Walnut - Detective Mocha

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >You are Anon.
  2. >And right now you are in the most uncomfortable situation in your life.
  3. >Sitting right on top of you on the ground at your desk in Mocha's Office is your best moth buddy in the world, & overall best detective for the city of Mothia, Detective Mocha.
  4. >Recently you & Mocha have gotten into an argument about which mothball team is going to win the 48th mothbowel. You said the Manehattle Moths & Mocha, the Hoover BronMoths.
  5. >Begging Mocha to get off you he sternly said "No.". Until you admitted that Manehattle Moths were going to lose.
  6. >Trying your best to get Mocha off of you he was too strong for you to overpower until you heard the front door to Mochas detective agency swing open & close.
  7. >Asking who it was, Mocha didn't receive a response. Finding it weird somepony came in, and ddidn't respond to Mocha calling to them, Mocha hopped off your back.
  8. >Standing tall with his slender frame wearing his Navy Blue T-shirt, Duel colored White & Black Jacket, & Blue jeans with his black cap on that matched his red colored coat, blonde mane, & deeply beatiful green eyes Mocha looked good, reminding you of a mare a bit. But if you were to say that to his face he would think your some kind of Colt Cuddler.
  9. >Creeping to their office room door Mocha signaled you to keep quiet. Breathing slowly as Mocha arrived at the door, you once again heard the front door to the agency swing open & close.
  10. > Leaning their head across the door frame to look down the hallway of the building. Mocha told you whoever came in was gone now, & it was okay for you to get up.
  11. >Slowly getting off the ground Mocha started walking out of their office, and towards the waiting area of the building prompting you to follow him.
  12. >Arriving at the waiting area where a couch sat along with a couple of magazines, you & Mocha quickly spotted a white envelope on the ground.
  13. >Picking it up, it seemed weird that somepony walked all the way in just to drop off a letter.
  14. >Saying something was extremely of, Mocha told you read whatever er was inside the envelope.
  15. >Then reaching into your back pocket you took out your trustee pocket knife, and cut the top part of the envelope taking out a neatly folded price of Paper.
  16. >Taking the paper out of the envelope, & unfolding it you begun to read it's contents outloud.
  17. "Dear Detective Mocha
  19. I hear you are the envy the city of Mothia's Peacekeeping Department, and a famous detective Equestria-wide. Thats why the Culprit want to challenge you to a game of Witt's.
  21. Every night for the next seven nights at the stroke of Midnight on the streets of Maleberry & Hoofington I will kill one pony, and hang their corpse on display leaving behind clues to catch Me.
  23. If you can't catch me in the next seven nights I will target four close friends of yours including:
  25. Amata, your maid.
  26. Tarkin, your mentor.
  27. Sepia, your dresser.
  28. &
  29. The final one I will keep a surprise.
  31. -Culprit"
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