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  1. Norwalk:
  3. <Saff|GM> "You could be." Amber says. ||
  4. <Antioch|Jack> "I... could? I'm... not getting it," he says, sounding confused. ||
  5. <Saff|GM> "You just got to pick a place and act confident." Amber says. "That's my secret. ||
  6. <Lagomorph> "Ohhh," he says, eyes widening.
  7. <Lagomorph> "Well, Columbia's really cool. It's in Manhattan. Legend's there. All sorts of awesome capes. Do they have a good journalism program?" ||
  8. <Antioch|Jack> ((Welp, I done goofed. The jig is up.))
  9. <Lagomorph> ((Pretend I said that and we'll continue. I did the Lago-thing because I was practicing writing in a different tone. Sorry for all the nonsense.))
  10. <-- Lagomorph (uid232254@ has quit (Quit:)
  13. Weaverdice:
  15. <-- Lagomorph (uid232254@ has quit (Quit:)
  16. <tubes|GM> wait, what
  17. <tubes|GM> what
  18. <Nick|GM> what
  19. <Megafire> Tsk, Anti.
  20. <tubes|GM> did you not see what just happened in norwalk
  21. <Antioch|Jack> Sorry for dicking around like that, folks.
  22. <Thaliaway> That makes all the complements Anti gave the other day REALLY weird.
  23. <Megafire> Taking us all on a ruse cruise.
  24. <Antioch|Jack> I wanted to see how people would receive my writing without it being tied to this handle.
  25. <Antioch|Jack> And also try something different.
  26. <Antioch|Jack> Sorry for being dumb.
  27. <Megafire> Turns out the answer is 'fucking awesome'.
  28. <Antioch|Jack> I still feel pretty bad about it.
  29. <-> Lurks|GM is now known as JustLurking
  30. <-> van|Polyphemus is now known as vanderhuge
  31. <JustLurking> Thanks for playing, Vand.
  32. <vanderhuge> thanks for running
  33. <JustLurking> Who do you think Raven Mask might be?
  34. <Faustus|Punk> Anti... did you fabricate Lag?
  35. <vanderhuge> went a bit off from my ideal plans but now ive got new ones
  36. <Antioch|Jack> Yeah. Sorry .Was a dick thing to do.
  37. <Wellwick|GM> :O Anti invented a character to GM Weaverdice :O
  38. <JustLurking> Ban him for Sockpuppetting!
  39. <JustLurking> /s
  40. <Wellwick|GM> How deep does this go!?
  41. <JustLurking> Nah, it's all good, Anti.
  42. -*- Saff|GM pulls her hand out of the anti puppet
  43. <Saff|GM> oops
  44. <Wellwick|GM> Anti, bro, you've got talent and the name doesn't matter
  45. <Nick|GM> :/
  46. <Faustus|Punk> I called it lol
  47. <Nick|GM> really anti
  48. <Faustus|Punk> "Hey Lag, your writing seems real familiar"
  49. <Antioch|Jack> Sorry.
  50. <JustLurking> The rabbit emojis seemed just a tad forced.
  51. <JustLurking> :/
  52. <Dolyn> I was actually surprised that rabbit emojis exist.
  53. <Rock|Meld> by god
  54. <Antioch|Jack>  URgh. Sorry again, guys.
  55. <Rock|Meld> what a bamboozle
  56. <Saff|GM> we got catfished.
  57. <Rock|Meld> doesn't really matter in the end
  58. <Dolyn> I'm mostly just really amused by the fact that Anti offered to format a log for himself.
  59. <Rock|Meld> all the compliments still apply
  60. <Saff|GM> the only thing I'm upset about is that I thought we had a cool newbie
  61. <JustLurking> ^
  62. --> CaptNameless ( has joined #Weaverdice
  63. <Mach|GM> lol, anti. You feel bad, but as a bystander, all I see is awesome.
  64. <Mach|GM> but the real question: How many of us are really anti.
  65. <JustLurking> I still can't believe some of the stuff that you typed/
  66. --> iridium248 (iridium248@net-o18.v2a.156.175.IP) has joined #Weaverdice
  67. <Dolyn> I absolutely can.
  68. <JustLurking> I mean, as Lago.
  69. <Dolyn> Yes.
  70. <JustLurking> In 'person'
  71. <Dolyn> Anti is a silly beasty.
  72. <Druza|AOE> Wew
  73. <JustLurking> Hey, Iri.
  74. <Megafire> Any idea of Anti as some serious person is a hilarious misconception.
  75. <Wellwick|GM> This is the real thing to do, once a month an experience GM comes in and catfishes everyone
  76. <Saff|GM> I feel like this was an episode of undercover boss
  77. <Saff|GM> like anti came in and made us all be nice to a newbie.
  78. <Nick|GM> we were already being nice to newbies
  79. <Antioch|Jack> Sorry. I was feeling really unconfident in my own writing and I shouldn't have dragged people into it.
  80. <Rock|Meld> what an insidious plot
  81. <Saff|GM> It was a bamboozle. but a clever bamboozle.
  82. <Antioch|Jack> That's my bad.
  83. <Saff|GM> anti you're writing is really good
  84. <Rock|Meld> sowing love and kindness in the ranks
  85. <Saff|GM> *Your
  86. <Nick|GM> like. just. how long was it going to go though
  87. <Rock|Meld> how evil of him
  88. <Saff|GM> wow look at me fucking up my writing now
  89. <Wellwick|GM> The jig is up Anti, we all know you are secretly Lago just pretending to be Anti!
  90. <Megafire> But seriously, Anti, you've got nothing to worry about.
  91. <CG|Snakeskin> So how about that weaverdice y'all
  92. <Megafire> You're awesome, and we like playing with you.
  93. <JustLurking> Complimenting yourself on your own session.
  94. <Druza|AOE> ^
  95. <Antioch|Jack> Yeah. Sorry about that.
  96. <Rock|Meld> my money says we're all secretly anti
  97. <JustLurking> It's fine, really.
  98. <Antioch|Jack> Fuck.
  99. <Rock|Meld> even if we don't know it
  100. <CG|Snakeskin>  /So how about that weaver dice y'all/
  101. <Valence|GM> Dude i'm loving running Turn rn.
  102. <Valence|GM> He is a good good boy.
  103. <Nick|GM> awesome, valence
  104. <Valence|GM> And he almost died
  105. <Saff|GM> jack is making friends
  106. <-- iridium248 (iridium248@net-o18.v2a.156.175.IP) has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  107. <Nick|GM> glad orlando's off to a good start
  108. <CG|Snakeskin> Yeah it's looking good so far
  109. <CG|Snakeskin> Another good florida game
  110. <CG|Snakeskin> :P
  111. <Turn|Hudson> Hudson is currently exasperated and very confused.
  112. <Turn|Hudson> And he wants an adult
  113. <Megafire> Anyway, I'm off to bed, folks.
  114. <Megafire> Later.
  115. <-- Megafire ( has quit (Connection closed)
  116. <Saff|GM> night megs
  117. <-> Wellwick|GM is now known as Wellwick
  118. --> o ( has joined #Weaverdice
  119. <Wellwick> Thanks so much for an awesome session StealthRock
  120. <-> Rock|Meld is now known as StealthRock
  121. <-- o ( has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  122. <Wellwick> That was really, really well done
  123. --> OptimusRhyme ( has joined #Weaverdice
  124. <Pink|GM> fuck, sam is scary
  125. <-- magicarnival ( has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  126. <-> Wellwick is now known as Wellwick|GM
  127. <OptimusRhyme> looks like there's lots of games happening
  128. <Turn|Hudson> There really are.
  129. <StealthRock> yay i'm not a wd newbie anymore
  130. -*- StealthRock claps
  131. <tubes|GM> StealthRock: so which op in disguise are you
  132. <Faustus|Punk> I bet Teruzi
  133. <_> VereorNox: Anyone who doesn't know yet, newbies and veterans alike. We are trying to start up a weekly spotlight (might be shorter depending on one shots) for anyone who wants to sign up:
  134. <StealthRock> i'm secretly coldgold
  135. <StealthRock> but coldgold is secretly faustus
  136. <Druza|AOE> Let's be real here
  137. <Druza|AOE> We know it's acu
  138. <Druza|AOE> actually tubes
  139. <tubes|GM> everyone in this channel is me
  140. <StealthRock> i've been found out
  141. <tubes|GM> i have 63 copies of irc open
  142. <Faustus|Punk> I wish I was secretly CG
  143. <tubes|GM> i've been pretending to be a canadian author for years
  144. <Faustus|Punk> wake up
  145. <tubes|GM> it started out as a tax dodge, but things got crazy and i got too invested
  146. <Saff|GM> and that canadian author is just 3 lesbians in a trench coat
  147. <tubes|GM> i'm sdorry
  148. <StealthRock> there's actually no one but tubes on the entire irc
  149. <StealthRock> we're all just sock puppets
  150. <Pink|GM> Are you saying that IRC is a series of tubes?
  151. -*- StealthRock is stunned
  152. <Pink|GM> And here I always pictured it as more of a big truck
  153. <-> Saff|GM is now known as Saff
  154. <-> Antioch|Jack is now known as Antioch
  155. <Faustus|Punk> Saff, I was going to say that you are three lesbians in a trenchcoat, but you are much too short
  156. <-- Antioch ( has quit (Quit:)
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