Anal pineapples

Jan 22nd, 2014
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  1. >Day feeling cheerful in Equestria
  2. >you found a ripe pineapple at the market and now you are on your merry way to your buddy Gemini so you can share
  3. >it has been ages since you have eaten a fresh ripe pineapple instead of the canned stuff
  4. >as you barge in into Gemini’s house you holler out cheerfully
  5. >”Gemiiniii~ Come see what I’ve got in store for us~”
  6. “What is it Anon?”
  7. >Gemini flutters his felinely dressed merry way to you to see what the fuss is about
  8. >you hold up the enormous pineapple and Gemini blushes as her wings fly open with a whump
  9. >”Look Gemini, a pineapple!”
  10. >Gemini seems to look unsure
  11. >maybe he hates the fruit? Well, more for you then yay
  12. “A-anon, I’m not sure that that will be a good idea...”
  13. >you look at Gemini like he suddenly grew a vagina
  14. >”Pineapple not a good idea? Nonsense Gemini, this is the best idea ever”
  15. >Gemini bashfully averts his eyes to the wall
  16. “I’m n-not sure it will fit...”
  17. >”Nonsense, there is always room for some pineapple”
  18. >Gemini sighs and turns around
  19. “Well, for you I can try...”
  20. >Gemini starts to slide his panties off
  21. >”...Gemini what are you doing?”
  22. >Gemini pauses
  23. “Removing my panties so you can try to insert that thing into me”
  24. >ok what
  25. >”Gemini, I mend we were going to eat it, not insert it anally. I am not going to let you put my tasty snack up your ass”
  26. >Gemini seems to blush with embarrassment now
  27. “I-I thought that...”
  28. >you can see the steam coming off of his head
  29. “Never mind let me go and cut that up for you hahaha”
  30. >Gemini snatches the pineapple from your hand and hurries to the kitchen while looking he could die of embarrassment at any second
  31. >his blush did not leave his face as the two of you ate the juicy fruit in awkward silence
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