Dec 12th, 2017
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  1. D.Y.N. Freaks
  2. Yog So-Thot- +100 I don't think I need to take things that seriously at this point
  3. Hazardous Location+200 I've built for this, and judging by the low end of the power levels I am pretty much good
  4. the new God +200 kind of cancels out the above one doesn't it? They Will be busy with each other
  5. Mystery of the Sphinx- +200 here's where things get interesting, he's pretty much the rival of every jumper.
  6. Edging It- +300 I have a lot of anticorruption perks, and a lot of willpower
  7. Mage- 100 I need the stipend .
  8. Ninja/Samurai: samurai free for Mage yeah there are some pretty decent sword arts in this series.
  9. Great God Transformation-300 nice trick, let's make some power my own
  10. Hunting Horror: import the thunder Free for mage so so this is a new cruising speed but being indestructible makes it worth it and it still has a top speed of 29C
  11. Clockwerk Phantom- 600 too bad there's not an import option for this
  12. Shining Trapezohedron- 600 so I can just absorb the power of all these gods right? Plus I have worthiness perks so I don't have to worry about getting locked out of it
  13. Custom fragment: the red tongue of Kālī :The ability to erase not just material objects but also space and events from time,Imagine a mix of The Hand and King Crimson along with All Fiction.-600 200 taken from stipend, Effectively 400 yeah one of my dream abilities and its the kind of thing the Missus will appreciate.
  14. #The plan:OH thank miss producer you folks weren't written out forcing me into another "in mourning " arc! It's so good to have my loyal retainers back! No companion has ever died before so I had no idea what was going to happen, but we can't exactly write out the comic relief now can we? There's plenty of fighting to be done which due to infinite material tolerances, not actually needing a physical body to survive, and already having endgame abilities for this universe thanks to hefty point investments gives me plenty of power to handle what this universe has to dish out at least until Vortex blaster comes around by which time I will be gone let's see if I can save some folks by taking them to another universe a bit farther away with the house of mystery Roll(1d100)+0:79,+0 Total:79 barely not a critical failure! So that's a definite no but it's not 80 or above so no further consequences
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