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Resilient Session 1

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  1.         TheResilientGM  The transport doors open in front of you. 2nd Company has already deployed ahead of you, and has set up a base of operations which you can see as the ramp lowers in front. Captain Zieten has landed ahead of you, and stands atop his Command vehicle. Instantly, lieutenants show orders to disembark and form up by platoons outside.
  2.         TheResilientGM  Lieutenant Koss calls, "Platoon, disembark!"
  3.         TheResilientGM  Above the noise, through a laud-hailer, Captain Zieten begins: "Welcome to the front! As you disembark, look around you. Look around you and understand that you are it. Until this island is secured, there will be no further deployments. Do your duty, and fight with competence, and you may well see the end of this campaign."
  4.         Kass_Yonova     falls into his allotted place in the rest of the squad. Vikk takes his place next to Kass, obviously anxious to get a move on.
  5.         TheResilientGM  Several officers gather around in pockets, looking at maps and pointing to the horizon, determining which elements are to set up and secure the headquarters, and which are to go on immediate deployment.
  6.         Scheider        hefts his flamer pack on to his back and lights the igniter.
  7.         TheResilientGM  The flow of men out of the Devourer is steady, as NCOs make their way to their positions as indicated by their officers.
  8.         Gru_Persay      unenthusiastically looks around and follows behind the rest of the squaf.
  9.         Rex     von Brink arrives on the ramp, shadowed by a runt of a guardsman. The sergeant's skull is bare; his dress cap in hand. He waves someone along, further down the aisle -- a red-robed figure. "Here will do," Brink declares, pointing to a spot ahead of the first line.
  10.         Scheider        gets off the drop ship and moves off to a clearing my himself before testing to make sure all the fuel lines are secure on his famer.
  11.         Gru_Persay      sees Rex and walks toward him.
  12.         Gru_Persay      "....Hello."
  13.         TheResilientGM  Lieutenant Koss approaches Rex. "Sergeant, with me" he calls.
  14.         Rex     gives the tech-adept a queer look. "Just... stand ahead of the rank." With that the sergeant strides off to join his Lieutenant.
  15.         Gru_Persay      does what he is told.
  16.         TheResilientGM  "Sergeant, we have been graced with the opportunity to join the fight rather than play camp-mates with everyone else back here."
  17.         Rex     grins, and chuckles in near-disbelief. "That's excellent news, Lieutenant. Do we have information on our deployment yet?"
  18.         TheResilientGM  "The advance on the main island is stalled by nasty artillery fire... and /we/ get to silence them. We'll be advancing through some heavily wooded areas to the North. Your squad specifically is to link with the liason of the Vonayan 23rd... recon men. They've apparently already sent someone here. Link up with him, and get yourself some gear; visit the quartermaster."
  19.         Rex     "Understood." Brink nods. "For the Emperor, Lieutenant. We'll make the homeworld proud."
  20.         Rex     clicks his heels and marches off, a new vigor in his step.
  21.         |<--    Rex has left irc.thisisnotatrueending.com (Quit: )
  22.         TheResilientGM  A man approaches your squad. By the look of his uniform, an aide of the Lieutenant.
  23.         TheResilientGM  "Gentlemen" he salutes, "report to the quartermaster, if you please. Lieutenant Koss wishes to have you outfitted and ready to go as soon as possible."
  24.         Scheider        looks around at his gear. "We're not outfitted already?"
  25.         Gru_Persay      "I don't even have gun."
  26.         Gru_Persay      checks his gear and finds laspistol. "Nevermind."
  27.         Kass_Yonova     "Well, shall we?"
  28.         Gru_Persay      "I would prefer a solid projective weapon. So... that's go."
  29.         Kass_Yonova     "I'm sure they'll be more than pleased to give you whatever you need, Cog-boy." He answers with a grin.
  30.         Gru_Persay      *Sighs* "C'mon Meat. follow."
  31.         Scheider        "Come on Hector let's go get more crap to carry."
  32.         TheResilientGM  You arrive at the quarter-master's station, where two other men are checking their gear. It's clear that neither of them is of Prithian origin. Behind his desk stands an tall aged, neatly man. His eyes scanning through lists and forms. Without looking up at you, he calls: "Name, rank."
  33.         Gru_Persay      "Gru....ah.... Techpriest"
  34.         Scheider        salutes "Trooper Otto Scheider"
  35.         Artem_Gusarov   fiddles with his com-bead, listening in to local vox chatter. He acknowledges the squad's entrance with a glance, then goes back to the headset
  36.         Kass_Yonova     "Kass Yonova, Corporal."
  37.         TheResilientGM  He looks up to Yonova.
  38.         TheResilientGM  "You're with Koss?"
  39.         Kass_Yonova     "The Lieutenant? Yes, sir."
  40.         TheResilientGM  "You two. Maxim's boys," he calls to Oleg and Artem
  41.         Artem_Gusarov   glances up at the quartermaster
  42.         TheResilientGM  "If I'm not mistaken, these men here are headed up North. I think they're your contact."
  43.         Artem_Gusarov   "Ah, good. I guess I should brief you, then."
  44.         Artem_Gusarov   turns to the squad
  45.         Kass_Yonova     quirks an eyebrow at that.
  46.         Artem_Gusarov   "Artem Gusarov, Private. 23rd Vonayan Recon. My regiment is to lead and assist yours in assaulting the enemy's positions to the north. First, we will meet up with my CO, and receive more support from my platoon."
  47.         Artem_Gusarov   "Then, we are to take out enemy forces in the northern part of the forest, and move on."
  48.         Artem_Gusarov   "I've heard scattered reports that the enemy has armor past the woods."
  49.         Artem_Gusarov   "Any questions?"
  50.         Kass_Yonova     "I assume we'll learn more about the enemy when we link up with your CO?"
  51.         Artem_Gusarov   "Yes. Or I could answer any questions right now. I have been engaging them for the past few weeks, after all."
  52.         TheResilientGM  "Listen," says the quartermaster, "don't ask, but that crate behind you is yours."
  53.         Kass_Yonova     "What are we in for? Honestly I'm not exactly cut out to ask for specific details, but I'd like to at least know who we're fighting, in more detail."
  54.         TheResilientGM  He walks up to it, and removes the tag attached to it, filling it out.
  55.         TheResilientGM  "You're responsible for it now, Corporal."
  56.         Kass_Yonova     "Understood, sir." He turns to the crate, and then looks to the Tech-Priest. "Have a look inside, Cog-boy."
  57.         Artem_Gusarov   "Secessionists. Heretics, obviously, but no sorcery as far as I know. Their average grunt is poorly equipped, but they have some nicer hardware, and a shitton of artillery."
  58.         TheResilientGM  "Aha!" the quartermaster finds a document. "Techpriest. Help yourself," he points to the room behind him.
  59.         Kass_Yonova     "That's all I need to know. At least for now. What's in the crate, Cog-boy?"
  60.         Gru_Persay      grabs autogun, auto pistol, 3 clips of ammo for each gun and says "Thank you."
  61.         TheResilientGM  The winds pick up from the south, the smell of a wildfire in the distance.
  62.         Artem_Gusarov   "Damn, that shit's still burning?"
  63.         Kass_Yonova     "Burning?" He asks Artem.
  64.         Gru_Persay      "What's in the box?" *opens the box.*
  65.         Artem_Gusarov   "Another arty field. Had to go through it with a squad from your regiment to get here."
  66.         TheResilientGM  +Second platoon rally west of the encampment+ a voice transmits through your combeads.
  67.         Gru_Persay      sees 10 entrenching tools and says ".... Great. Meat! Hold."
  68.         TheResilientGM  "YES, MASTER"
  69.         Kass_Yonova     gives a low whistle at that. "Let's move!" Starts towards the rally point.
  70.         Gru_Persay      follows Kass.
  71.         Scheider        checks his gear before following the squad
  72.         Artem_Gusarov   racks the action on his autogun and follows
  73.         TheResilientGM  Oleg brings out a stained piece of paper as you move towards the rally point.
  74.         Gru_Persay      looks at the map. "What kind of an idiot was in charge of making this?"
  75.         TheResilientGM  "Here, Prithian. You take this, you need for the to advance enemy position."
  76.         TheResilientGM  He hands it to Yonova.
  77.         Kass_Yonova     "Uh, thanks?" He takes the stained map. "Uh-huh."
  78.         Gru_Persay      "Meat could have made a better map."
  79.         Kass_Yonova     "Looks like something a 7 year old drew," Kass mumbles to himself as he looks it over.
  80.         Kass_Yonova     pockets it after looking it over.
  81.         TheResilientGM  As you approach, you can see Lieutenant Koss and his command squad discussing last-minute plans. Several squads form up in front of him awaiting orders.
  82.         Kass_Yonova     forms up in the congestion of troopers.
  83.         Gru_Persay      stands behind his squad.
  84.         TheResilientGM  Koss looks up at the Vonayans. "Ah, good. Recon, yes?"
  85.         Artem_Gusarov   "Yes. We're all that's left of the southern task force."
  86.         TheResilientGM  "I hear you've got a position up north. We're headed just past it, there's an installation you're probably familiar with. That's our objective" he explains, pointing to a map.
  87.         Artem_Gusarov   "Correct. The rest of my platoon is there, awaiting reinforcements."
  88.         TheResilientGM  "Tag along with a squad and scout ahead. We will follow you in. Have you got our vox frequencies?"
  89.         Artem_Gusarov   "Yes. I was attached to another squad of Prithians at the southern LZ, but they were KIA on the way here. They gave me the frequencies."
  90.         TheResilientGM  Koss nods. "Platoon, move out!" he calls to his men. NCO's echo his orders, and the mass of men moves breaks their formation.
  91.         Artem_Gusarov   elects to stick to the guys he met at the QM
  92.         Kass_Yonova     "Welcome back, Artem. We'll follow you."
  93.         Artem_Gusarov   "I appreciate it. Let's go, my CO is a few clicks from here."
  94.         TheResilientGM  Half-hour later, you arrive at a checkpoint. Beyond this point are very dense woods. A notice on the guardpost warns that supply lines end here.
  95.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Follow."
  96.         TheResilientGM  +Vonayans and squad, move up from here+
  97.         Kass_Yonova     appraises the trees that make up the forest, and smiles. Beautiful.
  98.         TheResilientGM  At some distance, you see Koss hold his men, and check equipment.
  99.         Artem_Gusarov   slings his gun and moves up, shifting through vox channels to his regiment's frequency
  100.         Scheider        "Ya, know this is a lot like home in a way. Don't ya think Hector, we get to go around the woods and I shoot things with a flamer and then you make sure they don't set the woods on fire by killing them before they get too far."
  101.         Kass_Yonova     +Affirmative, moving up.+
  102.         Artem_Gusarov   +Command, this is Pvt. Gusarov. Repeat, this is Pvt. Gusarov. Approaching rendezvous point.+
  103.         Kass_Yonova     "Surely, you didn't burn that many trees, Otto?"
  104.         Artem_Gusarov   gives the sky one last suspicious glance before entering the woods, relaxing a bit as the forest covers the sky
  105.         Gru_Persay      mud is sticking to his boots and says "I hate nature so much."
  106.         TheResilientGM  "Except back home, the forrests didn't burn with us all in them." retorts Hector, gripping his weapon.
  107.         Artem_Gusarov   "Agreed. Wish I had a proper roof or tunnel over my head."
  108.         Kass_Yonova     "Ah, you just don't understand. The woods are such a wondrous place. Though, if not careful you can run aground some nasty things. Like the fauna back home."
  109.         Scheider        "We only light one forest fire and that's when we was startin out!"
  110.         TheResilientGM  +Change of rendezvous point, Gusarov. Captain's Orders. Armored patrols have us cut off. Proceed West to Regimental Command. Just north of the River crossing.+
  111.         Artem_Gusarov   +Affirmative. Gusarov out.+
  112.         Artem_Gusarov   raises a clenched fist "Head west from here, new rendezvous point just north of the river crossing. Armored patrols cut them off."
  113.         Scheider        "That was our job actually, we went out into the wilderness and cleared out badger nests. You ever run into one Yonova? Big fuckers almost 2 meters tall."
  114.         Kass_Yonova     "Never directly, my father always guided us around them. We've encountered what happens when you don't leave them alone, however."
  115.         Kass_Yonova     nods at Artem. "Lead the way."
  116.         Artem_Gusarov   switches to Prithian frequencies +Lieutenant this is Pvt. Gusarov. New rendezvous point west, then north of the river crossing. Armored patrols have cut off my comrades.+
  117.         Scheider        "Those bastards sure do hate fire. It's kinda funny watching them run around screaming and moaning right before ya put em down."
  118.         Artem_Gusarov   shifts west
  119.         TheResilientGM  +We have orders, Gusarov. Proceeding to planned rendezvous.+
  120.         Artem_Gusarov   +Lieutenant, be advised, heavy enemy presence is in the previous point, including armored units.+
  121.         Gru_Persay      "That was a great story Scheider. So great that I'll be sure to delete this memory as soon as I can."
  122.         TheResilientGM  +Your concern is noted, Vonayan, but we have orders. You are to take the squad to original rendezvous. That is an order.+
  123.         Scheider        "I can tell ya more if ya want just ask!"
  124.         TheResilientGM  "Oh, he's got stories" adds Hector
  125.         Artem_Gusarov   turns off the vox and approaches Gru "Hey, can you release some white noise real quick?"
  126.         Gru_Persay      "That was not... I mean... Whatever"
  127.         Kass_Yonova     "That's quite alright, Otto." He replies while rubbing his temples.
  128.         Gru_Persay      changes into a robotic voice and makes loud static noise into the vox.
  129.         TheResilientGM  +Say again, Vonayan. Transmission inaudible. Say again.+
  130.         Artem_Gusarov   turns the vox back on +Repeat, Lieutenant! No copy! The vox ma- irts are -ing up. Please repeat!+
  131.         TheResilientGM  +The fecking thing... FIX IT!+ you can hear him berate his vox operator.
  132.         Artem_Gusarov   turns off the vox and signals Gru to stop
  133.         Gru_Persay      "That was fun."
  134.         Kass_Yonova     "Can't say the Lieutenant's gonna be happy about that."
  135.         Gru_Persay      "So... did we just sign our own death warrants?"
  136.         Artem_Gusarov   switches back to talk to someone competent +Command, this is Gusarov. A platoon of Prithians is moving to the original rendezvous point despite my warning. I've attached to a squad of Prithians that seem to be competent, continuing on to the crossing, over.+
  137.         Artem_Gusarov   "He's not going to live long enough to pass it on to command."
  138.         Artem_Gusarov   "Fucking butterbars, thinking they're hot shit."
  139.         Kass_Yonova     worriedly chuckles at that.
  140.         TheResilientGM  +Inform them of armored patrols, Gusarov. That path is a no-go.+
  141.         Gru_Persay      changes his voice back to normal.
  142.         Artem_Gusarov   +I already have, command. LT suffers from butterbar syndrome, began ordering me to move with him before some "vox interference" interrupted him, over.+
  143.         TheResilientGM  +Hehe... Captain sends his regards.+
  144.         Artem_Gusarov   +Acknowledged. Gusarov out.+
  145.         TheResilientGM  Gru can hear the faint and muffled roar of engines off to the East.
  146.         Gru_Persay      "Guys, there's some sort of machiney sounds coming from the east."
  147.         Artem_Gusarov   "Let this be a lesson for you guys: trust experience and actual intel over rank."
  148.         Kass_Yonova     "We're not just gonna leave them, are we?"
  149.         Artem_Gusarov   "We don't have a choice. He won't listen. If any of you try to contact him about this, he WILL lead you directly into a meatgrinder."
  150.         TheResilientGM  A crackled transmission reaches your commbeads. It's the voice of Captain Zieten. +...is denied, Lieutenant. We have no reinforcements until this damned island is cleared. Over and out.+
  151.         Scheider        "Should we try and help them?"
  152.         Artem_Gusarov   "If you're up to throwing your life away for no gain, then sure. Otherwise, come with me, and my regiment will help you get something actually worthwhile done."
  153.         Kass_Yonova     "The Vonyan has a point. Unfortunately."
  154.         Gru_Persay      "No thanks, I rather live long enough to replace my meaty parts replaced with machinery."
  155.         Scheider        "It wouldn't be very smart to let our only back up get slaughtered
  156.         Artem_Gusarov   resumes the march
  157.         Scheider        shrugs and follows the rest of the squad.
  158.         Gru_Persay      follows Artem.
  159.         Artem_Gusarov   "I fought alongside some of your comrades. They were among the first of your regiment to make planetfall. They were green as fuck, but they handled themselves very well. We managed to take out an arty base together, at the cost of their lives."
  160.         TheResilientGM  As you advance further west, you hear the sudden and repeated sounds of autogun fire to the distance. A skirmish has clearly broken out.
  161.         Kass_Yonova     casts a glance back to where the rest of the platoon should be. "Talk about fecked up, huh Vikk?" He follows the rest after asking Vikk.
  162.         Artem_Gusarov   "Your regiment is well equipped, and you guys seem to be well trained and disciplined, but shitty COs can always fuck that up. Never let them do that if you can help it. You'd be surprised by how easy it is for a vox to suddenly fail, or a shot to go astray, out on the front lines."
  163.         TheResilientGM  "You and I both couldn't patch up damage like that if we wanted to..." Vikk replies, cringing at the sound.
  164.         Artem_Gusarov   "I'll be frank: a lot of my comrades will see you as little better than cannon fodder, and this manuver will only serve to reinforce that. It's up to you to prove them wrong. Just keep it in mind."
  165.         Kass_Yonova     "No...no we couldn't."
  166.         TheResilientGM  Ahead of you, you hear the sound of running water.
  167.         TheResilientGM  "Yes... this is like home" remarks Hector.
  168.         Kass_Yonova     "Sounds like we're nearing your comrades, Artem." Kass checks his weapon over, also making sure his medical kit is still strapped safely to the rest of his kit.
  169.         TheResilientGM  Artem sees a local ursine animal by the river. It's a large animal, an adult male.
  170.         Artem_Gusarov   raises a clenched fist, crouches down, and unslings his rifle
  171.         Kass_Yonova     halts and crouches, making sure Vikk is down next to him.
  172.         Artem_Gusarov   pulls the cameleoline around him and points at the bear
  173.         Gru_Persay      "It's just an animal."
  174.         TheResilientGM  The animal turns to face your direction. It smells the air and rears up on its hind legs.
  175.         Kass_Yonova     +What a beautiful animal.+
  176.         Artem_Gusarov   "We're going to have a bad day if it starts coming this way, weapons ready, unless you foresters know a better way to handle it."
  177.         Gru_Persay      grabs auto gun and lowers his body. He says +and it probably whats to eat us."
  178.         Artem_Gusarov   starts aiming his autogun at it
  179.         TheResilientGM  The beast turns to face down-river.
  180.         Scheider        unslings his flamer and grins at Hector.
  181.         TheResilientGM  It adopts an aggressive pose, and stays perfectly silent.
  182.         Kass_Yonova     +Leave it alone, we'll go around it. The badgers back home only attack if you get near them.+
  183.         Artem_Gusarov   "You think you can move past it without getting too close and pissing it off? Those fuckers are very aggressive."
  184.         Gru_Persay      looks at Scheider and says "Or cook it and eat it. That works too."
  185.         Artem_Gusarov   "The meat is pretty shit."
  186.         Scheider        "I know, I'm just being prepared is all."
  187.         Artem_Gusarov   "I'll go around, be ready to open fire."
  188.         Artem_Gusarov   attaches his bayonet and quietly moves around the bear, keeping a good distance
  189.         Gru_Persay      "Oh boy, bear meat for dinner. This plan isn't going to suck at all."
  190.         TheResilientGM  Down-river, you see two young locals. The oldest of the two not yet 18. He is armed.
  191.         TheResilientGM  The beast slowly approaches them. Not making a sound.
  192.         Kass_Yonova     +Careful, two locals are down river, the animal is approaching them.+
  193.         Artem_Gusarov   pulls out his magnoculars and looks towards the bear
  194.         Scheider        checks the igniter on his flamer.
  195.         Gru_Persay      +Are the rebels?+
  196.         Scheider        shrugs
  197.         Artem_Gusarov   "Maybe. Could just be civvies, though the line is kind of blurred here. That bear is going to keep them distracted, let's move along."
  198.         Scheider        "Sounds good to me it would be safe to keep an eye on them though."
  199.         Artem_Gusarov   "Feel free."
  200.         Artem_Gusarov   sneaks past
  201.         Gru_Persay      +Maybe we can ask them questions?+
  202.         Gru_Persay      +Maybe through violence?+
  203.         Artem_Gusarov   "They won't know shit. Move."
  204.         Scheider        "Better not with that beast there. Plus they might go back and tell the rebels we're here."
  205.         Kass_Yonova     "I'll take the rear, get moving."
  206.         Gru_Persay      "True. That bear is going to eat well."
  207.         TheResilientGM  The animal rushes the two, crossing to their side of the river.
  208.         TheResilientGM  They panic, and the leading figure opens fire while the other one flees.
  209.         TheResilientGM  The beast appears to have been wounded. The local runs away from it. In your direction.
  210.         Gru_Persay      hides behind a tree and says "Meat. Hide."
  211.         Artem_Gusarov   "Ah, fuck", he mumbles to himself.
  212.         Kass_Yonova     takes cover behind a shredded tree.
  213.         TheResilientGM  "Help!" he calls out, to anyone who will hear him.
  214.         TheResilientGM  "By the Emperor, please!"
  215.         Kass_Yonova     +Artem, think you can knock the locals out? We'll neutralize the animal.+
  216.         Artem_Gusarov   jumps out, seemingly out of nowhere to the locals, aiming the gun at them "On the ground, now!"
  217.         Kass_Yonova     keeps his lasgun trained on the bear.
  218.         TheResilientGM  They both drop, instantly. An expression of pure fear on their faces at being surrounded on either side by mortal threats.
  219.         Gru_Persay      Grabs his auto gun and aims at the bear.
  220.         Scheider        raises his flamer ready to roast the beast where it stands. "Hector take aim at the bastard."
  221.         TheResilientGM  "Way ahead of you" Hector replies, gripping his weapon
  222.         Scheider        "Good man"
  223.         TheResilientGM  "That's one ugly badger..."
  224.         Artem_Gusarov   "Bourbon, get the civilians behind us, quick!"
  225.         Artem_Gusarov   "Open fire!"
  226.         Scheider        "Not nearly as majestic."
  227.         TheResilientGM  "Get back here, now!" Oleg calls as he drags the younger one behind the firing line.
  228.         Artem_Gusarov   fires a full auto burst at the bear
  229.         Kass_Yonova     fires once at the bear, somehow missing the gigantic creature.
  230.         Scheider        grins and unleashes a gout of flame into the charging beast while laughing hysterically.
  231.         TheResilientGM  The beast roars as its fur is utterly consumed by fire. It stops in its tracks, rearing up on its hind legs.
  232.         Kass_Yonova     "Glad Da isn't here to see this..." Kass remarks in muted horror.
  234.         Gru_Persay      "Guess we are eating bear tonight?"
  235.         TheResilientGM  It falls on its back, the fire proving too much. It is unable to get back up, simply burning and roaring in pain.
  236.         Artem_Gusarov   ignores their antics and goes to the civilians
  237.         Gru_Persay      smells the horrible burnt bear corpse and disables smell input.
  238.         TheResilientGM  The two panicked locals look up at you, Oleg stands behind them.
  239.         Artem_Gusarov   "Put it out of its misery.", he says to nobody in particular as he walks to the civvies.
  240.         TheResilientGM  One reaches for his hunting weapon.
  241.         TheResilientGM  Oleg kicks it out of the way.
  242.         Kass_Yonova     walks as close as he can to the roaring bear inferno, and puts several las-bolts through it's head.
  243.         Artem_Gusarov   grabs the rifle "Bad idea."
  244.         Gru_Persay      grabs the hunting weapons and starts dismantling it.
  245.         TheResilientGM  The animal stops squirming, finally put to rest.
  246.         Artem_Gusarov   "Speak. What were you doing here?"
  247.         Kass_Yonova     "Hector, Vikk, secure the perimeter." Kass orders as we walks over to where the civvies and Vonyans are.
  248.         TheResilientGM  "Sir" Vikk acknowledges.
  249.         TheResilientGM  "Wh-wh-who are you?"
  250.         Artem_Gusarov   "The Emperor's men. Now, answer my question."
  251.         TheResilientGM  "Food" the younger one interrupts. His older counterpart, shushing him.
  252.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Hold." *gives meat the dismantled hunting weapon*
  253.         TheResilientGM  "MASTER, YES" the servitor replies in its deep growling voice
  254.         TheResilientGM  "They took our home. Just down the river, we've been trying to survive out here. The so-called 'duke' and his men are monsters." the older one explains.
  255.         Artem_Gusarov   "So they are. He shells his own men. You two are lucky to have avoided conscription."
  256.         TheResilientGM  "Our village denied him. They killed everyone. My brother and I are the only survivors" he holds his younger sibling close.
  257.         Artem_Gusarov   "Do you two know the area well?"
  258.         TheResilientGM  "We used to hunt out here with our father. Of course we do."
  259.         Kass_Yonova     narrows his eyes at the boys.
  260.         TheResilientGM  "I... we're going to need that weapon back."
  261.         Gru_Persay      "hmm?"
  262.         Kass_Yonova     "Artem? What should we do with the locals?"
  263.         TheResilientGM  "Sir... it's all we have. We can't survive without it."
  264.         Scheider        "Why not send them back to our lines?"
  265.         Artem_Gusarov   "How would you two like to put that knowledge to use and help the Imperial Guard? We might be able to offer you two food, lodgings, and better weapons, but you will have to follow orders, assuming my CO will let you in in the first place."
  266.         Gru_Persay      assembles the hunting weapon back together and asks "Should I give this back?"
  267.         Artem_Gusarov   "I don't think your commanders will take them in. They'll probably shoot them as they leave the woods. We almost took them for rebels, remember?"
  268.         TheResilientGM  "I can help. But my brother is too young for war... he's only 12. Can you care for him? Maybe he can lend a hand at camp?"
  269.         Gru_Persay      "Scheider, can I burrow your flamer?"
  270.         Artem_Gusarov   "Maybe. I can't promise anything, but we always need cooks, clerks, and the like. Can he read and write?"
  271.         Scheider        "Hell no"
  272.         TheResilientGM  "Yes!" the boy excitedly answers, proud of his abilities
  273.         Artem_Gusarov   "That should give you a better shot. Tech priest, give the civilian his gun back."
  274.         TheResilientGM  "Thank you, sir" he gets back on his feet.
  275.         Artem_Gusarov   "Keep that slinged, with an open bolt."
  276.         Gru_Persay      gives the hunting weapon back to older local.
  277.         Kass_Yonova     "Vikk, hate to do this to you, but I need you to babysit the two locals until we rendevous."
  278.         Artem_Gusarov   "They're coming with us, at least until the rendezvous."
  279.         TheResilientGM  "Yes sir..." answers Vikk.
  280.         TheResilientGM  +...out there, please respond+
  281.         Artem_Gusarov   +This is Gusarov, please repeat.+
  282.         TheResilientGM  +Volgin, Private. That moron LT got them all killed. We ran+
  283.         TheResilientGM  +You Prithians?+
  284.         Artem_Gusarov   +Vonayan, attached to a squad of Prithians. We're headed to the new rendezvous point. Head a few clicks west, then cross the river to the north.+
  285.         -->|    Victrus_Macharius (chatzilla@sux-EE2BCFE0.sanbrunocable.com) has joined #resilient
  286.         TheResilientGM  +We're by a river... what's that awful smell?+
  287.         Artem_Gusarov   +Local ursine, killed by a flamer. Approach the smell, we're close by.+
  288.         TheResilientGM  At the distance, you spot two guardsmen. They slowly move towards the river, looking for a crossing. They seem to be hauling in some heavy equipment.
  289.         TheResilientGM  +We may need some help. Autocannon here.+
  290.         TheResilientGM  +I don't see you+
  291.         Artem_Gusarov   stands up +Twelve o'clock. 200 meters.+
  292.         TheResilientGM  You see him stand atop a rock.
  293.         TheResilientGM  He waves, +I've spotted you+
  294.         Artem_Gusarov   "Let's link up with him."
  295.         Victrus_Macharius       +Roger that, will be with you shortly+
  296.         TheResilientGM  In the distance you hear what sounds like a volley of fire.
  297.         TheResilientGM  Just down the river.
  298.         Gru_Persay      "What the hell is that?"
  299.         TheResilientGM  "That's them" says the new volunteer.
  300.         Artem_Gusarov   "What?"
  301.         TheResilientGM  "In our village."
  302.         Artem_Gusarov   "The Duke's men?"
  303.         TheResilientGM  The boy nods.
  304.         Artem_Gusarov   "How far?"
  305.         TheResilientGM  "Just down-river. Past the mill, not 200 meters off."
  306.         Victrus_Macharius       Both Victrus and Arthur both walk up to the group haling the Autocannon
  307.         Artem_Gusarov   "Let's see if we can take them."
  308.         Gru_Persay      "MEAT! PUSH."
  309.         Kass_Yonova     "Do you know how many there might be?" he asks the locals.
  310.         Gru_Persay      points at autocannon.
  311.         Victrus_Macharius       "Hello my name is Victrus and this is Arthur, got any one that can help us hale this around
  312.         TheResilientGM  "MMMAASTERR" Meat replies eerily
  313.         Artem_Gusarov   +Command, this is Gusarov. We have linked up with two Prithian survivors at the crossing, as well as two friendly civilians. Enemy forces are assaulting their village, 200m down river.+
  314.         Artem_Gusarov   +They have an... yes, an autocannon. Permission to engage?+
  315.         TheResilientGM  "Most of them left North. Must be 10 left out here now. A Captain and his men... bastard who set fire to the Morfall Woods to the South."
  316.         Artem_Gusarov   nods
  317.         Victrus_Macharius       "Hey Arthur how many rounds do we have left"
  318.         TheResilientGM  +Autocannon? Proceed. We can't allow pockets of enemy resistance behind our lines.+
  319.         Artem_Gusarov   +Civilian reports only ten enemy combatants remain.+
  320.         Artem_Gusarov   +Acknowledged, Gusarov out.+
  321.         [INFO]  Preference “copyMessages” is “off”.
  322.         TheResilientGM  +Stieglitz here. Leave nothing.+
  323.         Artem_Gusarov   "All right, we're going to take out an enemy squad attacking a friendly village. Can anyone spare a sidearm for these civilians?"
  324.         Gru_Persay      "I have these las pistols I can't properly use."
  325.         TheResilientGM  "Here" Vikk, hands over his laspistol.
  326.         Artem_Gusarov   +With extreme pleasure and prejudice, Colonel. Za Tsarya+
  327.         Gru_Persay      gives the other citizen his las pistol and 1 clip of ammo.
  328.         Kass_Yonova     "Sounds good. We'll approach at your discretion. I'm sure you'll know the proper place to set-up the Auto-cannon."
  329.         Victrus_Macharius       "So we have 3 magazines left over for the Autocanon, let me know were we need to aim and we will shoot
  330.         Artem_Gusarov   "Hang back, and take cover when we engage. Show us the best way to get the drop on them from here."
  331.         TheResilientGM  "Follow the river until the mill. From there, a small hill shoots off overlooking the village."
  332.         Artem_Gusarov   "All right. Let's go, on the double."
  333.         TheResilientGM  "Plenty of rock formations there for cover"
  334.         Artem_Gusarov   reloads his autogun and jogs down the river
  335.         Victrus_Macharius       "That may be a good spot but we will be expose if they spot it"
  336.         TheResilientGM  The civilians follow behind, watching your movements closely.
  337.         Gru_Persay      switches to his autogun and follows.
  338.         Victrus_Macharius       grabs autocanon and follow
  339.         Kass_Yonova     follows along at a brisk pace. Making sure his weapons good to go.
  340.         TheResilientGM  As you move along, the young boy runs to Yonova, and tugs at his side, pointing to the mill.
  341.         Scheider        "Lasgun for this or should I use the ol' badger buster on em?"
  342.         TheResilientGM  "I think you know the answer to that," smirks Hector
  343.         Artem_Gusarov   "Watch the civilians and their structures. And the rest of the forest."
  344.         Gru_Persay      says "Oh, Great Omnissiah. Bless our righteous cause through this instrument of your will." and touches the auto cannon.
  345.         Scheider        smiles.
  346.         Victrus_Macharius       "Do we have sights on any enemy contact there?"
  347.         Kass_Yonova     "What about the mill?"
  348.         TheResilientGM  "Here!" exclames the boy, running off along the path connecting the mill to, presumably, the village.
  349.         TheResilientGM  "No, come back!" yells his older brother.
  350.         Kass_Yonova     "Vikk!"
  351.         TheResilientGM  "Damnit..." he runs after him.
  352.         Artem_Gusarov   "Get back here, now!"
  353.         TheResilientGM  Vikk runs to the boy and tackles him to the ground, his hand firmly against the boy's mouth.
  354.         TheResilientGM  The older brother catches up to them, "Don't be stupid! Now get up, and keep quiet!"
  355.         Artem_Gusarov   "Hang back, we'll take it from here."
  356.         Kass_Yonova     addresses the older brother. "I need you to keep your younger brother in check while we get to work. Can you do that for me?"
  357.         Artem_Gusarov   "I'll scout up ahead at the rocks and vox their locations."
  358.         Scheider        nods "Once you get where they're at we'll come in and burn em out."
  359.         Victrus_Macharius       "Ill follow with the Auto Canon but will hold back a bit till we know were everything is"
  360.         Artem_Gusarov   nods, pulls the cloak up, and sneaks up ahead towards the ridge
  361.         Victrus_Macharius       follows Artem with Autocanon in tow
  362.         Artem_Gusarov   "Hang back, let me make sure they wont see you first."
  363.         Victrus_Macharius       "got it will hold back then"
  364.         TheResilientGM  "Yes, sir. We'll make ourselves useful with the big gun."
  365.         Artem_Gusarov   "Come on, Oleg, let's get to work."
  366.         Artem_Gusarov   sneaks up and uses his magnoculars to find the enemy
  367.         Kass_Yonova     nods. "Good."
  368.         Gru_Persay      is behind the auto cannon with his servitor.
  369.         Victrus_Macharius       begins checking Autocanon to make sure it is in working order
  370.         Victrus_Macharius       "Gru, do you see anything wrong with the Auto Cannon?"
  371.         TheResilientGM  From the village, you can hear the following:
  372.         Gru_Persay      checks the auto cannon and says "I hope the Machine God is with us."
  373.         Victrus_Macharius       looks back at Gru, "I hope that you are right."
  374.         TheResilientGM  "... the greatest son one could have had! He's dead now... and it is only right he be laid to rest here, in his home," he is a uniformed man with symbology that stands out. Off to his right, another man replies, "Captain... we all loved Billy as if he were our own, and I wouldn't get in the way of our traditions, but we are behind enemy lines. The Duke needs us where we can be useful. Billy
  375.         TheResilientGM  would understand."
  376.         Artem_Gusarov   "God damn it, is that-"
  377.         Artem_Gusarov   Emperor damn it*
  378.         TheResilientGM  "Have respect, you dog!"
  379.         Victrus_Macharius       "Are they having a funeral?"
  380.         Artem_Gusarov   +They're holding some kind of funeral service. Directly ahead of us, in a tight formation, roll up the autocannon, quietly.+
  381.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. MOVE."
  382.         Artem_Gusarov   +The rest of you can flank on either side. They're directly in front of the rocks.+
  383.         TheResilientGM  "HAPPY, MASTER"
  384.         Victrus_Macharius       begins to move the auto cannon up as quietly as possible
  385.         Kass_Yonova     "Lets move." He says to Otto, Vikk, and Hector.
  386.         Kass_Yonova     they're heading to the south of the village.
  387.         TheResilientGM  The civilians help as best they can to push the autocannon up the hill.
  388.         Gru_Persay      readies his auto gun.
  389.         TheResilientGM  "The conquerors do naught but bring suffering to us all!"
  390.         Kass_Yonova     +We're in position, south of the village.+
  391.         TheResilientGM  "They rain fire from the sky, they have no respect for life or tradition. THEY BURNT OUR SACRED FORREST TO ASHES!
  392.         Artem_Gusarov   +Wait for autocannon fire to engage+
  393.         Victrus_Macharius       whispers to Arther "prepare to fire and load it up"
  394.         TheResilientGM  "Yes, sir"
  395.         Artem_Gusarov   +Don't use the flamer. Repeat: Do not use the flamer.+
  396.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Assist."
  397.         Kass_Yonova     +Affirmative. We can see the majority of them.+
  398.         Scheider        switches to his lasgun. +Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine+
  399.         TheResilientGM  Arthus quickly works to set up the base of the autocannon, locking it in place. He angles the gun, using a log to help the rear elevation to get the angle right.
  400.         Victrus_Macharius       +Auto Canon in Position and ready to fire+
  401.         Artem_Gusarov   "Whenever you're ready."
  402.         Artem_Gusarov   unslings his autogun and takes aim at the formation.
  403.         Victrus_Macharius       getting on the trigger and getting ready to pull it
  404.         Gru_Persay      hides behind rocks to the right of the auto cannon.
  405.         Scheider        goes prone and motions for Hector to do the same. "Take aim buddy."
  406.         Victrus_Macharius       +Opening Fire+
  407.         Artem_Gusarov   lays down of burst of suppressing fire
  408.         TheResilientGM  The Autocannon opens up with its characteristic sound pattern. The rounds hit all across the center of the formation. A soldier leaning against a wall has his chest caved in. His neighbor loses his hand.
  409.         Kass_Yonova     taking aim Kass fires two shots at the enemy as they take fir from the auto-cannon.
  410.         TheResilientGM  Suppressive fire hits all around the enemy formation.
  411.         Gru_Persay      fires with the auto gun and misses.
  412.         Kass_Yonova     notes a hit, but not sure if he actually downed the enemy.
  413.         Scheider        fires at Yonova's target and puts him down for good.
  414.         TheResilientGM  Vikk levels his weapon and opens fire. He kills a man reaching for his weapon.
  415.         Scheider        +I didn't use the flamer+
  416.         TheResilientGM  Hector follows suit, landing a shot on the chest-armor of what appears to be an enemy NCO.
  417.         Kass_Yonova     +You'll get plenty of chances, I'm sure.+
  418.         TheResilientGM  Several of the men, in shock, make for a building, hiding inside.
  419.         Scheider        +Should I burn 'em out?+
  420.         Scheider        +Give me cover fire I'm going in!+
  421.         Scheider        +Hector keep their heads down+
  422.         TheResilientGM  +You got it+
  423.         Artem_Gusarov   +No fire, people live here. Lay down suppressive fire, I'm coming down to help you clear the house.+
  424.         Scheider        +They're all dead remember+
  425.         Artem_Gusarov   +Take out the ones in the open first. Laying down covering fire.+
  426.         Victrus_Macharius       +Take them all out+
  427.         Artem_Gusarov   fires another burst at an enemy mook
  428.         Victrus_Macharius       pulls out Lasgun
  429.         Victrus_Macharius       "Arther Reload the gun now"
  430.         TheResilientGM  "CAPTAIN, WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!"
  431.         Victrus_Macharius       puts Lasgun away to reload the Auto Cannon
  432.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Reload. Auto Cannon."
  433.         TheResilientGM  "MMMASSSSTERRRR"
  434.         TheResilientGM  +Stieglitz here. Come in.+
  435.         =-=     Kass_Yonova has changed the topic to “Billy's funeral scene 2”
  436.         Artem_Gusarov   +Colonel? We're engaging at the village.+
  437.         TheResilientGM  +If you need to, abandon the Prithians. Your primary objective remains to deliver the box. DO NOT LOSE IT.+
  438.         Artem_Gusarov   +Affirmative. If things go south, I'll fall back.+
  439.         TheResilientGM  Several men have now taken up position inside the village. The Captain tries to pull his son's makeshift coffin with him into a building.
  440.         Artem_Gusarov   fires another burst at the Captain
  441.         TheResilientGM  His men fire back frantically, unsure of your positions.
  442.         Gru_Persay      fires and misses horribly.
  443.         Kass_Yonova     manages to hit the officer, but doesn't seem to faze the guy, only piss him off more. "Remind me to get you to teach me how to aim, Vikk."
  444.         Artem_Gusarov   switches to Vonayan dialect; "Bourbon, be ready to run if we have to. I've got something VERY important to Command."
  445.         =-=     Kass_Yonova has changed the topic to “Billy's funeral scene 3, Billy dies again”
  446.         Victrus_Macharius       fire the auto cannon towards the captain
  447.         TheResilientGM  Victrus and Arthur's exceptional training shines through. The autocannon pours fire into the figure of the Captain holding his dead son's coffin. In a vile display of gore, the shapes of father and son are utterly distroyed. Body parts fly, blood spatters decorate the wall of the building ahead. On the ground, only a messy pool of blood, gore, and wood are left on the floor.
  448.         TheResilientGM  "You bastards!!!" you can hear from inside the building across the yard. "YOU ARE MONSTERS!!!"
  449.         Gru_Persay      +Burn the corpses. Just to be safe+
  450.         TheResilientGM  "Does this have to do with the Colonel wanting to see you?" Oleg inquires in his Vonayan dialect.
  451.         Victrus_Macharius       +Take that you baster and your son too+ Victrus says over the radio after the death of the captain and the redeath of his son
  452.         Artem_Gusarov   reloads his autogun and slides down the hill towards the village
  453.         TheResilientGM  Arthur empties the casings from the Autocannon and readies his lasgun.
  454.         Gru_Persay      follows Artem and says "Wait up, I want to kill something too."
  455.         Scheider        continues running towards the building
  456.         Kass_Yonova     gets up from his position motioning for Vikk to follow. +Heading towards the buildings to the NorthEast. Let's move Vikk.+
  457. Artem_Gusarov   "We need to clear the buildings. How many hostiles are still up?"
  458.         TheResilientGM  The wounded soldier makes his way to the gory remains of his captain, outstretching his mutilated hand.
  459.         Victrus_Macharius       pulls out lasgun and advances down the hill
  460.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. GRAB." points at wounded soldier.
  461.         TheResilientGM  "GRAB, MASTER" he replies
  462.         Victrus_Macharius       "no hes my kill, i must finish what I started"
  463.         Artem_Gusarov   takes up a position at a door frame to a building
  464.         Artem_Gusarov   listens intently for any sounds in the house
  465.         TheResilientGM  Nothing is heard inside.
  466.         Artem_Gusarov   sweeps inside just to be sure
  467.         TheResilientGM  The first thing you notice is the smell, the remains of a brutally mutilated family are inside; everything destroyed.
  468.         Artem_Gusarov   +The suki have been killing civilians. And they call US monsters.+
  469.         Victrus_Macharius       +Bastard's, they will all pay.+
  470.         Gru_Persay      hides behind the building Artem entered and says "Meat. Move. FASTER."
  471.         TheResilientGM  "MEAT" he calls, as he grabs hold of the soldier. They both topple over, with Meat grappling him on the ground.
  472.         Gru_Persay      +Machine God save me...+
  473.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Get. UP."
  474.         Scheider        fires his flamer into the building where the rebels ran into. "YOU GUYS BETTER COME OUT"
  475.         Artem_Gusarov   +Looks like the civvies are all dead. Burn it.+
  476.         Gru_Persay      +Artem. Can you move ahead and try to find the last three guys?+
  477.         TheResilientGM  The building is utterly engulfed in flames. The terrible heat can be felt even by Gru across the yard. Inside, you heard the yells and screams of the men inside, one of them bursts out of the door, fully ablaze. He runs around in desperation before collapsing and rolling on the floor.
  478.         |<--    Victrus_Macharius has left irc.thisisnotatrueending.com (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 31.0/20140716183446])
  479.         Artem_Gusarov   +On it.+
  480.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Bring. Guy."
  481.         TheResilientGM  Suddenly, you hear the breaking of a window on the opposite side of the building. You see the figure of two soldiers running off to the North in desperation.
  482.         Kass_Yonova     +Two enemies are running north from the east building!+
  483.         Scheider        +Should I burn them?+
  484.         Gru_Persay      +Why the hell not?+
  485.         TheResilientGM  In perfect synchronization, both targets drop.
  486.         TheResilientGM  +Worthless suki! Heard you were having a party. Colonel wants you at HQ, Gusarov.+
  487.         Artem_Gusarov   +Looks like you two got here just in time. Hold on a minute, we got some friendly civilians a bit back.+
  488.         Artem_Gusarov   +Someone go get the civvies, someone from my regiment is here+
  489.         TheResilientGM  From inside one of the larger buildings, you hear a fanatical cry followed by the muffled explosion of a grenade.
  490.         TheResilientGM  +You sure about that? Colonel doesn't like babysitting.+
  491.         Artem_Gusarov   +They got some area knowledge. Might be worth recruiting as well.+
  492.         Gru_Persay      +Suicide? Great... I didn't get to kill anything.+
  493.         Scheider        +Should I finish off the rest of the buildings or save the fuel?+
  494.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Get. Up. Now."
  495.         Kass_Yonova     "Vikk, grab the civvies and meet up with us." He nods to Vikk.
  496.         Artem_Gusarov   heads over to the Vonayans
  497.         TheResilientGM  Vikk hurries over to civilians, and waves them down to the village. They both appear very melancholy as they walk through their former home.
  498.         Kass_Yonova     +Might as well burn the village, no one's left to care about it. It'll give the locals a proper burial as well.+
  499.         Scheider        nods and begins torching the village.
  500.         TheResilientGM  "Tenliev, Corporal" he approaches Artem.
  501.         Gru_Persay      +Save the fuel. You Idiot.+
  502.         Artem_Gusarov   "1st Company? I guess you know what I got."
  503.         Gru_Persay      walks up to Meat.
  504.         Scheider        +I still got more tanks plus I'll just finish this one off+
  505.         Gru_Persay      "Some one help me with this."
  506.         Kass_Yonova     looks on as Schneider torches the huts. He then walks towards Artem and his comrades, Vikk, and civvies in tow.
  507.         TheResilientGM  "Da, the Colonel is expecting you," they eye over the Prithians. "They don't know, yes?" they ask in their Vonayan dialect.
  508.         Artem_Gusarov   "Niet. The ones that had a vague idea that I had something important got themselves killed south of L2."
  509.         Kass_Yonova     +Anyone wounded?+
  510.         Gru_Persay      +Meat...sort of.+
  511.         Gru_Persay      +And the guy underneath him+
  512.         TheResilientGM  "Good, come with us. We can't allow the civvies to slow us down, so any sign of that, and you get rid of them."
  513.         Kass_Yonova     "What now, Artem?"
  514.         Artem_Gusarov   "Right, one second."
  515.         Gru_Persay      tries to help Meat up/
  516.         TheResilientGM  "MASTER" he struggles to get on his feet.
  517.         Artem_Gusarov   turns to the civvies. "Can't bring you with us, sorry. Take any equipment you can salvage from the bandits, it should help keep you alive. Guardsmen will be moving through soon. Good luck."
  518.         Scheider        "Should we go back and get the beast? I'm gettin kinda hungry and those damn rations just don't fill me up."
  519.         Gru_Persay      "Scheider, I got a present for you."
  520.         Artem_Gusarov   "No, we gotta go. Now."
  521.         Scheider        What?
  522.         TheResilientGM  "You said you could take us with you! We helped you!" he protests.
  523.         Gru_Persay      "Grab your flamer."
  524.         Gru_Persay      "And come here."
  525.         Scheider        goes over to Gru
  526.         Artem_Gusarov   "I said no promises. You'll have to make due on your own."
  527.         Gru_Persay      points at wounded guy.
  528.         Scheider        "Why waste fuel on him?"
  529.         Scheider        pulls out his laspistol and shoots him in the head.
  530.         Artem_Gusarov   "Good luck."
  531.         Artem_Gusarov   gets up and turns to the Vonayans. "Yeah, let's go."
  532.         Gru_Persay      "Let's throw him into the burning building."
  533.         TheResilientGM  "Emperor's men? No better than the Duke's dogs!" he cries out.
  534.         Artem_Gusarov   "Ingrates.", he mumbles
  535.         Gru_Persay      "At least you ain't dead"
  536.         TheResilientGM  The younger boy runs to Yonova, and holds onto his leg.
  537.         Gru_Persay      "You seem to have a parasite on your leg."
  538.         Artem_Gusarov   "Emperor damn it. I'll meet you at the rendezvous point, CO needs a report."
  539.         Artem_Gusarov   heads off with the Vonayans
  540.         Kass_Yonova     picks the boy off of him, and takes a knee. "Listen, this will be tought, but you and your older brother are strong boys." He rummages into his pack and produces several ration packs. He hands them to the kid.
  541.         TheResilientGM  The older sibling walks over to the boy and takes his hand. "Come, let's go... they were never here to help"
  542.         Kass_Yonova     "This should help you. Keep the pistols as well. They'll do more good than that rifle. We're here to take care of your Duke. We will take care of him. Survive." He then ruffles the kids head, and then nods to the older brother.
  543.         TheResilientGM  Vikk tries to catch up to the Vonayans as fast as he can.
  544.         TheResilientGM  "Wait, we're coming!"
  545.         Gru_Persay      follows Vikk and says "Meat. Follow."
  546.         Kass_Yonova     walks after the rest of the group, a haunted look in his eyes.
  547.         TheResilientGM  "FOLLOW"
  548.         Gru_Persay      "... Oh, Machine God damn it! They have my gun."
  549.         Artem_Gusarov   "There will be plenty of chances to get more guns, don't worry. My regiment favors autoguns."
  550. TheResilientGM  After some time, you reach a clearing in the woods, a Vonayan encampment has been set there. You hear the calls of soldiers, but you don't understand their dialect.
  551.         Scheider        "Think we can restock on ammo?"
  552.         TheResilientGM  Off to the distance stands a figure atop a rock. He is augmented, with a dark, well-crafted bionic arm. His left eye is also clearly augmented, glowing in a deep blue. He is surrounded by aides.
  553.         Artem_Gusarov   "Go find the quartermaster, he'll hook you up. Supplies aren't as plentiful for us, so no guarantees."
  554.         Scheider        "Just as long as he can refill my empty tank I should be fine."
  555.         Artem_Gusarov   moves towards the rock
  556.         Gru_Persay      "Didn't you say..." changes his voice to sound like Scheider and mockingly says "I still got more tanks plus I'll just finish this one off+ "
  557.         Scheider        heads off to fine the quartermaster with Hector.
  558.         TheResilientGM  He notices your arrival, and greets you. "Private Gusarov. Prithians. Welcome to my peaceful retreat. I heard you had a rough ride here. Let's hope you're competent than that incompetent time-wasting fool."
  559.         Scheider        +You can never have enough ammo.+
  560.         Scheider        +Beep boop bop bop+
  561.         Artem_Gusarov   salutes "Colonel."
  562.         Scheider        begins to walk like a robot in front of Gru.
  563.         Artem_Gusarov   continues speaking in the dialect "The package is secure."
  564.         Kass_Yonova     "Are you referring to the Lieutenant Koss, sir?"
  565.         Kass_Yonova     salutes the officer as he asks.
  566.         TheResilientGM  "Koss. An officer's name, but no more than that. Officers are not born, private. That was his falling. Experience matters. This?" he points to his insignia, "It means nothing without these," he points to his many scars.
  567.         Kass_Yonova     nods in understanding.
  568.         TheResilientGM  "Now. We haven't got the luxuries your regiment does, but we'll try and equip you as best we can. Go and see the quartermaster. I must have a word with your guide here."
  569.         Kass_Yonova     salutes and heads towards the Quartermaster, with Vikk in tow.
  570.         TheResilientGM  He jumps off the rock, to Gusarov's level. "With me, comrade," he instructs in his native dialect.
  571.         Artem_Gusarov   nods and follows
  572.  <TheResilientGM> You enter Armin's comand tent. Mementos are scattered. But you notice nothing that couldn't be packed up and hauled in a matter of seconds. Bolter casings, damaged medals, even a destroyed bionic eye.
  573. <TheResilientGM> Most interestingly, a small pendant. It bears a symbol not unlike that decorating the box.
  574. <TheResilientGM> "Come in," he walks to his table and takes a seat.
  575. <TheResilientGM> "Sit" he motions.
  576. * Artem_Gusarov pulls the package out of his rucksack and places it on the table, then sits
  577. <TheResilientGM> Armin scans every detail of the box. You can tell as much by the shifting blue eye.
  578. <TheResilientGM> "Who had it in their posession before you came across it?"
  579. <Artem_Gusarov> "The enemy. I found it in an outpost tower shortly after reinforcing one of the first waves of Prithians."
  580. <TheResilientGM> "I take it nothing's left of that outpost, then."
  581. <Artem_Gusarov> "When they realized we had reached the tower, they started shelling our position, and the rest of the surrounding base. We escaped into the woods, then disabled the artillery. The Prithians died in the process. They are the only others who knew of the box's existence."
  582. <TheResilientGM> "And your comrade... Oleg? What does he know?"
  583. <TheResilientGM> "Oleg..." he repeats under his breath.
  584. <Artem_Gusarov> "He knows that it was imperative that we reach Command alive, and that I carried something important."
  585. <TheResilientGM> Has he seen the box?
  586. <Artem_Gusarov> "No."
  587. <Artem_Gusarov> "I did not tell him about the seal, either."
  588. <TheResilientGM> "Private Gusarov, your service here is of more importance than you'll ever know."
  589. <Artem_Gusarov> "As far as he knows, it's probably simple intel. He never pried too much."
  590. <Artem_Gusarov> "I... Thank you, sir."
  591. <TheResilientGM> "You will remain in ignorance, as that is what is required of you. In performing your duties, you have aided the Emperor's servants beyond what can be done in the field of battle," the Colonel stands.
  592. * Artem_Gusarov stands "Of course, sir."
  593. <Artem_Gusarov> "Oh, and one more thing, sir."
  594. <TheResilientGM> "Yes?"
  595. <Artem_Gusarov> "At L2, a Prithian Quartermaster resupplied myself and Oleg. He recognized my uniform, and asked me to tell him you still owe him."
  596. * Artem_Gusarov scratches his head
  597. <TheResilientGM> Armin has trouble holding back laughter.
  598. <Artem_Gusarov> "I, er... don't remember his name, though."
  599. <TheResilientGM> "Yes... yes. Thank you, Gusarov. You will be rewarded for your service."
  600. <TheResilientGM> "Dismissed,"
  601. * Artem_Gusarov salutes him and leaves
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