MagiReco - Character Side Story - Minagi Sasara

Dec 30th, 2017
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  1. MagiReco - Character Side Story - Minagi Sasara
  3. -----------------------------------------------------
  4. Part 1: So I became a Knight
  5. -----------------------------------------------------
  7. Sasara's Father: I'm sorry, Sasara... It'll be alright! Really!
  8. Sasara's Father: ...This is your father's job.
  9. Sasara's Father: If no one does what I do, many people would be sad...
  10. Sasara's Father: And it's not nice to see people crying, right?
  11. Sasara's Father: That's why...
  13. Minagi Sasara: I'll do it!
  14. *noises*
  15. Kyubey: Sasara! The kidnapped girl is in the back of this place!
  16. Minagi Sasara: Understood!
  17. Minagi Sasara: ...Are these things the so-called witches?
  18. Kyubey: No. They're the familiars of a witch.
  19. Kyubey: They lurk around performing the duties of their witch.
  20. Minagi Sasara: So these things...
  21. Minagi Sasara: are trying to prevent me from saving a life! Out of my way~!
  22. *noises*
  23. Minagi Sasara: Let's go!
  24. Minagi Sasara: Over there! I see someone!
  25. Girl: ...
  26. Minagi Sasara: Are you okay?! Please be okay!
  27. Girl: ...
  28. Minagi Sasara: Um! I'm here to help you!
  29. Kyubey: ...She's been enthralled by a "witch's kiss".
  30. Minagi Sasara: Eh? A kiss? ...What do you mean?
  31. Kyubey: To put it simply, she's being manipulated by a witch.
  32. Minagi Sasara: S-So how do I save her?
  33. Kyubey: The only way to do that is by defeating the witch.
  34. Kyubey: ...It seems more of her minions have arrived.
  35. *noises*
  36. Minagi Sasara: Jeez! There's a whole bunch of them!
  37. Minagi Sasara: ...This time, I'm taking you all down!
  39. ---------------------
  41. Minagi Sasara: ...Haa~. Did I get them all?
  42. Kyubey: So it would seem.
  43. Minagi Sasara: Alright! Now, let's go defeat the witch!
  44. Kyubey: Witches are very strong, you know. Are you sure you're ready?
  45. Minagi Sasara: Of course! I will definitely defeat it!
  46. Minagi Sasara: ...Ah, but first I need to take this girl to a safe place!
  47. Minagi Sasara: You'll be alright! Let's get you somewhere safe!
  49. About a week ago, I met this funny little creature called Kyubey...
  51. Kyubey: I will grant you whatever wish you desire.
  53. I couldn't believe what it was saying. I was actually kind of scared.
  54. First of all, why can this animal speak our language?
  55. But eventually, I stopped caring about those things.
  56. I started conversing with it like it was normal...
  57. And it told me... about the existence of witches.
  59. Kyubey: Witches exist to bring despair to everyone.
  60. Kyubey: They make a countless amount of people fall into despair.
  61. Kyubey: You can save them all if you become a magical girl.
  63. "Save"...
  64. I couldn't avoid reacting to that word...
  66. Minagi Sasara: I can... save people... like my father does...?
  68. My father is part of an emergency service team... He's a member of what they call a "Rescue Squad".
  69. He risks his life to save others. That's so coool! I have a lot of respect for what he does.
  70. He also gave me my favourite picture book!
  71. It's a story about a Knight in shining armour who defeats a dragon that was terrorizing a village!
  72. I love reading that story... I still carry the book around everywhere.
  73. Because that book is the reason why I feel the way I do.
  75. Minagi Sasara: It's like what my father does... It's like what the Knight does in the picture book...
  76. Minagi Sasara: I want to be able to protect and save people, too!
  78. ...However...
  79. Something happened that tainted those feelings...
  81. ---------------------
  83. Two days ago, there was an incident in a convenience store located in the Central Ward.
  84. I was right there when it happened.
  85. A criminal came at me with a knife and took me hostage.
  87. Minagi Sasara: ...Haa... haa... haa...
  89. ...It was so scary that I felt my heart was going to explode.
  90. I used to say that I wanted to "become a Knight"...
  91. But when the time came, I couldn't do anything. I just stood there shaking like a leaf...
  93. Minagi Sasara: What do I do...?! I... What can I do....
  95. All I could do was ask myself that question... I was ashamed of myself, I hated myself...
  96. The police arrived and arrested the criminal. I was safe and sound.
  97. But I felt horrible.
  98. So I took a risk...
  100. Minagi Sasara: ...I believe you're saying the truth.
  101. Kyubey: Then, do you want to make a contract with me?
  102. Minagi Sasara: Yes... I do.
  103. Kyubey: What do you wish for?
  104. Minagi Sasara: ...I want to become a Knight.
  105. Kyubey: A Knight?
  106. Minagi Sasara: I want to be able to protect and save people...
  107. Minagi Sasara: I want a stronger heart... stronger convictions!
  108. Minagi Sasara: I want to be someone who's capable of doing such things!
  109. Minagi Sasara: ...Magical girls save people from the witches, do they not?
  110. Minagi Sasara: Wasn't that what you said, Kyubey?
  111. Kyubey: Yes, that's right.
  112. Kyubey: Magical girls do protect people from the witches... Just like a Knight would.
  113. Minagi Sasara: ...Then grant me the strength to become a Knight...!
  114. Kyubey: Your wish has now been granted...
  116. That's how I became a magical girl... No, that's how I became a Knight!
  118. Kyubey: ...A witch will be arriving very soon...
  119. Minagi Sasara: I... I understand... Leave it to me, I'll definitely take it down!
  120. Minagi Sasara: When the time comes, the witch will have nowhere to hide!
  122. ---------------------
  124. Minagi Sasara: I-I did it! I defeated a witch!
  125. Kyubey: That was a wonderful battle, Sasara.
  126. Kyubey: I'm surprised you managed to defeat one so soon.
  127. Minagi Sasara: Ah, really? ...Yay!
  129. I finally did it... Finally!
  130. What I always used to fantasize about!
  131. Since that day, I've been fervently looking for witches.
  132. I rescue those afflicted by the kiss, and I hunt the witches down.
  134. Minagi Sasara: It's alright! No need to worry!
  135. Minagi Sasara: Because I'm here to rescue you!
  137. There's been many incidents in Kamihama city lately.
  138. I sense the presence of witches in every shadow.
  139. Kyubey told me the problem is more widespread than I thought...
  140. Even so, I keep fighting with intense passion.
  142. Kyubey: Sasara! Fighting this many on your own is dangerous!
  143. Minagi Sasara: It's fine! Because...
  144. Minagi Sasara: Because who will fight them if I don't do it?
  145. Minagi Sasara: Because... I'm the Knight that protects the people of Kamihama city!
  147. I fight so many, I defeat so many... But the witches keep coming.
  148. So I keep fighting... But the word "Knight" keeps poisoning me.
  149. At some point, my feelings became tainted...
  150. Was it because I'm tired of fighting every day...
  151. No, I'm not tired...
  152. After all, I became "me"...
  154. Minagi Sasara: I became the me that I always wanted to be! But... why do I feel so empty?
  156. -----------------------------------------------------
  157. Part 2: Who am I protecting? What am I fighting for?
  158. -----------------------------------------------------
  160. Those cursed with a witch's kiss become unconscious.
  161. They don't usually remember what happened to them after the curse is lifted.
  162. So it's not easy for magical girls to reveal their identities.
  163. Which means no one will ever know I'm helping people.
  165. Minagi Sasara: It's alright! No need to worry!
  166. Minagi Sasara: Because I'm here to defeat the witch!
  167. Man: ...
  168. Minagi Sasara: ...Just wait here!
  170. I've saved countless people, but no one ever responds to me.
  172. Minagi Sasara: I will free you!
  173. Kid: ...
  175. ...What was I expecting?
  177. Minagi Sasara: Because I'm here to help you!
  178. Man: ...
  180. What do I want them to say?
  182. Minagi Sasara: You're going to be okay!
  183. Girl: ...
  185. Do I want them to say "thank you"?
  187. Minagi Sasara: Hey!
  188. Boy: ...
  190. Do I want them to say "you've saved me"?
  192. Minagi Sasara: Hey!
  193. Woman: ...
  195. I just want someone to appreciate me...
  197. Minagi Sasara: Hey!
  198. Man: ...
  200. Did I really want to become a Knight?
  202. Minagi Sasara: N-No!
  203. Minagi Sasara: Ahhhhh!!
  204. Minagi Sasara: ...I was... sleeping?
  205. Kyubey: What's wrong? It seems you were taking a nap.
  206. Kyubey: Are you perhaps tired of fighting?
  207. Minagi Sasara: ...
  208. Minagi Sasara: ...I'm fine...
  210. I am losing my way again...
  212. ---------------------
  214. Minagi Sasara: ...So many, they are formidable...
  215. *noises*
  217. I have to keep fighting.
  218. If I don't, then why did I make a contract...?
  220. Minagi Sasara: ...Are you okay...?
  221. Woman: ...
  222. Minagi Sasara: ...
  223. Kyubey: ...What's wrong, Sasara?
  224. Minagi Sasara: ...My father.
  225. Kyubey: ?
  226. Minagi Sasara: My father's job has to be different than this...
  227. Kyubey: Your father?
  228. Minagi Sasara: ...Maybe I just wanted to be appreciated...
  229. Minagi Sasara: Maybe I just wanted people to praise me and approve of me...
  230. Kyubey: ...What are you talking about?
  231. Minagi Sasara: That Knight of the picture book was thanked by the villagers...
  232. Minagi Sasara: But no matter how many people I help, no one ever says anything...
  233. Minagi Sasara: I thought I could get over it.
  234. Minagi Sasara: But I keep hoping they would talk to me...
  235. Minagi Sasara: ...Because it's like I don't even exist...
  236. Kyubey: ...You may be a strong fighter, but it seems you're lost on the inside.
  237. Minagi Sasara: ...Are people supposed to feel good when helping others?
  238. Kyubey: That's right... The strong are made to help the weak...
  239. Kyubey: It's humankind's instinct for the collective survival of the species.
  240. Minagi Sasara: ...I was born with that instinct...?
  241. Kyubey: That's what I suppose. I can never understand human emotions.
  242. Minagi Sasara: ...If we're born like this, why do I want to be recognized?
  243. Kyubey: Sasara...
  244. Minagi Sasara: Maybe I'm just a defective human being...
  245. Minagi Sasara: ...Why am I thinking that!
  246. Minagi Sasara: Why... why do I... hate this so much...
  247. Kyubey: ...
  248. Kyubey: ! Sasara! Above you!
  249. Minagi Sasara: ...Eh?
  250. *noises*
  251. Minagi Sasara: Damn...! They're attacking her...!!
  252. Woman: ...
  253. *noises*
  254. Minagi Sasara: Take this...!
  256. ---------------------
  258. ...It's my fault.
  259. ...I lost my way ...Because my heart is weak.
  260. That's why... I got hurt...
  261. ...At least... let me save this woman...
  263. *noises*
  264. Minagi Sasara: !
  265. ???: Phew~... Made it just in time!
  266. Minagi Sasara: ...Someone saved me?
  267. ???: Now... You're next!
  268. *noises*
  269. ???: Are you injured?
  270. Minagi Sasara: ...Who... are you?
  271. Kyubey: Asuka!
  272. ???: Kyubey! Hello there!
  273. Minagi Sasara: You know him... Then...
  274. Kyubey: Yes, this girl is Tatsuki Asuka.
  275. Kyubey: She's a magical girl who made a contract with me.
  276. Tatsuki Asuka: Looks like you're a magical girl as well.
  277. Minagi Sasara: Ah, I'm... Minagi Sasara...
  278. Minagi Sasara: So... just now you...
  279. Tatsuki Asuka: You don't have to thank me.
  280. Minagi Sasara: Eh?
  281. Tatsuki Asuka: I was hunting down a witch and saw you by coincidence.
  282. Tatsuki Asuka: If you'll excuse me.
  283. Minagi Sasara: Ah! Um!
  284. Minagi Sasara: ...She left.
  285. Kyubey: As always, she's completely focused on her goal.
  286. Minagi Sasara: ...
  288. The victim's curse was lifted when I got her out of the labyrinth.
  290. Kyubey: It looks like Asuka has defeated the witch.
  292. Kyubey told me stuff about this girl.
  293. ...It was a ridiculous story.
  295. Tatsuki Asuka: You don't have to thank me.
  297. What she said had shocked me.
  298. And she was the first magical girl I ever met.
  299. I want to speak with her...! I want to know her story...!
  300. The opportunity soon presented itself.
  302. ---------------------
  304. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Hm? And you are...
  305. Minagi Sasara: From back then!
  307. We met again in the labyrinth of another witch.
  309. Minagi Sasara: I wanted to thank you for what you did back then...
  310. Tatsuki Asuka: I told you before! You don't have to thank me!
  311. Minagi Sasara: But I wanted to do it! I mean, you...
  312. Tatsuki Asuka: ...You are welcome.
  313. Minagi Sasara: ...Ah. Y-Yeah...!
  315. That day, we decided to hunt the witch together.
  316. But the plan changed along the way.
  318. Woman: ...
  319. Minagi Sasara: All these people... They have the witch's kiss...
  320. Tatsuki Asuka: I heard this is how they become food for a witch...
  321. Tatsuki Asuka: Okay...
  322. Tatsuki Asuka: Let's find this witch.
  323. Minagi Sasara: Eh? Are we abandoning them?
  324. Tatsuki Asuka: ...No, we can save them if we defeat the witch!
  325. Minagi Sasara: But if anything happens to them...
  326. Tatsuki Asuka: If anything happens, we'll come back, but the witch is our priority!
  327. Minagi Sasara: By then it'll be too late to help them!
  328. Tatsuki Asuka: The witch is our priority!
  329. Minagi Sasara: These people are more important!
  330. Kyubey: You know what? Asuka is right.
  331. Minagi Sasara: Kyubey!
  332. Tatsuki Asuka: If you don't agree, then stay here until I deal with it...
  333. Tatsuki Asuka: Hey, how far is the deepest part of the labyrinth?
  334. Kyubey: It's not far from here.
  335. Tatsuki Asuka: Is that so... Very well, I'm going.
  336. Minagi Sasara: ...I have to help these people...
  337. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Is that so. Fine.
  338. Kyubey: ...Asuka, the witch is in the other direction.
  339. Tatsuki Asuka: !
  340. Tatsuki Asuka: ...I knew that! If you'll excuse me!
  341. Kyubey: She's always been awkward like that.
  342. Minagi Sasara: ...
  344. I know that everything is solved if you defeat the witch.
  346. Minagi Sasara: But I can't leave them like that.
  347. Minagi Sasara: ...Why am I so fixated with that thought?
  348. Minagi Sasara: It's because I'm a Knight... It's because I want to save people...
  349. Minagi Sasara: ...It's because I want someone to thank me...
  350. Minagi Sasara: Am I...
  352. Minagi Sasara: Am I doing this to feel appreciated...? Is that the reason? ...Please, I need to know, I...
  354. -----------------------------------------------------
  355. Part 3: The things I must do
  356. -----------------------------------------------------
  358. I met Asuka once again on a different day.
  360. Minagi Sasara: I think it's better if we protect the people here!
  361. Tatsuki Asuka: I think it's better if we defeat the witch!
  363. It's just like the other day...
  364. But not quite.
  366. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Grrr!
  367. Minagi Sasara: More familiars...!
  368. Tatsuki Asuka: There's quite a few of them... But there's no problem!
  369. Tatsuki Asuka: I'll take point!
  370. Minagi Sasara: Wait! What about all these people with the kiss!
  371. Tatsuki Asuka: Eh? Eh? Ahhhh! Right!
  372. Minagi Sasara: We must fight and protect these people at the same time!
  373. Minagi Sasara: ...That's what I live for.
  374. Tatsuki Asuka: Ah, of course! It's what we have to do!
  375. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Hm? Has there been a misunderstanding? I'm not heartless, you know!
  376. Minagi Sasara: ...Heheh. Just like I thought.
  377. Tatsuki Asuka: Hm? ...Well, whatever...
  378. Tatsuki Asuka: But I can't fight very well if I'm defending someone...
  379. Kyubey: Doing both things at the same time is not very safe.
  380. Minagi Sasara: Ah! It's true!
  381. Tatsuki Asuka: Yes, that's what I mean!
  382. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Wait a second... Both things...
  383. Tatsuki Asuka: Ahhh! I know! The answer is so simple!
  384. Minagi Sasara: ...Eh?
  385. Tatsuki Asuka: Sasara-san, please focus on protecting these people.
  386. Tatsuki Asuka: I'll take on the familiars.
  387. Minagi Sasara: ...Protect? ...That's...
  388. Tatsuki Asuka: We'll divide our roles!
  389. Minagi Sasara: ...U-Understood!
  390. Tatsuki Asuka: Okay! ...So many familiars... Get ready!
  392. ---------------------
  394. We divided our roles and it was a success.
  395. I saw for the first time just how strong Asuka really was.
  396. She's a natural in combat.
  397. As for me...
  399. Minagi Sasara: Hey! ...I will not let you come any closer!
  400. *noises*
  402. I could focus solely on protecting these people.
  403. And those tainted feelings that pained my heart were gone...
  405. Tatsuki Asuka: Take this!
  406. *noises*
  407. Minagi Sasara: ...It's over.
  408. Tatsuki Asuka: Heheheh... We won!
  409. Kyubey: You two make a pretty good team.
  410. Minagi Sasara: Eh? ...Hm... Well...
  411. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Hrm...
  413. The way I moved was different than before.
  414. "Protect". "Help". That was the only thing in my mind.
  415. It allowed me to move without hesitation...
  416. We managed to defeat the witch by dividing our roles.
  417. And then...
  419. Tatsuki Asuka: Sasara-san!
  420. Minagi Sasara: ! W-What...?
  421. Tatsuki Asuka: You know...
  422. Tatsuki Asuka: You made it look easy.
  423. Minagi Sasara: Eh? ...No, that was all you, Asuka.
  424. Tatsuki Asuka: Heheheh... That's not true...
  425. Tatsuki Asuka: So listen! I came up with a great idea.
  426. Minagi Sasara: A great idea?
  427. Tatsuki Asuka: Yup, it's a very good plan.
  428. Minagi Sasara: ...W-What's the plan?
  429. Tatsuki Asuka: Sasara-san, you...
  430. Minagi Sasara: ...What?
  432. "You won't be a magical girl anymore."
  434. ---------------------
  436. Minagi Sasara: I... won't be... a magical girl anymore?
  437. Kyubey: How can she stop being a magical girl, Asuka?
  438. Tatsuki Asuka: Hm...?
  439. Tatsuki Asuka: Ahhhhhhh! I didn't say it right! My bad! Let me rephrase!
  440. Kyubey: ...And it was such an interesting notion.
  441. Minagi Sasara: More like a shocking one...
  442. Tatsuki Asuka: What I meant was that you'll stop doing what magical girls "usually" do!
  443. Tatsuki Asuka: You know!
  444. Minagi Sasara: What we usually do...? W-What do you mean?
  445. Tatsuki Asuka: You're gonna be a rescue and defence expert instead.
  446. Tatsuki Asuka: ...You'll come with me, and we'll fight together!
  447. Minagi Sasara: ...Whaaat?!
  448. Tatsuki Asuka: Even though I came up with the role division thing, I was a bit worried.
  449. Tatsuki Asuka: But! It turned out to be a successful strategy!
  450. Tatsuki Asuka: I saw what you can really do.
  451. Minagi Sasara: ...How did you see that...
  452. Tatsuki Asuka: I'm in training to become the master of the Ryuushinbyu Naginata technique!
  453. Tatsuki Asuka: And I'm great at finding hidden talents! Heheheh...
  454. Minagi Sasara: ...Is that so?
  455. Kyubey: She's also great at being clumsy.
  456. Tatsuki Asuka: Y-You shut up! Like I was saying!
  457. Tatsuki Asuka: Ummm, well... I know when I can trust someone to watch my back...
  458. Tatsuki Asuka: I know when someone will be there when I need them...
  459. Tatsuki Asuka: ...So, we'll be a rescue squad! A magical girl rescue squad!
  460. Minagi Sasara: Eh?!
  461. Minagi Sasara: ...Ahaha. Ahahahahah!
  462. Tatsuki Asuka: ...D-Did I say something weird? What did I say...
  463. Minagi Sasara: Haha! You know, that's so funny!
  464. Minagi Sasara: ...Heheh. But it is a great idea...
  465. Tatsuki Asuka: A great idea? You think so?
  466. Minagi Sasara: ...Yep.
  467. Minagi Sasara: ...Let's do it. We'll be a rescue squad!
  469. ---------------------
  471. To expand on Asuka's idea...
  472. We'd be the first responders. I'd be a rescue and defence expert...
  473. She wanted me to become the kind of magical girl that I always hoped for.
  474. ...Well, that was very convenient for this story... but I'm fine with that.
  475. Because... it's a story I've read many times.
  477. Minagi Sasara: Do you feel lonely too as a magical girl?
  478. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Lonely...
  479. Minagi Sasara: I've been fighting witches on my own. I've been saving people without anyone noticing me.
  480. Minagi Sasara: So... I'm not sure I can explain it right... It's just so painful...
  482. I never imagined I'd be able to say something so embarrassing to someone...
  483. But now I could say it freely for some reason.
  485. Tatsuki Asuka: Lonely... Well, I'm also lonely.
  486. Minagi Sasara: Is that so...
  487. Tatsuki Asuka: But I made a promise when I became a magical girl.
  488. Tatsuki Asuka: I would defeat the witches of this world and protect everyone's lives.
  489. Tatsuki Asuka: I remember that promise and I fight... Simple as that!
  490. Minagi Sasara: ...I see... Heheh... Sounds like something you would do.
  492. Asuka is always so straightforward! She doesn't think about anything else.
  493. And I lost my way... ...No, I just forgot something important.
  494. The Knight in the picture book also helps people without thinking about anything else.
  495. Just like my dad...
  497. Minagi Sasara: Okaaay! Then I won't think anymore!
  498. Tatsuki Asuka: Nonono! Just forget I said anything!
  499. Minagi Sasara: It's fiiine! This feels really good!
  500. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Huh?
  502. For now, I'll take on the role of Asuka's partner.
  503. ...I haven't met any other magical girls yet.
  504. However! I'll always be there to answer their distress calls.
  505. Because... I am part of a Rescue Squad!
  507. Tatsuki Asuka: Let's go, I'll take on the enemies!
  508. Minagi Sasara: Everything will be alright! Leave the rest to me!
  510. Minagi Sasara: I think the two of us really do make a good team!
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