Feb 3rd, 2017
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  1. First of all, as I pray to the one true God, the creator of the sun, the moon, the stars , the animals this earth, other planets and us human beings to name a few. As I write this, I do wish that you Mr. president of this great nation Donald J. Trump do also pray to God as you embark on something far bigger than you have ever been a part of or seem to have imagined. There are reasons why the moon rotates the earth, why this planet is mostly water and why there is an Egyptian pyramid with an eye on the dollar bill of this country. You are officially prophesized as having a significant role in human history. Being in control of another human being, or a nation In that fact has been coveted by many. The rewards, possibilities, and ramifications of mind control? Not for this statement. You Mr. trump have been rewarded with holding the most intricate complex, sophisticated not just political or position of power but the most complex vantage hand and variable filled sequence of events ever documented in modern human history. You’re scheduled to be the leader of the free world in the great enlightening year of 2020 where spirituality, science, and cerebral understanding of it all plus the all Seeing Eye will reveal itself in disguise and plain sight to the worthy. It will be a beautiful and prophesized catalyst for all the great luminaries, scientists, logistic specialists, enviro specialists, artists, teachers, and other specialists who are currently trying to use their best minds and best hearts to help this amazing planet that has provided all we need to survive, thrive and feel alive. Over time the way people interpret things, communicate together or ,even learn about their history or planet has become filtered in so many ways that there are people in this country and others who cannot decipher or accept the things they see or are told or even experience with their 7 senses as the truth. Let alone promises to make this country great again. Don, Murica has been great. Life isn’t always about the headlines, problems and drama. From east of the Appalachians to west of the rocky mountains and grand canyon, and so on, one glance and one can see the beauty this country has to offer. All of us in it need to be better; kinder and more aware of this life we’ve been gifted. It seems as if You cannot Accept that you are a complete political and foreign policy novice who currently has prejudice, fascist, misogynic, and other viewpoints that are deeply rooted in your brains neuron’s wiring system after years of manipulation games, psychological warfare, being praised and hated and your inability to correctly process information, then the art of mastering face and shock value, gaslighting, herd trickin, modern media business connections via brand/personality dialogue and other advertisement entities, and the ability to infringe your thoughts, energy and aura to others. Those combinations of attributes are understandably causing a few vantage points in which you exist in relation to the rest of the world in 2017. People of this earth have long misinterpreted ok ways to admire celebs and celebs have taken advantage of their fans in different degrees of severity. The culmination of everything modern entertainment ,technological advancements surrounding the media, the illusions and dangers of superstardom, the content that is absorbed made and advertised, not to mention the millions that use social media to satisfy holes in their minds and hearts all are in play, or for harmful purposes. Cause and effect, gravitational pull, yin yang, the wall that the mirror hangs on, the philosophy of free will, patterns of time, sociological illusions, mind control, soul searching and soul taking, frustrations of the confused, mass hysteria, detachment from thy self. It all ties directly to you, the leader of the free world. The world needs to rise to a point where we hold ourselves and others more accountable and are more forgiving of ourselves and others. We are all on this planet together. A leader who does not whole heartedly care for all his people must assume they will either come together or destroy one another. But which would the leader have happen? I for one, would love to see something happen that you have not wished for, and that is GLOBAL WORLD PEACE BETWEEN COUNTRIES AND ANY OTHER FIGHTING GROUPS and suspensions of all weapons traded sold and bought around the world so one day people will be able to freely travel outside man made borders to see all the beauty this world has to offer. You make good people feel bad emotions, emotions that some are unable to surrender to. This country would be better if the rest of the planet heals, survive and thrive. That is a fair assertion. With known mainstream corporations reaping benefits of cross breed theories, ancient teachings and magic related content such as dr. strange, young pope, Mr. robot, ancient aliens, the matrix, stranger things and many others before the current ones that laid the foundation for people to wander about human and cosmic potential, conspiracies of all kinds, sacred mysteries and the ways to live without formal governments should be drawn up soon thanks to realm shifters such as Brian Greene, Freud, Da Vinci, Shia Labeouf, Ed Snowden, ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson Einstein, Dan brown, Kid Cudi, Jk Rowling, Robin Williams, John Lennon, MLK, Bob Marley, JFK, Tupac Shakur, Rod Sterling, Dave Chappelle, M Night Shymalan, Buddah, 1st aztec shifter, Merlin the wizard, King Tut, Bow Dai, Bruce Lee, George Lucas, to name a few! The legends, known and unknown of the past, and now, the underground speakers who keep alive messages of light while risking their live will always live. Then, imagery and word masters who are exposing threads of reality, known by the world and unknown and every day beginners are becoming intermediates to the mediums Then with people who are not so aware but enjoy infringing on other people’s realities seen on social media accounts, signs of all kinds, graffiti, posters, subtle notes, phantom practices, along with artificial intelligence investments by companies such as Apple and Google, Groups such as the Illuminati, Free masons, bureaus of gov’t and other alliances having problems with infighting, data leaks, and moles while still trying to play their game. You like to cause fear in people, and you have much fear in you. History and the future are watching these moments, in and outside of this space time continuum. The all Seeing Eye sees all. Your lie about donating 10 grand let alone a penny to any 9/11 fund should have halted your campaign due to the nature of the lie and the hypocrisy of your motives. Its contradictory to your desire to “protect this country” and fight “terrorism” In a devastating time for this country, you were nowhere to be found. Although you lived up the road you were m.i.a. You had much more than the supposed “10 grand” and had a lot of resources like rooms, bathrooms, food and clothes that could have been used for good. The same with every NYC disaster or any tragedy. Now that you are the political figure, we all know you care now. Most of us Americans do not have the luxury to not be held accountable for mistakes that are made in a manner that causes others harm with an intent to harm, like you are accused of doing, then to not only show any compassion the accusation within the situation took place, you opt to a childish way of switching the blame, all while demanding everyone show you undeserving respect obedience and borderline worship. There are lives, livelihood and life at stake here for this planet. This real life bruh. Your lack of compassion, a key trait for being a leader will be exposed even more than it has been. Not to mention your lack of real foot on the avenues and real nyc experiences is also a telltale sign you are not a true new Yorker. To touch briefly on your incoming administration, let’s begin with the youngest you will be serving. It’s not ok if children use you as an excuse to not condone themselves in a fair and respectable manner. It’s imperative the youngins know they can win the game without playing outside the rules, low blow trash talking and to think before they speak or type and to be all about the facts. The fact that you were not properly tested on American history, your checkered past, your Christian faith, foreign policy and domesticated issues, the many on record untrue and hateful statements, then to have close to zero resistance from your political peers to stop you, it seems clear you were prophesized to be the 45th president of the usa, but sir, I promise you many people across the globe are ready to help discover and really lead this planet in ways you cannot comprehend. It’s no coincidence that many research groups of scientific, spiritual and magic related studies are all closer to the past and future than ever before due to the diligent work ethic, and the appreciation of all the knowledge and love passed on by past people of this earth. You try to defend your reputation all while trying to tarnish others. Far as the official metric and qualifications for the job you are in, you do not fit the appropriate standards, had the least experience, and lost the debates. Anyone questioning your legitimacy has the right to. For the Long term health of this country, we need all continents and the ones within them to prosper. We would not be the great country we are without people from all over the planet. Excluding the agendas of other presidents, why did George Washington and the founding fathers escape from the father country to our country? The obsession you have with eradicating the works of your predecessors that is laid in stone or on paper is unnecessary and correlates with problems in your psyche. If this was a movie, it would be a great saga, but this is real live and now. With that being said, Donny boy, you are not the root of the problem of this country, you are the apple that has blossomed, you are the effect of the cause, you are the red and green light of many intersecting roads. There will be a time when your followers and antagonizers will find out you are not the man they thought to be. No turning blame on your horribly picked staff like Carson and Bannon, or your son in law, etc. When a member of your regime gives you a briefing, how will you know if the info is true? Will you for once, hold yourself accountable and be honest with yourself? To shortly elaborate on initial reactions from the “election”, some Americans felt helpless sad and angry they let the country get to this point. What some of them don’t know is that they have been influencing the cultural landscape in their words actions info and imagery they chose to be at the forefront of their conscious without maybe knowing it. Some of your haters made it acceptable for you to stroll on in the oval office. You are a man of impulse, but only certain impulses. You do not know what it’s like to go from the ground with nothing to the top, that’s the ultimate American success story. Your failed business ventures, failure to diversify your portfolio or invent new business models and obvious unwillingness to put anything before yourself, your hypocritical attitude and unwillingness for a fair fight or verbal exchange and to disassociate from hateful groups who support you are all telltale signs. You seem to see things like precious resources, time, us soldiers and any other assets as pawns in your game, all the while you are a pawn of others and notably Vladimir Putin’s game whose intentions are clear and he seems to be 10 steps ahead of you at the moment. This earth is not that kind of playground. Your social media addictions, thin skin and need to jump to incoherent conclusions will not be of any help. There is a labyrinth of ways to explain the totalities of the paradox known as racism and problems with and within people of different skin complexion or pigmentation. Only I and very few individuals can. I will attempt that feat at a later juncture. But to “brief” you Mr. President, after your win, people were as sure about how they view people more than they ever have. For you, a creature unlike any other, who waited for this time on purpose like a true capitalist, to jump in the game, when if in your eyes, America has fallen from grace, where were you to help in that juncture? In regards to your clever “make America.” slogan, what role did you play in the Fall of America? How did you help prevent it? Did business practices and alliances like yours partake in overhauls and lack of support of the small guy here in New York City? Have you anything to do with the perceived decline of New York City culture? What did you do to keep jobs in New York and in the country to people that wasn’t serving under the trump name or establishment? Did you also partake in many of the same actions you accused some people of doing? Is the spotlight going to be too much for you? What role did you play in the fall of America?? This is the real world Don, something you have not that much experience with. Regardless, many people do feel challenged to be a better person and to make sure the legacy of the great leaders before stands stronger than ever before, thanks to you. Genius, Racist, visionary, liar, savior, are a few things you have been called but you are not stupid, foolish, maybe. Your initial responses to serious allegations such as the suspected hack breach by Russian or any foreign alliance as complete heresy and 5th grade comeback to miss Meryl, was troubling indeed given both of their reputations and on record activities. Then to mock the agencies that are supposed to protect you was quite perplexing. That will be something to monitor. Your admiration for Vladimir is obvious and troubling. You’ve been on record praising other dictators and saying words like Nazi with no proper regard. You love anything that is military Americana propaganda which can correlate with false flag possibilities to further some overseas agenda like more oil, more money and more death. Everyone from the real elites to the homeless fella on 5th ave will be eager to see how you move. I am eager to see you find God. Until that point, symbolically I do not feel you can morally lead the world. Not only can your legitimacy be questioned but your American heart can be also. How much quality, self-motive free time have you spent with heroes of this country? Service people who are hurting? What about the people who are jobless homeless or are in dire need of financial help, you haven’t been on the foundation, the backbone of the heartland. Real Americans know they don’t have to always agree, but they do have to show the minimum acceptable respect to everyone to be considered a real American. Must is still left secret but a few shades of your true colors have been revealed. As you know, there are a few things the almighty dollar cannot buy. Cosmic Karma can heal all. God can show you right and wrong. The first step is opening your heart so your mind can follow. The abandon you have for your followers is worth noting, you have willing hypnotized participants to help hatch any plan you may be cookin up. You are having fun on the throne, but at what cost? Your prior foreign policy statements and your business venture resume may indicate that it may be difficult for those in need of available resources across the globe to receive them. Do not play keep away with goods that should be used for good. There will never be a positive military or militia war on this earths soil water or atmosphere ever again. Mother Nature needs us to need it need us. You will aim to take responsibility for all the great achievements set to happen in the upcoming years, it’s exactly the opposite, according to the laws of physics. People outside of DC and TT will be leading the way and illuminating the vision. The mortals who defend the immortal will rise. The carpe diem crusade will be one through peace and people young and old, strong and sick will create. It will be a renaissance of life during the years of your presidency. There will be new ways to get water to Africa, food to Asia, and medicine to South America lead by us visionaries. *I did enjoy seeing you some weeks ago photo’d with Kanye West, although many people on both sides of your support circle did not enjoy it He is the only A list celebrity living with a more fragile mental framework and is more detached from his soul and God then you. He is also leading people to believe he is something that he is not. God works in mysterious ways, did God itself secure your victory for a greater good down the road? Any one of God’s children including you can cleanse their souls. Regardless of anyone’s free will done on this earth the path of light will be shown to all. This is the only letter I will ever write to you. May God be with you Mr Trump. If anyone at all needs me to elaborate, write to me at
  2. With love, respect and power- Z Leo Z Zaen {aa} (Z.z.Z) Zlos Angeles leo~ Zaen from California- Jan 17, 2017 NY, c.c.l. all rights reserved.
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