Adon gives the man a smirk, and nods confidently. "Vanquishing the undead and evil just so happen to part of my repertoire. I'll follow you lead, uh... what was your name again?"
  975.     >Spruce
  976.     "Just call me Spruce. Like the tree, ja? Anyways, we must go! Need to find Razeek. Main square area!" He looks around blankly for said area, glancing at anything like a sign or map that may lead him there before turning to Adon and asking... "Uh... Where is there? The square?"
  978.     The vibrations remained constant as @Adon remained near @Spruce, as if the other human bathed in vile undead.
  979.     There was no map required, Spruce realised, as Adon led him back into the town down the trodden path, where the returned Gryphons just added to the flying flocks of hysterics. In the open square lined with stalls both humans saw that there were armoured Gryphons out in force in the skies between the aviaries, and with Adons recent experience he caught sight of Warlord Ri'Vahz leading a group of her Guard to quell a particularly violent lot of Gryphons swooping between the shody buildings. Remembering Eolas' words Spruce took point this time and led the Witcher up a few winding cobbled streets, then narrowing paths until they found themselves in front of a structure. It was made from the same materials as the rest of the buildings that gave the Vale its rustic look: mismatched stone walls, tiled and/or thatched roofs with most houses having a rectangle design with an open skylight. This place that stood in front of them however was one large triangle stretching back by several metres like a tent made from solid resources, glass windows lined its flat front like what Spruce would of seen on Cafés back home. Entering the establishment they saw it was lined with tables and chairs fit for Gryphons but its layout and design was quite human, and in the back where a counter was at sat a small Gryphon, lounging like a cat as he stared longingly at the kitchen doors where the muffled swearing of a female human cook was busy practicing her craft.
  981.     >Adon
  982.     Deciding to lead Spruce into the bustling town, the main square wasn't hard to find again. Big and open, like they usually are. The other man redirects himself to lead, and Adon follows Spruce into an eatery with a single gryphon was relaxing. The sound of a woman in back was easy enough to catch. Interesting enough, though. "Cozy in here, and I smell something good in the works."
  984.     >Spruce
  985.     Spruce seems quite in the hurry for someone who looks like they've been through hell and back, he is restless and immediately upon entry moves up to the counter, looking over the gryphon. "Razeek? We need you back to the frontier area, the city. It has risen from the plains and thet are rising to fight those that are running! We need you back there to try and figure out how to stop this because Simon is gone!"
  987.     "BWAAH!?" Startled at @Spruce addressing him Razeek fell off the counter on the other side. "Could of said something!" Leaping back onto the counter with a more scruffy appearance to his tanned coat. "What are you on about uh..." Cocking his beaked head to the side, jade green eyes darted between the Operator and the Witcher, confusion rit on his feathery features. "...You humans are new then, and what about Simon? Where is he-" Catching sight of something going on outside, the Fledgling points a wing towards the front windows where a couple of Gryphons ran by on the street while others pursued them in the air. "That's what the commotion is all about!? I-I I can't, I don't want to go back!" The dots had finally connected in his head, and realizing what @Adon and Spruce wanted out of him, he recoiled and nearly fell off the counter again.
  989.     >Spruce
  990.     Spruce had to restrain himself from facepalming and groaning as the gryphon fell onto the floor from him simply speaking to him. His expression changes, turning into a frown to a rather determined look. "Ok. Look. The librarian wanted you back to help so we can fight these things. What you may know may help us destroy the undead. Did you lose anyone in the tombs? Because I did, then Simon disappeared without a trace. More will die if you sit here and do nothing, cowering in little bakery of yours. They may begin to spread. Do you want that?" He stares at him, a dead serious expression on his face.
  992.     >Adon
  993.     Although most of the details were far behind him, right now, Adon knew the essentials. Someone, maybe Razeek... even Spruce, triggered a horde of evil undead to rise up and attack the living and now the small gryphon seemed to know how to stop them. "Razeek, if you can somehow help and stop this from getting any worse, we should hurry. I've never known the undead to take their sweet time when they're in the mood to rampage the living."
  995.     Grabbing his beak with a claw, Razeek groaned loud and long, eyes shut as block both @Adon and @Spruce out. An angry swear from the kitchen brought the small Gryphon out of his reverie, and after staring a hole into the door that sat between him and Natilda, he eventually sighed with acceptance. "Fine...BUT I'M NOT GOING TO FIGHT! I'll -try- and see if I can remember the layout, but please." His expression darkened, almost as if a memory was haunting him. "Don't leave me alone there." Not waiting for any assurances the Fledgling pounced off the counter and flew into the rafters, where a small lit alcove was set up for him. Some rustling and caws of annoyance later, Razeek reappeared again, this time with some strapped on pouches and a bit of light armour on his crest and limbs. "Lets go, I wanna be back before Nat eats all her pies!"
  997.     >Spruce
  998.     Spruce can't help but smile at the fledgeling as he changes his mind. "Good. We leave when you're ready then Razeek." He takes a step back as the little one takes off, flying up to the rafters. He can't help but frown as he remembers the other fledgeling he had gone with down into the ruins... "Don't worry. We'll protect you." He assures before more quietly muttering to himself. "We don't need to lose another fledgeling..." He turns to Adon, looking over the man who was dressed and armed like a medieval warrior. "... Do you know spirits... Ghosts?" He asks before Razeek's return interrupts him. "Ah good. Okay, we go! To the stone!" Spruce turns and departs for the stone, looking out for any signs that the stone may be unsafe or compromised. Either way before he arrives he pulls his AG3 off his back, readying it as they approach.
  1000.     >Adon
  1001.     Smirking at the frantic gryphon scurrying off for his things, Adon focuses on Spruce as he addresses him and crosses his arms and nods. "Spirits, ghosts, wraiths, spectres, etcetera. Problem is I'm quickly realizing my world's rules don't follow this one's entirely. We'll see what happens." Razeek having gathered this things, the Witcher follows the fledgling and Spruce out and back to the teleport stone to await traveling. "How about you? You gonna stick them with your odd-looking spear?"
  1003.     At first Razeek attempted to fly, but when he saw just how filled the skies were with frantic and rioting Gryphons, the Fledgling silently elected to follow behind @Adon and @Spruce as they jogged back to the stone. Good progress was made until the trio reached the end of buildings before clearing away to the square open space. "WAIT!" Skidding to a halt Razeek stared upwards, searching for something with ears twitching about as if trying to listen for something within the blarring frenzy. "Up there look, its Warlord Ri'Vahz and she is saying stuff about locking the town down!" Using a wing Razeek pointed out the hovering form of the green and white Gryphoness among the maelstrom of Gryphons above the square, Adon picking out words confirming the small catbirds claim. "Guess we gotta sneak out, oh I hope I don't get caught now or else Lok'cen will beat my tail raw..."
  1004. [ 1d6 = 1 ] >U.Stealth
  1006.     >Spruce
  1007.     Spruce curses as they arrive to the stone, the operator pausing as the small gryphon informs them that they are now illgally attempting to return to the town. "Well fuck. How we supposed to get there now?" He looks over at the tiny catbird, holding up a hand "Wait. Maybe we could try and get approval? We are mercenaries no?"
  1009.     >Adon
  1010.     Adon stops behind Spruce, noticing their entry was being verbally denied. The Witcher looks over at the other human, and shakes his head. "If we have a means to stop it, we should find a way through. Maybe clear the stone long enough to slip through." He breaks from Spruce, trying to keep out of the way and try and find the best way to approach the stone without any further interventions.
  1011. [ 1d6 = 2 ] <U.Stealth
  1012. [ 1d6 = 5 ] [ 1d6 = 3 ] <B.Perception
  1014.     "Ow." Turning aound, @Adon and @Spruce saw Razeek pressed on an eye with one of his wings, a trickle of blood running from its tear duct down his feathers. "I think I popped a blood vessel from concentrating too hard..." With his remaining eye the fledgling glanced between the Operator and the Witcher, shaking his beaked head when he settled on staring up at Ri'Vahz whom was now soaring circles over the town square. "I don't know Spruce, go ahead if you think she'll buy it but she seems REALLY angry."
  1016.     As Adon carefully ran ahead of Spruce and Razeek to kneel down next to a closed vender tent as to not bring attention to himself, his bodies' outline visibly blurred, coming into focus only when he made sudden movements. Scanning the landscape for a means to get out of the area he pieced together that he could skitter from vender to vender until he was out of the square and on the street which led out of the town. And from where he was croaching it appeared the path was devoid of guards and had few grounded Gryphons laying about.
  1019.     >Spruce
  1020.     Spruce shakes his head, mumbling to himself and moving after then. "Gods damn it fine. We'll try but I think this will end poorly..." He crouches down and begins to move stealthily, moving to catch up near Adon.
  1021. [ 1d6 = 2 ] U. Stealth
  1023.     >Adon
  1024.     As Adon tried to move slowly through the vendor stalls, he realized his body had... shimmered out of existence for a brief second. A little startling, considering he could only replicate it through the most powerful of potions or a spell. He doesn't recall either having affecting him, so he can only conclude its some odd phenomenon of this world. Noticing Spruce started to follow his lead, Adon tries to keep slinking through the stalls and towards the teleport stone.
  1025. [ 1d6 = 5 ] U. Stealth
  1027.     As @Spruce crouch walked through the distance between the line of buildings and the vender the Witcher had first been hiding behind, his bodies' outline began to blur, yet he as a whole was still visible. Glancing up one last time at Ri'Vahz before running after the Operator Razeek tried to go into the Underdark once again, hoping his remaining eye would pop like the other. "Is that place really worth saving Spruce?" He whispered, observing that the brawling flocks were dispersing away from the orginal town, congregating at the overcrowded aviaries through herding tactics from the Militia and Ri'Vahzs guards.
  1028. [ 1d6 = 3 ] U.Stealth
  1030.     Coming to a stop at a new stall which appeared to have been selling small weapons and dry foodstuffs before being closed down due to the riots, @Adon felt rather than see his body disappear, as if being submerged underwater. He was completely invisible and only with vigorous waggling from his hand did it come back into solidity. A dozen metres in the air he saw Warlord Ri'Vahz barking orders to underlings as she hovered in place, paying no heed to the ground yet.
  1031. [ 1d2 = 2 ] >2
  1034.     >Spruce
  1035.     Spruce blinks as he approaches Adon, he rubs his eyes wondering what in hell is going on. He looks around to find everything else normal, aside the mysterious swordsman. "It's not a spear, Adon. It's a gun. It shoots metal bits at unthinkable speeds." He glances to Razeek, pausing and shrugging. "Maybe it isn't, but it is worth destroying. We don't know how far this will spread."
  1036. [ 1d6 = 2 ] U. Stealth
  1038.     >Adon
  1039.     Eyeing back at Spruce's odd weapon, the Witcher shrugs and presses onto the portal stone. "Never heard of something like that, but I'll take your word for it." He passes a stall, seeing Rih'Vaz hasn't paid them attention yet. The longer that cranky bitch left them unnoticed, the better. "Spruce it right. If the undead can not be completely killed, then they'll have to be contained."
  1041.     Out of the three of them @Spruce was the only one still visible to the naked eye, with @Adon being nothing but a hint of a blur in the wind while Razeek pursued the two humans somehwhat invisible if he remained still long enough, something that he could afford at this time however. The three eventually leave the squares exspanse and hit the street which leads to the towns exit and up the path to the Translocation Stone. Looking down to the empty square where there once was a vibrant riot of Gryphons to sigh out her stresses, Warlord Ri'Vahz was about to join her guards to quell the violence in the aviaries when she thought she caught sight of something below. "What the?"
  1042. [ 1d6+1 = 6 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] [ 1d6+1 = 3 ] [ 1d6+1 = 3 ] >M.Perception
  1044. Ears rotating backwards, Razeek sqweaked in fear as he heard the Warlords exclamation. "Oh shit she's on to us just fucking run!"
  1045. [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] [ 1d6+8 = 11 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] >M.Movement
  1047. Predatory mind focusing solely on the fleeing Fledgling and nothing else the Gryphoness swooped down to pursue. "Razeek where do you think you're going?!"
  1048. [ 1d6+8 = 10 ] [ 1d6+8 = 11 ] [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] >M.Movement
  1050.     >Adon
  1051.     Adon continues to near the portal stone as he sidesteps the vendors, with Spruce and Razeek tailing behind. The sound of Rih'vaz catching wind of Razeek was enough to make him turn and catch the gryohon overhead and spotting the fledgling. Not good! "Shit! Run for it!" The Witcher makes a mad dash for the portal stone, to stay out of reach of the warlord's pursuit. [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] <B.Sprint
  1053.     >Spruce
  1054.     <Norwegian> "Gods fucking damn it!" Spruce yells as the two gryphons race by him, the warlord herself in pursuit. Well, shit. Now or never. He started running at a rather slow pace trying to keep up with the Swordsman, his gear no doubt slowing him down as he tries to go after him. [ 1d6 = 6 ] U. movement
  1056.     Low to the ground Ri'Vahz swooped in hard and fast to catch the fleeing Razeek, her duel coat body a blur, causing wind pressure against @Adon and @Spruce as she bolted past. thankfully for the Fledgling due to his size he was able to give her catching talons the slip, she overshooting and having to do a barrel roll in the air to get behind him again, which was enough time spent on her part for him to get to the stone safely. "Please stop!" However, this didn't stop Razeek from pleading and crying for mercy. "I'll stop when I've beaten sense into your ass!" By the time the Operator and the Witcher reached the stone as well both saw Razeek performing acrobatic leaps off and around the pillars that held roof over the stone discs' shelter, all in the effort in trying to evade the Warlords frustrated grasp. "Let. Me -EXPLAIN!" "You can explain to your parents!"
  1057. >Razeek:  [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 11 ] [ 1d6+8 = 10 ] <M.Movement
  1058. >Ri'Vahz: [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] [ 1d6+8 = 10 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] <M.Movement
  1060.     Off to the side leaning hard on their polearm was a Militia Gryphon, the same one Spruce recognized from earlier. They were in a stance of alarmed panic trying desperately not to get involved, that is until they noticed the two humans running towards them.
  1061.  1d2 = 2 ] >1
  1063.     >Adon
  1064.     Nearing the stone, Adon and Spruce catch up to Razeek as he bolts into the stone's building as Ri'Vahz peels off and circles the structure. They had little time to get to the undead infestation before the Warlord caught the fledgling. "Spruce, we need to cover Razeek and get him on the stone." The witcher heads under the pillars, avoiding the pissed larger gryphon and stands on the edge of the stone's effective area.. "Explain later, Razeek. The undead aren't gonna kill themselves!"
  1066.     >Spruce
  1067.     "I'm coming!" He yells back in response, spotting the two gryphons he encountered earlier. "Stay out of this you two! I have business to get to!" He sprints after Adon, attempting to dodge the gryphons as he jumps onto the stone, scrambling up behind the Witcher. "How am I supposed to cover him? Toss a smoke bomb?" He asks, then pauses, pulling one of the grenades off his chest, looking at Adon uncertainly
  1069.     Cornered among the pillars Razeek had no advantage and so was forced to rely on his small stature instead while Ri'Vahz pounced at his tails' shadow with every heartbeat, giving the courier no time to think of witty comebacks to the Witcher. "Kill the undead all you want I'm just gonna lead you to where-fucking-ever!"
  1070. [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 9 ] [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] <M.Movement
  1072. "If you stop this now Razeek I won't beat you senseless only a mild beak whacking I promise!" The Warlord negotiated between rapid breathes, the sudden workout of Tag putting her already taxed body to the test.
  1073. [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] [ 1d6+8 = 14 ]<>M.Movement
  1074. [ 1d2 = 1 ] >1
  1076.     Cawing to themselves as confusion gave way to inactivity the Militia Gryphon didn't know what to do, even when @Adon and @Spruce were standing on the stone they glanced at Ri'Vahz, internally weighing options.
  1077. [ 1d2 = 1 ] >2
  1080.     >Adon
  1081.     Adon eyed the 'grenade' with a bit of familiar interest. About the same size of the bombs he carried around, save for a bit more sophisticated design. "Yeah, get ready." Noticing the smaller gryphon had been cornered by Rih'Vaz, Adon casually walks up to Razeek's right side as the tiring warlord what looked like she was play batting at the fledgling's tail. Like cats.... "Spruce, throw your smoke thing." He flicks and open palm aimed at Rih'vaz and flashes a sign across her midsection.
  1082. [ 1d6 = 4 ] <Aard: Air Blast
  1084.     >Spruce
  1085.     Spruce tosses the grenade as Adon does his thing and immediately diverts for the center of the stone, typing their destination into the runes. "Stone on! Prepare to go!" He shouts, rifle at the ready as he looks at Adon... Did that man just use magic?
  1086. [ 1d6 = 6 ] <U.Assault: Throwing
  1088.     With one last leap of effort Ri'Vahz landed right onto Razeeks' hindlegs as he was mid gallop between pillars, the tackle knocking wind out of the fledgling which left the Warlord ample time to secure her forelegs around his waist. "You're mine now! You're coming back with me to-" With her quarry caught the tunnel vision receded right on time as @Adon came to a casual stop next to her, the scowl on her beaked face deepening at seeing the Witcher even as he raised his palm. "Why are you here, are you the reason-!" The accusation never finished as the Warlord was blown tumbling away, fatigued body spiraling 13ft back into snowed in softwoods. Although an unintended target, Razeek was also caught in the blast (for being right under Ri'Vahz) and sharply slid out of the Translocation Stones shelter. "Hey!"
  1090.     Right before Ri'Vahz hit the ground off in the distance @Spruce threw his smoke grenade in a perfect arc, landing at the tossed Warlords' twitching paws where a thick cloud burst into existence.
  1092.     Witnessing what the Operator and the Witcher had just done the Militia Gryphon made up their mind and peaced-the-fuck-out, not wanting to stay around for the total slaughter that was about to take place. Realizing what had happened too, Razeek bounced onto his paws about to shout at Spruce to open the portal when one appeared right at the humans' feet. "FUCKING RUUUUUUUUN!" Screamed the fledgling, his terrified point puncuated by a rattling roar of hatred echoing out of the smoke cloud.
  1093. [ 1d6+8 = 11 ] [ 1d6+8 = 9 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] >M.Movement
  1095.     >Adon
  1096.     The Witcher smirked as Rih'Vaz was sent flying out from under the structure. 'Yeah, definitely not coming back here anytime soon.' Some ruler, hounding a single fledgling while her entire town's in a panic. Whatever, not his problem. Although he does notice he pushed Razeek out into the open as well. "Oops." Although the small gryphon recovers instantly and heads right back inside, as a thick cloud of smoke emits from the metal container Spruce had tossed from behind him. Quite effective, and didn't seem toxic compared to the Puffball bombs he's crafted. He'll have to see to getting some. With Razeek, back inside, and Spruce ready, Adon turns back around as he draws his gleaming silver sword and walks over to the other human; just in case the undead were upon them right when they arrive. "Twenty crowns she doesn't follow us."
  1098.     >Spruce
  1099.     Spruce steps foward, walking to the center of the stone into the portal to the burg. "Two hundred kroner she does." He says in response to the bet, offering his own worthless currency as he swaps magazines on his AG3, slamming a new magazine into the rifle and pulling the bolt back. "Ready for anything..."
  1101.     An audible intake of air from Razeek filled the tense moment as he plunged into the portal, The fledgling quite animated in his exit out of the Vale. For @Adon the travel through the rift in space was similiar in length as when he first arrived in the Vale, as in his translocation was long enough for his consciousness to register the passage of time. While on the other hand @Spruce felt dread fill the pit of his stomach, his recent experiences in the land he was returning to not sitting well within him.
  1102.     Vomited out of the rift the first thing both humans took note of was Razeek hacking out his lungs, the transportation obviously doing no good to the Gryphon. The second thing they noticed was the scene before them was...something, especially for Spruce whom had left this place earlier on. To their left the roiling seas were smashing against the ruined coastline, as if the sea itself wanted to wash away the emerged city to the trios right. And what a city it was, Pyramids upon Ziggurats upon Berundaks made up its composition with wide open thoroughfares seperating the massive based buildings in zi-zagging patterns. Even elevated platforms which connected the higher levels of the structures together, a visual aid to a non-existent hierarchy. There appeared to be only two materials that comprised the whole city; dark purple crystalline filling the uncountable nooks and crannies like mortar, barely illuminating the darkened landscape with nauseating violet light. Everything else was made from smooth black stone or perhaps metal, giving the towering buildings polished finishes despite being buried underground for who-knows how long.
  1103.     And right there smack damn in the middle in the thin stripe of remaining grass caught between violent seas and unnatural, unnerving city architecture was the Burg. Standing awkwardly like a sore thumb in front of Adon, Spruce and Razeek. The warm light of glowstones and drifting runes an abnormality within this bleak realm. "What the fuck happened to this place..." Asked Razeek, his beak hitting the dirt when he surveyed the endless metropolis where there were once was rolling fields of calm grass plains.
  1105.     >Adon
  1106.     Exiting the portal, Adon raised his sword-only to realize they were safe... for the time being. Lowering it, and regaining his faculties, the Witcher looks around the area in front of him. To the right of an active ocean coastline sat a small settlement; it's layout and structure similar to to the way gryphons were settling themselves. Easy to decipher seeing as the rolling black and purple pyramid city contrasted painfully. Seemed old; ancient, even, if going by the way dirt had appeared to been uncovered at the bases of the structures. Is this what was meant by 'dig sites', as in they were uncovering something? Adon takes his free hand to his chin, in contemplation. He's seen this scenario before, with treasure hunters and scholars looking to explore old underground elven ruins to satisfy their curiosity. Usually something was taken or triggered whihc activated a trap or rather nasty spell. Or some gruesome monster dwelled within, having been disturbed, angry, and hungry. The gyphons must have triggered some sort of curse or spell, and unleashed the undead from the ruins. This must be why Spruce insisted Razeek come, and why the fledgling hinted at already knowing where to go. Either he knows what caused this, or he did it himself and maybe knows how to undo everything.
  1107. [ 1d6 = 4 ] <Intuition
  1108.     Assumptions and educated guesses aside, Adon points toward the rising purple and black temple pyramids, lazily with his sword. "I'm guessing we have to go into those ominous-looking ruins, right?"
  1110.     >Spruce
  1111.     Spruce looks around at the place after they arrive, stunned himself at the way the city looks now, and after such a short time of being gone! "Okay... Okay..." He looks around, trying to find the tower. "We must find the librarian lady, if she stayed behind... She sent me to get little Razeek here so I hope she still is here." [ 1d6 = 2 ] U. Perception
  1113.     Tapping his chin, Adon looked to the sky, then the sea, then the city. Combining what he was witnessing with what he knew already the Witcher made an educated guess that the cities rising was disturbed the once peaceful enviroment. To punctuate this point, a peal of lightning scattered over the purple hued clouds, flashing the area with haunting stark shadows for a second.
  1114.     Ears perking up, Razeek's fear at seeing the undead city right in front of him was abated somewhat by snapping anger. "Librarian lady', you mean Eolas? She is the reason I'm here!? Oh that whore..."
  1115.     Staring at the Burg, @Spruce easily spotted the flying buttress towers upper half. The rest of it obscured by the surrounding buildings. As for the Chamber Librarian she was no where to be seen, most likely still in the tower in question.
  1116.     The sound of something bursting into reality came from behind the trio followed by the throaty growls of Warlord Ri'Vahz.
  1117.     Pissed.
  1118.     "I'm going to break all. Your. Bones."
  1120.     >Adon
  1121.     Yeah, that place was definitely the culprit. "Right, let's find this librarian before.." The portal activated, and from behind came the pissed growl of an angry Ri'Vahz. She DID follow them through, after all. Adon looks over at Spruce, humorously. "Guess I owe you two-hundred whatevers. Too bad I'm broke."
  1122.     Then over at the enraged warlord, not really anxious about her following. "How about you can break all of our bones AFTER we stop the risen dead from destroying this settlement, seeing as you decided to follow us."
  1124.     >Spruce
  1125.     Spruce looks to the tower and the risen structures as the sound of a pissed off warlord growled from behind. Spruce looked back and frowned, remarking. "Well, I guess I tried at least." Before backing off in the direction of the tower. "Ja, I came to stop this! We think it can be done! We must destroy the serpent that Simon found!"
  1127.     Razeek, behind the safety of both humans Joined in on @Adon and @Spruces' negotiations to convince the pissed off Warlord to not break them into pieces whilst poorly masking his wavering voice with some lackluster bravado. "C-come on Ri'Vahz look around you don't have to break my bones or tell Lok'cen OR Natalia, you can help us. Right?" As if bracing for a responding bark from the angered Gryphoness, he added meakly- "Or at least take your temper tantrum out on undead snake monsters!"
  1129.     Breathing heavily with restraint Ri'Vahz flint eyes glanced beyond the trio, taking in the turmoil with each hissing intake. "I am going to have a -talk- with Chamber Librarian Eolas-Toir, I expect you lot to be there by the time I'm finished with her." Giving them a parting glare, the Warlord leaped into the air, flying over the humans and fledgling towards the Burg, her wings beating hard to stay in the howling winds. Sighing with relief at prolonging his life, Razeek looked up at the Witcher and Operator with some returning courage. "Uh, Im going to guess she knows where she is going..."
  1131.     In the distance between the Translocation Stone and the safety of the Burg the howling winds from the sea picked up to shoving gusts, forcing Razeek to claw his way with head hunkered down.
  1132. Adon:    [ 1d2 = 1 ] >1
  1133. Spruce:  [ 1d2 = 1 ] >2
  1134. Razeek:  [ 1d2 = 1 ] >1
  1135. Ri'Vahz: [ 1d2 = 1 ] >2
  1137.     >Adon
  1138.     As Spruce chimed in, Adon gave the man an incredulous look. "What's this about a serpent now?" That's new. And little Razeek finally managed to stand up with them to Ri'Vahz. "Wait, now it's an undead snake monsters?" Luckily the warlord decided the explained situation was more important than flogging them, and Adon sheathed his silver sword in relief. "Seems like it, so let's follow." Before they go far, the wind picks up from the ocean-side and Adon musters up a stance from getting knocked over by the strong gusts.
  1140.     >Spruce
  1141.     Spruce sighed in relief as the need to escape the especially angry and dangerous warlord passes as she flies over their heads, somehow managing to keep going in these gale winds. "Phew... I live for another day. Maybe." Spruce turns to the two, nodding to Adon. "The leader, we believe, is an undead serpent creature." He turns to Razeek as he begins to walk, voice raised as he walks through the winds "Yes? That is what you saw, yes...?"
  1143.     The wind, as if possessed and sensing the intended march to progress, blasted down on @Adon and @Spruce. Loose blades of surviving grass uprooted and flung as debris through the swirling air, some wedging into the rustled feathers of Razeek as he clawed into the earth for anchor. "IT WAS BUT IT WAS IMPALED WITH BIG EVIL LOOKING SPIKES." Adon, having worldly experience kicked his heels in and withstood the assault, however Spruce on the other hand was not so fortunate and fell onto his ass...and promptly barrelled away by a dozen feet or so.
  1145.     Ahead of the trio Ri'Vahz flapped harder and harder to fight against the drafts until her wings gave out and she too was sent flying rather ungracefully, crashing and ragdolling against the dirt much like Spruce. "I GUESS THIS IS WHY THERE ISN'T ANYONE-" Suddenly, the beating down gales ceased, leaving Razeek straining his voice with how loud he was shouting. "FLYING! Oh, uh. It stopped."
  1147.     >Adon
  1148.     The more he listened to the narrative, the less Adon was able to wrap his head around it. Maybe the serpent is a trapped spirit, or the guardian on the ruins, but the spikes was a little too vague for him. Was it an ill-sprung trap, accident, what. The train of thought faulted as the wind picked up viciously, knocking Spruce on his back and the Witcher digging his heels in deep into the ground. As it lightened up, he trudged over and offered a hand to pull up the other human. "Some wind, right?" Pulling Spruce up, he notices the wind immediately dying down, and began pondering its nature. "We should get to this Eolas, before it kicks up again."
  1150.     >Spruce
  1151.     He gratefully takes the Witcher's hand offered to him, getting back onto his feet and brushing himself off and recollecting his rifle. "Yeah! Let's go before the damn wind comes back!" He begins to jog in the direction of the tower, watching where the warlord had fallen to see if the tough old bird had taken any sort of injuries from the fall. "Are you alright, Warlord?" He calls out to her from a distance away.
  1153.     "Good idea." Said Razeek as he stopped plucking grass blades out of his plumage and galloped behind the Witcher when the Operator was helped to his feet. Getting off the ground with laboured breaths Ri'Vahz glared at @Spruce when he inquired if she was alright, though he got the feeling she was more angry at the elements than him at this time. "Fine, be right behind you."
  1154.     Entering the Bur'g' interior first, Adon saw that the dirt made buildings were empty, all signs showing they were hastily abandoned, digging tools and many differing trinkets and items just left on the ground as the Gryphons ran away from this place. The streets that both humans jogged through were eerily dark save for the occassional glow cube and illuminating rune whisp; however to Spruce, the deepest parts of the Burg where blackness was all reminded him of the Pyramind. "Militia birds were supposed to be here right?" Asked Razeek, glancing upwards in the narrow corridor street at the surrounding roofs. Apart from the odd mewling gust breaching the insides of the Burg the run for the Tower was uneventful, everyone passing the first and second ring without delay.
  1155.     The tower was completely different to everything else here Adon had seen, its whole structure covered and supported by layered Flying Buttresses, even the wooden door was unique to it compared to the few he saw back in the surrounding Burg. "Where are my Gryphons, where is Blackbeak!" demanded Ri'Vahz as she entered the inner ring, fuming at not seeing a single one of her subjects. "They all left to investigate the risen city my Lord." Came the voice of Eolas-Toir from the towers door, which swung open. "I don't know why but Enforcer Blackbeak wanted everyone to go, I barely convinced him that myself and Grimm needed to stay...He acted as if possessed." The pigeon Gryphon shook her head in hurt disbelief, cowl hiding her features. Bypassing Razeek, Spruce and Adon the Warlords boiling temper simmered down as she took in how disheveled the Chamber Librarian was. "Right...well, we are going to stop all of this."
  1158.     >Adon
  1159.     Everyone having regained their bearings, Adon makes his way into the beginning of the Burg. The place was abandoned haphazardly, as there was little sign of life save for an occasional glowing cube. It was better off abandoned, giving the circumstances. Less bystanders to get in the way. Passing through the dual set of stone walls surrounding the tower, Adon looks over the supposed library at the architecture. Lot more work put into, than everything else surrounding it. Ri'Vahz pipes up, clearly angered at her missing gryphons, and another gryphon emerges from the tower. He caught the glimpse of discernible features on who he assumed was Eolas. A pigeon head maybe? So Blackbeak took everyone that was able into the ruins and left Eolas and a 'Grimm' here. Maybe he knew something, or found something. Curiosity passes over the Witcher, and looks between both female gryphons. "So, from the beginning, what exactly happened here? Why dig, and explore the ruins, in the first place?"
  1161.     >Spruce
  1162.     Spruce nods, turning forward as she groweled at him for his inquiry. "Just making sure." He says as they jog towards the area with the tower, noticing that this time everyone is gone, save for the librarian. "So Blackbeak is gone? Gah... Ok." He turns towards Razeek "Alright, we need you to lead us to their leader Razeek. So we can end this as fast as possible before more undead rise and while we can still find Blackbeak, ok?"
  1164.     "Really? You want to know what happened here now?" She gave @Adon an incredulous stare before scoffing and stomping inside, leaving Eolas looking up at him under her hood. He got a sense she was studying his equipment. "Uh, to give you a shortclawed version: Huntsmaster Cu'Nir and co. discovered this land. When she told Warlord Ri'Vahz about this she wanted to claim this land, so she organized the dig as a cover up. A cover up because she would of had to inform the Overking and then there would of been meddling from other Warlords and-" waving a wing to dismiss herself from rambling on, the Chamber Librarian sighed as she gazed passed Adon to the unnatural sky. "-Politics, all to avoid politics and get an easy grab of untocuhed land no one seemed to know of...Then the undead started appearing and ever since everything went to shit." With a lurch of alarm, Eolas gave the Witcher a sheepish smile. "OH! Pardon me."
  1166.     Blinking, Razeek turned to @Spruce with an excuse on his beak. "Yeah about that, um, I don't think my experience matters anymore." He pointed a foreleg in the direction where the city sat beyond the Burg. "All I remember was an underground river that carried us to a back entrance that led into a maze of hallways that eventually brought me in front of the chamber Simon blew open. That city is kinda different, ya'know?" Before Spruce could respond however Razeek stammered out an addition, as if afraid the terrible glare of Ri'Vahz were about to come down upon him. "But but but! The big scary monster thing was on a throne, so maybe all we have to do is find the tallest pyramid or something and it might be there."
  1168.     Coughing, Eolas moved to Razeeks side. "You are assuming these things thought like Gryphons with how our hierarchy works." The fledging Psh'd her away. "Its an idea, a plan at least." "You don't know that, for all we know the throne room could be deep underground! We know nothing about these things culture." Then why did Blackbeak enter the city?" "I told you, he acted weird, I fear for his safety." "Another reason to search the city than me going back underground again!"
  1170.     >Adon
  1171.     Adon shrugs at Ri'Vahz and her outburst. "I've found knowing how something happened usually holds the key to how to fix it." Which left him with the hooded pigeon gryphoness... who was looking over his equipment. He crosses his arms and rolls his right shoulder, intentionally swaying his swords. "Like 'em? One of them is made for such an occasion like this..." Eolas goes into a nutshell of what transpired. "Ugh, politics. I hear you, sister." He now understands the land-grab and the Warlord's reluctancy toward him, which he'll have to rectify later on. He overheard Razeek speak up with Spruce along with Eolas after, and decides to back up the fledgling's guess. "You can't say hierarchy without 'higher'. A throne means there's at the very least a ruler, and I've never known a civilization that the rulers didn't place themselves on the highest pedestals. Razeek's plan is sound. We find the biggest structure and try there first; and if this throne IS underground, it'll have no entrance short than the grandest and most elaborate."
  1172. Spruce: "Alright. Let's look around quickly and move. We might find Blackbeak out there before we smash the thing that rules this place." He steps away from them, grabbing his binoculars and taking a good sweeping look around the area they're in for the largest structure. "... If we find another massive bone creature I am bringing out my Gustav this time. I'm not taking chances after last time..."
  1173. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] <U.Perception
  1175.     Eolas thought for a moment before conceding to @Adons words, nodding in agreement. "Your plan is sound, but before you leave let me search the tower, I'm sure there is something we took that can help you in your endeavours." Giving Razeek a reassuring pat on the head the Chamber Librarian returned inside, where she could be heard asking Grimm for help. Moments later Ri'Vahz trotted out, her wings sagging slighty on her sides. "You alright Ri'Vahz?" Giving the fledging a shallow nod, the Warlord glanced between him and @Adon, the fire in her eyes from earlier abaited. "I am fine Razeek...Just needed a breather. Adin was it? Your idea is alright, we will leave for the city in a moment when Eolas comes back with whatever she is looking for."
  1177.     Trying, and failing, @Spruce could not see over the roofs of the Burg to the city, and instead had to leave its confines to get a much clearer observation spot. Watching the Operator leaving the Burg, Razeek quickly followed after. "So yeah whats a 'gus-tiv', Some sort of spell?"
  1179.     Outside Spruce had an unblemished view of the risen city, its black buildings standing tall with a ominous assurance. Although the search through binoculars stung the eye he eventually found a Ziggurat bigger than the rest, even at a distance he could tell it was the tallest; Easily twice the size of the second largest neighbour. Calculating, Spruce found the structure was around 3 miles away. Curiously there were two arching pillars beyond it, and when adjusting for distance he realized they had to be taller. As if triggered by this revelation a beam of sickly purple light burst out of the Ziggurats top, flickering and whipping like a candle flame caught in a breeze. "What the fuck is that?" Asked Razeek, his coat standing on end.
  1181.     >Adon
  1182.     Adon watched as Eolas entered the tower to talk to this 'Grimm', he assumed another gryphon. Then Ri'Vahz exited, agreeing with their course of action; the warlord's fury must finally be fizzling out. He noticed Spruce moving out of the burg with some sort of hand-held telescope lenses, with Razeek tailing him. The other human pans around for a while, the ocular device up to his eyes, and settles on one particular spot for some time. The witcher tries to orient himself into the direction Spruce was from the tower, but the buildings obscured his view. "Must have found something worth while." As if on cue, a large purple lightning strike cracked from the distance overhead, and Razeek could be heard all the way from the tower. "That can't be anything good..."
  1184.     >Spruce
  1185.     Spruce slowly put down his binoculars, looking at the purple light at the top of the structure. "Interesting. But we don't have time to gawk. Come. Let's get to that structure and hopefully find Blackbeak on the way there. Plus I have a feeling if we just stand here the dead will return... I was surprised they were not here when we got here, honestly." He starts walking in the direction of the giant Ziggurat, brushing his AG3 off of any debris that it got from his tumble.
  1187.     Catching her attention too, Ri'Vahz slowly nodded her head in agreement, feathery brow knit together in deep concern at events unfolding. "I hope this isn't Blackbeak's doing, if so I'm going to snap his beak off." She said, more matter-of-fact than impending threat.
  1188.     "Adon, my Lord; I believe I found something." Came Eolas' voice, followed shortly after by the Gryphoness herself as she bounced outside. Her hopeful stride being cut short when she saw the beam of light, her purple lit features gawking at the spectacle. "Oh feathers..."
  1190.     Stammering out a cascade of words, Razeeks attention was divided between the lightshow and @Spruce walking into the city by himself. "H-hey wait!" Leaping at the Operators legs with a running start the Fledging gripped at his ankles as he himself lay flat on the ground. "Why are ya goin' in alone?! At least wait for your friend."
  1192.     Trotting out of the tower after Eolas was another Gryphon, he too donning a cowl, though even this did not hide his grimace splitting his beak. Carried under one wing was a small crate with its contents clacking around with each step. Turning his head and gazing at the beam, Grimms features darkened before wordlessly dropping the crate at Eolas side, breaking her free from her stupor. "Ah yes, the items I wanted to give you." Opening the latch on its top, the Chamber Librarian took out a clawful of stones made from the same material as the city, she presented them to Ri'Vahz whom reluctantly tore her sight away from flickering light to the stones. "What are these for Eolas?" Proudly, she proclaimed. "I believe these can get you all close to the Ziggurat."
  1195.     >Adon
  1196.     As Adon watched Spruce get stalled by Razeek, from entering the city by themselves, Eolas fumbles about talking of something to help them inside the city. Looking around to the group of gryphons, the Librarian and a rather grim-looking... Grimm produces a chest full of glowing stones that matched the scape of their intended location. Adon eyes them curiously as Ri'Vahz did as well. They're going to help them get into the city? "How are they going to do that? Some cloak or disguise, for us?"
  1198.     >Spruce
  1199.     Spruce stops, a little agitated. He wanted to end this shit already and kill whatever demon was controlling these undead monsters. The soldier takes a deep breath, clutching his rifle tightly a moment before relaxing. "Fine. I'll wait." He says, turning towards Eolas. Stones? How... "How are those stones going to get us there? Teleportation like the stone?"
  1202.     Eolas nodded. "Yes these were discovered at a dig, piled on a platform. After the Gryphons that found these stones were finished fooling around they clawed them over, apparently they helped you blend into the background." Pausing for a moment to acknowledge Spruce coming back into the Burgs' interior, she continued. "Take them all, there is 24 so that is six each for you." Looking into the crate, Ri'Vahz gave Eolas a look. "You are not coming Librarian?"
  1203.     "No, what good can we do out there? Besides, it's safer here."
  1204.     Grimm grunted in agreement, turning tail and stalking back into the tower. "The Gryphons that gave us the stones said that if you are noticed just drop the stone you are using and hold onto another one, I'm guessing the disgarded stone acts as a form of distraction." Eolas speculated, head inclined slightly as she ran what kind of magic that would entail in her mind.
  1206.     >Adon
  1207.     Spruce rejoining the group, Adon looks at the glowing stones as Eolas explains their use. Six for him, Spruce, Ri'Vahz, and Razeek. The Witcher reaches out to the chest and picks one of the stones up for curiosity's sake to give it a close look-over for a few seconds. Feeling satisfied, he flips it in the air once and wedges it into an empty pouch on himself. "Well, come on. Grab your share, and let's get in there." Adon takes five more from the chest, and finds a home for each one on his person. "Spruce, did you find a place we can search?"
  1209.     >Spruce
  1210.     Spruce takes his six stones, pushing them down into one of his pants pockets. "Okay. The biggest place I found was a massive aztec looking pyramid over there." He points over at the largest​ structure's direction. "That's our best guess as to where this thing is."
  1212.     "Then we go, no sense in waiting around until fuck knows what happens next." Giving the Chamber Librarian a curt nod the Warlord was the first to leave, silently taking the lead without waiting for anyone to say otherwise, marching through the Burg and out onto the windswept stripe of grassland. "Good luck!" Shouted Eolas-Toir to the backs of everyone as the left, from her position of safety and security...
  1214.     It was still too turbulant for the Gryphons to fly, so instead they trudged alongside @Spruce and @Adon as the Witcher and Operator came to the edge of the risen cities smooth stone flooring which portruded out of the earth by a clear foot. "So the plan then, its uh, find Enforcer Blackbeak and the militia then do something with that light?" Razeek asked, placing his forelegs on the lip of the raised plateform. Fondling a stone in her claw Ri'Vahz looked between the city and the trio before hopping onto the plate. "Kill the leader I say, but first we need to figure out how these things work." As soon as she was on the cities' surface proper, the stone in her claw leaked whispy purple smoke.
  1215. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] <Chameleon
  1217.     >Adon
  1218.     Saying their farwells to Eolas, Ri'Vahz took lead. Which left Spruce, Razeek, and Adon to follow. Reaching the border of the runic city, the Witcher nods at the plan: kill the snake leader, save the others, defeat the undead. Following suit to Ri'Vahz, Adon takes out one of the six stones he had taken from the Librarian and holds it tightly in his hand and waits for its effects to become apparent. [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] <Chameleon
  1220.     >Spruce
  1221.     Spruce walks right behind the warlord, keeping close to her as they enter the city proper of the undead. The last thing he wants is to be caught out away from her, whom he assumed was a master in melee combat and could tank most blows that would put another man down. “From my experience, the darkness inside the temples was physical… it was actually manifest. Sunlight or light at all drove it back and the shadow seemed to possess skeletons of dead creatures.” He explains to the two gryphons, before adding “But I think we should head straight to the head of this shit. End it now and recruit Blackbeak if we see him on the way. Sound good, ja?” Spruce as as he grips one of the small stones, rubbing it softly with his thumb. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] Chameleon
  1223.     Ri'Vahz faded away from sight much like how the Underdark swallowed someone whole, though With one main difference she realized. "Wait, I'm not in the Underdark? This stone actually made me invisible, weird." Hearing his Warlord's puzzlement, Razeek grasped at his own stone, giving it a displeased face as he mimicked Ri'Vahz to activate the rock. "I'm not a pussy I'm doing this for it." [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] >chameleon
  1225.     Adon did not feel any out of place sensations when he triggered the stones magic but saw that his hand disappeared in the same manner as Ri'Vahz, and before he knew it he took was 'gone', a glance down at his body confirming this.
  1227.     "I guess its good we ain't using the Underdark then, or sneaking around in shadows." Muttered Razeek, aknowledging @Spruces advice with a hint of fear. On the other hand the Warlord growled with predatory threat, her voice vibrating with the purr of an eager feline. "If we run into Enforcer Blackbeak on our way Spruce, I'm going to thrash him senseless for leaving his bloody post. Come on, lets go."
  1228.     To Spruce and Adon the form of Ri'Vahz became visible when she stalked deeper into the metropolises interior, whether this was only seen by them was something time would tell...
  1229.     The trek through the undead city was deathly quiet, no noise being produced by anyone despite the thoroughfare they walked on being made from solid stone. No, for the longest time deafening silence was the groups only companion and guide through the spine tindling landscape. After passing the 8th (or was it the 10th?) pyramid structure and halfway crossing the street between buildings did Ri'Vahz call for a halt. "Wait! I think I heard wing beats close by." she hissed, lowering her frame as she searched the overhead walkways surrounding them.
  1230. [ 1d6+1 = 7 ] [ 1d6+1 = 4 ] [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] [ 1d6+1 = 6 ] <M.Perception
  1232.     "What, what's the worry, we want to find Blackbeak and the Militia. Better they know we're here too!" Said Razeek as he flapped his wings to hover. "Stop that Razeek, just look where we-" She was cut off by another faint sound, one awfully familiar too Spruce and Adon, a person sprinting hard in a pair of boots.
  1234.     >Adon
  1235.     The invisibility did not completely unphase Adon, as it was familiar to him in some ways. Foglets and bruxa were able to become invisible at will which made for difficult fights. The word 'Underdark' was thrown around a few times, making him wonder if this world had spectrum levels of some sorts. He tucked the thought away, for now, and began folloeing Ri'Vahz through the ruins. They were quiet... very quiet. Not a sound to be heart aside from themselves and his own breathing. The Warlord stops, and hunkers down, Adon matching her halt as he tries to listen for the wing beats as well. But something else catches his ears, and whispers just loud enough for the group to catch onto it. "Foot steps. Human."
  1236. [ 1d6 = 2 ] [ 1d6 = 1 ] <B.Perception
  1238.     Spruce
  1239.     The quiet walk with absolutely nothing being seen or happening was beginning to unnerve Spruce. He had expected far more from this city than absolute silence and no sign of the undead that had assaulted the guards last into the portal. Something was wrong, very wrong. "Hear what? He asks before raising his rifle at whoever was running.
  1240. [ 1d6 = 1 ] <U.Perception
  1242.     "Another human?...Is it Simon!?" Asked Razeek with a gasp of excitement, he hovering a bit higher into the still air to get a better view of where the boot-falls were coming from.
  1243. [ 1d6+1 = 3 ] [ 1d6+1 = 7 ] <U.Perception+R.Eye
  1245.     As the fledging gazed in the same direction, @Spruce and @Adon were struck by a sudden sense of vertigo when they too searched for the source of the running, robbing their concentration and leaving their vision blurry for a moment. "Razeek, land right now." Warned Ri'Vahz in a low tone as she stared upwards. "There, on the walkway ahead of us is one Militia, not Blackbeak though. Something is around their neck." Pointing this out, the rest of the party saw that around the perched Gryphons' neck was a chain collar, it amitting a foul looking miasma cloud from its metal. "Is he searching for us?" inquired Razeek as he dropped down, landing with a light thud on his paws. "I think they're standing sentry, not sure...Don't trust this one bit."
  1246. [ 1d6+1 = 3 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] >Perception
  1247. [ 1d2 = 1 ] >2
  1248.     The footsteps faded away, disappearing into the distance and lost among the encompassing landscape of the undead city.
  1250.     >Adon
  1251.     The stone's magic must have gotten to him, because his senses had dwindled mere moments ago trying to hone in on the human-like footsteps. Which, unfortunately, had faded away. Unfortunate loss aside, Adon keeps check of Razeek as Ri'Vahz scolds him back to the ground. The Witcher focuses on the the Militia gryphon standing guard, looking over its appearance. Razeek and Ri'Vahz's comment suggest the collar is out of norm for the militia, and the miasma is too foul-looking to be anything but malignant. A form of mind control, perhaps? Witches and higher vampires are always fond of binding the weak to them, in a similar manner, as servants. Adon keeps to a manageable whisper to the rest of the group. "The collar and mist could imply an enthrallment. Just a guess, though. Might be best to avoid them, for now."
  1252. [ 1d6 = 4 ] [ 1d6 = 2 ] <B.Perception
  1254.     Spruce
  1255.     True to his words, Spruce sees nothing until it's pointed out to him that there's one of the gryphons ahead of him from the militia, and he appears to have some sort of collar on him and it's spewing some sort of strange miasma. This was not right as the others had clearly already pointed out, and he felt no need to chime into the choir. "Perhaps we should avoid them then... Or free them? I leave it to your judgement, Warlord. They are your gryphons."
  1256. [ 1d6 = 4 ] U. Perception
  1258.     The enthralled Militia continued surveying the city below, clearly not spotting the group right under their beak. Weighing her options in silence, Ri'Vahz shook her head solumnly when she came to a conclusion. "We move forward, attacking him and prying that collar off would be a waste of time, probably bring unwanted attention too." With that said she stalked forward, leading the group out of the open thoroughfare to sneak alongside the edge of one of many triangular buildings. Keeping an eye on the Militia as they put distance between themselves Razeeks' expression grew concerned. "Now what, you hopin' that big purple light gots something to do with the Milita?" The Warlord grunted, partly in confirmation but mostly in annoyance at the Fledgling insisting on talking.
  1260.     As they drew closer to the spire of venomous purple light @Adon saw that the sides of the structures were beginning to be covered in patterns, and with a quick examination of one in passing the Witcher realised they were tapestries. Oddly, erosion had faded away the details on all the carved murals despite the prestine condition the rest of the city was in.
  1262.     Dozens of minutes had passed when @Spruce noticed that the raised pathways and bridges (that made blanketing canopies at their thickest) were dwindling away as the group neared what looked like a massive sunken plaza, this open space surrounding the Ziggurat the beam of light was firing from. What remaining walkways that were still above their heads were connecting the tallest buildings to the Ziggurat, and occasionally, a flash of movement was seen. Though from his low angle the Operator could not see who was using these exclusive paths.
  1264.     "This is...not what I was expecting." Coming to a stop once again, Warlord Ri'Vahz stood at the lip of a 45 degree ramp that led all the way down to plaza which was around 35 metres below sea level. "Uh uh wa UH!?" Stuttered Razeek as he stared dumbfounded at the literal carpet of snake-like quad armed creatures that stood at attention, all staring up at the peak of the Ziggurat. Above all of this, in the sky flying like carrion birds were more Militia. Their screeching caws echoing down, the only noise being heard.
  1265. [ 1d2 = 1 ] >2
  1267.     >Spruce
  1268.     Spruce looks over the crowd of assembled snake creature things staring up towards the top of the ziggurat. "Shit..." He curses, pulling his binoculars off his neck and looking around, up at the top of the structure and around for any path to the structure nearby that isn't obstructed by snake creatures. "Alright. Look around, we need a way up, and there' little chance we won't be seen by these... Things..."
  1269. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] U. Perception
  1271.     >Adon
  1272.     Relieved Ri'Vahz took a quieter course of action, Adon followed her lead through the ruins once more. Passing by militia and under criss-crossing bridges above, the area clears out to a descending plaza. On closer notice it was full of four-armed serpentine creatures, their focus on the ziggurat emitting the purple energy. Along with Militia gryphons, flying above, Adon felt something ominous amiss. "Unless if you all want to take them head on, we need to get into that structure unseen." The Witcher begins looking around for any possible means of working around the army of undead snake monsters. [ 1d6 = 6 ] [ 1d6 = 1 ] <B.Perception
  1274.     With binocular vision Spruce spotted a flying bridge that was connected from a pyramid close by to the Ziggurats' 3rd highest level, and unlike the others filling the sky this one did not have constant movement cresting its edges. "I can look around in the sky and cover more ground, Ri'Vahz." Chirped Razeek, his voice finally taking a hush tone now he was close to an army of awaiting undead monsters. "Too Risky, you might get discovered by the Militia turncoats out in open sky above that horde. I will not allow it." Hissed back the Warlord while staring down at the amassed creatures unblinkingly.
  1276.     "That is why we won't, we need a plan." Whispered Ri'Vahz assuredly, crouching low until she was laid on the ground. Searching and crisscrossing where his eyes traveled @Adon could not find a single safe way to entering the Ziggurat from the ground, and even if there was he saw that the entrances in the Plaza emitted an inky black wall which made him uneasy when stared at for too long. Eventually looking elsewhere in the surrounding city he noted a building over from where they were was a pyramid. It being connected to the Ziggurat via an unsupported bridge, this pyramid caught his eyee because its doors were not blackened out by whisps of menacing darkness, unlike the rest of the structures around the group.
  1277.     Mostly unnoticed, a faint, subtle heartbeat began its rhythm across the landscape. First it was the Gryphons who perked up to it but not knowing where it came from, their bodies on giving signs of high alertness. When the Operator and Witcher heard it, the sound was akin to a deep drum being beat somewhere a few feet away. "M-maybe we should head back?" Asked Razeek, his coat on end at this change of ambiance.
  1278. [ 1d2 = 1 ] >1
  1280.     >Adon
  1281.     Between Ri'Vahz and Razeek bickering on courses of surveying, where the warlord was ultimately right, Adon looks over the courtyard full of undead snake creatures. They were just too close to them to make a move from here to the Ziggurat, and its doors were... ominous. Maybe some sort of barrier, malicious in intent, they were most likely not getting through any of them without difficulty. He stops looking at the structure itself and out to what was connected to it for an alternate entrance. He focuses on one pyramid, looking it over several times before silently scooting up to nudge Ri'Vahz's shoulder to get her attention. Adon points to the pyramid he's examined, and drew a pointed finger across the bridge and to their destination then back over to its unrestricted doors. "Could be our way in." Until he had noticed that both gryphons had tensed up, and were wary, like a guard dog catching a sound humans couldn't; better yet, something he'd be picking up too. He damns his still-muddled senses, momentarily. Eventually, a rhythmic beat finally catches his ear and the WItcher grabs the handle on his silver sword and half draws it out of its sheathe for whatever was approaching them.
  1283.     >Spruce
  1284.     Spruce points with two fingers to the flying bridge up in the sky, connecting the two ziggaruats. "Look. Up there. It appears to have little activity and is a way across. The only problem would be the climb... Or flight up. Could be the way ja?" He asks as he ignores the bickering of the two. The heartbeat noise though catches him a bit by suprise, and seeing Adon adopt a battle stance he too readies his rifle
  1286.     The all encompassing sound became crystal clear to the group; the distinctive rhythmic paired *THUMPTHUMP* of a heart, its lively beats adding weight to the already heavy silence of the stone city.
  1287.     After swivelling her ears around to make sure nothing was actually attacking them, RiVahz nodded at @Adon and @Spruce pointing out the pyramid and its connecting bridge. "Lets move now, I don't like where any of this is going." Checking the activated stone that cloaked her after feeling a faint vibration from it, the Warlord saw patterns made from straight lines pulsed in tandem with the beats. "Odd..." With leg shaking to rid some of his anxiety, Razeek caws in panic as the purple mortar of the of the necropolis bloomed with contained energy. "Alright fuck this! Obiviously you guys don't need me so I'm just going to go. K-thanks-bye!" As Ri'Vahz snapped around to smack sense into the Fledgling, Razeek leaped away from her intent on running back the way the group came...
  1288.     Though he stopped this daring plan at the sight of the human standing behind them all a few paces away, their head cocked to the side in intrigue. "WHATDAFUU-!? S-Simon?" The human Razeek was tumbling his words over wore similar clothing to Spruce save for a skull mask that covered his face and metal gauntlets that reached up to his elbows.
  1289.     Confused but apparently knowing them too Ri'Vahz came to Razeeks' side, a wing lowering protectively to cover the young Gryphon. "What are you doing here Simon, and where is that bitch mate of yours?" she asked, the word 'bitch' being spat out.
  1290.     Blinking at the remark from Ri'Vahz, Simon tilted his head over to stare inquisitively at Adon and Spruce. For some reason the Operator and Witcher felt a sense of base wrongness from Simons' eyes, they appeared normal from a distance but the light and emotions behind them were.. inhumane.
  1291.     "Don't you ignore me dammit!"
  1293.     >Adon
  1294.     The Witcher nods at Ri'Vahz to move on, as they were not going to get far from their current position. The beam emitting from the main structure erupted with a surge, and Razeek attempted to bolt; only for the warlord to stop him from taking off with a smack. Everyone's attention locked onto the man standing in front of them. His clothing reminded Adon of Spruce's armor, minus the grim-looking mask he adorned. So this was Simon the WItcher had heard of, which means the huntmaster companion must be here as well. He dropped his silver sword back into its scabbard, but didn't let go of the handle as a crawl went down his spine. Both gryphons addressed him as such, trying to rise a reaction, but the man only shifted his head as not understanding them. Or ignoring them. He locked eyes with the ominous-looking human. There was something wrong... empty, soulless. The Witcher twitched his eye, and half-drew his steel sword along with a restrained whisper. "Ri'Vahz, he's possessed. Or worse. We need to go, NOW."
  1296.     >Spruce
  1297.     Spruce cursed several times under his breath as the cowardly young gryphon tried to run for it "You're going to get yourself killed, captured or worse...!" He exhasperates silently as the heart of darkness beats. The sight of Simon makes him stop. The eyes make his gut feeling drop. "Oh no... No no no..." He mutters, looking to the two deadly kukri's Simon used. He did not want to get close to -those- things. "Like the swordsman says, stay back, his eyes!"
  1299.     'Simons' head shifted so he could gaze up at the main Ziggurat top, as he did so with the same vacant staring eyes he spoke, voice matching what @Spruce remembered yet sounded distant...or was that the beating muffling the sound? "I've forgotten what they called themselves because it had been so long, but they are almost finished what they started all that time ago." Despite the monotone pronunciation a sense of urgency was conveyed to the group.
  1300.     Razeek shook his head in disbelief, unable to see the Operator in such a state. "S-Simon what are you on about? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!" Crouching lower for a pouncing strike, Ri'Vahz moved to put herself between 'Simon' and the frightened fledgling. "Dunno how you got here but I'm going to rip you to shreds if you don't explain yourself."
  1301.     As if noticing the groups hostile behaviour just then, 'Simon' raised an open palm at them. "I too have forgotten my name, but call me Simon since I am in his form. The Rites to Call must be stopped, they must not be able to call home, -it- must be destroyed." Now speaking to them rather than at them, @Adons' Wolf Medallion began vibrating before pulling in the direction of 'Simon', indicating a source of cast spells charms or a curse.
  1303.     >Adon
  1304.     As Adon watches 'Simon' cautiously, he realizes the... thing in front of them had not alerted anyone to their presence or attacked them. Although emotionless, it seemed to have an agenda that matched their's. A shapshifter, spirit, maybe from the same era these things were from; taken form to sympathize with them? Both gryphons were unable to see past the mask... literally; not the one 'Simon' was wearing. As Simon continued, Adon looks down at his quivering medallion and fully drops his sword back into its sheathe, walking just past Razeek and Ri'Vahz to square up the lone human from a few steps away. "So you're not Simon, but you're something that wants this to end as much as we do. How do we do it?"
  1306.     >Spruce
  1307.     Spruce stares at whoever this thing using Simon's form is. He looked off, especially the eyes. He was also flat out telling them he wasn't Simon, or this thing was inhabiting Simon for the time being. Whatever it was, he didn't trust it. "Calling home? That cannot be good. How do we stop it? Do we kill the leader? Destroy a crystal? Or what? Why do you even care about this ending?"
  1309.     Unresponsive to the Witcher standing in front of him 'Simon' answered with the same emotionless level as before. "I am something, something created to ensure they stay buried and forgotten. But now here they are on the surface with their servants once more." Craning his neck to an inhuman angle 'Simon' stared past @Adon to the Gryphons that flew circles around the looming Ziggurat. "Destroy the leader or bring down the pylons that stand beyond, one cannot be without the other for the Rite to succeed."
  1310.     Angled uncomfortably still, 'Simons' eyes swiveled in their sockets to address @Spruce, his mouth under the ski mask not moving a fraction as words spilled out. "If they are allowed to call home more will pour out, and they will attempt to drag this portion of Tallus into their world while renewing the same atrocities they did so long ago." For once, a hint of emotion crossed the covered face of 'Simon' as his brow furrowed for a momentary second at the question. " for I was created to care, to care that they never come back for what they did."
  1311.     Taking the hint that this wasn't the Simon she knew from Spruce and Adons attitude, Ri'Vahz moved to Adon's side, irritation welling up inside her. "Why should we even trust you, you-you thing!"
  1312.     Snapping his head back upright 'Simon' gazed down at the fuming Warlord. "Because I was made to destroy them, but why should humans trust -you-? Your species were created to serve and obey those wanting the domination of Tallus."
  1313.     To his credit Razeek was still rational to pick up on this odd turn of events and unfurled himself from his safety ball to poke his head out from between Spruces' legs. "W-what are you on about, s-s-stop speaking shit!"
  1314.     Raising his head and arms into the air as if praising, the air visibly vibrated around 'Simon' before expanding to encompass everyone else. "History will be the judge then."
  1316.     >Adon
  1317.     The Witcher narrowed his eyes as 'Simon' spoke passed him, turning his head to match the being's gaze toward the ziggurat. So kill the leader, or destroy the pylons. "Good enough for me." However it wasn't enough for Ri'Vahz and Razeek, who continued to deny the doppleganger's intentions. And was even less interested in the gryphon's apparent origins. "It's explained itself well enough, now can we just stop these things and-ah great." 'Simon' casts some sort of vibrating aura around itself before it surrounded Adon and everyone else. Instinctively, the Witcher raises his arm to shield his eyes, but he knows its futile.
  1319.     >Spruce
  1320.     The Norwegian stared as the thing before them turned it's head like an owl towards them, wincing at the cracking sound. Ouch. "Look, I'm not sure it's best to yell with the fucking snakes and possessed gryphons around, warlord, Razeek!" He says, rasing his voice a bit with urgency as he glances towards the primary ziggaraut to make sure nothing is coming. Only to turn back to 'Simon' vibrations. "What?"
  1322.     The shimmering atmosphere grew more turbulent until all recognizable shapes where mashed away from everyones perception, by this point an acute sense outer-body-experience fell upon them all. Eventually the violent osculating congealed into grey, just grey. Nothing was everywhere, everywhere was nowhere and nowhere was nothing.
  1323.     Nothing was grey.
  1324.     ...
  1325.     ..
  1326.     .
  1327.     An eyeblink happened, and suddenly they were back feeling whole. Yet felt as if they were lighter, unbound by...flesh.
  1329.     Now self actualized Spruce, Adon, Ri'Vahz and Razeek were able to move. When they looked down to check on their persons, the Witcher and the Operator did not see bodies, rather they saw the undead city from miles on high.
  1330.     "We're flying?"
  1331.     "How am I flying when I don't have wings, or a body?!"
  1332.     Echoing from within everyones heads 'Simon' explained. "I am giving you a vision I have created from the multiple memories of all those that have died here broken into three stages; a time of peace, a time of war and the end."
  1333.     Everyone started to float down away from the cloudless crisp blue sky towards the shining black stone cityscape, that, even from such a height saw throngs of movement in every sky bridge and thoroughfare. "So we're about to see these things before they became a bunch of ugly fucking dead, huh?" Asked Razeek, curiosity subverting his confused fear. Ri'Vahz said nothing, however her expression told she was deep in thought as the party came to a stop, in level with the tallest buildings.
  1334.     "Explore, see for yourselves."
  1335.     Although with no body, Razeek, Spruce, and Adon perceived Warlord Ri'Vahz breaking away from the group. "Might as well see what's this all about, not like I needed any more motivation to kill these things."
  1336. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] <E.Perception
  1338.     Turning to the humans at his side, Razeek was unsure yet there was an aura of interest exuding from him. "Might as well not let this experience slip from our claws, eh?"
  1339. [ 1d6+1 = 6 ] <U.Perception+R.Eyes
  1341.     >Adon_the_Witcher
  1342.     Adon felt... weightless. Looking down, it quickly dawned on him that he was in some form of projected state caused by 'Simon'. They were really high up, and flying. Simon explained what was going to occur, and the began to descend from their cruising height. The ruined city looked... bustling, alive. They had gone back in time, in some form, able to witness everything beforehand. They stopped around the height of the taller buildings, the view being vast and interesting. As Ri'Vahz broke off, the Witcher nodded at Razeek. "If Simon went through the trouble, might as well indulge its request." Adon decided to go and find the ziggurat that had previously been their main goal, no doubt it'd be playing some important roll here as well. A source of that kind of energy and focus... he has a feeling it played a part in this era's 'end' Simon mentioned.
  1343. [ 1d6 = 5 ] [ 1d6 = 5 ] <B.Perception
  1345.     >Spruce
  1346.     Spruce takes a moment to find himself after the blink. Which he does. Thousands of feet up in the air with everyone else. He takes a good momeny to freak out a tiny bit, assuming the Paratrooper dive position even though he lacked a chute. After a few moments, and a bit of talking he slowly realizes they are floating. Spruce slowly returns to a standing position, despite nothing beneath them. "... Okay. Will try and find something." He says, pulling out his binoculars and searching arounf while similarly trying to figure out how to move
  1348.     Flying low to the ground, Warlord Ri'Vahz was the first to see the undead snake things in their full embodiment before death. They came in a variety of colours and patterns with polished scales glittering like jewels in the sunlight, easy to see since they bore no clothing except trinkets around their four wrists and metal crowns on cresting slopping heads.
  1349.     "They look civilized enough." She begrudgingly thought, sentiments which channeled to everyone else along with what she was seeing.
  1350.     "Appearances can be decieving." Spoke 'Simon' as a chaingang of various Tallus beings came into the Gryphonesses' view. In front was a brutish scar covered snake leading the...captives? And behind them, pulling the prisoners along were a pair of-
  1351.     "Gryphons?" The catbirds were not in chains, instead they proudly marched behind the snake, bedecked in stone armour covered in murals that matched the detailed tapestries on the surrounding pyramid walls.
  1352.     "I guess so -uhm, white haired human." Razeek said before swooping down to the city streets. There what Ri'Vahz witnessed passed through his mind, and with this new information went to examine the walls. The were clear, time not eroding them yet. All the ones he could see shared the same three themes; captives taken from their homes to the city, said captives being eaten piecemeal or whole and the most colourful images depicted sacrifical disections. "This is messed up, how could Gryphons ever help these monsters?"
  1353.     "Gryphons did so because they were made to do so, it is a wonder how your ancestors escaped the control of your masters."
  1355.     Finding the main Ziggurat was easy enough for @Adon, made simplier by his new found, albeit temperary, ability of flight. There appeared to be nothing happening currently on the top of the layered structure, though the inactively allowed the Witcher to imprint the layout of the building and connecting bridges to it when this was all over. Beyond the massive centre piece of the city stood the pylons, two giant purple gem towers with the curvature similar to ribs. Every so often a spark of lightning lanced from one to the other. "A rift opened there, and with those pylons the beings were able to keep it stable and readily available."
  1357.     No matter how much conviction @Spruce put into the action he did not manifest a pair of binoculars into his non-existent hands.
  1358.     "You do not need such things to clearly see." Explained 'Simon' as he directed Spruces vision downwards to an unfolding scene. At the top of one of the hundreds of different pyramids across the metropolis a naked female minotaur was chained to a slab where several brightly colourful snakes slithered and danced around her restained body with a dozen Gryphons being backup dancers. The scene turned bloody when the serpents produced large knives in each claw, with every shimmy and rhythmic shake they sliced at the minotauress.
  1359.     "They do this every day, at every hour on a dozen other alters. Weaking their sacrifices with a thousand cuts before consuming them, alive or dead." The Operator had to turn away when the Gryphons moved in the with large hacksaw like tools at her outstretched limbs. "They did this constantly without fear or knowledge of consequence. At this point in history it would be several months before they face the wrath of Tallus."
  1360.     Like in the beginning the whole world vibrated into nothingness before fading back into perception, however now instead of a clear blue sky and a gleaming city it was a red sunset with pitch black billows of inky smoke.
  1361.     The city was burning.
  1364.     From the altitude the group was at they could see mixed armies of a dozen species pouring in from the edges of the city, choking everywhere the eye laid upon with hellish fighting. "I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the good guys won?"
  1365. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] <E.Perception
  1366. [ 1d6+1 = 3 ] <U.Perception+R.Eyes
  1368.     >Adon
  1369.     Flying down, and getting a better look at the Ziggurat, Adon takes careful notes of all connecting bridges and the once-active pylons. For now it seemed relatively inactive, and he went to join the others observing multiple species being led to an alter. And with unchained and willing-looking gryphons melded in with the snake creatures, it seems that Simon was telling the truth all too well. A female minotaur was the first up, and after some sort of ritualistic dance, the snake beings slowly and deliberately cut away at her time after time; 'Simon' explained the process, and it only made the Witcher furrow his brow. Dozens, by the hour, every day? He's never even heard of the blackest of blood magic requiring such an amount of bodies on a regular basis. "Why, though? To please a god, or their leader? Ritual sacrifice at that magnitude is usually ever performed for something very important." The vibration from before returned, and the past changed. The once lively city, was now under heavy attack by a myriad of species banded together to burn the ancient city to its foundations. At least the snake creatures ultimately got theirs in the end. Or did they? Adon watches the slow inevitable invasion of the snake city take place.
  1371.     >Spruce
  1372.     Spruce watches the seen unfold as he sees sacrifices take place with gryphons and snakes dancing around, sacrificing​ this Minotaur in bloody fashion to... Their gods? For rituals? He is utterly disgusted by the amount of sacrifices that apparently take place in this city. "... What the hell. It's like the Aztecs on steroids..."
  1374.     "I glimpsed into their ways of life, their minds. I know how they thought. They did such things for a myriad of reasons; entertainment, to power their home, to appease their god which granted them access to Tallus in the first place. And most basic of reasons, food.
  1376.     Adon spotted in the invading armies thousands of ponies similar to Brass, with different coats, glittering armour, and arms, some had horns that fired blasts of magic while others took to the sky with powerful wings assaulting the airborne Gryphons that desperately defended the metropolis. And some were plain old ponies which charged in massive lance formations, smashing into the coiling masses of serpent fighters. Supporting the equines were minotaurs armed with bows twice the size of the Witchers corporeal body, in fact all their weapons were insanely large, quite suited for bashing through thick scaly hide. There were other beings amonst the besiegers too, though shrouded in choking smoke and piles of dead Adon felt their blazing hatred for the snakes as clear as a summer day tanning his skin.
  1378.     Spruce felt a moment of unease as 'Simon' probed into his mind at the mention of the Aztecs. When finished, enlightenment radiated from the fake-human. "I see. Interesting how ancient humans shared a common trait with the monsters down below." The Operator gazed at the advancing armies asthey slowly took parts of the city over, each thoroughfare bought in a dozen bodies with the end result torching a building, flushing its occupants out to be torn apart by a hundred invaders.
  1380.     Razeek and Ri'Vahz were deathly silent as they watched their ancestors fight and die for monsters, the feelings of disgust and shame eminating from them like tidal waves.
  1382.     Everything changed again.
  1383.     When the world self actualized once more it was night, or was it just that the sky was blackened from the amount of fires? The time skip must of been by mere hours as everyone still saw fighting happen in the distance with the occasional beams of light from magic attacks. What was left behind in the streets and bridges was utter mayhem, corpses and disgarded equipment blanketed every surface, blood and other bodily fluids pooled knee deep in blasted craters. Collapsed pyramids served as unintentional makeshift burial mounds for the dead of any species, any recognition burnt to ash by raging fires sustained by melting fat and crisping flesh. Groups of stragglers ducked from shadow to shadow, searching for wounded to save or slay. Every once in a while a small flock of Gryphons lead by a Serpent would ambush a searching party, where a chilling fight for survival was intitiated atop the bloated carcasses of the already slain.
  1384.     "This is where it happens. This is when I am brought into being."
  1386.     >Adon
  1387.     Adon's eyes narrow at the serpent creatures' intentions, but not too surprised regardless. Such barbaric tendencies weren't lost to him, but not as such at mass scale, and he flinched barely to the ritualistic savagery. At any rate, they ultimately got what was coming to them. The scenery changes again; the same battle clearly dwindling down as most of before them was littered with rubble and the dead or dying. Small pockets of fighting were between patrols and stragglers here and there, and any actual battling was faded in the distance. 'Simon' announces his coming-to-be and the Witcher looks and listens intently as the current memory continues to unfold.
  1389.     >Spruce
  1390.     Spruce stares at 'Simon' as this all unfolds, this vision of the past and the savagery caused by the snake creatures and their gryphon servants. They got what they had coming for them, like the aztecs. The horrible scenes displayed in the carnage didn't affect him much at all either, had seen a lot during the third world war and iti didn't hurt him especially when a massacre like this was completely justified against these barbarians. But he still worried about Simon, and specifically, what was going on in the real world...
  1392.     Being turned away from the carnage covering the city streets towards the explosive horizon, everyone felt 'Simon' force their concentration towards one single point. Although too far to discern any details flashes of brutal close combat between attacker and defender filled the groups vision. It was the scene of the most crucial battle, the tipping point, the moment that one side will survive to see the sunrise and the other: damnation.
  1393.     "There." The visions focused on a group comprised of several different species right in the dead centre of the melee, dozens of invaders dying to protect them as they conjured together a massive spell.
  1394.     "What are they-"
  1395.     Razeek's question is rudely answered when the group and the surrounding combatants on both sides vanished in a pillar of pure white light that shot into the turbulent black skies like a divine spear. It's creation was so shockingly powerful it snuffed the sprawling fires across the city in one shallow breath.
  1396.     When the beam disappeared no fires were left to illuminate the landscape, leaving the silent city in choking smoke and angry and darkness. Out there in the distance everyone felt him, felt 'Simons' presence awaken in that urban wasteland. More flashes entered @Adons, @Spruces, Razeeks and Ri'Vahz minds showing the invaders sounding an organised retreat rescuing and saving those they could while leaving the serpents and their servents to die.
  1397.     "I was made to punish the snakes, so the first thing I did was deprive them of their pets." Memories of ancient Gryphons flooded forth, showing how they awoke before their former masters and took what they could before flying away in thousand strong flocks. "I do not know what became of them once they left this land, however from seeing your kind returning with no understanding of this place was an ironic sight to behold."
  1398.     Razeek and Ri'Vahz took this as something to be proud of at least.
  1399.     "Once they had no more servants to use as food I changed their very biology. They found out the next morning they could not stay in direct sunlight or else they were burned." Scenes of snakes starving in the streets and huddling together for forth under the rainy moonlight came and went.
  1400.     "They could not leave through the mountains or the sea, as one formed tsunamis to destroy boats and the other blew deathly blizzards." Frozen solid serpents lined the sharp peaks as much as they covered the calm sea floor, gently rotting into nothingness.
  1401.     "Their brightest, strongest and most fertile were devolved into slaving beasts."
  1402.     Ri'Vahz choked at the sight of the familar visage of Eipleks tearing through the snakes in their thoroughfares before vanishing from sight.
  1403.     "I sent them across Tallus to be among the many beasts of this world, quite suitable the ancestors of the Gryphons hunt the ancestors of the snakes for game."
  1404.     "Next I made the fresh water they relied on flood the catacombs where they laid their dead, adding to this I made the insides of their structures never ending mazes, always shifting and morphing to confound them."
  1405.     They drowned deep underground, fruitlessly clawing rents into the clean stone walls for any purchase before sinking beneath the rampant fresh waters. Or lost, and eventually starving to death right next to the exits they so sorely sought."
  1406.     "I disabled their only way home and impaled their leader dead on his throne." Aimless panic and fighting broke out around the hollowed remains of the dying city, each death among their kind was a severe blow, as they only numbered in the hundreds at that point.
  1407.     "Once they were all dead, I dumped their withered corpses into the religious heaps of bones that once used to be their victims in the deepest pit of the Ziggurats." A single shot of an impossibly giant gaping hole filled everyones minds, it brimming with the disgarded remains of conqueror and conquerored.
  1408.     "And with the deed done, I buried the city, wiping all traces of it from existence."
  1409.     Slowly, ever so slowly, over the course of decades the metropolis sank under the very same land the snakes first claimed as their own on Tallus.
  1410.     "I did all this, as it was expected of me."
  1412.     >Adon
  1413.     Adon's attention was forced away from the aftermath to a single battle out in the distance. In the midst the Witcher recognized a group spell being casted and in and instant it was over. All fighting ceased, every fire died down to smoke. Adon felt something... it was Simon; well, Simon in this time. Visions appeared in his head as the serpents' world is ripped apart, piece by piece, by Simon's immense omniscient power. He cut off their food, escape, even destroyed themselves from the inside out. They died with nothing left, and he buried them for the ages. He's never witnessed such an enormous amount of control over the elements in his long life. The Witcher contemplated hard as the ruined city was slowly engulfed.
  1414.     Ability aside, Adon only had one question on his mind: "So why are you showing us this when you could be annihilating them, like you did the first time?" Or has Simon's power faded with time, and only his presence is left to show them what happened and how to stop the snakes' reemergence.
  1416.     >Spruce
  1417.     Spruce quietly watches the visions of the snakes and the brutal war that occured, ending an entire race for their crimes against the world with brutal efficiency. It made him wonder why, exactly that he was showing them all of this? Did he plan to wipe them out or did he lose his powers? "What do you need us for? You have shown that you alone wiped them out, so why are they coming back now...?"
  1419.     Adon felt 'Simon' gaze into him as the image of the city was replaced by sweeping calm grassy plains entered his mind, a sense of finality rudely disrupted by the serpents resurfacing. "Correct. Once my task was done I was to ensure they would remain underground. I sensed over time my power was fading, this I diligently awaited for. Although, at some point I felt the sickening touch of the snakes' god through the buried pylons absorbing my strength, all I could do was consolidate myself to prevent the Being from taking more and more of me for its own use."
  1421.     "Why didn't you destroy the Pylons then you idiot!" Ri'Vahz snapped, a flare of outrage pulsating through the group.
  1422.     Confused as a thought entered his head, Razeek 'looked' at 'Simon' and added. "Why do ya look like Simon anyway, why him and not some Gryphon or one of your makers?"
  1423.     Like a cool breeze running across the bare skin 'Simon' eased both catbirds down as new images faded in; showing a dozen ponies arriving from sea and building the Flying Buttress Tower and disappearing in the Translocation Stone they built too.
  1424.     "Even back then at the height of my power I could not destroy them, only disable them. Their god has been collecting my essence and has converted it to ignite the magic within the pylons once again. As for why I look like Simon, it is because he was the first human to search the catacombs, in search of you I might add. He was unique, a creature I have never seen on Tallus before yet did not harbour malice. His form was functionable enough for me to copy and employ."
  1426.     Every now and then through the ever changing wheather of the timelapsing lanscape below ponies came and went, staying in the tower then leaving, each successive visit becoming less frequent until they stopped all together. "They were awakened because they sensed their servants had returned, those very same servants that were digging up their pyramids and entering ancient tunnels. Not even the trapped essences of those that have died here could dissuade the Gryphons from leaving." The sight of Lúfa and her ghostly visage came to @Spruce, telling of her ultimate fate.
  1427.     "I've shown you all this so you know what you will be facing, how to combat them, and how to end them." Flashes of the purple Pylons came, only to disappear in clouds of destruction. Time moved faster forward, the changing sky becoming a mess until a Translocation flash ended the millennia skip on a bright sunny day. A large Gryphoness in red armour stepped off the stone, accompanied by two humans with similar gear to Spruce.
  1428.     "Cu'Nir..." Breathed the Warlord.
  1429.     And Simon and Captain Swe! We're seeing recent history!" Exclaimed the Fledgling excitedly.
  1431.     >Adon
  1432.     The Witcher narrows his eyes as Simon explains his weakness. So the serpents' gods were somehow an actual manifestation, and sapped Simon's power through the pylons. "If we destroy the pylons, would power be restored?"
  1433.     Time shifts to reveal the construction of the tower and burg, and his attention went to the portal stone. A large armored gryphon and two other humans step out of it, being this Cu'Nir, the actual Simon, and someone named Swe.
  1435.     >Spruce
  1436.     Spruce quietly watches, his questions slowly answered by the human. His heart drops, remembering the faint outline of Lufa in the field before the pillars had risen... He pauses, closing his eyes and looking down before looking back up nodding. "Right. We must now piss off this God, and by destroying the pillars, defeat the snake things, ya?" He asks, his gaze going to the man aside simon. "... Swe? Swedish?"
  1437.     The Burg expanded to the size it was when the group left and off in the distance dust clouds billowed into the changing skies indicating dig sites, Gryphons flying in random directions due to busy schedules. "My power would be partially restored, enough to ensure they never return, maybe even releasing the dead Ka trapped within the city." @Adon saw random fights break out between patrolling Gryphons and undead serpents, each event becoming more frequent and all at the cover of night.
  1439.     Time slowed down to the present day, depicting what @Spruce missed when he was gone, the undead city bursting free from the ground with explosive flair. The skies catching the sick purple hues like a desease from the tips of the pyramids, which in turn covered the land in choking turbulant shade. "Destroy the pillars and they will be defeated." 'Simon' stated simply.
  1440.     Ri'Vahz nodded as she answered the Operator "Swe, a captain from his world. Came with Simon and helped him and Cu'Nir in their exploits, though eventually grew tired of adventuring. He retired and lives in the Vale in his tower with a Gryphoness mate, which I would gladly see in my bedchambers in a heartbeat."
  1441.     Wanting to move away from his Warlords implications, Razeek added. "And I deliver food to him from time't'time and he gives me some of his home made stuff in return, I can take ya to him when this is all over Spruce! Oh and you too Adon." He said cheerfully, now things were looking better that a way to destroy the monsters was apparent his quiet panicking had subsided for optimism.
  1442.     waking up from their standing stupor the groups collective senses returned with undampened clarity, showing the sordid surroundings remaining the same, thankfully the history lesson not alerting the enemy to the parties presence. "So we make our way to the pylons and destroy them, sounds easy enough."
  1443.     'Simon' held up a hand to stop the Warlord from assuming. "You do not have to get close, only a line of sight to fire upon it, if capable." He said as he stared at Spruce.
  1445.     >Adon
  1446.     Listening as Simon explained the result of destroying the towers, he thinks over the one term he hadn't heard before: Ka. Could be referring to the serpents... not their names though, else they'd have heard it before. The Witcher plays their desired outcome backwards. They were releasing the undead from the city, which would be their immortal souls wouldn't be bound to it to repeat the process again. Ka must mean the soul on Tallus. "And what will become of you, when they're finally released?" 'Simon' returns them to present day, and loomed back to the present where the undead were still preparing their final ritual. Simon explains the range they can destroy the pillars at, and he looked over at Spruce for a few long seconds. Adon looks over his equipment, the entity clearly knowing something he didn't. Spruce's weapon in his hands seemed a little dingy for the task.... but the thing on his back might be more than he was holding it to. "My range is limited to close combat, so I'll help protect whoever can hit the pillars."
  1448.     >Spruce
  1449.     "Right! Let's end this then." He slings his AG3 over his back and pulls off the Gustav, mounting it over his shoulder as he takes hold of the thing.
  1450.     "Oh, right! Don't stand behind me. This thing has massive backblast when it's fired. And tell me about this Swe another time okay? Now it's time to end this." And with that he looks around for the pillar that was closest to them.
  1451.     "Oh, and be ready for a fight. When I fire this thing it will be obvious enough for the entire city to know."
  1453.     'Simon' looked to @Adon, his masks skull visage becoming more and more apt as things moved on. "Put simply, I would stop existing. I would only allow such a thing to happen if it means the enemy's existence were to end, too."
  1454.     Intrigued by this finality, Razeek chirped in. "Not afraid to die? That's kinda cool."
  1455.     Turning 90 degrees to walk into the shadowy entrance of one of the nearby pyramids to lead the party to their destination, 'Simon' did not look over his shoulder to address the Gryphon rather his voice echoed in everyones minds. "I am not the real Simon, who was quite an emotional thing. I am not, I have sapience for the soul reason to intelligently punish the Serpents."
  1457.     Silenced by 'Simons' acute response, the Fledging looked to his warlord, to which she shrugged and followed the figure into the gloomy pyramids interior. "I like to be up and close much like Adon, will that be enough though is the question." She wondered aloud, glancing at the amassed snakes around the Ziggurat then to the Witcher with an appraising grin.
  1458.     "So...don't stand behind it? Got it, you humans and your weapons are always weirdly dangerous to yer' selves." Razeek commented as he admired @Spruces large and hard Gustav before tailing Ri'vahz into the buildings murky insides.
  1459.     As both Operator and Witcher followed into the vertical structure 'Simon' spoke again as he reached the stairs, his voice coming from him this time. "Right now you are all invisible to the snakes and their servants thanks to the stones you hold and with my influence I can deepen the affect, this will not continue for you Spruce when you attack the Pylon, they will know where you are and attack immediately, although not for the others." The smothering physical shadows Spruce knew all too well were at by, 'Simons' presence keeping the oppressive darkness away from the group, like an air bubble under the waters surface. "Sounds like a chance to ambush any who attacks the human, who most likely will be the controlled Gryphons already flying in the sky." Grunting the Warlord looked over her shoulder at Adon Razeek and Spruce, continuing. "Do not try to, but if you have to, you have my permission to kill them."
  1461.     Reaching the exist to the roof right as when the ascension on the stairs was becoming cramped 'Simon' flicked a finger at the compressed blackness blocking the exit, it evaperating away so the group could escape the buildings unwelcoming interior. "Only one Pylon needs to be destroyed, the blowback will be enough to bring things falling down."
  1462.     Outside on a balcony that surrounded the capped top of the pyramid the group spread out with enough space to spare. The edge of the balcony protected with a foot high lip, it was better than nothing. A flying bridge was off to the side, connecting to another empty balcony atop a different pyramid.
  1463.     "Fffffuuuuuuck..." Gawked Ri'vahz as she saw the serpents' lord, their monstrous king, the one in control of the city. The elevated position gave everyone a clear view of the Ziggurats top level, which was used as a small platform for the giant snake, its arms spread wide like an aicent oak tree. Its torso, head and arms were metres in length while its tail, curled under it was probably around two dozen metres. Unlike its underlings it appeared the most restored, its foot long scales matching the black stone of the necropolis. "A mortal incarnation of their vile god, seeking commune with their world." Sticking out of its chest were four massive dark purple shards, previously impaled it to a throne now used to store malicous energies that were coiling within like contained lightning storms.
  1464.     "Spruce, take position next to the bridge, here you have sight of a Pylon." Moving over the Operator saw the energised pylon, its radiance making his skin tingle with revulsion. The shot was like a thread through a needle, the missile will have to skirt the edges of several structures before hitting its target. "This is the quickest point to fire your Gustav, it will be tricky, though you want this to be over now. So here is fastest oppotunity."
  1467.     >Adon
  1468.     Adon nods respectfully to the doppleganging entity. Eliminating the serpents at your own expense is as ballsy at it gets. It's a shame Simon will hopefully go out like that. The Witcher looks over at Ri-Vahz, then at Simon, Razeek, and Spruce as they begin moving closer to the pylons. "If this is going to happen as fast as I hope it will, we should be able to hold our own." As they begin moving, Adon listens to Simon and silently agrees with the gryphon warlord to protect Spruce in an ambush pattern. The group finally stopped at an elevated platform overlooking the huge ritual, the undead's god taken mortal for. It was just a gigantic snake monster... nothing to worry about. Adon was more worried about the shot Simon was suggesting Spruce take. A small window from quite a distance away, here's hoping the human was a good shot with whatever that Goose-stov packed. "Go, Spruce. We'll have your back."
  1470.     >Spruce
  1471.     "A little danger is necessary, Warlord, so the projectile doesn’t blow itself up. Now, quiet please.."
  1472.     Spruce knelt down, putting the sight to his eyes and carefully took aim at the massive black pylon. It was hard to believe that the serpents' God actually manifest itself to its people, and that ‘Simon’ was a manifestation of… Other Gods will to stop the serpents? It was strange, but such actions gave him his own renewed sense of faith. With that, he uttered a single prayer under his breath and fired.
  1473. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] <Basic Heavy Weapons^
  1475.     As Spruce knelt down preparing to take the shot the Warlord gave the Fledgling a commanding look then flicked a wing upwards, nodding nervously in understanding Razeek perched himself on the tip top of the Pyramid to watch out for oncoming enemies while Ri'Vahz lowered her profile near the preparing Operator. "I hope ya right about that Adon, don't wanna know what'll happen if we lose." Whispered Razeek down to the Witcher, eyes still up to the sky.
  1476.     "Just blow up the Pylon, Spruce." Ri'Vahz commanded.
  1478.     While they all readied themselves 'Simon' stepped out of view behind the pyramids cap, silently disappearing from perception.
  1480.     Going to load in a warhead, Spruce saw he had two left, remembering he had used the first one underneath the Pyramid... he would need to resupply. With the Gustaf primed and resting on his shoulder ready to fire, he took aim at the distant pulsating purple Pylon, its malicious aura stinging his eyes as he compressed the trigger. The ominous silence and subdued heartbeats of the undead city was blown away by the abrupt explosive PA-CHOOO of the 94x246MMR burning through the air, leaving behind a tail of burnt fuel. If the launch was not an indicator of Spruces' location then the line of smoke marked him for sure. The blowback was to be expected, yet for Adon and the Gryphons it was a startling occurance, one that almost made Razeek fall from his position. "shit!"
  1482.     Hissing past the many erected black stoned monolithic buildings by the centimetres at high speed the warhead threaded the needle to smack into its target. 23/50HP
  1483.     Shards of sickly purple debris shrieked out of a blooming dust cloud where the missile punched into the Pylon, the successful hit echoing deep into the Necropolis.
  1485.     Through the softening reverberation the group heard the response from the snakes and their gods incarnation, a chorus of mismatched screaming hisses making the skin crawl and hair stand on end. The giant obsidian Serpent avatar then pointed a wickedly curved claw right at Spruce, its milky white eyes solely focused on him. And the Operator felt his muscles tense up painfully at being given the full attention of being his mind could not possibly comprehend, the barrier of two different realities barely holding back the seaping in ungodly contempt.
  1487.     Knowing Spruces position the enthrolled Gryphons howled as they dive bombed from the sky, five in total for the moment. "Here they come!"
  1489. Enthralled Gryphons #1: [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] [ 1d6+4 = 6  ] [ 1d6+4 = 8 ]
  1490. Enthralled Gryphons 2: [1d6+4 = 9 ] [1d6+4 = 9 ] [1d6+4 = 6 ]
  1491. Enthralled Gryphons 3: [1d6+4 = 7 ] [1d6+4 = 9 ] [1d6+4 = 5 ]
  1492. Enthralled Gryphons 4: [1d6+4 = 8 ] [1d6+4 = 9 ] [1d6+4 = 7 ]
  1493. Enthralled Gryphons 5:
  1494. [1d6+4 = 8 ] [1d6+4 = 5 ] [1d6+4 = 6 ]
  1496. >Razeek: M.Reaction:
  1497. [1d6+8 = 13 ] [1d6+8 = 14 ] [1d6+8 = 10 ]
  1499. >Ri'Vahz M.Reaction: [ 1d6+8 = 10 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ]
  1501. [ 1d20 = 20 ] <Insanity
  1503. Spruce: [ 1d6 = 5 ] Iron will
  1505.     >Adon
  1506.     To say the least, Adon did not expect in the slightest what was about to errupt out of the strange weapon Spruce had been going on about. He clapped his hears shut as a metallic projectile flew out of the front with a small trail of explosive and smoke billowing out from the back. Now he knew why they were told not to stand behind it, as the heat and pressure wave he felt could have killed a lesser man in a heartbeat. The Witcher tracks the payload fly between several bridges and strikes the pylon solidly and exploding fiercely, sending a good portion of the structure tumbling off. He was hoping for a one hit and done, but another good hit like that and it'd come tumbling down. And unfortunately, it signalled a group of enthralled gryphons to Spruce's position. Adon cursed under his breathe, and moved to put himself between them and the other human. "Come on Spruce. Hit it again before they get into range!" Adon draws his steel sword and awaits the gryphons to come into combat distance, ready to knock the first closest one out of the sky.
  1508.     >Spruce
  1509.     Spruce quietly grins to himself as he watches the AT warhead strike the giant floating crystal with extreme precision, causing an impressive, dead on strike to the massive pillar. Then the thing turns it's unholy gaze towards him. He tears his eyes away, grunting and gritting his teeth, his face contorting in pain. "DET ER INNE I HODET MITT!" He cries near incomprehensibly, nearly dropping the gustav at first as he brings a hand to his pounding head, blood running from his nose. After a minute he cries out, something incomprehensible, yet defiant and lowers the gustav, popping open the back of the weapon and ejecting the spent shell. "COVER. ME!" He yells, clearly having a bit of trouble focusing as he fumbles the second to last shot out of his bag, sliding it into the large recoilless rifle, twisting and locking it in and then shutting the tube.
  1511.     Thoroughly prepared for their task Ri'Vahz and Razeek sprung their trap before the oncoming Gryphons knew what even hit them. Lightweight with strong wings the Fledgling bolted into the sky, crossing the distance so he could fly between his two targets with pinions spread wide to deliver his concoctions. "Sorry sorry so sorry!"
  1512. [ 1d6+7 = 9 ] [ 1d6+7 = 9 ] [ 1d6+7 = 11 ] <B.Assault+R.E+Runic-Steel Tipped Feathers
  1513. [ 1d6 = 2 ] <Envenomation
  1514. [ 1d6+8 = 11 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 9 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] <M.Flight
  1516.     The enslaved Gryphons, to their credit and otherwise deprived of their senses, immediately reacted to Razeek's sudden appearance by spinning around in mid-air to give chase, neither showing awareness of the cuts given.
  1517. Enthralled Gryphons 1:[ 1d6+4 = 10 ] [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] [ 1d6+4 = 6 ]
  1518. Enthralled Gryphons 2: [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] [ 1d6+4 = 10 ] [ 1d6+4 = 10 ]
  1520.     "Hope ya guys can clawful the rest!" Shouted the young catbird over his shoulder to the rest of the party as he led the two enthralled on a wild goose hunt.
  1521.     While Razeek flew past his targets to renew the distance between himself and them Ri'Vahz took a more direct approach, by literally cannonballing into the next pair; claws ramming into their beaked faces to be exact. "DON'T YOU DARE DIE ON ME YOU LITTLE SHIT!"
  1522. [ 1d6+9 = 14 ] [ 1d6+9 = 15 ] [ 1d6+9 = 14 ] [ 1d6+9 = 10 ] [ 1d6+9 = 14 ] <M.Assault+R.E+Ambush
  1524.     Both diving Gryphons flailed in the Warlords grasp, limbs and their combined weight trying to pull their beaks free from the death grip of an angry Ri'Vahz.
  1526. Enthralled Gryphons 3: [1d6+4 = 5 ] [1d6+4 = 7 ] [1d6+4 = 6 ]
  1527. Enthralled Gryphons 4: [1d6+4 = 10 ] [1d6+4 = 6 ] [1d6+4 = 7 ]
  1529.     The attention of the Serpent's god could not stay on Spruce for as long as it wanted due to the Plyons damage still spreading, the god's overbearing presence winking out of existence for the time being now one of it's anchors on Tallus was cracking apart.
  1530.     While reloading the Gustav the one remaining enslaved Gryphon touched down in a low stance before leaping at the busy Operator, not percieving that @Adon was standing in the way with sword at the ready.
  1532. Enthralled Gryphons 5: [1d6+4 = 7 ] [1d6+4 = 10 ] [1d6+4 = 5 ]
  1534.     Coils tightened around the Ziggurats top level, cracking black stone as the Snake King observes the ensuing fight. With its god's power temperarily neutered, the giant stabbed a crooked claw at the group, which made the milling snakes at the Ziggurat's base turn towards the Pyramid the party was on. Simutaniously slithering to the buildings base they began to climb, long talons sinking into the angled surface of the triangular structure. At this new development 'Simon' returned to everyones perception after walking out of the doorway they exited from. "Continue with what you are doing, I will deal with that mess." Outstretching an arm to the edge of the platform an invisible all powerful force slammed into the scaling undead horde, crushing them back into themselves and the ground.
  1535.     Now Seeing 'Simon', the King Serpent raised another arm, this time at the imposter human, its white blank eyes vibrating with renewed energies. At this most of 'Simons' body was blown away into colourful electrifying sparks, the remainder of his body stumbling backwards into the doorway. However before he disappeared into the darkness of the Pyramids interior his other arm snapped upwards in the Kings direction, this action allowed his body to reform together so he could stand upright again. "It now knows me, it has finally discovered its tormenter and jailer for these thousands of years."
  1536.     The open sky between the Ziggurat and the Pyramid visibly fluctuated as immense powers clashed against each other, the force of each connecting blow blasting apart air particles in thunderclap hits.
  1538. 'Simon': [ 1d100 = 57 ]
  1539. >versus:
  1540. Serpent King: [ 1d100 = 81 ]
  1542.     >Adon
  1543.     As the enthralled gryphons closed the gap on their group, Razeek took to the air to lead two off in pursuit, where Ri'Vahz literally hurled herself at another pair. On top of that, he could only glance at Simon taking on the serpeant king with the horde of undead scaling the pyramid they were on. This only left one to deal with as Spruce readied his explosive launcher for a second hit. Still concealed from the attacker's sight, and flying right towards them, Adon quickly side-steps to his right and throws a blast of Aard at the gryphon in an attempt to deflect its momentum off to the left.
  1544. [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] [1d6+1 = 7 ] <B.Movement
  1545. [ 1d6 = 3 ] <Aard: Air Blast
  1547.     >Spruce
  1548.     With a final closure of the tube, Spruce raises the launcher back up and aims back at his target, steading himself as be brings the sighs up and on its center mass. "CLEAR! AIM! FIRE!" He yells, squeezing the trigger and firing off another shell, hopefully the one that would end this pillar once and for all.
  1549. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] <B.Heavy Weapons
  1551.     With speed and being a lightweight Razeek easily outpaced his pursuers into the sky, who by now were experiencing the effects of the Fledgling's poisoned pinions. The nerves of their optical organs burned with apitoxin, sapping away their sight until they were near blind. EG1: 107/120HP, EG2: 108/120HP
  1552.     An expert on his own weaponry Razeek spun around back towards the enslaved Gryphons after the appropriate amount of time had passed, the toxic feathers he used before shuffled away in favour for his regular steel pinions. "Pleeeease don't hate me too hard for this!"
  1553. [ 1d6+7 = 9 ] [ 1d6+7 = 11 ] [ 1d6+7 = 12 ] <B.Assault+R.E+Runic-Steel Tipped Feathers
  1555.     The distinct hollow crack of a pair of beaks breaking vibrated into the paws of Ri'Vahz, who out of digust let go and punched the two Enthralled away. "Don't want good Gryphons with broken beaks now, do I?" EG3: 86/120HP, EG4: 97/120HP
  1557.     Their flails at her assault had harmlessly bounced off of armour and naturally tough hide, now free from her gripe they split apart one attacking from below while one from on high.
  1558. Enthralled Gryphons 3: [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] [ 1d6+4 = 9 ]
  1559. Enthralled Gryphons 4: [ 1d6+4 = 6 ] [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] [ 1d6+4 = 10 ]
  1561.     Overconfident the Warlord let the two enslaved Gryphons to go with their plan while she dove for the one under her.
  1562. [ 1d6+9 = 10 ] [ 1d6+9 = 11 ] [ 1d6+9 = 14 ] [ 1d6+9 = 10 ] [ 1d6+9 = 14 ] <M.Assault+R.E
  1564.     Right quick in his footing Adon stepped to the right out of the charging Gryphons way before blindsiding it with the summoned force of Aard, blowing the catbird three metres away and robbing it of it's momentum. However, with the discharge of the innate magic the Serpent King sensed the Witcher's presence at last, and with the feeling of an unwelcome chill overtaking Adon's body he was revealed to the Gryphon, who charged at him instead of Spruce for the moment.
  1565. Enthralled Gryphons 5: [ 1d6+4 = 7 ] [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] [ 1d6+4 = 5 ]
  1567.     Once more the explosive launch of Spruce's Gustav muted the surrounding din of battle for an ear ringing moment as the 94x246MMR shell rocketed towards the ever expanding sickly purple wound on the hurt Pylon.
  1569.     Brow knitting together in a very human sign of exertion 'Simon' disappeared as the gathered up power behind the Serpent King destroyed his body, a blasted imprinted shadow all that remained after his particles faded into the cold air.
  1571.     Renewed by their king's victory the undead snakes redoubled their efforts in crawling to the Pyramids top, the gargantuan monster itself crossing his arms together in relaxation to watch its underlings swarm the intruding party, unbeknownst as another shell smacked into the Pylon.
  1573.     Unlike the first there was no debris cloud from the impact, rather a sudden lose of the unnerving light coiling from within the Pylons' interior. DESTROYED!
  1575.     A single heartbeat blasted from nowhere and everywhere, it thumping through everyone leaving a solid lump of unrecognizable emotions in the pit of the stomach. Flashing back into reality, 'Simon' stood where he was seconds before destroyed with confidence radiating off him like the welcoming warmth of a blazing fire to Spruce and Adon. His presence forcibly dragging the thousand strong horde of snakes away from the platform they had just cleared. Claws and maws mere metres from the Witcher and Operator. "Good job, leave the rest to me."
  1577.     >Adon
  1578.     As Adon sends the gryphon off to the side with a blast of air, Spruce fires another projectile at the pylon and hits it dead on like the first one. But the enthrallment hasn't lifted yet, and the militia gryphon throws itself back at the Witcher, despite all of the commotion. Compared to Razeek and Ri'Vahz fighting, it merely threw itself at him with little tactic. Adon tries to get an upper hand, and sidesteps the charging gryphon again.
  1579. [ 1d6+1 = 7 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] <B.Evasion
  1580.     And swings his sword high and around to smack the gryphon on the side of the head with the flat of his blade.
  1581. [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] <B.Riposte
  1583.     >Spruce
  1584.     Spruce stared at 'Simon' who had reappeared, his presence making the undead horde shrink away from him like some sort of glorious avatar of a God. "Av Odin..." He mumbles, a bit amazed as he glances back at the serpent king. His time left must be limited now, there was no way they could stop 'Simon'. With this realization, Spruce chuckles, and slowly begins to reload his recoilless rifle.
  1586.     The Gryphons, as if their joints were smacked all at once, fell from the sky as the enthralling magic vanished off of them. Razeek and Ri'Vahz stopped fighting and tried to grab wings and legs; the Fledgling had trouble but slowed them enough so that they were not damaged too much when the fell on the platform. Even if it meant he had to flop onto the stone floor too. Ri'Vahz faired better being larger and stronger than the Courier, although she too exerted hers wings in dropping both former assailants on the ground. 'Simon' did not react to this, rather he merely spoke in the same neutral tone he has always had to the expanded group. "You are done here, I will make sure this place is destroyed for good. I would translate you to the cities edge, but at best I can teleport you to athoroughfare a few blocks away. When you feel solid ground touch your feet run as fast as you can. Now to rid of this form, it has served its purpose." With that said the human body faded away for 'Simon' to become omnipresent once more, a presence felt by all with the full body static shock of his passing from form to formless.
  1588.     Before being transported away the group could see dangerous tendrils of purple and black energies lashing out of the stump where the Pylon used to be, where they whipped and arched in the air at the reality's fabric ripped open, the openings dragging debris and shards into bottomless maddening rifts.
  1590.     Hacking up her lungs Ri'Vahz blinked the water out of her eyes as to search for the Pyramid everyone used to be standing on, finding it once she saw the top of said structure glowing from 'Simons' unleashing power. Even from this distance the Serpent Kings massive body could be clearly seen on the towering Ziggurats top, whom was now lifting his paralysed undead subjects to him through the air to consume them. Each one he ate he became visibly stronger, crackling magics roping around the remaining Pylon to protect it from the reality sheering destruction. "Okay time to run now!" Shouted Razeek to himself and the recovering Gryphons. But mostly to himself.
  1592. Gryphon Militia 1: [ 1d6+4 = 9 ]
  1593. Gryphon Militia 2: [ 1d6+4 = 8 ]
  1594. Gryphon Militia 3: [ 1d6+4 = 6 ]
  1595. Gryphon Militia 4: [ 1d6+4 = 5 ]
  1596. Gryphon Militia 5:[ 1d6+4 = 7 ]
  1598. Razeek: [ 1d6+8 = 12] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [1d6+8 = 10 ] [ 1d6+8 = 10 ] <M.Sprint
  1600. Ri'Vahz: [ 1d6+7 = 11 ] [ 1d6+7 = 13 ] [ 1d6+7 = 10 ] [ 1d6+7 = 9 ] <M.Sprint
  1602.     >Adon
  1603.     The moment Adon smacks the gryphon to the side, the spell seems to wear off and leaves his assailant confused and discombobulated. Simon begins speaking and before anything else the entire group, including the militia members, and transported somewhere off of the pyramid. They weren't in the clear yet, and the gryphons bolted to the city's border. The Witcher sheathes his sword and takes off to follow his group out of the soon-to-be-destroyed-again city. Unfortunately for him and Spruce, they were a bit on the slow side. "Sssshit!"
  1604. [ 1d6+1 = 4 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] <B.Sprint
  1606.     >Spruce
  1607.     Following their sudden translocation, Spruce is still halfway through reloading his gustav. He stands, and begins to run, shell under one arm, gustav over the other as they bolt for the edge of the city "Shit! Shit! Shit!" he curses, struggling to keep it held up as they sprint.
  1609.     The Serpent King reaches out into the screaming sky with giant arms, each glimmering scaled limb being struck by lightning which lanced out from the clouds with booming fury, adding to the already apocalyptic cacophony bashing at Adon's and Spruce's ear drums.
  1610.     All seven Gryphons spread their wings wide to catch the lashing winds, the hard currents easily caught and flinging the catbirds into the air where they grew more distant to the two humans whom were stuck running down the splintering pavements.
  1612.     Between the two Adon was at the front, his lighter outfit affording him better mobility as he chased after the flock of Gryphons. @Spruce on the other hand was trailing behind, his Gustav and modern gear forcing him to lug behind, he out of everyone was able to feel the electrical discharge of the conflicting powers prickle along his perspirating back.
  1613.     Above the fleeing Operator and Witcher flying bridges collapsed, their supporting pillars crushed into powder by the exerting power from 'Simons' clean up duty. As they ran on the smooth featureless faces of the many pyramid buildings slip off, crumbling onto the streets with billows of debris and swirling dust blooms.
  1615.     The king in desperation ate more of its snake kin to fuel its needs, the blanketing black clouds rippled from being disturbed by the increasing power of the giant Serpent. Despite this however it was still losing, it having to split its focus between saving the remaining Pylon and 'Simon' trying to widen the yawning breach in reality.
  1616.     A onrushing cloud of surprisingly pale dust swept from the interior of the necropolis to its exterior, it about to catch Spruce and Adon.
  1618.     >Adon
  1619.     As Adon and Spruce trailed behind, the city began to crash down on itself in every sense of the world. Lightning coursed through the air violently as Simon's disappearance brought upon a spiraling vortex that began to devour everything in its proximity. This was 'Simon': a reality-eating entity brought on with the single purpose of entirely destroying the serpent king and his followers. It was by far the most extravagantly amazing, yet horrifying, site he's seen to date. And he's seen three forktails go at it over a troll carcass. But a wall of thick cloud catching up to him and Spruce was now a cause for concern. "Come on Spruce, move it!"
  1620. [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] [ 1d6+1 = 4 ] <B.Sprint
  1622.     Whatever response Spruce was going to shout at Adon was drowned out by the white cloud of debris running them down, the last thing they both remember was tumbling along the fracturing ground. When they came back to their senses the world was a rumbling noise of titanic magnitude.
  1623.     They were outside the city on the slither of grass set between the Burg and the Necropolis, which was now being dragged, stone by broken stone, into a blazing rift in reality.
  1625.     Within the tear swirled purple and white energy that swallowed whole pyramids, between which were many undead snakes that escaped the Serpent Kings maw. Who now had been long since dragged into the vortex along with the sickly clouds that clogged the skies, the last remnants being sucked in. They, in a last hopeless effort to stay formed into a snakes skull that seemed to cry out in outrage as it disappeared from Tallus.
  1627.     Since the pulsating dark clouds were gone beams of golden daylight grew in number across the sky until all cloudcover was banished, leaving behind a deep blue day with the quite splash of a tranquil seashore filling in the silence when there used to be the overwhelming sounds of armageddon.
  1629.     Razeek with the Gryphons could be seen landing around the Burg, soon disappearing inside its stacked interior, only Ri'Vahz was out on the plain checking up on the humans. "You two alive?...Ah, good."
  1631.     The white dust that carried the Witcher and Operator out of the undead city covered a wide area around Spruce and Adon, not to mention themselves had settled into a fine layer as they laid there. That is before a fresh gust of sea air disturbed the fine powder into a hazy mist. however when the breezes abaited the dust continued to move on its own, coalescing into individual shapes, then eventually the silhouettes of the many different species of Tallus. Including Gryphons.
  1633.     Wide eyed at this turn of events, Ri'Vahz didn't see the one out of the thousands sauntered over to the Operator and Witcher, a small one around Razeek's size. It stopped in front of Spruce and extended a wingtip to the soldier and booped his nose playfully. "Thank you for freeing all of us but-" She turned and gave Adon an acknowledging nod. "-Don't beat yourself up alright, you did what you could, besides I'm fee now." The female ghost said with a shrug of the wings.
  1634.     Realizing who the apparition was, Ri'Vahz hesidantly stepped closer dumbfounded. "Is that you...Lúfa!?" Taking a backwards step closer to the surrounding spectres, which were now beginning to dissipate, Lúfa chuckled at the Warlords bewilderment. "Yup, one and the same! Listen, go easy on Spruce Simon and the Huntsmaster. They tried okay? Don't let that stress get to ya, you're the Vale's Warlord afterall. Anyway, I gotta leave. I can feel the Oceanlands pulling me away."
  1635.     Returning to Spruce the spirit gave the Operator a hug goodbye that felt real with all the warmth a thankful Being would emit before sauntering back into the the collective souls, and when melting in with them they faded away, like steam seen in a ray of light. "Shame we didn't get to know each other, but I'm sure you'll find someone. Take care everybody tell my parents I said bye!"
  1637.     With that the souls of all those trapped in the undead city, all those killed or sacrificed, passed away into the peaceful afterlife of the Oceanlands.
  1639.     Head low, Ri'Vahz let this along with everything that has happened sink in. For a while she sat there on the grass until turning to gaze at the calm sea.
  1641.     "I've got a lot of apologisin' to do..."
  1643. *****
  1646.     Grimm and Eolas-Toir were found holed up in the Flying Buttress Tower with its wooden door heavily damaged, the one breaking it was Blackbeak who was unconscious closeby. Apparently when under the Snakes spell he flew to the Burg and attacked the two Chamber Librarians who stacked boxes and crates to stop him from getting into the tower. When awoken he weakly mumbled something about wanting to retire from Enforcer duties.
  1648.     The other enthralled Gryphons did not show any signs of fatigue or other illnesses. To conpensate for their actions they escorted the shaken Chamber Librarians back home along with carrying a sleeping Blackbeak, who for the first time in months was having a proper sleep.
  1650.     where the Necropolis spanned for miles now lay untouched acres of healthy green grassy plains, as if no city was ever there. The tear in reality caused by the Pylons destruction was also gone, Ri'Vahz thinking (thanks to the teachings she was forced through) Tallus fixed the breach and thus sealed the Snakes back in their own dimension with their angry god. One Militia Gryphon who has been in the unknown lands since the beginning of the expedition commented on how for the first time he felt the place was quite welcoming, mellow even.
  1652.     Ri'Vahz sat on the towers roof for a few hours in deep thought, eventually coming to a several conclusions. She offered Adon the Witcher payment for his deeds, 15k in gold and gems. For Spruce she gave an apology along with payment and a house if he ever wanted to rest in the Vale. And for Razeek she promised not to tell his family. She promised as well to find Simon and Cu'Nir so she could offer a humble pardon and apology on behalf of the Gryphons for their hostility.
  1654.     Being the last to leave, she performed one more thing before returning home to fix all the wrongs she now knew she committed, and that was to declare the Unknown Lands had a name at last; Lúfica.
  1656.     For the first time in many millennia did the land of Lúfica be at peace, not since before the arrival of the snakes did it know such tranquility. This peace will continue form now on now their evil has been vanquished for good.
  1658.     Razeek now free from any potential wrath from his family upheld his promise and took the weary Spruce and Adon to Captain Swe, where they held a celebratory feast. It made thanks Natalia, and helped from Razeek too. Here, Spruce proclaimed his retirement from Operator duties, something the good Captain Swe suggested the first thing he should do is shack up with a Gryphoness and not some pansy pony. While a good friendship between the two Scandinavians grew Adon recieved his payment from a messanger along with a few notes. Some detailing interested parties hiring him, a few from Gryphonesses who were interested in the 'services' he could do, and one was from Stubborn Flank asking if Adon was dead or not. No rest for the wicked...
  1660. *****
  1661. +5XP awarded to Adon and Spruce
  1663. *****
  1664.     >Adon
  1665.     Adon spent the night over Swe's, having eaten and drank through the long evening with the other humans and gryphons he could call allies. During the time he powered through his morning hangover he received a few messages and a pouch full of gold and gems from a messenger gryphon. The mating requests were... odd but flattering, and the job offers he was glad about and planned on jumping on those while he got comfortable in the Vale. The gold was from Ri'Vahz, for helping in the newly named Lufica. Before the messenger gryphon left, he wrote down a quick letter to be delivered back to Ri'Vahz. The Witcher explained his initial meeting with the warlord: his untimely arrival literally two days ago on Tallus, mooching off of the Overking's hospitality and bearing no loyalty to anyone in particular, and playing up power he really didn't have in the first place. For the unexpected payment he decided not to into full detail about what exactly happened at the dig site. More for that he didn't want Brass pestering him about any illicit territory disputes, so he decided to play dumb.
  1666.     And now as he walked over to the Vale's portal stone that's exactly what he did in his letter back to Brass: Ri'Vahz had authorized an archaeological dig outside of Vale territory, and the workers accidentally released a curse on the militia and Shadow Wings as they uncovered a set of ancient ruins. Adon played himself up in the letter, explaining he learned how to lift the curse and dispelled any other latent dark magics from the dig site from a benevolent spirit trapped in the ruins as well. It sounded like something he's done before. Well... not him exactly, but it's been done before. Adon stays to the side off the stones as he types in the Inner Kingdom along with Brass's actual name and watches as only the letter gets sucked into a miniature mail portal. How convenient, and he's sure the masked slurry pony will get the message eventually and hopefully leave him alone for a while. Dusting off his gloves, the Witcher trudges back through the snow and into town. He recalls the three job requests he'd been offered the night before. A gryohon working at the tavern, the aviary, and a merchant. He decides to head toward the merchant area first. Now that he actually has some currency on him, he can properly resupply himself with some essentials.
  1668. Lont: The Messenger looked the letter over before tucking it away into his letter bag, then with a curt nod flew off to the mountain that had Ri'Vahz castle perched atop it. Roaming through the bustling town and all its squawking occupants @Adon felt he was back in the Overkings Palace with how many Gryphons wondered or flew over his head; yet while the Inner Kingdom had an air of aristocrats tolerating the stranger amid their mists, the innards of the winding town had a warm rural feel to it. Despite standing out like a sore thumb among the quadrupeds most of the Gryphons did not pay the Whitcher any heed, the few that did look at him were nonplussed. He was something they had all seen before apparently. Following the directions of the letter Adon eventually found himself standing in front of a large warehouse, it roughly three storeys in height compared to the flat buildings around it. Inside he saw for good reason why it was so tall, as the space was filled with crates barrels and pully systems to lift the many burdened stacked cargoes. A burly yet dull toned looking Grypthon with a wing and foreleg in bandage and splits hobbled up to Adon with expectant eyes. "Ya'da new human that got'da message from me boss?"
  1670.     >Adon
  1671.     Stopping outside of the warehouse to look it over for a while, Adon notices a bulky gryphon emerge from inside. A warehouse worker, looking worse for wear. "I did, the message brought me here, said there was a job for me." The Witcher examines the gryphon's injuries, a wing and a leg wrapped and splinted. "Hope whatever I have to take care of didn't do that."
  1673.     "Yah, Taurom is in the back in her office." With his unharmed wing he pointed into the warehouse where Tauroms office lay, no doubt somwhere behind the stacked high ported crates. "Can't miss it, s'only a small cube in da corner of da place." The Gryphon sighed with discomfort from stretching his wing out. "Dunno 'bout that, accident came out of nowhere like the boxes were possessed." Shrugging at not being able to give @Adon much more information he clacked his beak goodbye then hobbled to one of the neighbouring flats, its wide open doors and windows filled with the smoke of a busy kitchen.
  1674.     >Adon
  1675.     The Witcher looks over at the way the gryphon was pointing toward this Taurom's office. Naturally, loads of crates blocked a clear path. Adon takes notice of the words the worker used to describe his injury. Sometimes is something feels possessed, it usually is. He limped off into another room which sounded like a kitchen, leaving Adon there in the middle of the warehouse alone. Looking back over into the corner that was mentioned, the Witcher begins carving a path through the maze of crates and to the small room of Taurom's.
  1677.     @Adon wasn't alone in the warehouse, the sound of Gryphons communicating harshly amongst themselves between the hard labours of shifting massive crates filled the maze-like interior of the warehouse. Occasionally there would be loud bangs of wooden lids hitting the floor, and between those were the tones of time killing banter. The place did not have the sense of being haunted, nor did the Witchers necklace give any indication either. Turning a corner comprised of several barrels that smelled quite nice Adon found Tauroms office, it was exactly what came to mind when described as a "box in the corner". Two long windows covered its two pale walls with the one facing the Witcher cut short by a solid oak door, it unlatched and open for visitors. Walking inside and taking a peek he saw Taurom sitting on a Nestbed behind a table, her beak deep in paperwork. "Come in." She said without looking up from her work.
  1679.     >Adon
  1680.     Making his way through the maze of crates, Adon makes it to Taurom's tiny office. He peaks in and sees a gryphon hard away looking over business work, and she ushers him in. "Taurom." The Witcher steps in just enough to be right inside of the office. "I got your message. What kind of job do you have for me?"
  1682.     Lifting her beaked head out of her papers, @Adon saw that despite the feathers covering most of her face he could tell she was fatigued. Must of been the eyes from how the lazily wondered the Witchers body. "You are"
  1683.     Snorting from her nares the Gryphoness stretched out of her comfortable nestbed to meet with the new human in her midsts. "I did send for you and I'm glad you've come so soon, I want this matter dealt with quick and discreetly." Walking past Adon she indicated with a wing for him to follow, and once out of her office she led him further into the warehouse where dust and feathers started to gather on the untouched crates.
  1685.     >Adon
  1686.     Taurom looked tired, from work maybe? Noneless, she greets him and rises to usher him outside her office. They passed into what looked like a relatively untouched section of the warehouse, going by the layer of dust. He runs a finger across a crate, picking up the forgotten age on his gloved hand. "So what do you need done, seeing as you don't want it getting out?"
  1688.     The dust clinged to Adon's finger stubbornly and took a hard rub to get rid of it for good. "You saw what happened to my workers right? Whatever the thing is it packs a punch." Turning another corner Taurom came to a stop in front of a door which had been left slightly ajar, judging by the layout of the warehouse this door lead into a smaller room, most likely used for personnal only.
  1689.     "To get rid of the damn thing by any means, what else?" Besides I'd rather have someone not working for me lose a leg than someone who is essential at shipping boxes." With a weary chortle she pushed the squeaky door wide open before stepping through. "From what my employees could say about it: it was fast, squealed, and was a white blur." The insides of the offside facility were the same unkempt drab nature as the warehouse proper, although there were less crates and more empty barrels, and to the left there was a pile of broken ones, the splittered wood still on the floor with a broom left amongst it, a splatter of blood covering the handle. "Dunno what causes the attacks but even trying to clean up the mess pisses it off, so good luck!" Patting the Witcher on the back with a wing Taurom turned around and closed the door behind her, leaving Adon alone in the room with his prey.
  1691.     >Adon
  1692.     "Yeah. Left one of them quite bandaged up." Taurom leads Adon to another small room in the back, and opens a door leading to a... well it wasn't anything new for him. The description had him guessing on several creatures, but at this point he should assume any creatures he's knowledgeable about doesn't exist here. After a quick pat the warehouse boss quickly exits the room and closes the door on him. Good, less it slip by him and get out again. "I'll be out with its head, along with my rate." He says, through the door. The Witcher sighs, and squares up the scene before him, onto his task: Fast, squealing, white creature, unknown to locals. Causes physical harm. Attacking while trying to clean up an old attack could indicate some level of intelligence or just extremely territorial. "Hmm..." He carefully looks over the last incident, at the bloody broom. Most likely from the last gryphon that tried to tidy up here. Adon didn't have much of traps on him, and he didn't have much to go on in terms of tracking the creature; being as fast as it claims to be, it wouldn't matter much if he found it first or if it did him. The Witcher silently grabs a clean part on the handle and gently sets the brooms bristles onto the floor. He should be able to place Yrden before the thing reared its self, then maybe he can slow it down enough to get a clean hit in. Somewhat having a plan in place, Adon begins redundantly pushing broken pieces of broken barrels just to make some noise, one hand free for a quick cast. The Witcher closes on eye, and tries to pinpoint a some sort of related sound; either a squeal or extremely fast running? His Witcher Sense might still be too weak to pick up on anything.
  1693. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] <Basic Perception+Witcher Sense
  1695.     "Ya whatever name your rate, just get rid of it!" Taurom said behind the door, punctuating her dealing with a smack on the door. Approaching the mess on the floor @Adon saw on closer inspection that the wooden pieces that used to be barrels were scattered in a certain direction from the attack, and following the opposite direction of the debris with his eyes led to one of the corners which was shrouded in deep shade. The blood on the broom handle upon picking it up was sticky still, meaning this recent incident must of happened within the hour too. Sweeping the ground with the broom filled the quiet facility with the scratch of its bristles on stone and clatter of broken barrel being swept, this menial labour went on for around five minutes until Adons Witcher Senses caught the sound of a hushed squeak followed by the rapid sprint of tiny feet. Either this was his prey or a rodent was disturbed by his awful brushing skills. However, the answer was given by the Medallion around his neck when it began to softly vibrate in tune with the approaching sound of pitter pattering paws.
  1697. ???????
  1698. [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] [ 1d6+3 = 6 ] <Expert Movement
  1699. [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] <Basic Stealth
  1701.     >Adon
  1702.     As Taurom replies to him through the door, only to realize he has no idea what to charge for his rates. His usual was two-hundred crowns, for the cheapest, then he'd work his way up from there based on danger, amount of creatures, and how many resources he's going to have to personally purchase. Hes think over a price as he purposelessly pushes the debris around until he picked up a scuffling with his overly-sensitive hearing. A muffled squeal and sprinting paws caught his ears clearly, along with his medallion acting up meant he had gotten the creature's attention.
  1703.     Leaning the broom on an empty barrel, Adon draws his silver sword and raises it with one hand at ready with his free hand ready to cast a spell at his feet. "Alright, whatever you are. I'll give you one chance to come peacefully, before I start hacking." The Witcher repeats the warning in Gryphon-speak, just in case. Twiddling his free hand in front of him, Adon locks onto the creature's sound signature, and tracks it as it closes in.
  1705.     The pitter pattering did not cease from Adon's warning, instead it changed direction. From moving directly towards him it turned to the side for a flanking maneuver, something the Witcher matched by facing in that direction. So close was it now he could tell it was above him running on top of the stacked barrels, prepared for an aerial assault from the target. A heartbeat later the white blur revealed itself to him, what was surprising that it was small, the size of his hands length from palm to middle finger. But that was all he could get from it as it dived for him with a speed suiting it.
  1706. ???????: Expert Melee
  1707. [ 1d6+2 = 3 ]
  1708. [ 1d6+2 = 6 ]
  1709. [ 1d6+2 = 7 ]
  1711.     >Adon
  1712.     Adon tracks the creature as it changes course, and lines himself up with it. It was going to attack. The Witcher activates his trap.
  1713. [ 1d6 = 1 ] Yrden: Earth Trap
  1714.     He caught it launching from atop a barrel, and it was small. Really small! Adon sidesteps to evade its attack.
  1715. [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] [ 1d6+3 = 6 ] [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] <Basic Evasion + Light Stance
  1716.     And as it descends, he brings his silver sword straight down onto it, mid-air.
  1717. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+2 = 5 ][ 1d6+3 = 9 ] <Riposte + Light Stance
  1718. [ 1d6 = 3 ] <Silver Harm
  1720.     The Yrden trap flashed on activation. However when it came to him moving out of the way he underestimated just how quick the targets leap was, making him stumble to the side as the thing impacted against the flat of his sword. Regaining focus though the Witcher shunted his weapon downwards, throwing off the attacker onto Yrden. 19/20HP -1 MOVEMENT. Looking down on his prey he finally got a good look at what was harassing Tauroms business, and what he saw didn't fit any monsters he has seen so far. The thing, his target, what was troubling Taurom and breaking limbs of her workers was the size of a small damn bunny! Although with the fluffliness and long ears of one it had the face and body of a fox, but what was the most interesting part was most of its body was covered in miniature armour tailor made for it from what looks like pale metal...The second most interesting aspect of the odd view for Adon was that it was pointing an arm right at him, two digits extended defiantly with eyes squinting venomously. Backflipping upright it ran for the cover of the barrels again, squicking out curses at him.
  1721. Expert Movement
  1722. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ]
  1723. [ 1d6+2 = 7 ]
  1724. [ 1d6+2 = 7 ]
  1726.     >Adon
  1727.     Adon tries to track the creature as it made its descent, but Yrden didn't seem to affect it much. But he managed to finally catch a good look at it: a small little Covered in armor? The combination distracted him, until the creature began cussing him out as it retreated back into its hiding spot. "Hey!" The Witcher yelled out, more due to being flipped off by a little white rabbit than anything else. As it went back and hid, Yrden wore off, and he cursed under his breath his spells still weren't working well. He brings his sword back up into a guard, trying to track the creature through the boxes again.
  1728. [ 1d6+1 = 4 ][ 1d6+1 = 4 ] <Basic Perception
  1731. Adon_the_Witcher: It must not be able to actually talk, but if it's smart enough to cuss him out it's smart enough to listen to reason. "I don't like to kill intelligent creatures, and you haven't actually killed anyone here, so I'll give you another pass. Eventually, they're going to hire someone that WILL kill you without hesitation. So let's work something out. Clearly you're not trapped in here, you're fast enough to easily escape. Is there something you want?" Certainly not the first time he's had to negotiate with a contract's target. Rock trolls can usually be swayed into stopping rampages or move onto somewhere else, away from settlers. "Hmm. Knock on a barrel twice if you understand." Adon still keeps his guard up, likely expecting another ambush, despite his well off intentions.
  1733.     The little targets pittering paws were still easily heard even when among the barrels, @Adon even heard the scratch of it climbing, its tiny claws digging into the wood to hoist itself higher over the Witchers head. For a moment there was contemplating silence, then as sudden as its disappearance two small knocks resinated from the barrel stack in front of Adon, his target proving to be smart enough to unnderstand. Though wary still.
  1734. Oct 11th 21:37 | 2017-10-11 21:37 UTC
  1736. >Adon
  1737.     A drawn out silence piqued his focus, and Adon nodded slightly as the little creature replied to him from withing the barrels. "Alright then." He lowers his sword, and swings it up and into its sheathe on his back. "I'm going to put my weapon away, and I won't attack. Come out and try and show me... why or what you're here for." He didn't completely trust the little speedster, if it emerged, and he still had his signs, fists, and knife. Adon crosses his arms, and waits for his adversary to show itself.
  1739. Lont: A squeak caught @Adons attention to look up, and there standing n the rim of a barrel looking down on the Witcher was a small white target, its own front arms crossed mimicking Adon. It looked at him with ears flat against its head, its armours dull surface illuminated by close by glow cubes. Another squeak followed by more came out of the targets mouth, a paw patting and indicating the armour that covered it. Turning around it exposed its back to Adon to show him the small tablet etched with spellcraft, the sigils glowing with reserved energy. Returning to look down at the Witcher the thing ended its tirade with a chirp, going back to crossing its arms.
  1741. >Adon
  1742.     Adon tilts his head up as the little animal re-emerges from its hiding spot. It begins a number of charades, pointing at the armor and then turning around to show him a small etching of glowing runes. So that's what triggered his pendant. Pulling out his bestiary quickly, Adon turns to a blank page in the back and copies down the sigils for later reference. "So your armor's enchanted... alright then. I'm going to ask you a few questions. Head nod for yes, a shake for no, and a shrug for you don't know." Adon raises a finger, signalling his first question. "Can the armor be removed?" He then raises a second finger. "Is it binding you to this warehouse to attack the gryphons inside?" Third finger. "And do you know how it got on you?"
  1744.     The tiny animal crossed its arms as it stood and listened, long fluffy ears twitching as it listened. To the first question it nodded hard, while at the second it shook its head once, giving Adon an interpretive display of it running for cover from a storm and hiding in this facility from the naturally predatory Gryphons. Third question got the Witcher a shrug of small shoulders. Scratching its chin for a moment in thought the thing eventually came up with something, apparently, with a snap of digits, then climbing down then barrel stack to the floor where it looked up at Adon with neck craned. Searching and finding an old rusty nail it began to scratch into the stone ground, sketching up a crude drawing of what happened.
  1746.     A four legged thing with a horn on its head putting on the armour onto a caged animal, then the depiction showed the now armoured animal running away with the four legged figure chasing after. Stopping its story when it drew a patch of mountains it again shrugged up at Adon.
  1748. >Adon
  1749.     Answering his questions to the best of his charade abilities, the little white creature grabbed a sparse nail and began scratching out a story onto the floor. He observed each picture, piecing each event into a reasonable sequence. "Okay, so you were captured by a... must be a unicorn." He hasn't sen any other ponies other than Brass so far, but he's heard of an array of other pony species while he was learning gryphonic from Fea. "Then they locked the armor on you, you managed to escape, and found your way here through a storm and took shelter in the warehouse." Adon crossed his arms, in contemplation for several long seconds. "I'm guessing we can't get that armor off without help from whoever put it on you. If I get you out of here, can you take me to where this unicorn is?"
  1751.     The little thing nodded at the assumption of its captor being a unicorn, even tapping at the scratched image with the nail as if stabbing it. Again it nodded confirming Adon's theories, but scratched its small fluffy head for a moment trying to remember how it got here. Squeaking with another idea crossing its head it began to draw once more, this time the constructing image showing Adons target on top of his head, it pointing to the directions of the mountains. Finishing it looked up at him expectantly.
  1753. >Adon
  1754.     As the little furry, yet armored, creature tapped on the unicorn doodle, then towards where he guessed said pony might be, Adon nodded his head and walked over to the door Taurom had closed on him. "Alright, let's get out of here and you can lead me. Stay close. I'm sure the gryphons are gonna be pissed I haven't killed you, but I'll explain the situation to them." He gives the door a few heavy knocks, hopefully signalling the warehouse owner on the other side. "Taurom, I'm done taking care of your problem. Open the door."
  1756.     As Adon walked to the door he felt his now former target scamper up from his foot to sit on his shoulder, the rusty nail it used for its informative drawings now held as a would-be sword in its paws. After waiting a moment a muffled voice came from the other side, it wasn't Taurom. "She busy, imma open it for ya!" The metallic clack of the door being unlocked vibrated out from the wood then was swung wide, the squeaks it made being surprisingly similar to the white rodent. Waiting beyond was the same Gryphon that had a leg broken, though he had a broom this time knooked under one of his wings apperantly sweeping beforehand. Upon seeing his attacker on the Witcher the catbird bawked in alarm, fumbling with the broom trying to make it a weapon but his slinged leg made that awkward looking. "Watch out its on'ya shoulder, AN' ITS GOT'A NAIL!"
  1758.     >Adon
  1759.     Opening the door, right after the little furry creature scampered up onto his shoulder, Adon was greeted by the gryphon he had first met when he arrived at the warehouse. Only on less better circumstances, as his little companion threatened the already-injured gryphon with the nail form before. "What? No! Give me that!" The Witcher yanks the nail from the little creature's paw and tosses it to the side, waving his hand nonchalantly in front of the startled gryphon and masks a twiddle of his fingers as he shifts the creature around.
  1760. [ 1d2 = 1 ] <Axii: Pacify
  1761.     "It's fine, he's not going to hurt anyone else. He's coming with me. Now go tell Taurom, I need to talk to her."
  1763.     The tiny furball squeaked then stomped his paws on the Witchers shoulder in anger at being deprieved of its weapon, the feeling like light pats of rain. Incanting Axii with swift hand gestures it sparked to life but no effect happened to the Gryphon, instead he jumped back with surprising grace despite the injury.
  1764.     "Wha'cha doin'!?" The worker stared in disbelief even when Adon explained, hesitantly, he shifted his head into the direction of Taurom's office and squawked out for her attention. A minute later she appeared from out of the corner of Adon's eye, paperwork, probably payment, nooked under a wing.
  1765.     She too stopped still when she laid eyes on the white fluffball on the Witchers' shoulder. "There is a rodent on you...don't tell me -that- is what was causing me so much trouble?" Incredulous she looked to her worker than back to Adon.
  1767.     >Adon
  1768.     Holding his tongue for Taurom to chow up, Adon holds a guarded hand to the little white creature as she gawks at her worker's assailant. "Appears so. Let me give you the short version of whats going on." The Witcher orientated a finger to the mentioned mountain form before, then to the little white creature. "This little guy ran all the way from that mountain to take shelter from a storm, but defended himself thinking you'd all try and eat him. Now that I understand the situation, I'm taking him with me to go find the unicorn that sealed him in the enchanted armor he's wearing." Adon paused, eyeing Taurom tentatively.
  1769.     "You wouldn't happen to know one around that could do this, would you?
  1771.     Taurom stared at Adon in disbelief, not sure she was hearing him correctly. "What, I- what?" Glancing at fluffball, which was making insulting gestures with its tin paws, the Trader visibly gathered herself by stroking down plumes of feathers. "Well, Adon, that little vermin would be right to fear being eaten, humph. But no, I don't know any unicorns. In fact I don't think there are any unicorns in the Vale, only place where there would be unicorns is in the Order."
  1772.     At that, the little snowball jumped up and down on Adons shoulder, indicating it knew something. "Huh, in any case take that thing out of here along with your payment. I need to get back to delivering the goods to other territories before competition catches up."
  1774.     >Adon
  1775.     After Taurom explained a bit more about the little presence of anything other than gryphons, Adon nodded. "I see. Guess I'm off into the mountains. As for payment..." Adon realized that crowns probably didn't translate well into bits... or talons... or whatever the Vale used regularly. "The problem was resolved peacefully, didn't have to kill anything, no additional damage or casualties. Five-hundred talons, or bits. Whichever will get me farther between the Vale and the Kingdom I suppose." Crossing his arms, Adon shifted his weight as his shoulder-rider jumped on him. "Hey, what is it?"
  1777.     "Bit expensive for an exterminator." She clicked her tongue once than turned back to her office to bring back @Adons payment. As Taurom left the Witchers sight the furball grew more agitated, eventually climbing down onto the ground to fetch its 'sword' Adon had thrown away. Having the nail back in its possession it scratched into stone floor like before, this time drawing a strange triangular symbol, an arrow, a unicorn, another arrow and the same mountain range. Indicating the unicorn had come from the triangle and moved somewhere into the mountains. Returning with a bag full of coin held in her beak, Taurom dropped the sack next to the fluffball, startling it much to her amusement. "Whats it doing to my floor?"
  1779.     >Adon
  1780.     "Trust me, you don't want to know what I charge for shit like vampires and necrophages." As Taurom left to retrieve his payment, the little white creature pumped down and began scratching into the wood floor again. "What're you doing this time?" By the time it had finished, the warehouse owner had return with Adon's payment, and the Witcher crouched down to examine the wood drawing. "Little guys a surprisingly good drawer. It's how he told me his current situation." Adon mulled over the direction of the arrows, standing back up and taking the money pouch with him. Taurom mentioned some 'Order', maybe it was their seal? "You wouldn't happen to know what that triangle symbol means, do you?"
  1782.     Clicking her tongue once in regards to the small fluffy morsel on the floor, Taurom turned her attention to the stratchings on HER floor. "Feh, be glad I don't charge you for repairs." Examining the drawing with a critical eye, purring in thought as she glanced from sketch to rodent to sketch again before rturning her gaze to Adon. "Yes, this is in fact the Orders sigil. They crazy fuckers are obbessed with symbolism and identity, meaning you're dead if you enter their borders. Ears twitching the furball bounced again for attention, then draw a sharp line between the mountains and the Order then crossing it out.
  1784.     >Adon
  1785.     Adon snorts to himself, trying to dodge the floor gauges. "What do you mean? A little sanding will take that right out." The Witcher grumbles to himself, and his destination was more clear as the little furry creature expectedly destroys the path between the Order's symbol and the mountains. "Hmm. Guess we're not going to the source then, huh?" he then looks back up at Taurom, and gives her a curt nod. "Thanks for the information, and... if you have something for me in the future, I'll throw in a discount. For the floor." He shrugs his shoulders, and furrows his brow interestingly at his white furry companion. "One more thing. Do you know what our little intruder is here, and are they usually this intelligent?"
  1788. *****
  1790. Continued from:
  1792.     Slowing to a halt, Sand Cutter turns her head downwards, first staring at her nose twitching of it's own accord, then grimaces from the unnatural pains cramping her legs. Between the intense cold and the ridiculous treatment, Sand Cutter's mood blackens, allowing her face to express as much to the winged around her. Accepting her own steadily rising anger, the mare releases an exhausted sigh, unceremoniously tipping herself over to land in a pained heap, muttering tonelessly as she stretches her legs out. "I am no longer a slave, nor shall I be treated as one. I will walk no further. If one of you is irredeemable, drag me."
  1793. [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] [ 1d6+4 = 10 ] <E.Negotiation
  1795.     Exchanging glances, some of confusion and others of fed up annoyance at the Earth mare, the Gryphons openly spoke in their tongue above @Sand Cutter, their tones evident they were not tolerating the ponies immaturity. "Fine, wait here then in the snow and dirt." With that final spit, the head Militia flew into the air leading the rest of the Gryphons to the Castle over on high, none looking back to the mare on the rocky mountain path.
  1796.     Now alone, Sand Cutter got a greater sense of the slumbering earth underneath her attuned body, it having a harsh unwelcoming exterior but if sought out a bountiful and warm existence was nearby.
  1798.     Blinking confusedly at the gryphons' reactions, Sand Cutter stares after their departure, baffled. (What did I misspeak? ..Common is so difficult.) Resolving herself to, possibly, read a book later where none could watch, the mare instead relaxes on the cold ground, carefully flexing each muscle in her legs in the hopes of identifying her worsening pain.
  1799. [ 1d6 = 5 ] <U.Medical
  1800.     Allowing her thoughts to drift towards the nearby heat, the Knight stretches her neck out, pressing her snout to the earth for a thorough sniff, then flicks her ears up to listen for the sound of fire. (If I can warm myself first, perhaps it would not delay much.)
  1801. [ 1d6 = 6 ] <Earthwalk
  1802. [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] <E.Scouting
  1804.     Deep in reflection with the help of the attuned earth and its blanket of snowfall, @Sand Cutter identified her ordeal back in the undead ziggurat caused great stress, something her still recovering body was not prepared for. Rest and massages were what was needed.
  1805.     Taking in a whiff of the rocky dirt, the mare was told of the earths secrets, it telling her where the warmth came from. Following her senses back down the mountain path, Sand Cutter eventually neared the tower she had passed when escorted, its windows radiating comfy colours of warmth. Stopping herself right before a real snoot boop could happen with the door of the tower, Sand realized her senses had given her back full control of her motions. Before she could react, the door opened to reveal a Gryphoness on the other side, utter surprise taking her as Cutter was blasted with escaping heat from the building's interior. "Uh... can I help you?"
  1807.     Graciously blessing the earth for her guidance once she came to, Sand takes a step back at the prickling, welcome heat, remaining still for a few moments. Tilting her nose down to get a better look at the gryphoness, the mare blinks tiredly, working her jaw in thought. (Gryphon, speaks Common easily, but.. warm inside.) Bowing her head for three seconds, Sand Cutter points her left front hoof up towards the castle, tone low and respectful. "Forgive intrusion, I.." Trailing off, her head dips down, ears flattening in shame. (Look how low your daughter was brought for her crimes, mother, laugh at her penance. Speak clear this time, idiot.)
  1808.     "Am to be at castle, but-" Shifting her weight, Sand lifts her right hoof, pressing it into her chest lightly with a dull, morbidly depressed frown. "I can walk no further, body hurts, cold, thirsty. Will you spare this disgrace a few minutes before a fire?"
  1810.     Beak parting to speak yet failing to articulate anything, Budieca stared in awkward silence as Sand Cutter talked. Craning her neck out of the doors edge to spy at the overlooking castle in the distance, the Gryphoness snorted dismissively, then moved out of the way to allow the mare in. "Not used to seeing ponies here, but come in." Closing the door behind her Budieca sauntered back to the open fire that sat burning in a pit in the centre of the stone floor, a brass flume disappearing into the ceiling and next level of the tower.
  1811.     Using her talons the Gryphoness snagged a dry log from an alcove inside the winding starcase that ran along the curved walls, tossing the lumber to feed the already fat flames she turned to address Sand. "Sit, relax. Want something to drink or eat? I was about to cook something for my mate anyway." She asked, a plate expertly being balanced on a wing holding empty glasses.
  1813.     Eyebrows furrowing curiously at the snort, Sand nonetheless bows her head once more. (I hope I speak this right-) "Many blessings to you and your ancestors this night, winged one." Walking inside with stiff, swaying steps, the Knight stops, eyes roving over the fire pit while her nose twitches eagerly. Sliding towards the fire and sitting down heavily several feet away with a relieved sigh, she lifts her head to stare at the flume in wonder.
  1814.     Ears twitching at the question, Sand cranes her neck around, offering a small shake of her head. "Colt water please. Could not eat even if wanted to." Pausing for a split-second, both of her eyes twitch angrily, muttering in an apologetic, defeated tone. "Cold, the word is cold you worthless mare. Meant to say, cold water, please."
  1816.     There was another smell right under the heated stench of smoke and burning air from the fire, meat. Cooked food came from the kitchen's direction, the flight of stairs, the plate and the Gryphonesses' own breath. Lovely.
  1817.     Slightly cocking a brow at Sand Cutter, Budieca quietly chortled as she went into the kitchen, calling over her shoulder with amusement. "Suuuuuure, bet you want something cold to cool your hot and bothered flanks off."
  1819.     "Common is third language taught in Stalliongrad. Some words, entendres, are difficult, they are not well understood to me." Making an effort not to roll her eyes out of respect, Sand blanches at the smell of flesh, considering her choices and relative safety.
  1820.     Unwilling to leave the fire, the Knight begrudgingly sighs at the potential risks, turning her head towards the kitchen with a frown. "Forgive question, but you do not approve of whom lives in castle. Why?"
  1822.     The sound of water filling glasses is cut off by the Gryphoness, her voice well trained to not strain but loud enough for her to be heard clearly "I don't have anything against Warlord Ri'Vahz, hell she is a goddess compared to The Bastard-" A slither of insult and contempt entered her voice at saying that, and the quick pause between words might of been her spitting "-its just things been hectic lately around here, and because of that she's letting herself into my home to give Swe ' personal visits'. It's getting quite annoying."
  1823.     Coming out of the kitchen with glasses on tray Budieca had a wickedly shrewd smile on her beak, it softening into an inquisitive one as she gave @Sand Cutter a glass of cold water. "Other then a devious plan for payback, what brings you here?"
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