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FRS about "drugs"

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  1. The Light Bringer: the point is, people are going to use drugs. Do you want them to buy illegally or from regulated shops?
  2. Polymorphic Turtle: weed is accepted here but it being forced on 1st to 3rd grades is kinda fucked
  3. connor ( birthday ): yeah i dont want to sell heroin in a regulated shop
  4. connor ( birthday ): or meth
  5. TwistedTail: We live in a society
  6. connor ( birthday ): they can do that shit on the streets
  7. Six: why not? the pharmacy industry does it everyday
  8. connor ( birthday ): where?
  9. Six: at a walgreens near you
  10. connor ( birthday ): for what drug
  11. Six: what do you want?
  12. Six: \
  13. connor ( birthday ): well you're saying pharma companies sell heroin and meth
  14. The Light Bringer: many painkillers are based on opium
  15. Six: you want meth? desoxyn
  16. Tox: in canada it depends on the province on what the gun laws are
  17. Six: do you want heroin? morphine
  18. TwistedTail: Because morphin is really easy to get
  19. connor ( birthday ): you mean diamorphine?
  20. connor ( birthday ): where it doesnt have an addictive
  21. Six: sure
  22. connor ( birthday ): and its only for insane pain
  23. The Light Bringer: they pump you us people full of it just for a tooth extraction
  24. Six: my point being
  25. Six: the pharmacy industry still sells drugs that most people would consider to be illicit
  26. connor ( birthday ): to people who need it...
  27. Polymorphic Turtle: examples please
  28. *DEAD* connor ( birthday ): dumb argument
  29. Polymorphic Turtle: and heres the other thing six
  30. Six: "connor ( birthday ): yeah i dont want to sell heroin in a regulated shop"
  31. Six: my point IS
  32. Six: it IS sold
  33. Polymorphic Turtle: most street drugs have some other filler chemical to make more profit
  34. connor ( birthday ): its not tho LOL
  35. connor ( birthday ): heroin =/= diamorphine
  36. Six: *facepalm*
  37. connor ( birthday ): same way phetamine =/= methamphetamine
  38. connor ( birthday ): you're an idiot if you think they are chemically the same
  39. connor ( birthday ): by that logic poppy seed muffins are the same as heroin
  40. Six: your missing the point
  41. connor ( birthday ): im not.
  42. Polymorphic Turtle: like six you realize youre arguing for what created krokodil right..?
  43. Six: you claim these drugs aren't sold, they ARE under different chemiical compounds under different names
  44. connor ( birthday ): hyperaddictive substances arent sold in pharmacies
  45. Polymorphic Turtle: krokodil started off as using eyedrop liquid in heroin so you have 'more' of it
  46. connor ( birthday ): >>>>>>under different chemiical compounds under different names<<<<<<
  47. connor ( birthday ): >different chemical compounds
  48. Six: hyperaddictive substances arent sold in pharmacies???
  49. connor ( birthday ): wow its almost as if thats what makes a drug a drug
  50. connor ( birthday ): what chemical composition it has
  51. Six: tell that to a adhd med addict
  52. The Light Bringer: vicodin
  53. Polymorphic Turtle: salt has chloride in it guys
  54. Polymorphic Turtle: why arent we dead
  55. Six: tell that to the pain med industry
  56. connor ( birthday ): hey guess what, im on vyvanse rn
  57. connor ( birthday ): not addicted
  58. connor ( birthday ): its not hyperaddictive
  59. connor ( birthday ): its a QoL thing
  60. connor ( birthday ): lower quality of life
  61. connor ( birthday ): more affinity for drugs
  62. Six: just cause its extended release dosent mean its not addictive lmao
  63. Polymorphic Turtle: ^
  64. Polymorphic Turtle: what connor said
  65. connor ( birthday ): the actual addictive in ADHD meds are that they help you perform better
  66. Polymorphic Turtle: jesus fuck why are you even arguing for street drugs
  67. Six: the US has a huuuuuge pain pill problem
  68. Six: how could you even say that the pharmacy industry dosent sell hyperaddictive drugs
  69. Polymorphic Turtle: except six
  70. Polymorphic Turtle: they sell it when its REQUIRED
  71. Polymorphic Turtle: they dont push it on people
  72. Six: im not arguing for street drugs
  73. Polymorphic Turtle: you arent fucking shamed for not chugging SSRIs
  74. Six: his claim was that illicit drugs aren't sold in a regular pharmacy they ARE though
  75. Six: just under different chems or names
  76. Polymorphic Turtle: DIFFERENT CEHM =/= SAME DRUG
  77. Six: the point is they still have the same effects
  78. Polymorphic Turtle: ARE U SRSLY
  79. Polymorphic Turtle: TRYING TO SAY
  80. Six: ok
  81. The Light Bringer: people look like druggies picked up from some back alley after a simple tooth extraction in the US
  82. Polymorphic Turtle: A DIFFERENT CHEMICAL MAKEUP
  83. connor ( birthday ): GUYS H2O
  84. Polymorphic Turtle: IS THE SAME THING
  85. connor ( birthday ): AND Ho@
  86. Six: why are you
  87. connor ( birthday ): are the SAME THING
  88. Six: typing in all caps dude
  89. Six: fucking relax
  90. Polymorphic Turtle: how the FUCK are you alive if salt has chloride in it
  91. connor ( birthday ): because you're acting retarded
  92. Retr0Active: Right, Im about to get rid of both of you
  93. Retr0Active: Take this to Pms
  94. Six: alrigth this ends
  95. Retr0Active: Not here.
  96. Retr0Active: Understood?
  97. Retr0Active: Anymore talk of this, and Im kicking.
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