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Purgatory Mirror 3

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  1. [17:37] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Hey Vee."
  2. [17:37] Vee says, "I am here, now."
  3. [17:38] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Alright."
  4. [17:38] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "Ready to go to Crafthold to pick up that mirror?"
  5. [17:38] Vee asks, "Are you...?"
  6. [17:39] Vee asks, "Are you ready?"
  7. [17:39] Vee exclaims, "Are you?!"
  8. [17:39] Keaka Tezcacoatl exclaims, "Very ready!"
  9. [17:39] Vee says, "- I don't know why I raised my voice. I'm sorry."
  10. [17:39] Vee says, "I'm sorry."
  11. [17:39] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "It's okay."
  12. [17:39] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "You're excited."
  13. [17:39] Vee says, "You're Keaka."
  14. [17:39] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "He's Keaka."
  15. [17:39] Keaka Kamauoha says, "Yes I am."
  16. [17:40] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Alright. Let's a go."
  17. [17:41] Keaka Tezcacoatl exclaims, "Ahhhhhhhh!"
  18. [17:42] Keaka wing bonks Ohtli
  19. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. [17:42] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "--"
  23. [17:42] Ohtli gets wing bonked. -Whoa-.
  24. (Ohtli Tezcacoatl)
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. [17:42] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Where is Iosefka.........."
  28. [17:43] Ohtli Tezcacoatl asks, "I'm unsure, hatchling. Is something the matter?"
  29. [17:43] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "She has the purgatory mirror I need."
  30. [17:43] Wereley looked at them and started to think a bit before looking at Ohtli, she seemed to have a very interesting view of his view, whitch interested the boy as he was all for different interpretations of opinions, mainly when they didn't create a bad rep for him.
  32. "Yeah. Drakans, Quetzal and Shenlongs are the same, but at the same time completely different, with all the religious and cultural barriers aside I still wonder how that came to be, which one was the first to appear and how the division into creating them came to be. I even have a theory that there is a forth type of dragon-like race that was the original before the evolution splitted the race into three types of elemental dragon-like creatures. So many types of interpretation, it's amazing."
  33. (Wereley)
  34. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  36. [17:43] Vee says, "The mirror..."
  37. [17:44] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Perhaps we should idle in Crafthold."
  38. [17:45] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "'Till Io gets here."
  39. [17:46] Djura says, "Uh, if y'all don't mind, I'm leavin'."
  40. [17:46] Djura exclaims, "See ya!"
  41. [17:46] Wereley exclaims, "See ya Djura!"
  42. [17:46] Vee says, "I am okay with idling here."
  43. [17:46] Wereley says, "Well anyway..."
  44. [17:47] Wereley says, "I believe I'll be going as well."
  45. [17:47] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Kuhn is a very cool guy."
  46. [17:47] Vee says, "...Wait."
  47. [17:47] Vee says, "No. I have letters to deliver."
  48. [17:47] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Oh."
  49. [17:47] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Okay."
  50. [17:47] Vee says, "I must be in Dawn."
  51. [17:47] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "You sure?"
  52. [17:47] Vee says, "I have something to hand over, to a person in Dawn."
  53. [17:47] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Alright."
  54. [17:47] Vee says, "Which should be brief."
  55. [17:47] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "I'll wait here."
  56. [17:47] Vee says, "And then... I will be here."
  57. [17:47] Wereley exclaims, "I'll talk with you about the Quetzal later... See you around!"
  58. [17:47] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Spirits with you..."
  59. [17:47] Keaka pensive
  60. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  61. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  63. [17:47] Wereley exclaims, "spirits with you too brother!"
  64. [17:47] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "I was talking to Vee but okay..."
  65. [17:47] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "What's up?"
  66. [17:49] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "Hm? Ah. Sorry."
  67. [17:49] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "I thought I heard something on the wind."
  68. [17:49] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "I am resting after some watering, I suppose."
  69. [17:50] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Very nice."
  70. [17:51] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "I will now relax."
  71. [17:51] Ohtli Tezcacoatl asks, "And how are you, hatchling?"
  72. [17:51] Ohtli drops a wing on top of Keaka's head like a hat. Whumph.
  73. (Ohtli Tezcacoatl)
  74. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  76. [17:51] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Pretty -"
  77. [17:51] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "Was that guy allowed to be in the mines?"
  78. [17:52] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Pretty good. "
  79. [17:52] Ohtli Tezcacoatl asks, "...Who?"
  80. [17:52] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "There was some hooded fellow"
  81. [17:52] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "Probably not, honestly."
  82. [17:52] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "That just came out the mines"
  83. [17:52] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Oh."
  84. [17:53] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "He just left in the direction of Dawn"
  85. [17:53] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "I suppose...I should keep a better eye on things. Hm."
  86. [17:55] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "I can hardly take care of crops -and- keep watch all the time."
  87. [17:56] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "FUCK YOU FEMI I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE CHINESE"
  88. [17:57] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "You must have a lot on your plate."
  89. [17:58] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "Well, a little less these days. But yes."
  90. [17:58] Wereley says, "you."
  91. [17:58] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "It me."
  92. [17:58] Wereley says, "nice horns."
  93. [17:59] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Of course."
  94. [17:59] Wereley says, "haha."
  95. [17:59] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Okay."
  96. [18:00] Vee says, "I have delivered that letter."
  97. [18:01] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Welcome back, Vee."
  98. [18:01] Vee says, "I am here... now."
  99. [18:02] Keaka Tezcacoatl exclaims, "Good!"
  100. [18:08] Iosefka Coza says, "-- Ah."
  101. [18:08] Iosefka Coza says, "Heartbreak..."
  102. [18:08] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Hey it's Iosefkekaka."
  103. [18:15] Ruhiel says, "Hello everyone."
  104. [18:16] Vee says, "I am here."
  105. [18:16] Vee says, "Hello."
  106. [18:16] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "Been a while, Ru."
  107. [18:16] Ruhiel says, "Yes indeed."
  108. [18:16] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "Good to see you about."
  109. [18:16] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "Unfortunately I've got some brewing to do. But maybe join me for tea later."
  110. [18:16] Ruhiel says, "Sure."
  111. [18:16] Iosefka Coza says, "Oh hey."
  112. [18:16] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "hEY."
  113. [18:16] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Hey*"
  114. [18:16] Ruhiel says, "Hey, Iosefka. Hi Keaka."
  115. [18:21] Ruhiel exclaims, "Mm! I'll be back in a moment!"
  116. [18:22] Vee says, "Keaka."
  117. [18:22] Vee says, "...Keaka."
  118. [18:22] Vee says, "There was a reason. You arrived here."
  119. [18:22] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Indeed."
  120. [18:22] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "But Iosefka seems bussy right now."
  121. [18:22] Salvas Voss says, "All of your shops are missing.."
  122. [18:22] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Hey fuck me if I'm wrong but that's a vampire right."
  123. [18:22] Iosefka Coza says, "They're permitted for business."
  124. [18:22] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Oh okay."
  125. [18:22] Iosefka Coza says, "Only business."
  126. [18:22] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "Speaking of business, do you have the mirror?"
  127. [18:22] Iosefka Coza says, "Oh- Yes."
  128. [18:22] Iosefka Coza says, "One moment."
  129. [18:22] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Neat."
  130. [18:22] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Sure, take your time."
  131. [18:22] Iosefka Coza says, "I'm restoring the store."
  132. [18:23] Iosefka Coza says, "Come, come."
  133. [18:29] Iosefka wanders up into the tower, gesturing for Keaka to follow before locking the door behind the two of them. Every step upwards into the tower carries with it ever-so-slightly more of a wince and a limp, age finally catching up to the Artificer. She navigates between piles of unsorted product and open boxes, up and up she goes until she reaches the study.
  135. She shifts a few papers and files aside, precariously wobbling as she moves them. It had been a few years since she worked on this one. A few decades, in fact. Not since the days of Suha.
  137. She didn't miss those days, precisely.
  139. A small box in the back is dragged forwards, dust covering the lid and sides. She blows away some of it, kicking up a cloud of dust before letting that settle in the air. She coughs. Fingers peel open the lid, revealing a set of circular pocket mirrors... And copies of the plans she had in mind for the mirrors. Three frames available.
  141. "... Never got very far with it." She explains. "Gave Eiphraem the soul steel to polish to a mirror-sheen, but he sort of slept on me with that because he wanted to get Carmine to help. And Gods. You cannot get them to do fucking anything."
  143. She offers the box over to the boy, before pulling out the schematics copy.
  145. "Do you want to take a look at what I had planned?"
  146. (Iosefka Coza)
  147. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  149. [18:34] Keaka could count on one hand how many times he has been inside the Barad-dur. Though every visit reminded him how that was more a blessing than an upset. The drakan keeps his wings tucked close to his frame as to avoid knocking over towers of boxes that threatened to topple should a wayward breeze decide to ruin someone's day. All the dust was not a welcoming committee either.
  151. The Quetzal-blessed moves his poncho over his face to avoid breathing in the debris and watched Iosefka sift through schematics probably as old as she was.
  153. He drops the fringe and accepts the box with a tentative grip on the sides, mentally noting he'd wash his hands later. "Sure, actually. I literally might not understand anything but I'm curious."
  154. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  155. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  157. [18:39] Iosefka clears her throat, before unfurling the schematics and furrowing her brow. The box is passed over to Keaka now to look at the frames of the mirrors she had made. They looked like tiny personal compact mirrors, though without an actual mirror. Just the frame, ready to have the mirror inserted and properly enchanted.
  159. "A compact frame to fold against itself, two-three inches in diameter. An equal amount of soulsteel against both halves, refined hydra venom for purifying and acid-washing the metal to a reflective sheen. A spiritmancer or someone familiar with lifestream manipulation to enchant and imbue the mirror."
  161. Iosefka looks up from the schematic, before passing it over for Keaka to read himself.
  163. "You'll want your mother to help with some of that, but that's what it still needs done. Suha and I planned it out together when she was still tolerable to be around without being called 'dear' every five seconds. Any questions?"
  164. (Iosefka Coza)
  165. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  167. [18:45] To his surprise, he was able to decipher the schematics pretty well. Everything was written in clear detail, including measurements, materials, etc. It didn't take a genius artificer to understand what was intended. So his curiosity did deepen, and Keaka set aside the box on free space on the floor.
  169. "It's...Smaller than I thought. Or actually I never really considered the size." In his mind, whenever he thought of purgatory mirror he just assumed it'd be some vanity mirror wall-mounted in the bedroom. So you too could enjoy some family fun séances in the comfort of your own home.
  171. The drakan takes the diagram in his own hands to peruse at his leisure. "So, if possible, I could make my own personal mirror? Not that I know what difference that'd make. But it'd be nice to call it my own."
  172. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  173. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  175. [18:51] "What would be the point of a large mirror that you couldn't use on the go?" She asks. "Imagine having to wheel out the bathroom mirror every time you wanted to just commune with the spirits. It's unwieldy. These designs were made for those who need to keep their mirrors on their person."
  177. She sniffs, before clearing her throat once more into her arm, offering the whole thing to Keaka.
  179. "Follow my instructions at least a little bit, and you'll be good to go, Key. Uh. Just make sure you get your own spirit shards or soul steel... I'm rather tight on charity at the moment, need all the soulsteel I can get."
  181. She pats her pockets with her hands now, staring at the Gehennan boy.
  183. "... Need anything else?"
  184. (Iosefka Coza)
  185. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  187. [18:57] "That makes. Very valid sense," he nods sagely. "Never really thought about it but I should've figured."
  189. He pops open the box lid of mirrors and takes one then the rest of the items Iosefka offered. This whole spiritmancy business really feels worth it once you have someone to spiritmance with, he thought.
  191. "Yeah, no problem. I did make plans to try and get more soul steel but, that was a really mutable plan." Key shrugged. "But now I have some incentive to actually get some."
  193. He pockets what he can and looks to Iosefka. "That's it right? I can't exactly use this yet, right?"
  194. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  195. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  197. [19:06] "You can't use it yet, exactly. This is just a mirror frame." She replies, turning her back once more to the boy to fix her desk. She feels a pang of sadness as she turns: The feeling of giving away something she had once worked on to someone else to complete was a strange sensation.
  199. Was she giving up?
  201. "Let me know how it goes, though." Iosefka adds. "Was always curious if you could make it work like that. Let me know if you need the venom - Lords know we aren't using it for anything."
  202. (Iosefka Coza)
  203. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  205. [19:10] Figures. But not like he knows how this whole séance thing worked. It was an obvious question, but it didn't hurt to ask. He pockets the frame and kept a handle on the rest of the diagrams.
  207. Keaka nods in response, though he wasn't sure if Io saw considering she had her back turned to him. He leans and moves to place a hand on her shoulder, mostly to get her attention.
  209. "Thanks. I'll never not be grateful for your work. I'll be asking for your help about other stuff in the future, yeah? I got a lot of irons in the fire and it's only you who can help me."
  211. He turns leave, but remembered he can't - not unless Io unlocks the door. Or he jumps off the tower.
  212. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  213. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  215. [19:10] Iosefka Coza says, "Yeah, yeah."
  216. [19:10] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Hey, Vee sorry about the wait."
  217. [19:11] Vee exclaims, "I waited!"
  218. [19:11] Vee says, "I am very patient."
  219. [19:12] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Alright I got some good news and some bad news."
  220. [19:13] Vee exclaims, "Oh no!"
  221. [19:13] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Which do you want to hear first."
  222. [19:13] Vee asks, "Uh... good news?"
  223. [19:13] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "The good news is. I have the mirror."
  224. [19:13] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "The bad news is. It is the mirror...frame."
  225. [19:13] Iosefka snickers.
  226. (Iosefka Coza)
  227. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  229. [19:14] Vee asks, "...Huh?"
  230. [19:14] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "So I was under the impression Iosefka had full mirrors made but. No."
  231. [19:17] Keaka dusts off his hands and reaches in his back pocket for the mirror frame. Like Iosefka described it, it's a compact frame to fold in itself, about two and a half inches in diameter and an equal amount of either soulsteel or spirit shards were required for the actual mirror part itself.
  233. "It's...Small. But that's the point. I'm sorry to say, but I think I need more time before we do the calling. Io is a little short on soul steel so I'm planning to...Make a dive into the spirit world." he scratches his head with his free hand and the other - the one holding the schematics - is offered to Vee.
  235. "I don't know how much you can understand this, but it details how to make the actual mirror part. I'm going to ask Ohtli on the specifics and have Iosefka make it. But uh. If you're interested, you want to help? Go to the spirit world, I mean."
  236. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  237. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  239. [19:20] ...There's only the frame, and a set of schematics. Vee's heart sinks, but not too far - her boundless optimism soon returns, and she considers options.
  241. "Didn't, uh... Duke offer us a piece of soulsteel? If you're not sure that's enough, or something - I'd be willing to venture with you into the spirit world."
  243. She nods, feeling a bit excited as she pictures it. A spirit world. What would that entail?
  245. "I don't think I've ever been there before! It'll be... some new adventure."
  246. (Vee)
  247. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  249. [19:26] Keaka nods. "Yes I was surprised to find that that one piece of soul steel MIGHT be enough, but still I need a little more. I don't want to risk making an unfinished mirror. Plus this'll be fun."
  251. He reaches to give Vee a pat on the back but she is a bit too high up, and the drakan is just a bit too short. So he takes flight with her and gives her the deserved pat.
  253. "Very new adventure. But we don't want to dally for too long. I'll have to ask Ohtli next time she's here."
  254. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
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