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Jan 10th, 2021
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  1. <Dash> I didn't see any mention of the header in the github repo so I feel it's helpful to mention this: in case anyone gets ratelimited, Parler will honor an arbitrary x-forwarded-for header with any IP and, well, not ratelimit you according to my unscientific test
  2. [...]
  3. <kallsyms> Dash: lmao really?
  4. [...]
  5. <andrew> Dash: okay, that's actually pretty huge cc kiska arkiver Fusl
  6. <Kaz> heh, good to know Dash
  7. <ave> this is amazing
  8. [...]
  9. <NotNite> yep
  10. <Kaz> does that also apply to the API Dash?
  11. <andrew> so, who wants to modify the thing to generate new IPs for X-Forwarded-For for each job and see what difference that makes?
  12. [...]
  13. <Dash> Not sure, but i'm credential stuffing them with 300 threads without getting ratelimited
  14. [...]
  15. <Dash> Someone else should probably test
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