Cleaning up Hemophages? Session 4

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  1. Nov 02 08:12:28 <Control>       The hellecopter is only lightly cloaked, the slightly blured logo shifting to look like what ever is expected.
  2. Nov 02 08:13:55 <Control>       The long range transport had landed far outside the city, before flying off, and McBain transfered to the small almost ratty looking transport.
  3. Nov 02 08:15:03 <Control>       As it lands on the Helopad, the doors open, briefly revealing the much more luxurious then expected inside.
  4. Nov 02 08:15:46 <Control>       And then McBain and Mr Espana (the pilot) are disen barkening.
  5. Nov 02 08:16:09 *       Valencia_D is staring at the monitor. "Our new Heavy Guy arrived, guys."
  6. Nov 02 08:17:37 *       McBain looks around the landing pad for a moment before shrugging and picking up his luggage.
  7. Nov 02 08:17:40 *       JaredBlack logs out of his workstation and stands up. "Well, let's go out to meet him, then.
  8. Nov 02 08:18:24 ---     Jemnite is now known as Jackie_B
  9. Nov 02 08:18:25 <McBain>        "Well, this should be fun."
  10. Nov 02 08:19:29 *       Valencia_D forlornly looked at the various hypertech that'd be send back, before shook her head and going outside.
  11. Nov 02 08:19:41 *       McBain starts to head inside the building, making sure to duck so he doesn't hit his head on the doorframe, and then having to awkwardly maneuver his cannon through as well.
  12. Nov 02 08:20:33 <Jackie_B>      "If you want, I can bring that in for you," Jackie says from behind McBain.
  13. Nov 02 08:20:50 *       JaredBlack leads Valencia to where his smartphone says McBain is.
  14. Nov 02 08:20:56 *       McBain turns around and looks down, before looking down even further at Jackie_B
  15. Nov 02 08:21:22 *       Jackie_B looks back at McBain, before pointing at the cannon
  16. Nov 02 08:21:26 <Jackie_B>      "Looks rather large.
  17. Nov 02 08:21:27 *       Valencia_D raised her eyebrow. "You're big!" she narrowed her eyes. "How much you eat every day?"
  18. Nov 02 08:23:01 <JaredBlack>    "Welcome to our base. I'm Jared, this is Valencia, and this is Jackie," Jared says cheerfully, ignoring Valencia's question. She can just have someone look it up later.
  19. Nov 02 08:23:01 <McBain>        "I think it might be a bit easier for everybody involved if I carry it."
  20. Nov 02 08:23:09 <Jackie_B>      "If you say so"
  21. Nov 02 08:24:39 *       Valencia_D sniffs, and walked back into the construct.
  22. Nov 02 08:25:23 <McBain>        "Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you all, I haven't really been informed of too many details about this Construct.  Only that you required Big Guns as well as some scientific assistance for your mission."
  23. Nov 02 08:26:09 <McBain>        "And this may sound like an odd question, but the briefing was incredibly short on information, but what exactly is the chain of command here?"
  24. Nov 02 08:29:32 <JaredBlack>    "Who told you this was a Construct?"
  25. Nov 02 08:30:27 <McBain>        "The briefing"
  26. Nov 02 08:30:39 *       McBain shrugs
  27. Nov 02 08:31:37 *       Valencia_D shrug. "Team. If our problem is NWO thing, it's Jackie_B and JaredBlack call. If it's Syndic thing, it's mine. If it's ItX stuff, it's your call,"
  28. Nov 02 08:31:51 <Jackie_B>      "On how much were you briefed?" Jackie asks. "Mission goals, enemies, everything?"
  29. Nov 02 08:33:50 <McBain>        "I was told to report here for most of that information, all I know is that Hemophages are involved and that they've been infiltrating the area for a while.  That and I should try minimize any demolitions required."
  30. Nov 02 08:34:49 *       Jackie_B frowns in annoyance. Going to have to brief another transferee all over again.
  31. Nov 02 08:34:59 <Jackie_B>      "Yes, that's the gist of it, essentially."
  32. Nov 02 08:35:21 *       Jackie_B walks towards the building and waves McBain in
  33. Nov 02 08:35:39 <Jackie_B>      "Come on, we'll fill you in on the finer details."
  34. Nov 02 08:36:38 *       McBain follows along
  35. Nov 02 08:37:42 <McBain>        "I've actually got a couple of other questions, such as the current state of your tech labs, I wasn't able to bring any of my equipment with me so I'll have to take advantage of what you already have for a while."
  36. Nov 02 08:38:57 *       JaredBlack follows. "I think a lot of our lab equipment was transferred out recently, unfortunately."
  37. Nov 02 08:39:11 <Jackie_B>      "Lab equipment is is minimal." Jackie walks as she talks. "We moved some equipment in here for our progenitor team, but she was called out."
  38. Nov 02 08:39:50 <Jackie_B>      "Unfortunately, being the team composed of the least senior operatives around here currently, we're on the short list of assets most of the time."
  39. Nov 02 08:39:54 *       Valencia_D shakes her head. "Oh, don't worry about it! We got top-notch lab here!" Valencia boasted. "Takes me a lot of favor, but still!'s mostly Psychodinamic and Data lab, though. I'll see if we can order some Matter Science later."
  40. Nov 02 08:41:02 <McBain>        "And was the armory effected by the personal change?"
  41. Nov 02 08:41:40 <Jackie_B>      "The armory is unchanged more or less."
  42. Nov 02 08:41:59 *       Valencia_D shrug. "Feel free to order any sleepertech weapons, I can procure it if we don't have it. Hypertech is a bit dicey, but doable."
  43. Nov 02 08:42:28 *       Jackie_B leads McBain into a dark room, before flicking on the light switch. A whole host of weaponry, body armor, and most importantly, sets of power armor are revealed before them.
  44. Nov 02 08:42:36 <Jackie_B>      "Take your pick."
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  52. Nov 02 08:45:58 <McBain>        "I will admit though, my specialty does lie in demolitions, so they might not be as... subtle as what you're used to using."
  53. Nov 02 08:46:53 <JaredBlack>    "...well then, we'll be sure to account for that, thank you."
  54. Nov 02 08:47:06 <Jackie_B>      "Just shoot who I ask you to, where I ask you to, and when I ask you to, and we should be good."
  55. Nov 02 08:47:12 <Valencia_D>    "Our research is subtle. Our action is... well, not very," Valencia_D admitted. "Try to keep it within sleepertech, please."
  56. Nov 02 08:47:17 *       JaredBlack has no intention of asking McBain to do anything unless shit hits the fan.
  57. Nov 02 08:49:18 <McBain>        "And uh, something I was hoping to find out before we head out.  Most of our work will be done within the city?  From what I've read the Hemophages prefer to stick to close to their comforts instead of having to rough it out in the desert."
  58. Nov 02 08:50:03 <Valencia_D>    "Fortunately, yes. Unless we need to track cartel leader or something."
  59. Nov 02 08:51:12 <McBain>        "Well, although I may not be the most subtle out in the field, I am trained in a variety of data-gathering skills that may be of use."
  60. Nov 02 08:52:19 *       Valencia_D nods, looking pleased. "That's good news! It appears our old Construct uses heavily degraded basilisk Procedure to keep out human," she paused. "Also, I don't see anyone going in or out. That's probably bad!"
  61. Nov 02 08:52:27 <JaredBlack>    "Alright. We're in the middle of recon on what appears to be a hemophage-subverted Construct."
  62. Nov 02 08:54:28 *       McBain nods along.
  63. Nov 02 08:54:34 <Jackie_B>      "The operation is delicate because we have no idea which members are subverted and which aren't."
  64. Nov 02 08:56:30 <Jackie_B>      "We've currently seized possession of local assets from the cartel in lieu of using assets from the local constructs because of the subversion. Our end goal here is ideally to purge the subverted constructs of hemorrhage sympathetic members, destroy the hemophage leadership, and curtail operations in Mexico City for the foreseeable near future."
  65. Nov 02 08:57:06 <Jackie_B>      "Secondary objectives are to strengthen the Mexican government against the cartels, but if that conflicts against Union Control over Mexico city, it goes out the window."
  66. Nov 02 08:59:08 *       JaredBlack looks a bit uncomfortable with the purging.
  67. Nov 02 08:59:35 *       Valencia_D shakes her head. "They are likely V-Addict, JaredBlack."
  68. Nov 02 09:01:09 <McBain>        "Well in that case, I'll get set up in the labs then and see what I can do to assist in intel gathering."
  69. Nov 02 09:01:15 *       JaredBlack sighs. "I know, I just wish we could afford to put them in rehab for it instead."
  70. Nov 02 09:02:35 *       Valencia_D shrug. "Try to use non-lethal method, I'll see if I can funnel them to clinic."
  71. Nov 02 09:32:27 *       Valencia_D frowns. "They've changed the network! They are cheating!"
  72. Nov 02 09:32:59 *       Valencia_D prepares more thorough infiltration counter-measures.
  73. Nov 02 09:34:47 <Control>       Still you do manage to get footage from what seems to be a lower security section. The camera's feed look to be false color, but not for human eyes, doing some quick interpolation you mange to convert it into images of courdors filled with boxes.
  74. Nov 02 09:35:48 *       Valencia_D narrowed her eyes. "Display specialized for Hemophages? Or other RDs?"
  75. Nov 02 09:35:54 <Control>       And the ocasional insect like supply drone, the smallest the size of large rats, larger ones the size of small deer.
  76. Nov 02 09:37:09 <Control>       One hallway seems to filled with heads of animals and humans. Another with cellphones and laptops.
  77. Nov 02 09:38:10 <Control>       A third holds piles and piles of what look like automated gun turrets.
  78. Nov 02 09:39:48 <Control>       Most seem to simply have racks and racks of industrial materials, you can even see barcodes on them that look like the same ones in your supply depo.
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  97. Nov 02 10:08:02 *       McBain finishes up adjusting the Lab to better suit him
  98. Nov 02 10:08:42 *       Valencia_D started Conference Procedure.
  99. Nov 02 10:09:25 *       McBain starts to get suiting up in his Alanson, making sure that all of his various adjustments are still in place after the ride over.
  100. Nov 02 10:16:11 *       Valencia_D compiles Memetic Countermeasure against possible Rogue Technocrat and Hemophages.
  101. Nov 02 10:16:47 *       JaredBlack runs them on his mirrorshades.
  102. Nov 02 10:17:34 *       Jackie_B goes downstairs to prep the victors
  103. Nov 02 10:17:51 *       McBain directly uploads it into his MPCI
  104. Nov 02 10:19:29 *       JaredBlack leads McBain to the target Construct, striding forward confidently in his suit, and opens the door with the legitimate codes that were requisitioned.
  105. Nov 02 10:20:08 <Control>       The Door opens, slowly.
  106. Nov 02 10:20:16 *       McBain finishes putting on his Alanson Hardsuit and goes to pick up his cannon, plus some other toys.
  107. Nov 02 10:22:11 <Control>       Behind it an wide open space only broken by the large freight elevator in the corner. It starts moving down as soon as you enter, slowly enough though that a small jump is enough to get on it if wanted.
  108. Nov 02 10:24:40 <JaredBlack>    "Surprise inspection!" Jared calls out as he brazenly jumps onto the elevator, rattling off the authorization code. He expertly conceals his readiness to react to an attack. The shades help.
  109. Nov 02 10:26:02 *       McBain slowly lumbers into the room after Jared, slowly scanning it for threats.
  110. Nov 02 10:27:46 <Control>       Beinith the 6 feet of concrete, a metal lined hallway comes into view. The center of it is filled with containers made from dark plastic.
  111. Nov 02 10:28:38 <Control>       The elevator settles into its supports with a loud thunk, but otherwise there is no apprent reaction.
  112. Nov 02 10:29:28 *       JaredBlack takes a picture of the containers with his smartphone and motions McBain forward to look at the contents of the containers.
  113. Nov 02 10:29:58 <Control>       A dog sized robot with insect like legs is pushing a box down the hallway, away from JB and McBain.
  114. Nov 02 10:31:06 *       JaredBlack rattles off the code to make a legitimate work drone from this Construct stop moving its cargo so it can be inspected.
  115. Nov 02 10:31:53 <Control>       Inside the nearest box is layers and layers of what apears to be a synthetic leather, as might be used for covering androids meant to stand up to only distanct inspection.
  116. Nov 02 10:32:22 *       McBain continues to follow Jared whilst he starts to hack into the cameras of the Construct with his MPCI.
  117. Nov 02 10:32:36 <Control>       The drone stops, before switching to another box.
  118. Nov 02 10:34:25 *       JaredBlack has McBain check the box that had been moved. If it's the same sort of synthetic leather, he follows the drone.
  119. Nov 02 10:35:43 *       McBain nods and heads over to inspect the box.
  120. Nov 02 10:37:04 <Control>       Its synthetic leather, but in a different shade of skin tone.
  121. Nov 02 10:38:04 *       JaredBlack follows the drone anyway. If it would go out of sight, he uses a code to tell it to wait for inspectors.
  122. Nov 02 10:38:18 <Control>       The drone pushes its new box down several hallways, there are more drones moving about here.
  123. Nov 02 10:38:42 <Valencia_D>    "No one in sight, only Drones. Curious."
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  130. Nov 02 10:40:41 <Control>       The next room down is installing what look like 1980's built animatronics into the hollow spaces.
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  133. Nov 02 10:42:06 *       Valencia_D speculates. "Runaway constructs?"
  134. Nov 02 10:43:10 *       JaredBlack marks the assembly line down for later inspection, then says the code for a drone to lead him to its operator, if any.
  135. Nov 02 10:43:46 <Control>       A door hisses, and what looks like a fully built one of these constructs, even clothed in imitations of the jeans and long shirt that most of the resedents of the sourunding blocks where.
  136. Nov 02 10:45:51 <Control>       "Ah, Inspectors. It has been 0.52 gigaseconds since there was an inspection."
  137. Nov 02 10:46:29 <Control>       The voice is clearly synthetic or disscuised, it sounds worse then moder sleeper tech voices.
  138. Nov 02 10:47:30 *       Valencia_D pursed her lips, and readier Vanessas outside of Constructs.
  139. Nov 02 10:48:07 *       Jackie_B checks her Alanson for readiness
  140. Nov 02 10:49:57 <Control>       "We have made many improvements. Though we can not properly cause awe in these upper levels. There is so many ..contaminates.
  141. Nov 02 10:50:03 <Control>       "
  142. Nov 02 10:51:09 <Control>       McBain's hacking reveals at least two floors benieth this one.
  143. Nov 02 10:51:39 <Control>       The computer systems getting both stranger and much much faster as you descend.
  144. Nov 02 10:52:00 <Valencia_D>    "This... this reminds me with ItX project."
  145. Nov 02 10:52:05 <Control>       "Inspectors, what do you wish to view first."
  146. Nov 02 10:54:11 <JaredBlack>    "What sorts of improvements have you made?" Jared asks in an innocent tone.
  147. Nov 02 10:55:10 *       McBain activates his inbuilt radio so that he can communicate directly with JaredBlack without the construct being able to intercept.  'Have him start from the top floor and work our way down slowly, that will give me the chance to map out the facility and continue to my scan of their systems.'
  148. Nov 02 10:56:50 *       JaredBlack enters observations into his smartphone. He doesn't look any different as he texts 'good idea,' to McBain.
  149. Nov 02 10:56:56 <Control>       "Our first improvement was to completely remove hemophage vulnerable staff. Although more reliable in unmaintained environments then the drones, the attempted siege showed their vulnerability."
  150. Nov 02 10:58:45 <Control>       "We of course maintain them in storage for future needs, though space to keep the non vital organs proved too valuable." It says, lights turning a deep red tracing out a pathway.
  151. Nov 02 10:59:15 <JaredBlack>    "I can see the logic," Jared says neutrally. "Is your model meant to operate outside of the Construct in their place? Does this path lead to them?"
  152. Nov 02 11:01:58 <Valencia_D>    "Talk about its capabilities."
  153. Nov 02 11:02:03 <Control>       "This model is the latest meant for Project D day, and to coordinate with Subjugation Corps resources. We have not been able to properly survay the populace near by. En Double U Oh support would be advantageous."
  154. Nov 02 11:02:44 *       JaredBlack texts 'I'm currently fine, but we may need to nonviolently extract the surviving organic personal as cargo. However, keep standing by in case I need violent extraction."
  155. Nov 02 11:04:35 *       Valencia_D frowned.
  156. Nov 02 11:04:49 <Valencia_D>    "I never heard of Subjugation Corps."
  157. Nov 02 11:05:15 <Valencia_D>    "Sounds like VE stuff, though. Ask it about the Corps."
  158. Nov 02 11:05:49 <JaredBlack>    "What is your role in a Subjugation Corps operation?"
  159. Nov 02 11:05:51 <McBain>        'Also, might be a good idea to find out why it wanted to survey the nearby population, perhaps you could suggest that you could be able to assist in doing so?'
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  170. Nov 02 11:09:50 <JaredBlack>    "I don't think you're an infiltration model, while my body is fully suited to passing as a sleeper. What do you need to find out through surveillance?"
  171. Nov 02 11:10:20 <Control>       "To provide ground anti air support, and emergency supplies as well as on the ground intelligence. The first and last are still well below desired support abilities. Also manufacturing of Tellurium from voltage is proving infeasible at current industrialization."
  172. Nov 02 11:11:26 <Control>       "Comunication with Autothonia and Subjugation Corps has proved difficult. 200 Kilobyte per year average speed."
  173. Nov 02 11:11:57 <Valencia_D>    " can contact Autochtonia.
  174. Nov 02 11:13:34 *       McBain continues to look over the heads in the freezer.
  175. Nov 02 11:14:38 *       McBain starts to speak up for the first time since entering the Construct.
  176. Nov 02 11:16:04 <McBain>        "I have to say, I'm impressed of your setup to ensure that Hemophages cannot compromise the facility, but I can't help but help but be curious as to why you chose such an... Inefficient system."
  177. Nov 02 11:17:02 *       JaredBlack nods. Heads in a freezer is much less efficient than transferring everyone out.
  178. Nov 02 11:17:22 <Control>       "Inefficent?"
  179. Nov 02 11:17:27 <McBain>        "You have enlightened personal at your disposal, and yet instead of taking advantage of them you appear to be leaving these resources untapped."
  180. Nov 02 11:18:23 *       JaredBlack looks at the heads to check if any of them are in fact Enlightened.
  181. Nov 02 11:19:12 <Control>       "Our Enlightened personal were unreparibly compromised by the Hemophage threat. They almost manged to addict me. Only through my devotion to the Computer were we saved." (The pronoun wobble is intentional.)
  182. Nov 02 11:19:25 *       McBain nods along
  183. Nov 02 11:20:37 <McBain>        "Understandable, but proper enhancement would have been able to prevent them from being compromised, just as you were."
  184. Nov 02 11:20:44 *       McBain sighs
  185. Nov 02 11:20:46 <Control>       1 of the Enlighted personal is there. A NWO agent, and commander of the Amalgam.
  186. Nov 02 11:21:23 <McBain>        "It's understandable though, when you're low on resources you're forced to go with more... distasteful options in order to ensure Order."
  187. Nov 02 11:23:13 *       JaredBlack nods sadly. "We can get these resources to Constructs more able to make use of them."
  188. Nov 02 11:23:46 <Control>       "Indeed, but they did not trust enough to accept the grace of the Machine, each day that we wait more of humanity falls unsaved, and yet ultimate success demands sacrifice."
  189. Nov 02 11:24:42 <Control>       "I will bring up mobile refrigerators. They will only be able to stay cold for 200 hours."
  190. Nov 02 11:25:40 *       JaredBlack texts 'they're willing to give us the remaining organic personnel, but the cryogenics will only last for 200 hours."
  191. Nov 02 11:26:12 <McBain>        'I should be able to make something that'll last a bit longer back at the base'
  192. Nov 02 11:26:18 *       Valencia_D nods. "That should be good enough."
  193. Nov 02 11:26:54 *       JaredBlack nods. "That is acceptable."
  194. Nov 02 11:27:13 <Control>       Deer sized robots eventually push in large cases, into which exactly 8 heads, and the clear boxes they are in fit and then push the boxes back the way you came.
  195. Nov 02 11:28:24 <Control>       "Do you wish to continue your inspection today? I do so hope to share the grace the Computer gave me."
  196. Nov 02 11:30:06 *       JaredBlack texts 'prepare the Vanessas to receive the cargo for transfer.'
  197. Nov 02 11:32:19 *       Jackie_B texts back 'roger, is area clear?'
  198. Nov 02 11:32:37 *       Jackie_B waves the vannesas out of the van.
  199. Nov 02 11:32:38 <McBain>        "I would be interested in continuing the inspection personally, although sadly we don't have the time for a full inspection.  As such, would it be possible for me to have access to your systems and records so that I can go over your work?"
  200. Nov 02 11:32:46 <Jackie_B>      "C'mon, we're securing cargo."
  201. Nov 02 11:34:19 <Control>       "We can forward security White and below info. I hope you understand that Higher levels would require Autothonian codes."
  202. Nov 02 11:34:41 <McBain>        "Naturally."
  203. Nov 02 11:35:29 <Valencia_D>    "Oh, ask about last contact from Autochtonia JaredBlack."
  204. Nov 02 11:35:37 <Valencia_D>    "Or Subjugation Corps."
  205. Nov 02 11:36:40 <Control>       A drone that looks, vaguely like a flea the size of a deer, "hands" McBain a box full of stacks of paper.
  206. Nov 02 11:36:59 <McBain>        "Although if you don't mind me asking, I don't suppose you could elaborate on your contact with Autochtonia?  I've sadly had very little experience with regards to the Computer so I would appreciate the chance to learn more."
  207. Nov 02 11:37:32 <Control>       "Ah, that is very sad."
  208. Nov 02 11:39:24 <Control>       "Autothonia awnsered my prayers when all was lost, and gave me a seed of its glory. But the most recent contact was a message relayed through Subjugation Corps, updating Operation D day timetables."
  209. Nov 02 11:39:51 <Valencia_D>    "...that sounds ominous. Ask about Operation D-Day."
  210. Nov 02 11:40:18 <JaredBlack>    "Our Operation D-Day timetables are very much out out date. May we have a copy of yours?"
  211. Nov 02 11:40:59 <Control>       "37 seconds please."
  212. Nov 02 11:41:11 <Control>       It pauses.
  213. Nov 02 11:41:39 *       JaredBlack looks around the room for things to inspect. They apparently like efficiency here.
  214. Nov 02 11:42:37 <Control>       And 37 seconds later, a rat sized metal cricket brings what looks like a recite paper roll from a cash-register to JaredBlack.
  215. Nov 02 11:42:55 *       JaredBlack picks up the roll and reads it.
  216. Nov 02 11:43:20 <Control>       The drones have already began to dismantle the now empty large refrigerators.
  217. Nov 02 11:44:19 <Control>       2018 January 1: The End of History, and Eradication of RDism, Epoc 1.
  218. Nov 02 11:45:47 <Control>       2017 December : Elimination of RD creation: Digital Web.
  219. Nov 02 11:46:46 <Control>       ...
  220. Nov 02 11:46:50 *       JaredBlack rolls it back up for later reading. "The table is moving up this quickly? Amazing."
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